Chapter 147: Weakness

Chapter 147: Weakness

Everyone looked at this horde of people charging over and Lin Hu cried out in joy: “It’s Fire Phoenix!”

Tang Zheng nodded his head, as they walked over the meet the incoming people.

Fire Phoenix saw them holding Hoodlum hostage and did her best to suppress her astonishment, as she said: “Young master Tang, Brother Hu, all his venues have been swept by my men. We were worried about your end of things, hence why we rushed over but we did not expect you guys to finish so quickly.”

In the end, she was still worried that their strength was not enough, hence why she immediately rushed over to help but it seems like her worries were unfounded.

She fiercely stared at the battered Hoodlum and she felt her heart loosen, as she asked: “Young master Tang, what do we do now?”

Tang Zheng turned around to look at the city of entertainment and calmly said: “Also sweep this venue.”

“Alright, brothers, fight with me and clean out this place! Kill!” Fire Phoenix gave a loud roar, as the people behind her surged forth like a tidal wave.

Among these people there were not only males, as there was also females who seemed to possess more killing intent than the men, making them all the more eye catching. This made Tang Zheng unable to resist but give them a second glance.

Upon seeing so many people killing their way over, Hoodlum’s lackeys who were already shaken up all fled ignoring the fact that they too also had a large force.

This is what it means for a force to collapse once its supporting pillar is taken away. In the end, the force wouldn’t even be able to withstand a strike.

“Hoodlum, take a look at your men, they look just like stray dogs, so what could Huang Si use to fight against me?” Tang Zheng said mockingly.

Hoodlum’s eyes spat fire, yet he could do nothing more than that.

“Let’s go! We have to take good care of him.” Tang Zheng led Hoodlum to the car, as he still had not found out who sent Hoodlum to kill him, so he could not let the other die so quickly.

“Young master Tang, I’ll accompany you guys.” Fire Phoenix caught up.

Tang Zheng nodded his head as they all entered the car and they drove to a desolate old house, where Tang Zheng roughly threw Hoodlum onto the ground.

Hoodlum let out a wail as he could finally talk. With one leg broken, he was unable to stand and could only lay on the ground all beaten up and unsightly.

“Hoodlum, before you die, I want to ask you one question. Just who sent you to kill me?” Tang Zheng asked.

“Heng, I will not tell you but if I die you will never know. The police will even come find you as you guys took me away under the gaze of so many people, so you will not be able to get away scotch clean. Haha.”

Hoodlum was thinking the whole road here before finally finding a way to preserve his life, he decided to bet as this was his last attempt to survive.

Dong’zi patted his chest and courageously said: “Young master Tang, as long as you are able to kill him then I will take the blame.”

“Dong’zi, don’t fight with me over this. I will be the one to take the blame, heihei, today, my name, Dao’zi, will become known for killing Hoodlum. Ten years later people will still remember me.” Dao’zi walked forward, as he tried to vie for the right.

“There is no room for you guys to speak.” Lin Hu angrily roared: “Hoodlum since you want to kill me, then I will kill you first. If the police come knowing that, I will admit to it and as long as I can get rid of Huang Si right-hand man, then everything is worth it.”

Hoodlum looked at them in fear, as these people simply did not fear death, they were willing to admit the crime.

“Why are you all being noisy for? Who told you to take the blame?” Tang Zheng coldly swept over everyone present, causing them to go silent.

Tang Zheng never considered this point, as he only had one thought in mind and that was to get rid of Hoodlum. He completely forgot about attracting the police’s attention, but Hoodlum can not be left alive, otherwise, it will bring about endless problems.

Fire Phoenix was also rational, as she advised: “Young master Tang, we definitely can not give the police anything to work with because we had made quite the commotion tonight. No one has died yet, so everything could be considered as being under control, but if someone really did die and it was Hoodlum, the police will definitely carry out an investigation.

Murder cases such as these will definitely not be ignored by the police especially those of the underworld because once lives were lost the police will definitely carry out investigations to the end.

This was a rule that has always been followed and it served as a red line, that once crossed will force the police’s hand.

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix both know of this as it was only Tang Zheng who did not know, as he was an outsider.

“As long as we leave him alive everything is fine right?” Tang Zheng asked quietly.

Fire Phoenix shook her head: “Young master Tang, if he does not die and the police ask questions, then he will definitely serve us on a plate and by then things will be troublesome. Moreover, if he does not die then he will think of any method to get revenge, so leaving him alive will not result in anything good.”

Hoodlum’s gaze turned scalding, as he glared at Fire Phoenix who destroyed his last hope for survival: “Fire Phoenix, you slut if you don’t see me die will you not be satisfied?”

Fire Phoenix stared back and said: “If you don’t die of course I wouldn’t be satisfied. Do you dare say that you did not play a part in my husband’s death that year?”

“Heng, I regret not killing you that year, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened today.”

“It is too late to regret now, young master Tang, let me kill him. From today onward please take good care of my men so that I can die content.” Fire Phoenix said with righteous indignation.

Tang Zheng shook his head: “Say no more, he does not need to die and you guys do not need to take the blame.”

“Then what will we do? Do we let this trash go?” Several people asked anxiously.

Hoodlum felt his eyes flashed, as a chance to survive has surfaced. As long as he does not die, then he will have a chance to get revenge.”

Tang Zheng could discern Hoodlum’s thoughts and coldly said: “Hoodlum, you have no chance. Even though I won’t kill you, you will not be the same man.”

Everyone looked at Tang Zheng with a puzzled expression, as they did not understand what he meant. They only saw Tang Zheng’s palms cover the other's head.

Hoodlum cried out in a panic: “Tang Zheng, what are you doing?”

“Since you won’t tell me your secret, then I will have to find out for myself.” Tang Zheng employed the Soul Search technique causing Hoodlum’s cry to come to an abrupt stop, his two eyes turned blank as they gradually turned lifeless.

Those present watched this scene in shock, as they did not know what was going on. A few moments later, they saw Tang Zheng loosen his grip and Hoodlum’s wooden gaze, that did not show a hint of reaction.

“Young master Tang, what happened to him?” Fire Phoenix asked in fright.

“He has lost his mind, so he is unable to gain revenge nor is he able to bring the police to our doors.”

Fire Phoenix felt her heart tremble as it seems she had once again underestimated Tang Zheng, she did not expect him to have such a technique.

Lin Hu fiercely said: “This is already letting him off easy.”

“But then again this is the best option. We shall throw him outside Huang Si’s door and see how that old dog reacts.” Tang Zheng advised.

Lin Hu’s eyes brightened: “Right, Huang Si’s expression will definitely be priceless when he finds out the person he’s carefully nurtured and is most satisfied with has become a retard. Haha, it is simply an enormous joke!”

Tang Zheng was not excited, as he was shocked by the secret he discovered from Hoodlum. The mastermind who wanted him dead was actually Song Donghua.

Speaking up to here, he and Song Donghua did not have an unforgettable enmity, as he merely pretended to be Liu Qingmei’s boyfriend, yet the other kept this to heart and even wanted to kill him.

“Liu Qingmei, you probably never expected that by having me save you from the fire I, myself, was nearly pushed into the fire pit.” Tang Zheng mockingly said to himself, as he probably would not believe this piece of information if he did not personally discover this piece of information through his Soul Search Technique.

“Song Donghua, you and I could be considered as having no grievances, yet you want to kill me? In that case, I will not let you off easy either.”

In the end, Song Donghua was still a government official and Tang Zheng could not straight out kill him, but then again towards such a government official what they are afraid of is not death, but to have their reputation destroyed.

Hoodlum just so happened to have the information needed to destroy Song Donghua’s career in a spectacular fashion, as every time Hoodlum sent money to Song Donghua, he had kept a careful record and even recorded the transaction. This proved that hoodlum was a smart man, as he understood the idea to grab ahold of the other weakness just in the case the other decided to one day betray him. In preparation of this, Hoodlum, has long since made preparations.

In the end, it all played to Tang Zheng’s advantage.

“Hu’zi, Fire Phoenix, with Huang Si’s recent major defeat he will definitely be in a rage, so you guys should take care of yourselves. It is best if you do not go out often during this period of time, as I will need to find some time to go meet Huang Si. Once I take care of this matter you guys will be able to spread your arms and legs.” Tang Zheng advised.

“Young master Tang, when do you plan on dealing with Huang Si. I will go with you as he killed my husband, so I want to personally finish him off in order to avenge my deceased husband.” Fire Phoenix fiercely said.

“I think it is best to leave dealing with Huang Si to me, so you guys should just wait for the results.” Tang Zheng did not agree, as Huang Si was indeed very powerful and Tang Zheng may be forced to use cultivation techniques. If that were the case he would not want anyone there to witness it.

Seeing Tang Zheng make his decision, the other two had no choice in the matter and could only wonder at what methods Tang Zheng had up his sleeves.

The few people then separated, as Tang Zheng quietly slipped into Hoodlum’s now empty house to retrieve the account book and recordings from a hidden safe.

He walked straight up to the safe, slipped on his gloves, entered the password, and with a ‘kacha’ the safe opened.

Tang Zheng immediately located the account book and an USB drive. Along, with these two objects, the safe also had cash that most likely amounted to no less than a million.

“Heihei, what an unexpected gain, but since I am already here I might as well not leave empty handed.”

Tang Zheng found a large bag and put all the money inside before taking it home to get his beauty sleep, without a single care for the enormous changes that were occurring in the underworld of Chang Heng City.

The morning of the next day he got his bag and went to school just in time to see Liu Qingmei step out of her car, so he walked over to greet her.

“Good morning, Teacher Liu.”

Liu Qingmei lifted up her head and suspiciously looked at Tang Zheng as if the sun had risen from the west. Wasn’t this kid always trying to avoid her, so why was he taking the initiative to greet her?

Liu Qingmei slightly nodded her head and said: “Do you need anything?”

Tang Zheng took out a package from his bag and handed it over: “Teacher Liu, I have something to give you.”

“What is it?” Liu Qingmei asked curiously.

“Something good.” Tang Zheng gave a mysterious smile, “Didn’t you want to get rid of Song Donghua, this disgusting housefly? This thing can help you do just that.”

As long as Song Donghua’s career ended, then probably even he himself would not have the face to continue badgering Liu Qingmei. This would probably cause countless thousands of times more pain than if he were to be killed.

Seeing Tang Zheng act all mysterious and hear his serious words Liu Qingmei couldn’t help but feel her interest spark, as during this period of time she was really driven to no ends by the annoying dogskin pest that was Song Donghua. The dance last time did not seem to even damage his enthusiasm much, so who knows just how thick his skin was.

“Where did you get this?” Liu Qingmei asked.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders: “I picked it up from the streets and thought that it might be useful for you, hence why I am giving it to you.” Saying up to here he waved his hands and unrestrainedly entered the classroom.

Liu Qingmei stared at him without blinking and muttered to herself: “Heng, he is so young, yet he dares act all cool in front of me. I want to see just what you gave me. If you dare mock me then I will definitely not let you go.”

She opened the package and spotted the account book at first glance. With a few flips of the book, her expression changed greatly.

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