Chapter 146: Unstoppable even in the face of tens of thousands

Chapter 146: Unstoppable even in the face of tens of thousands

The light reflected off the blade, making it look exceptionally dazzling and brilliant to the eye. The only thing that was seen was the knife that was cutting towards Hoodlum, then Hoodlum roared: “Attack!”

The lackeys surrounding them eagerly rushed towards Tang Zheng.

With a flick of Tang Zheng’s wrist, shua shua shua, his blade flashed and the next moment, those who were charging at him were sent flying with blood trailing with them.

Tang Zheng did not even blink, as to be soft hearted at times like this was merely seeking one's death.

Hoodlum, borrowed the short moment given to him to retreat, allowing him to successfully avoid Tang Zheng’s strike. He then loudly roared to his lackeys: “Kill, chop ‘em all to death!”


The cry rang towards the heavens.

Tang Zheng and Lin Hu were immediately surrounded. Tang Zheng’s gaze locked onto the distant Hoodlum, as he was simply too slippery as he actually managed to evade his strike.

In the face of this tidal wave like onslaught, it slowed their’s steps to a halt, as they could only face off against everyone’s attack with great difficulty.

“Young master Tang, don’t worry about me. Go get Hoodlum.” Lin Hu anxiously roared.

“Can you hold on?” Towards this constant attack, if Tang Zheng were to leave then Lin Hu would be placed in great danger.

“I’m not dead yet. As long as you capture Hoodlum, their attack will cease.”

Tang Zheng looked at Hoodlum who was hiding behind the crowd and said through gnashed teeth: “Okay, you be careful.”

With a wave of his blade, he opened up some room in front of him before leaping up like a great roc over their heads, as he flew towards Hoodlum.

“F*ck! Even this can’t block you!” Hoodlum seeing the situation felt his heart tremble, “Stop him!”

Gleaming blades cut at Tang Zheng’s legs, but Tang Zheng stepped on the heads of people to propel himself forward, kicking a fair share of blades flying.

Hoodlum’s pupils shrank because as a martial artist who focused on kicks, he could tell that Tang Zheng’s footwork was not weak.

This brat was actually so strong, but how come he had never heard of him before?

Seeing that Tang Zheng has already flown past the crowd and was rushing towards him, Hoodlum did not have any more time to dally, as he straightened his body and lashed out a leg like a whip that made a loud snap through the air, looking extremely terrifying.

Tang Zheng descended and sent a leg kicking out towards the other.

A muffled sound rang out, as both people were sent flying backward. Hoodlum retreated till he hit the wall while Tang Zheng flew back a few feet before landing on someone’s head. He then took this opportunity to push off and once again charge at Hoodlum while he sent the knife in his hand flying.

The blade flew through the air like a dart and Hoodlum in a panic hurriedly dragged a lackey by his side over.

The blade pierced his body,\ causing the lackey to spit out blood, as he looked down at the trembling blade embedded into his body.

“Brother Fei, you…” The lackey turned his head with difficulty, yet Hoodlum did not even spare him a look as he threw the lackey away and charged at Tang Zheng who was about to land on the ground.

Peng, Tang Zheng took this powerful blow full on.

Hoodlum was ecstatic, as a lot of people had fallen to this move of his, as the power behind it was enough to snap a man’s legs in two.

But in the next moment, he stared at Tang Zheng in shock, as the other’s body merely swayed for a bit before standing firmly in its position.

Hoodlum knew that he was in deep trouble but he did not retreat, as he followed up with a series of kicks, which left afterimages that seemed to envelop Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng also counterattacked, as his hands revealed afterimages which blocked each and every one of Hoodlum’s attacks. It was the Heaven Gathering Hand, as Hoodlum was not worthy of him using the Heaven Flying Immortal.

A muffled sound rang out as Hoodlum’s leg took a blow from Tang Zheng, causing it to feel numb and unable to gather power.

“F*ck, this little brats strength is too great.”

Hoodlum let out a silent curse, as he did not have the time to attack when Tang Zheng once again made his move. This time, Tang Zheng’s attacks became more savage, bringing with it an indomitable air.

Hoodlum retreated one step after another until he could retreat no more, while Tang Zheng kept advancing, pushing the other against the corner.

Suddenly a pitiful cry was heard as Tang Zheng could not help but turn around to see Lin Hu all bloodied, as he was surrounded by a horde of people.

An idea flashed in Hoodlum’s mind, as he took this opportunity to evade to the side. By now he clearly knew that he was not Tang Zheng’s opponent and he was greatly shaken up by this fact.

Tang Zheng has always been monitoring Hoodlum from the corner of the eye and seeing the other try to escape, he could not spare Lin Hu more attention and went after Hoodlum.

“Stop!” Tang Zheng gave a loud roar, akin to that of thunder.

Hoodlum heard the wind rustling behind him, but he did not dare stop. The lackeys behind him could do nothing to resist him, as wherever Tang Zheng passed, people would be sent flying.

Seeing the other close behind him, Hoodlum felt incomparably helpless, as he could only let out futile attacks towards his back. Suddenly his body trembled, as his leg was firmly latched onto by Tang Zheng.

Hoodlum inwardly cried out, as a ‘kacha’ sound could be heard before pain shot through his nerves and to his brain as he cried out.

The sound was so pitiful that all those present couldn’t help but turn around to look, as they saw their boss being put in such a sorry state.

Tang Zheng straight up broke the other’s hip bone, then with a wave of his hand he brought Hoodlum to face him and grabbed his neck.

This series of attacks flowed smoothly like water and it completely embodied strength and technique, causing those who saw to tremble in fear.

“Halt, your boss is in my hands!” Tang Zheng roared, as countless hundred pairs of eyes turned to look at him and Hoodlum who was in his hands. This technique really forced others to open their eyes in awe and shock.

The phrase ‘unstoppable in the face of tens of thousands’ was not a myth!

Hoodlum finally regained himself from the pain after a while, his face was drenched in cold sweat, as he had never been put in such a bad position.

Right now, even if he wanted to escape there was no way as one of his legs was already broken, so even if it were to heal in the future, his power will be greatly decreased.

He felt both regret and hatred, as how could he possibly provoke such an unlucky star. But it was too late to regret now, as he could only lift his trembling head to look at Tang Zheng and said: “What do you want to do?”

“First call off your lackeys.” Tang Zheng said with killing intent.

Hoodlum hesitated a moment before calling out: “Didn’t y’all hear him? Retreat!”

Everyone looked at each other and they all filed out of the big hall in waves, as they stared at this scene from afar.

“Little brat, today my skills are not as good yours, hence why I fell to you but behind me is Gramps Huang. If you dare make a move on me then Gramps Huang will definitely not let you go.” Even though Hoodlum was already captured, he still had quite the attitude because he thought Tang Zheng did not dare kill him and he also could not lose face in front of his lackeys.

A bloodied Lin Hu cut the ropes tying his two brothers, as he glared at Hoodlum and said: “Hoodlum, do you think you are able to scare us with Gramps Huang?”

“Heng, I am not trying to scare you, as in Chang Heng City, it is Gramps Huang's words that count. So what if you defeat me today?, you still won’t be able to make a wave, as with but a single word Gramps Huang will have you all dead.” Hoodlum disdainfully said.

Tang Zheng let out a thin cold smile: “It seems like in your eyes Huang Si is like a god, but let me tell you, in my eyes he is not worth shit. I will also clearly tell you now that since I dare make a move on you, I never held onto the thought of getting on good terms with him.”

Hoodlum looked at Tang Zheng in shock and said: “Where do you get your courage from? Even if you defeat me, that does not mean you are Gramps Huang opponent. Little brat, let me tell you that you are dreaming, as you are unable to go against him.”

Tang Zheng smiled, as he was too lazy to answer the other’s question and bluntly said: “Hoodlum, today meeting you was not the only thing on the agenda, as your other venues have been swept through by Fire Phoenix and Huang Si is only one person, so you tell me if he is able to stir up a wave?”

“What?” Hoodlum quickly lost all color in his face, as in all his speculations he never once thought that Fire Phoenix would participate and moreover sweep his territory, “This b*tch, after not taking care of her for the past few years she dare take a bite out of me.”

Lin Hu said: “Hoodlum, you and I both know in our guts who was the one responsible for the death of Fire Phoenix’s husband, so if she doesn’t go against you, then who will she go against?”

Hoodlum’s face abruptly changed, as he fiercely said: “It seems like she had long since known of what happened. I have always pushed for this b*tch to be removed but Gramps Huang said we should not bother with a b*tch. Who would have guessed that there would be a day such as today.”

Tang Zheng exchanged looks with Lin Hu, as it seems their guess was right and that Fire Phoenix’s husbands were done in by Huang Si.

“Those who mess in the underworld would have to pay the price sooner or later. What other words do you have to say for yourself?”

“I have no more words but that you guys just wait for Gramps Huang's rage. With an order you will be the enemy of everyone in Chang Heng City and you will die a terrible death.” Hoodlum gnashed his teeth and said.

Tang Zheng calmly asked: “Are those your final words?”

“What? You guys actually dare kill me?” Hoodlum lost all color.

Lin Hu gave a big laugh: “Haha, do you think we are joking? Young master Tang’s is true to his word and if he says you will die, then you will die. You will definitely not live past tonight.”

“If I die then you guys will join me!” Hoodlum’s eyes flashed with panic, as his confidence was derived from his assumption that the other would not kill him due to the fact that if he died then they would be forced to throw down with Huang Si.

He did not know that the other would be so firm in their decision, which was completely outside of his expectations.

Tang Zheng gave a cold chuckle: “Then we will see just who will be joining you. Lin Hu, let’s go.”

Under the gaze of the crowd, he would obviously not kill someone. Moreover, with so many of Hoodlum’s lackey’s present if Hoodlum were to die no one could say for sure that they might not go crazy and attack in a frenzy, so they could only use him as a hostage.

Tang Zheng held onto Hoodlum while Lin Hu and his two brothers followed behind, as they walked towards the entrance. The crowd became restless, as if they wanted to try something.

“Your boss is in my hands, if you dare make a move, then I will kill him!” Tang Zheng said with killing intent that reached towards the heavens.

The crowd did not dare act recklessly, as they looked towards Hoodlum, hoping that his boss would give them an order. But the only thing they saw was a look of panic, as Hoodlum’s mouth was open wide open with words at the tip of the tongue yet was unable to leave his mouth.

Tang Zheng had already used his True Qi to restrict the other’s throat, so how could he call out. With this, they walked out under the stares of countless hundred people who did not dare move recklessly.

Lin Hu and his men walked with their heads held high, as Chang Heng City has never seen such a battle before. Without a doubt, this battle will go down in history, as stories of it will circulate around the underworld and many people would discuss it with their blood boiling.

Because in the end, the story of the few defeating the many in such a bloody battle is enjoyed by the people of Jiang Hu.

The few people had just reached the entrance of the city when they saw a large mob of people rushing over.

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