Chapter 15: Descending from the Sky

Chapter 15: Descending from the Sky

The long knife stabbed forth, fast as lightning, both swift and graceful.

Tang Zheng did not retreat but instead advanced, using the Heaven Gathering Hand to protect his life as he blocked the sharp long knife.

“Stop!” Ye Dingdang’s voice rang out loudly, her face a deathly white. She was now clear that Tang Zheng was not the assassin’s opponent, which means that he has yet to reach the Pre-Natal realm.

He clearly knew that he was not the assassin’s opponent yet he still relentlessly struck out, causing a sense of warmth to rise up within Ye Dingdang’s heart.

“Tang Zheng, you hurry and escape. I will hold him off, this matter does not concern you.” Her body flew forward as she launched an attack at the assassin’s back.

Tang Zheng bitterly laughed, at this point even if he was not the assassin’s target, the assassin would not let him go.

The two’s life were already connected; if they win, they win together, if they lose, they lose together.

Tang Zheng did not retreat, using the Heaven Gathering Hand to attack the two advanced once again, one at the front and one at the back. Faced with this attack, the assassin did not show a hint of fear, as he had found a balance between tension and relaxation.

“Little brat, you must have that girl draw his attention in order for you to accurately hit his pressure point.” Tian Chanzi anxiously said.

This, Tang Zheng knew in his heart but he couldn’t possibly allow Ye Dingdang to bear the brunt of the attacks as that was to dangerous. Ye Dingdang would then be defeated in a few moves, and at that time the assassin would not hold back and would kill her.

The assassin slowly pushed Ye Dingdang back against the edge of the cliff, so that if she were to take one more step her outcome will be terrible.

“There’s no other choice.” Tang Zheng said quietly, charging forward without any thought of his own safety. The assassin was also shocked as he did not expect Tang Zheng to suddenly attack, but since Ye Dingdang was already pushed up against the edge and he did not want to waste this rare opportunity, his long knife flashed out towards her.

Ye Dingdang hurriedly evaded, causing her legs to step on empty air, falling straight down the cliff, she involuntarily cried out.

Tang Zheng’s eyes popped as he loudly called out for her to be careful. At that time he arrived at the assassin who had turned and aimed a counterstrike of his own at Tang Zheng. ‘Pu’, Tang Zheng’s shoulder let out of a flow of blood as he was pierced, but he continued to strike out, his fingers lightly brushing past the assassin’s body.

The knife thrust suddenly stopped. Tang Zheng had struck the assassin’s pressure point, causing the assassin’s eyes to reveal an incomprehensible look which was quickly filled with overwhelming fear.

Tang Zheng dashed past his body, charging at the cliff without the least bit of hesitation.

“Grab my hand!”

Ye Dingdang hurriedly threw out her arms, tightly grabbing one of Tang Zheng’s hands as his other hand was grabbing ahold of a rock on the cliff. Ye Dingdang’s piercing scream came to an end, her nerves still on edge as if she could see her body splattered at the bottom of the cliff.

Tang Zheng’s hand was like her lifeline that pulled her back from death’s embrace. She raised her head and stared stupidly at him, her eyes were a mess.

“Don’t be afraid, I will pull you up.” Tang Zheng suddenly used his strength to pull her up.

The mountain winds whistled as Ye Dingdang stood on the cliff, her face pale white while her legs were soft. If Tang Zheng had not saved her, she would most definitely had died.

“Thank you!” She stared at him and said from the bottom of her heart.

Tang Zheng stared at her and asked: “Were you following me?”

Ye Dingdang unconsciously drooped her head as she weakly denied: “Who said I was following you, I just came to look at the scenery. Also why are you on Chang Heng Mountain anyways?”

Tang Zheng coldly laughed, as he was keeping a secret he did not want anyone to know. The act of Ye Dingdang following him brought up a disgusted feeling within him.

“What does me coming to Chang Heng Mountain have anything to do with you.”

Ye Dingdang rolled her eyes, “Then my business is not your problem either.”

Tang Zheng was unwilling to waste words with her and looked at the assassin, saying: “You should worry about him. Why would he want to kill you?”

“How would I know.” Ye Dingdang said with a belly full of anger, this assassin definitely had a premeditated plan, but just who was it that wanted to have her killed?

“Who sent you?” Ye Dingdang said walking over, stealing away the assassin’s knife, and pointing it at his neck.

The assassin did not say anything but looked at Tang Zheng with a complicated gaze, before finally saying: “You are obviously not a Pre-Natal martial artist so how would you know how to use the Pressure Point Technique?”

“You have no right to ask me.” Tang Zheng swept his cold eyes over him in reply.

Ye Dingdang was also staring wide-eyed at Tang Zheng, with the same question, but since he did not want to answer then there was nothing she can do about it. Moreover, now was not the time to be thinking about such things. When she saw that Tang Zheng’s shoulders were wounded she hurriedly said: “You’re injured?”

Tang Zheng glanced at his injuries, previously he was tense and did not feel the pain, but the pain suddenly flooded his senses causing him to bite down hard on his teeth. He then glanced at Ye Dingdang and said: “Aren’t you hurt too.”

“Ah, it hurts like hell.” Ye Dingdang also finally felt the pain and loudly cried out with a jump, as if she was a squirrel jumping about, looking extremely comical and ridiculous.

Tang Zheng was unable to restrain from laughing causing Ye Dingdang’s charming face to turn scarlet red as she fiercely said: “You’re not allowed to laugh.”

“What does me laughing have anything to do with you.”

“Heng, if I said you aren’t allowed to laugh, then you aren’t allowed to laugh.”

“Stop messing around!” Tang Zheng sternly said, “The Pressure Point Technique will only last a total of five minutes and then he will immediately regain his mobility.”

Ye Dingdang was shocked, and immediately put the knife against the assassins neck. “Don’t move, my knife does not have eyes.”

At this moment, the Pressure Point Technique wore off and even though the assassin has regained his mobility he was unable to move around, so he could only fiercely gaze at Ye Dingdang and say: “Do you dare to kill me? I’m willing to bet that you aren’t even able to kill a chicken.”

Ye Dingdang suddenly lost all color in her face, even though she is a Fourth grade Refining Body martial artist, she really has never killed a chicken before, so there was no need to mention killing people. When the assassin made a move she unconsciously took a step back.

Tang Zheng’s heart said ‘shit’ before he stepped forward, took ahold of the blade, while pressing the blade firmly against the assassin’s neck.

“She is afraid of killing you, but you should not test if I am.” Tang Zheng said with a murderous look. This time he had finally found time to come look for the Heaven Fragrant Flower but was disturbed by them instead which delayed his plans to rescue his grandfather, so how could he not be angry.

The assassin’s gaze fluctuated as he looked at Tang Zheng, this person simply gave him to much shock, preventing him from being able to differentiate truth from false. Moreover, Tang Zheng carried a stricter aura than Ye Dingdang, giving the assassin the feeling that he could not let his guard down.

“Heng, you are like a newborn child, unless, do you really dare to kill me?” The assassin said provokingly.

“Little brat, he is intentionally dragging this out, searching for a way to escape. You must not let him succeed.” Tian Chanzi reminded.

“Relax, I understand.”

Tang Zheng did not say any useless words but instead moved his hands, drawing another wound upon the assassin’s throat that brought with it fresh blood. Ye Dingdang let out a scream, looking at Tang Zheng as if he was an alien, the imposing aura brought by his actions thoroughly frightened her.

Tang Zheng really wasn’t a blood-thirsty person but for the past few months there has been a wave of fury that has accumulated within himself. Moreover, he has always had a firm and resolute side of himself, which made him appear to be firm in his actions.

The assassin did not dare move, this brat was not like the little girl, the only one who would be hurt from provoking him, would be the assassin himself.

“Ye Dingdang, hurry and give me your house’s phone number.” Tang Zheng commanded, he guessed that the Ye Clan must not be simple and that this event in itself could bring about an endless calamity, so he would require the Ye Clan’s help to clean up the mess.

Ye Dingdang acted in a daze, immediately calling her family, and during her conversation with her family, the hidden anger could be heard from the other side of the phone.

“Someone from my family will be coming soon.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head, in reality he wanted to just walk away, since time was to precious and he still needed to search for the Heaven Fragrant Flower, but if he were to walk away now then Ye Dingdang would definitely not be able to handle the assassin.

The assassin’s gaze was unsteady, he was constantly looking for a way of escape, but seeing Tang Zheng’s firm set eyes, he could only give up.

Half an hour later, the roar from a helicopters engine approaching could be heard and not long later it was flying overhead, the air disturbed by the propeller caused Tang Zheng to momentarily close his eyes. At this, the assassin’s eyes flashed and he immediately took the chance to retreat, leaving the range of the long knife, flying towards the forest like a squirrel.

Tang Zheng was shocked, this assassin was simply to slippery, as he loudly shouted: “Stop!”

The assassin’s speed was faster than his and in a blink of an eye he was ten’s of meters away causing Tang Zheng to be unable to catch up.

“Where do you think you are running off too!” Suddenly, a thunderous roar sounded out from the sky causing Tang Zheng’s ears to hurt. He unconsciously lifted up his head and saw that high up in the air, a figure had jumped out from the helicopter that was ten or so meters off the ground, as if he was walking on plain ground. The sight was like that of a god descending from the sky.

The assassin raised his head, only to escape faster, but the other’s speed was faster than his and like lightning he heavily struck the ground, causing the ground to shake and a wave of dust to rise up.

The assassin loudly roared: “Scram!” As he struck out with his hand, but the other did not move and stood there like a rock in a relaxed manner, blocking his path of escape.

One fist, a simple fist!

Fast, too fast, Tang Zheng thought his eyes were seeing things. The fist flew out and the assassin flew into the air, like a kite that was disconnected from the strings, falling heavily onto the ground. The person then appeared in front of where the assassin fell, his five fingers reached out and steadily grabbed the assassin’s.

One hit KO!

This person’s strength was simply too strong, just like a fierce tiger. No, even stronger than a fierce tiger, even if Tang Zheng could use the Pressure Point Technique he was definitely not this man’s opponent.

“Merely at the Ninth grade Pre-Natal realm.” Tian Chanzi said with disdain.

“Merely at the… Ninth grade Pre-Natal realm.” Tang Zheng said with difficulty, swallowing his saliva, unable to speak in coherent sentences with Tian Chanzi.

“Little brat, no need to be this shaken up. If it was previously, he would be unfit to even carry my shoes.” Tian Chanzi boastfully said.

“A real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements. Didn’t you know that? Right now you are just a thread of consciousness.”

“...” Tian Chanzi was struck hard, choosing not to answer.

The helicopter descended and several black clothed men hurried exited, surrounding the area, looking to all sides.

“Dad, you finally came.” Ye Dingdang said towards the man who jumped out of the helicopter, jumping into his embrace.

This man had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a tall stature, but was not fiendish looking the part of a normal uncle. When he was younger he was most definitely an impressive young man.

“Dingdang, you are injured.” He looked at his daughter’s injured shoulder, his face became increasingly deep.

“I am fine.” Ye Dingdang was already used to the pain and managed to force out a smile.

“Just what exactly is happening here?”

“This man wanted to kill me, fortunately your daughter was lucky and was with a classmate, with Tang Zheng’s help, we managed to capture him.” Ye Dingdang said in a light tone.

“Tang Zheng?” His pupils constricted and he unconsciously flashed a look at Tang Zheng, causing him to unconsciously create a wave of oppressive force.

Tang Zheng felt disgust at them within himself as he could glimpse a lot of things from the other’s gaze, since Ye Dingdang was okay then he decided that there was no point in staying any longer, so he said: “Ye Dingdang, I will be leaving first.” He then took big steps towards the bottom of the mountain.

“Stop right there!” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded out and his path was immediately blocked.

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