Chapter 150: Nowhere to Run

Chapter 150: Nowhere to Run

The students of Hell Class were overwhelmed with emotion and no one was able to suppress their anger anymore. Even when the head administrative teacher came over, he could do nothing, as no one wanted to stay in class and they all went to the streets to search for Liu Qingmei’s whereabouts.

Tang Zheng also took this opportunity to head out. Deng Maocai happened to see Tang Zheng from afar and just as he was about to hide he realized that Tang Zheng had already seen him, so Deng Maocai braced himself and walked over with a smile: “Long time no see.”

Tang Zheng calmly nodded his head, as he did not bear Deng Maocai any ill will even though the other wasn’t anything good. At least the other knew when to advance and retreat, so he would not dare to step out of line since his weakness was in Tang Zheng’s hands.

Seeing Tang Zheng not have any desire to talk Deng Maocai awkwardly said: “Then you first continue working, I will also go resume my search for Teacher Liu. It seems the entire city’s police force is on this case and everything is hectic.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble, as he said: “Department Head Deng, wait a moment.”

Deng Maocai embarrassedly asked: “Is something the matter?”

Tang Zheng stared at him and from this gaze Deng Maocai felt a bit of fear, as a high school student actually has such penetrating gaze, this caused him to want to retreat to keep a three day’s march between them.

But he did not dare leave as Tang Zheng held power over him, so right now his burden was a lot less, as he calmly said: ‘Tang Zheng, previously there was a bit of misunderstanding between us but that was in the past. If there is anything you need help with you should hurry up and tell me, as I feel I will not be able to hold this position for much longer with a kidnapping case occurring within my area of jurisdiction. I will definitely be forced to carry the blame.”

Once Deng Maocai said these words he unconsciously let out a breath of relief, since his career was already ruined, the evidence in Tang Zheng’s hands would do no good.

When Tang Zheng heard Deng Maocai take the initiative to offer help, moreover in a respectful way, he couldn’t help but have new thoughts. Hence he mysteriously said: “I have a large contribution for you, but I wonder if you dare accept?”

“Contribution?” Deng Maocai gave a bitter laugh, “What big contribution can there be right now?”

“Rescuing Liu Qingmei.”

Deng Maocai froze, as he sucked in a cold breath of air. He look at Tang Zheng in disbelief: “What did you say?”

“Don’t you guys want to rescue her? If you save her, then wouldn’t you be able to hold onto your position as Department Chief?” Tang Zheng asked.

Tang Zheng felt prompted by a sudden impulse, as didn’t Hoodlum do his best to curry favor with Song Donghua. Well, this gave Tang Zheng an idea.

Since in the future his people will be messing around in Chang Heng City, if they did not have government connections, especially police connections then it would make things difficult.

Since Deng Maocai was so obedient, Tang Zheng did not mind providing him aid as the higher the other climb, the more benefits Tang Zheng would get.

It was unknown when Tang Zheng started to look at things from the big perspective and his considerations far surpassed that of an ordinary high school student.

Deng Maocai was shocked by this news and he excitedly said: “If I was really able to save Teacher Liu, then not only would I not lose my position I may even rise in rank. Let me tell you something, I just found out that Teacher Liu was actually the Governor of the Province’s sole daughter.”

Tang Zheng was speechless, as even though he already suspected Liu Qingmei to have a strong background, never in his wildest dreams did he think she’d be the Governor of the Province’s daughter.

This Song Donghua is sure in a hurry to kill himself, to actually dare and kidnap the daughter of the Governor of the Province. He is simply seeking death.

“Then this contribution. Do you plan to take it?” Tang Zheng asked.

Deng Maocai hurriedly nodded his head, as he was not stupid but he was also curious. He could tell last time that Tang Zheng was not ordinary, but when it comes to finding people he was by himself, so no matter how good his skill was, it wouldn’t be of much help.

“If you believe me then follow me. If you don’t then just continue your search.” Tang Zheng calmly said.

Deng Maocai did not know where Tang Zheng got his confidence and slightly hesitated before biting his teeth and treated a dead horse like an alive horse, as he said: “Let’s go, where do you want to go? I’ll take you.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head and got in the car with Deng Maocai. Shortly afterwards the police car stopped at the corner of the street and an off-road vehicle drove up. Lin Hu stuck his head out and looked at Tang Zheng sitting within the police car in surprise.

“Young master Tang, you…”

Tang Zheng waved his hands and said: “Lead the way.”

“Ai, alright.” Lin Hu was filled with doubt, as he did not know why he brought a police over.

Tang Zheng had another reason for letting Deng Maocai take the merits because with the whole police force searching for Liu Qingmei, how would he remove himself from the situation after he rescued Liu Qingmei by himself.

He couldn’t possibly say that he found Liu Qingmei with the help of the underworld. Anyways, he needed someone to smooth things out and Deng Maocai was the best candidate.

Deng Maocai looked at Lin Hu and felt his heart tremble, as he recognized Lin Hu, for Lin Hu was the recently emerged boss of the underworld.

He even heard Lin Hu call Tang Zheng, young master Tang and it filled Deng Maocai with great doubt, as no one was more clear on Tang Zheng’s background than him, yet this big boss actually called him young master Tang. Moreover, Lin Hu addressed him so differentially and it was definitely not fake. There was no reason for such a big boss to act so fake either.

Deng Maocai used the corner of his eyes to measure up Tang Zheng, only to discover that the other was calm and did not reveal anything.

He gradually came to understand that this high schooler was not as simple as he thought, even though he already knew the other was unordinary.

He also finally understood why Tang Zheng can solemnly say that he could find Liu Qingmei’s whereabouts, as he actually had the help of these countless brothers helping him.

Deng Maocai gradually felt his heart grow excited, as his eyes also grew brighter. It seems like he may really be able to rescue Liu Qingmei, which would be a good thing for him.

He originally thought that Tang Zheng was his unlucky star, but right now no matter how he looked at it Tang Zheng was his lucky star. At this moment his attitude towards Tang Zheng underwent a change, as there was now a hint of respect mingled in with his previous feelings of fear.

The two cars raced towards the north outer sector of the city. The houses on both sides of the road became smaller and Deng Maocai said in realization: “All of our police force are within the city, as we did not think that he would escape outside the city, but it seems that he had long since left. It is no wonder that our search came up to be fruitless.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “Even though Song Donghua has already turned to become a rabid dog, it seems he did not lose his reason, so of course he would do his best to escape the city.”

“Young master Tang, that guy’s car has stopped outside a small house near the national highway. It seems he is about to make his move.” Lin Hu called out to Tang Zheng, after hanging up on the phone with one of his men.

Tang Zheng’s expression darkened, what could it mean that Song Donghua was going to make a move. Even a fool would know? Since he had always looked upon Liu Qingmei’s beauty, then wouldn’t today be a perfect opportunity for him.

“Hurry, faster!” Tang Zheng gave a low roar. They heard the cars give out loud roars, as they rushed even faster.

Song Donghua indeed did plan on doing something, as after he had successfully kidnapped Liu Qingmei his mind cleared up and he realized he had messed up. Even so, he also understood that there is no medicine in this world for regret, so he could only continue down this path until the very end.

He did not want to be caught, so he used the time that the police had not recovered from, to quickly escape towards the northern sector of the city.

The northern sector of the city was old and the layout was very complicated. The security was also the worse, so he wanted to use it to cover his escape.

On top of things, the north sector conveniently connected to the national highway, making it easier for him to escape.

He looked back to make sure that there was no one following him and only then did Song Donghua let out a breath of relief. He then turned to look at the still unconscious Liu Qingmei and took in the stunning curves on her body, that caused his heart to beat excitedly, making it impossible for him to concentrate on driving.

On the side of the road he saw an abandoned courtyard and his heart moved. He had time, so why not use it to take a bite out of this beauty he had long since dreamed of taking?

This thought immediately took the forefront of his brain and he steered the car into the courtyard. The courtyard was enclosed by a wall where he parked his car, so that passing cars or pedestrians were unable to discover it.

He impatiently carried Liu Qingmei out, feeling her warm and exquisite body which caused his blood to heat up, as he wanted nothing more than to throw her in the bushes and do the deed now.

Don’t let Song Donghua’s tall and strong stature deceive you, as he actually did not have much strength having lived like a prince for the past few years. For this reason, just by carrying Liu Qingmei who was only a hundred and ten or so catty into the room he was already panting loudly. Once he carried her into the house, he straight up threw her on the straw bed.

Liu Qingmei awoke from the pain, befuddled as she still felt a bit dizzy. She could only recall her car being hit, before being knocked unconscious by the impact.

She forced herself to open her eyes and take a look at her surroundings only to be shocked, as she couldn’t help but ask where this dirty little place was.

“You slut, now you are mine now. This daddy will let you know how amazing he is.” Suddenly the low roar of anger had Liu Qingmei’s all taunt, as she felt a sense of danger.

“Song Donghua, it’s you, what are you doing?” Liu Qingmei finally saw the person who stood in stark contrast from the refined and elegant man she knew. Now, his face was gloomy and dark, with a hint of madness to it.

She felt her heart lurch into her throat and said: “Song Donghua, don’t do anything silly. You are a young and successful man, so you should know what this signifies right?”

“F*ck, don’t teach me a lesson. Right now it is what this daddy says that counts.” Song Donghua suddenly gave a loud roar, causing Liu Qingmei’s heart to tremble in fear as she unconsciously choked on her words.

At this time, Song Donghua said in satisfaction: “You slut, you dare to act all high and almighty in front of this daddy. Do you know how much effort I put into pursuing you, yet you do not acknowledge me at all. You even got together with your student, Tang Zheng. I didn’t know that you are into this kind of little brat, you simply are a slut.”

Liu Qingmei roared back: “Song Donghua, stop slandering people. There is nothing between Tang Zheng and I.”

She could not help but unconsciously recall that night when she came into intimate contact with Tang Zheng, as something did indeed happen between the two.

“Heng, do you think this daddy will believe you? Even though you have gotten together with that little brat, but this daddy does not mind taking you anyways. I have waited for this day for way too long.” Song Donghua’s eyes flickered with intense emotions.

“Don’t, Song Donghua, don’t you know this is violating the law? Do you want to go to jail?”

“Haha, jail? I don’t have anything anymore, so what difference is there between that and going to jail. Also, isn’t this all because of you? You actually collected all those dark information and had Jiang Yongda transfer me to a desolate village. What is the difference between that and killing me? Since you won’t let me off, then I naturally won’t let you off. But, I will take you along with me, so I can take you whenever I want, however I want. Haha, I bet you never thought there would be a day like this.”

“You’re crazy!” Liu Qingmei’s face turned ashen, as she looked around trying to figure out where she was. She wanted to run but there was nowhere to run too.

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