Chapter 149: Angering Humans and Gods Alike

Chapter 149: Angering Humans and Gods Alike

Song Donghua did not even know how he made his way out of the office. It was as if he had lost his soul, so much that he did not acknowledge the people that greeted him. Right now, when he heard those greetings they simply felt like ridicules.

Jiang Yongda did not give him up to the discipline committee nor did he give him any other punishment besides transferring him to a small branch office at a far away village. In the end, he was still working for the government but what use was that?. If he were to go to such a place where even birds don’t go to sh*t then no one would remember him and he would never have a chance at returning to any position of power.

All he could do was—— await death!

He took a deep breath, as he felt he was going to suffocate. His eyes flashed with great hatred.

Liu Qingmei, wasn’t I merely pursuing you? Why did you have to use such a method to get rid of me, making me fall from my saintly position to that of an ordinary human. How hateful!

Hoodlum, too, you actually dare to secretly record me. Moreover, you also have that damned video recording.

He felt both, regret and fury, but he did not dare go seek revenge from Hoodlum, as previously he was able to use his position to make Hoodlum bow down to him, but right now he was nothing. To go find Hoodlum? That was simply seeking his own death.

So, he heaped all his anger and hatred onto Liu Qingmei.

It was all this girl’s fault that I lost all my status and power. Now I have nothing, no power, no nothing. What is the difference between this and death?

Since you won’t let me off, then I will definitely not let you off, if worse comes to worse then we can just die together. Before this daddy dies I will definitely obtain you and let you know how amazing I am.

Song Donghua turned his fury filled eyes and looked longingly at the magnificent government office, before quickly scurrying to the parking lot. He started his car, then raced towards Peng Cheng International School.

As he was approaching the school’s entrance a fashionable MINI car entered his field of vision. It was this car that he vividly recalled.

“Liu Qingmei, stop right there!” Song Donghua gave a loud roar, as he floored the gas.

Once he rammed into the MINI, it was sent into a tumble, as its engine let off white smoke.

Song Donghua’s car also came to a stop and he quickly jumped out of his car and went to quickly drag out Liu Qingmei, who was caught by the car’s airbags. He then threw her into his car, before quickly leaving the scene.

This series of actions were executed smoothly and flawlessly. Moreover, it was done with such a fast speed, that one would have thought that this was achieved through constant practice. Before anyone was given a chance to scream, Song Donghua’s car had already disappeared from their field of vision.

Peng Cheng International School was a school for the wealthy and it was extremely safe. Never had there been an accident, not to mention a kidnapping in broad daylight. This caused those to doubt whether they had imagined the scene.

A school security guard hurriedly rushed over and when he saw the MINI, he cried out: “Isn’t this Teacher Liu’s car?”

Liu Qingmei stood out amongst all the teachers, as she was an extreme beauty like a refined and elegant saint. Just her name was enough to shine brightly and the impression she left on others was deep, so much that even the security guards could not help but look at her from afar. For this reason, he would naturally be familiar with her car.

Someone kidnapped Teacher Liu!

This news quickly spread throughout the whole school, into every nook and cranny.

Whether they were teachers or students, especially those males, all felt righteous anger, as they all wanted to go rescue Teacher Liu.

The hero saving a beauty, moreover a saintly beauty. What if this happened to move the goddess’s heart, then wouldn’t they have obtained a beauty?

They each connected with their friends and family in an attempt to track that escaped car. They must find that bastard who kidnapped Goddess Liu and dismember his body in tens of thousands of pieces.

***, even daring to kidnap the ice goddess? He simply has no tender feelings for the fairer sex!

Thankfully the security guard remembered the car’s license plate and they quickly tracked down the person. The owner of the car was named Song Donghua.

Whether the kidnapper was really Song Donghua, their first priority was to rescue her.

Even Tang Zheng was greatly shocked by this news, especially when he heard the car’s owner was Song Donghua. With this he did not need to think about it, as he was sure that it was definitely done by Song Donghua.

It seems he had gone crazy and tried to kidnap Liu Qingmei.

Tang Zheng guessed that it must be what he had given Liu Qingmei that had set Song Donghua off, so Tang Zheng had a hand in this matter. Moreover, Liu Qingmei was his teacher, so no matter it be through emotion or reason, his responsibility could not be disregarded.

Senior year, class seven, what was originally known as Hell Class but was now the schools model class, whether they be male or female all had no drive to go to class, as they all desired to be let out to find Teacher Liu. They used the power of the crowd, as they must definitely find this god damned bastard.

Everyone was trying to come up with a plan, but Tang Zheng walked out of the classroom. When Feng Yong saw this he loudly called out: “Boss, where are you going? We are trying to discuss how to best save Teacher Liu.”

“I’m going to the restroom.” Tang Zheng quickly turned into a corner in the corridor and dialed Lin Hu’s cellphone.

“Hu’zi, can you help me track a car. A bastard kidnapped my teacher and they are currently on the run. I don’t care if you have to scour everywhere, just help me find the car.”

Lin Hu hurriedly said: “Which bastard dare kidnap young master Tang’s teacher? Does he not want to live anymore? Young master Tang, which car?”

Tang Zheng hurriedly described the car's make, model, color, and its license plate, as he vividly recall seeing it before.

“Young master Tang, relax, right now Chang Heng City is owned by us, so we will definitely find this SOB.” Lin Hu angrily guaranteed.

“Hurry and settle this. Tell me once you have any news.” Tang Zheng said.

“Hey, who are you calling?” It was unknown when Ye Dingdang appeared behind Tang Zheng, as she fiercely patted his shoulder and asked.

Tang Zheng was frightened into a jump and loudly cried out: “Hey, Ye Dingdang, don’t you know that you can frighten someone to death. In the future you shouldn’t sneakily stand behind me. Be careful, I might accidentally hurt you.”

Ye Dingdang flicked her lips: “It’s not like I am made of porcelain, so how could you so easily hurt me? Moreover, aren’t you only one level higher than me. You make yourself sound as if you are so incredible.”

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders: “Anyways, I am stronger than you.”

Ye Dingdang gave a cold grunt and said: “Let me tell you that recently when I train in the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, I have progressed at a fast speed and I will quickly break into the Sixth Grade Refining Body and then I will have caught up to you.”

Tang Zheng waved his hands and said: “Talk to me when you catch up.” He then walked towards the incoming Fang Shishi.

Seeing the two holding hands and acting all intimate, Ye Dingdang fiercely stamped her teeth and gnashed her teeth before muttering: “A love for show will only split faster!”

Fang Shishi held Tang Zheng and said with concern: “Tang Zheng, do you think Teacher Liu will be okay?”

Tang Zheng shook his head, as he did not dare make any promises. It was clear without a doubt that Song Donghua had lost all reasons and with his narrow mind, he really may do the unthinkable.

If something really were to happen to Liu Qingmei, then Tang Zheng would be unable to avoid responsibility.

“Do you have any way to save Teacher Liu? Don’t you have friends in the underworld?” Fang Shishi asked.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “I already notified them and they are doing their best. They will notify me if they find anything.

“That person who kidnapped Teacher Liu must be a really bad person. I don’t know what kind of deep seated hatred he must have for Teacher Liu.” Fang Shishi fiercely said wrinkling her nose.

Normally people were unable to cause Fang Shishi to feel anger, as she was a kind hearted girl but it seems Song Donghua was able to, as could be seen by how he did something that would anger humans and gods alike.

Of course, right now the teachers and students of Peng Cheng International were not the only people who were angry, as there was also the police and Jiang Yongda.

A kidnapping in front of a school, moreover it was a teacher, the police would naturally be the first on the scene and leading the team was the oh so familiar, Deng Maocai.

Deng Maocai felt his head hurt, as how come recently there has been so many things happen around schools.

He really did not want to come to Peng Cheng International School because there were two people that he did not want to see again. One was Tang Zheng, who has a handle on his weakness, while the other was Liu Qingmei, who had an unfathomable background.

But when he heard that the person who was kidnapped was Liu Qingmei, he felt cold sweat.

Heavens, are you playing me! Deng Maocai wanted to cry so badly, but had no tears.

Liu Qingmei was actually kidnapped! Even though Deng Maocai did not know Liu Qingmei’s background, he could tell that she was definitely a large buddha like figure, a large buddha like figure that he definitely could not afford to offend.

This kind of important figure being kidnapped under his area of jurisdiction was a bad sign and he felt that he may be coming near the end of his term. This year really was inauspicious.

Right when he felt his heart was about to die, he discovered through the license plate search that the owner of the car was Song Donghua.

At this time, Deng Maocai’s heart nearly stopped.

What in the f*ck!

Song Donghua kidnapped Liu Qingmei?

Last time he thought that the two’s relationship was pretty good?

He did not dare think anymore whether the culprit was Song Donghua, so he hurriedly notified his superiors who notified their superiors, until it reached Jiang Yongda’s ears.

Jiang Yongda was originally feeling bad and a bit nervous, as he did not know how his boss looked at the situation. Then he heard that his former secretary actually kidnapped his boss’s daughter!

He nearly had a heart attack, but thankfully he grabbed ahold of the table and did not slam into the floor. He hurriedly called Song Donghua’s phone only to discover that it was turned off.

He could already determine that it was Song Donghua’s work, as the other probably couldn’t accept the truth of the situation and went crazy which resulted in him kidnapping Liu Qingmei.

Jiang Yongda felt incredibly regretful, as he should not have told him that the evident was given by Liu Qingmei.

What should he do now?

He immediately passed down the order for the entire city’s police force to track Song Donghua’s whereabouts and then he fearfully dialed his boss's phone.

This news was simply too big and he did not dare try to conceal it.

Afterwards he did not know how he narrated the situation, but the Boss was furious and the normally cultured and refined Boss nearly verbally ripped him out over the phone.

Jiang Yongda knew how much his boss cherished his daughter, as he truly treated her like a treasure. Now, she was actually kidnapped and by his former secretary nonetheless.

Jiang Yongda felt as if he was nearing the end of his career now. What Municipal Committee member? Stop dreaming. But even if he wanted to step back down, he first must get Liu Qingmei back and in one piece.

If not, he would die a pitiful death.

Jiang Yongda cursed all eight generations of Song Donghua’s ancestors.

Song Donghua, deserving death!

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