Chapter 151: The Hero Saving The Beauty

Chapter 151: The Hero Saving The Beauty

Song Donghua really went crazy as he was driven past reason and he charged at Liu Qingmei while roaring: “This daddy is crazy but this daddy will definitely obtain you!”

Liu Qingmei fiercely slapped his face.

But this did not cause him to feel any fear and instead aroused his fierce nature. He savagely grabbed both of Liu Qingmei’s arms, twisted it behind her back and pushed her against the rice straw bed. This position caused Liu Qingmei’s breasts to stand erect, attracting Song Donghua’s gaze.

“He licked his lips and said in astonishment: “They’re really big. That little brat Tang Zheng must have played with them quite a few times. Now, it’s this daddy’s turn.”

Liu Qingmei felt extremely hurt as even though she normally seem cold, it did not mean that she was unmoving and unfeeling. This was especially the case with this situation as she felt disgusted, ashamed, and extremely embarrassed.

This was true despair and hopelessness.

At this time she unconsciously thought about the hero saving the beauty in the dramas but this was reality and in reality just how many miracles of heroes saving beauties are there?

“Song Donghua, I’ll kill you!” Liu Qingmei gnashed her teeth and said while a single tear slid out of her eye.

“Haha, you are unable to kill me and now I will have you.” Song Donghua grabbed her clothes and ripped it off, causing the buttons to fall off in succession and reveal her black bra. Her snow white skin could be seen within her black bra.

Song Donghua’s eyes seemed to spit fire as he swallowed his saliva and said in wonder: “How big and white it is. This daddy must get a good taste.”

“Don’t!” Liu Qingmei gave a scream but Song Donghua had already grabbed her bra and started kneading, “Haha, how amazing!”

“You monster, I will not let you go. I will kill you!”

“Haha, scream, you sound so amazing and it gets this daddy excited.” Song Donghua’s hand quickly slide down to grab at her skirt. With a fierce tug, he pulled it down, puchi, ripping the skirt to reveal her black lace undies.

Song Donghua’s eyes turned as wide as a ball as he praised: “Beautiful! Your legs look amazing!” Saying up to here he grabbed at her thighs.

Liu Qingmei felt her heart die: “Who will save me?”

A loud sound rang out as the rotten door was kicked in and several people rushed in disrupting Song Donghua’s moment. Song Donghua roared: ‘Which bastard dares disturbs this daddy when he is having fun?”

“You animal!”

A roar rang out as Song Donghua only saw a fist appear before his hands and then he was sent flying backwards. With a ‘kacha’ his nose was broken and blood flew all over.

He let out a pitiful cry as he slammed against the ground. With a kick of his feet, Tang Zheng sent a man weighing a hundred or so catty flying for a solid ten meters. From this, it could be seen how strong Tang Zheng’s legs were.

Deng Maocai felt his heart shudder as his lips twitched. He and his men then turned their gaze to Liu Qingmei who was laying on the straw mat.

She was only left with her bra and underwear, revealing everything else arousing all those who saw.

“Get out!” Tang Zheng roared loudly with his face red. Lin Hu seeing the situation hurriedly pulled Deng Maocai out of the courtyard.

Tang Zheng already saw Liu Qingmei’s body before, he could not help but admit that she was really beautiful and enticing. Even so, he did not have any bad intentions and only felt pity and heartache.

Liu Qingmei was nearly raped and he felt deeply responsible. Even though Song Donghua did not succeed, seeing her fearful appearance Tang Zheng could not find a single semblance to the icy goddess that he was used to causing him to fall into deeper regret.

“Teacher Liu, you are fine now.” Tang Zheng squatted herself and approached her.

“Scram…. Bastard…. Monster!” Liu Qingmei trembled, fully revealing her weak side just like a beautiful little flower being battered by the wind and the rain.

“Teacher Liu, you are fine now, no one will hurt you.” Tang Zheng tried to get closer but Liu Qingmei clearly has lost herself to her immense fear and was unaware that she had been rescued.

Tang Zheng approached her again and even though she looked so enticing he still quickly took off his clothes to cover her with.

Seeing him take off his clothes, Liu Qingmei went into greater shock and became more agitated as she roared like a madman: “Monster, don’t you get close to me.” Then she started to strike out at Tang Zheng.

Her bra that was already unhooked, loosened even more with her actions and it revealed her two gigantic snow white breasts that trembled slightly before Tang Zheng’s face, looking extremely arousing.

Tang Zheng restrained his desire with great difficulty but when faced with Liu Qingmei who threw herself at him he couldn’t help but bring her into his embrace.

Liu Qingmei, on the other hand, was like a mad man who continued to kick and struggle. Seeing that her action was futile she even tried to take a bite out of him.

Tang Zheng sucked in a deep breath as he thought to himself ‘are you a wild dog? I’m trying to save you here’.

Tang Zheng wanted to cry but there were no tears. After taking off his shirt he was now bare chested and with Liu Qingmei’s breasts pressing tightly against his chest, while struggling nonstop, it brought friction which was simply enticing to no ends.

Tang Zheng used all his will to suppress the spark of desire within himself as he quickly draped his shirt over her shoulders and loudly roared: “Liu Qingmei, wake up!”

This loud roar was like a thunderbolt which shook her mind, causing everything to go blank as she momentarily stopped struggling.

“Teacher Liu, you are safe now. Hurry up and put on these clothes.” Seeing her gaze regain a bit of light, Tang Zheng hurriedly said in a comforting tone.

Liu Qingmei finally regained awareness as she looked at Tang Zheng. It seemed like a hero saving the beauty type of situation did occur and she herself had experienced it firsthand. This thought caused her heart to surge with countless emotions.

She felt joy after losing all hope and was deeply moved by Tang Zheng.

Hearing Tang Zheng's words she unconsciously lowered her head and saw that her chest was pressed tightly, so much so that it was flat.

She felt embarrassed looking at Tang Zheng as she no longer had that disgusted feeling as it was replaced by a women’s bashfulness.

She quickly grabbed ahold of Tang Zheng’s clothes and wrapped herself with it in order blocking the enticing view.

Tang Zheng felt his heart ease up as if this continued he nearly followed after Song Donghua’s footsteps as it was simply too enticing!

“You should put on your skirt.” Tang Zheng reminded as even though the skirt was a bit ripped it was still able to block the important parts.

The redness in Liu Qingmei’s face extended to her neck as she speedily wore her skirt and hooked her bra thereby blocking most of the view.

Right now, she wore Tang Zheng’s large t-shirt which went past her butt while she also had on her skirt with a large hole ripped in it revealing hints of her white thighs. Seeing this, Tang Zheng realized that he had still underestimated her charm.

This half revealing scenery was also enticing in its own way.

Tang Zheng took in several deep breaths to calm himself down.

Liu Qingmei’s gaze was attracted to the bite marks blood stains on Tang Zheng’s shoulder and she recalled her prior actions and guiltily said: “Tang Zheng, I’m sorry.”

Tang Zheng shook his head: “It’s nothing. As long as you are okay, I am okay.”

This one simple phrase touched the deepest parts of Liu Qingmei’s heart as tears swirled around in her eyes. She had already completely dropped her cold and icy facade, revealing a woman's fragile side.

She threw herself in Tang Zheng’s embrace and started sobbing ‘wuwu’ just like a little girl who was hurt.

Tang Zheng was slightly shocked, as he sighed and lightly hugged her while patting her shoulders. He comfortingly said: “Don’t be afraid, it’s all over now and you will be fine.”

From a young age Liu Qingmei had never hugged anyone except her own parents but this time she was able to throw herself wholeheartedly into Tang Zheng’s embrace. Moreover, she discovered it to be oddly comforting while it also brought her a sense of security.

Even though the shoulders of this man who was several years younger than her were not broad, she still felt it to be comforting.

Outside in the courtyard, the group saw this scene from afar and couldn’t help but feel an assortment of emotions.

Deng Maocai just realized Tang Zheng’s connections with the underworld and now he just saw him getting close to the governor’s daughter. This called up countless emotions within him and the one that stood out above the rest was a joy as thankfully he did not choose to go against Tang Zheng otherwise he might have ended up like Song Donghua.

With this realization, Deng Maocai firmly made a decision.

If previously it could be said that he looked at Tang Zheng with respect, right now he also felt admiration. Moreover, he could no longer look to the other like an ordinary high school student but as a major character who was much more powerful than he.

Not only was he a strong fighter, he also had enormous potential.

If Tang Zheng was able to hop on the springboard that was the governor then his future potential was limitless. Deng Maocai knew that his opportunity had come and all he needed to do was to grab onto Tang Zheng’s thighs so while Tang Zheng ate meat, he, Deng Maocai was able to drink soup and like this, he would be able to reach previously unimaginable heights.

Lin Hu’s thoughts were much simpler as he did not know of Liu Qingmei’s identity. The only thing he did know was that this little girl was unable to escape from his young master tang’s grasp.

The hero saving the beauty. This was simply too beautiful and it was one way to get to a woman’s heart.

Song Donghua lay battered on the ground as blood smeared into his eyes. He gnashed his teeth and fiercely stared at the pair before then and unwilling roared with anger: “This daddy knew that you and Tang Zheng had a thing, yet you dare act all high and almighty. You, pair of dogs, this daddy will kill you two.”

Song Donghua had already completely all reason to the feelings of hatred and fury he was feeling.

Lin Hu’s face changed upon hearing these words and used a foot to step on Song Donghua’s neck, cursing: “Your mother, you even dare curse at young master Tang. This daddy will play you to death.”

He did this all while looking incomparably fierce.

Song Donghua curled up his body like a shrimp and gasped for breath nonstop, not having the energy to talk anymore.

Liu Qingmei removed herself from Tang Zheng’s embrace, her face red, as Song Donghua had always assumed that she and Tang Zheng had a thing, causing her to feel both embarrassed and angry: “Tang Zheng, don’t listen to his blabbering.”

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said: “It’s only a rabid dog so why should I listen to him bark? Let’s go and take a look at this rabid dog.”

Tang Zheng casually held Liu Qingmei’s hands and headed out. This caused Liu Qingmei to temporarily freeze up but she did not struggle and even felt a sense of security.

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