Chapter 148: Doomsday

Chapter 148: Doomsday

As the daughter of the governor of the province, Liu Qingmei, had long since come into contact with government officials and knew the full implication and threat that this account book carried.

To put this into context, it was probably more threatening than a gun and the bullets it may contain, as this account book clearly recorded all the bribes Song Donghua has taken along with a few other government officials.

But the other government officials recorded in the account book paled in comparison to Song Donghua’s status as a secretary. It was also clear that Song Donghua’s relationship with Hoodlum was deep and Song Donghua could not be judged by his youthful appearance, as his guts is actually not small and he had accepted upwards of a million yuan in bribes.

Liu Qingmei couldn’t contain the surging tidal waves within her heart, as she could not help but look at Tang Zheng’s disappearing back. ‘You picked this up from the side of the streets? Who you trying to lie to? A ghost?!’

These items are not things that one can casually get their hands upon so how did he get it?

She discovered that with the passing of time it became increasingly difficult to see through this student of hers, as Tang Zheng was like an undecipherable enigma.

She thought over things for a moment before she got back into her car and sped back home. She must take action in order to get rid of this dogshit plaster that was Song Donghua and rid him from her life once and for all.

Moreover, she was also extremely curious what was in the heaven shaking USB drive and once she got home she impatiently stuck it into her computer.

The USB drive contained a few voice recording as well some video recordings, so she first opened the voice recordings, only to hear Song Donghua’s annoying voice.

“Heng, accepting dirty money and being recorded in the act, yet he does not know? How stupid is he?” Liu Qingmei snorted and disdainfully said.

“I wonder what’s recorded inside this video?” She curiously opened it and immediately felt her eyes go blank, as it was a man and a woman working hard at it on bed. That man, was also Song Donghua.

“Song Donghua, I knew you weren’t anything good.” She furiously said, as she continued to open the other recorded videos. Among them Song Donghua was actually with two women at the same time.

She turned off the video and fiercely slammed her mouse on her table, as she panted her chest full of hatred. She was truly agitated by the scenes she had just witnessed.

“This kinda trash official can only cause harm. If he were to rise to a higher position then who knows how many civilians he would harm, so I must strip him of his powers.”

Liu Qingmei was usually calm and collected, indifferent even but this time she was really moved to anger and just as she was considering what she should do her phone rang.

“Hello?” She said without any good feel.

“Qingmei, such bad temper. Who was it that provoked you now?” A mild voice rang out.

Liu Qingmei’s expression changed, as her tone became firm: “What do you want?”

“Can I not find you if I do not need anything? I am your dad after all. So, how is it like staying in Chang Heng City all alone?”

“I won’t die. You should be more worried about your position and you do not need to worry yourself over me.” Liu Qingmei coldly said.

It was clear that their father daughter relationship was not good.

Her father clearly did not mind, as he was used to her attitude: “Yesterday your Uncle Jiang and secretary Song came to find me to talk about you.”

“You say that they went to visit you? Song Donghua too?” Liu Qingmei interrupted him.

“Right, I heard that little Song was chasing after you. This kid is pretty steady, so you should consider it. You are not getting any younger, so you should take some time to think about your future.” Father Liu meaningfully said from the bottom of his heart.

“So, you are saying that Song Donghua is suitable to be your son-in-law?” Liu Qingmei couldn’t repress her anger and hatefully asked.

“I did not say that I acknowledge him, but that since your ages are compatible you guys can get to know each other better.”

“Haha, you sure have good eyesight.” Liu Qingmei could only smile in her fury, “I will send you an email , so you can make a decision after taking a look.”

She hung up the phone and sent the voice recording along with a video recording over.

Not long later, her phone rang again and her father solemnly said with a hint of anger: “Where did you get this?”

“You do not need to worry how I got this, but weren’t you saying how good Song Donghua was? How do you feel after perusing what I sent you?” Liu Qingmei mockingly asked.

Father Liu deeply said: “I only met him once so I was not able to get a complete feel for him, but how does Jiang Yongda teach him men to actually allow this trash to stand by his side?”

“He, this kind of person as a government official, is no wonder that there are many people who curse you guys. None of you are anything good.” Saying this she even went as far as to curse her father.

Father Liu did not keep this at heart, as he helplessly said: “Qingmei, after so many years you are still angry at me over what happened then?”

“To you it was many years ago, but for me it was as if it happened yesterday and I can not forget it.” Liu Qingmei said angrily with a hint of heartache.

Father Liu did not continue this line of conversation and said: “Since Song Donghua is this kind of person, then we definitely can not allow him to continue to take advantage of things. I will have Jiang Yongda carry out a thorough investigation.”

“Don’t try to talk big and make no move. In a bit I will sent all this to the discipline inspection committee.”

“Qingmei, stop messing around. Song Donghua is Jiang Yongda’s secretary, so if he gets dragged in because of Song Donghua, what will happen to Jiang Yongda?” Father Liu solemnly said.

Liu Qingmei gave a loud laugh: “You guys really are all rotten. Afraid of being dragged in? If he was clean, then what would there be to fear?”

“Whether he is clean or not is not up to you to decide. The bureaucratic site is very complicated and it is not as simple as you think it is. Even if he was clean he may be dragged in because of this. Listen to me, you can not mess around with this. Your Uncle Jiang is the top pick for the municipal committee, so we can’t drag him down at this time.” Father Liu warned.

Jiang Yongda was his men so if they did an investigation on him, then his own name would also be not good. Moreover, in the future when Jiang Yongda holds an even stronger position it can provide great aid to Father Liu.

Those government officials often have to consider more implications than other people.

Liu Qingmei was still raised in a bureaucratic family so she was clear on the intricacies of court, so she compromised and said: “Alright, then I will see how you guys settle it. If you are unable to satisfy me then I will definitely not let this go.”

Liu Qingmei hung up, fiercely glared at the phone: “They’re all bad.”

Song Donghua on the other hand did not know that his life had just took a major turn, as he had tried to contact Hoodlum early in the morning to see how the matter of Tang Zheng was settled, only to find out that the phone call didn’t go through.

He couldn’t help but feel rage, as he thought to himself what the f*ck Hoodlum was doing. He only had one job and that was to take care of a high school student, he simply is too useless.

If it was not for the fact that Hoodlum was generously giving him money, giving him the self satisfaction, Song Donghua would not have bothered with the other.

“Well, whatever. I will wait a bit, in the end that Tang Zheng is dead for sure. He dares to get in between me and Liu Qingmei? Simply, seeking his own death.”

He walked into the city hall and headed towards his office, all along the way he was greeted differentially by people giving him the feeling of being high and almighty, as he took in all their gaze full of praise and envy.

He believed that as long as he was able to take care of Liu Qingmei, there would be many more people who will look to him like that, as he will have reached a height other people could never dream of attaining.

“This is my life and fate has it that I met Liu Qingmei. If I do not put this to my advantage, then wouldn’t that be a waste and that would just be a shame.”

He thought proudly to himself, as his thoughts once again turned to the curvy figure of Liu Qingmei, causing heat to rise within himself. How amazing would it be if he could bed her.

Thinking up to here, his body became more heated.

“I will go visit Hoodlum later and have him arrange women for me. Last time that sister pair was simply incredible and left an everlasting impression.” He thought to himself, as he walked towards his office door. He first tidied up his cloth and calmed himself before entering.

“Boss, you came early today.” He saw the mayor, Jiang Yongda, standing with a solemn face, as he stared out the window.

Jiang Yongda heard him and turned to look at Song Donghua before saying: “You follow me.”

Since Song Donghua was Jiang Yongda’s secretary, their offices were connected. Jiang Yongda’s office was inside while Song Donghua’s office was outside, so if anyone wanted to reach Jiang Yongda to report, they would first have to go through Song Donghua.

Song Donghua had followed Jiang Yongda for two years, so he was very clear on the other’s temperament and habits, and seeing the other with such a serious expression he felt his heart shudder, as he guessed: “Which bastard is it now that has provoked the boss’s anger? Hei, whoever dares to anger the boss will definitely not have it easy.”

Song Donghua differentially walked into Jiang Yongda’s office, as he gently closed the door behind him, only to discover that Jiang Yongda had already walked over to his desk and turned his computer monitor around, and said with his fingers pointed at it: “You take a look at what this is.”

He then walked to a side, as if he really did not want to see the contents on the computer.

Song Donghua curiously looked at the monitor and with a glance his expression immediately turned uglier than a dead person, as his body started to tremble uncontrollably.

On the screen was a man having sexual intercourse with two women, their tricks were many, but wasn’t the male lead him? Also, weren’t the females the very sister duo pair that he was reminiscing?

It was as if an atomic bomb went off in his mind and he felt dizzy, his two legs going weak, as he fell to a kneel with a ‘putong’.

Jiang Yongda coldly stared at him, as the person who sent this video to him was his own boss. When he first watched the video he felt as if he were fiercely slapped across the face, making it all the more unforgettable for him.

He had originally wanted to tie Song Donghua and liu Qingmei together, as if his own secretary was able to gain such a strong backing then it would also strengthen his position in the government, but never did he expect that things would end up like this.

At this time he wanted nothing more than to smack himself twice, hard, on the face.

Over the phone his boss sounded extremely severe, which caused Jiang Yongda to feel nervous apprehension, as if his boss was displeased then his dream position in the municipal committee can only stay a dream.

Right now he wanted nothing more than to kill Song Donghua, as this was all caused by him.

Song Donghua felt as if his doomsday was upon him. He only recovered a while later only to see his boss’s ashen face, which caused him to hurriedly say: “Boss, I am being framed. They want to strike at me to get to you!”

Song Donghua was very clear on the concept of diverting attention and this technique of his was very intricate, as by tying Jiang Yongda to him then he could possibly make a big matter into a small one and a small one into nothing.

But sadly, he miscalculated, as Jiang Yongda did not join him against the same opponent but angrily roared: “Do you know who gave this to me? Governor Liu!”

“What? Governor Liu?”

Song Donghua’s face was deathly pale, as just a few days ago didn’t he pay a visit to Governor Liu and leave a good impression? Yet, today something like this happened, so wouldn’t it mean that all his hard work went to waste and that he would have no chance whatsoever at climbing even higher?

He acted as if his own mother died, and soullessly muttered to himself: “How did Governor Liu get this?”

“Liu Qingmei gave it to him!” Jiang Yongda said with great hate and disappointment toward Song Donghua, as how was he supposed to ever face the Liu family’s father and daughter pair.

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