Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Capturing the overlord

Early evening the entertainment city Ye Laixiang was not parked full of luxury cars and overflowing with customers like the other nights, as on this chilly night it was closed.

This was the first time in history, as it must be know that Ye Laixiang Entertainment City was Hoodlum’s main business and even the police would not dare carry out investigations there. No matter what types of crackdowns were done, it was unable to affect the business making it clear that it was a force to be reckoned with.

Yet, today Entertainment City was closed and this represented the brewing of a major storm, causing it to be the center of attention for those of the underworld.

Even though Chang Heng City was mostly divided between a few major forces, there were still quite a few smaller forces who were carefully and restlessly watching the situation. All in preparation to see if they could fish in troubled water, thereby boosting themselves up.

Amidst the darkness, the Entertainment City’s neon sign was still lit, as it acted like a beacon for certain people.

As there had already been quite a few people laid in ambush so that if anyone dared appear, they would not be allowed to escape.

Light footsteps gradually rang out, as those in the darkness tensed up, staring unwaveringly towards the direction where the footsteps originated from.

Yi? Weird, there were only two people and not the large force that was expected.

Even so, no one dared let down their guard, as who knows if a large group of people may suddenly emerge from a corner and sneak attack them.

The two that appeared did not seem to be the least bit afraid, causing others to wonder if they were simply merry seekers who had gone the wrong way. Of course, once the two walked closer, all their previous suspicions were dispelled.

They were not merry seekers but revenge seekers, but towards those laying in ambush, they were simply sending themselves to their death.

They naturally recognized Lin Hu, while Tang Zheng was neglected, as they all thought him to be Lin Hu’s lackey.

“Halt!” Several people appeared and stopped the two.

Lin Hu did not have any fear, as even though he had a cast on one arm, he still had quite the imposing air separating him from others as the boss.

“Wasn’t Hoodlum looking for me? Well, here I am.” Lin Hu calmly said.

“Heng, you really aren’t afraid of death, to actually come on your own volition.”

“Hoodlum used my own brothers to threaten me, so of course I would come. For my brothers, I would traverse through mountains of blades and seas of fire. What is there a need to be afraid of?” Lin Hu passionately said causing those who heard to unconsciously tremble.

“Brother Fei has been waiting for a while. Let’s go.”

The two walked into the Entertainment City under the prying gaze of others, only to find a dazzling room full of countless hundreds of lackeys who filled the halls and corridors.

The two, in contrast, seemed minuscule like houseflies, not in the least bit threatening, as it seems to take only a single command by Hoodlum to have the two drowned within this crowd so that their bodies wouldn’t even be discovered.

Hoodlum sat imposingly in the middle of the large hall surrounding on all four sides by his lackeys, as he stared menacingly at those arriving.

In front of Hoodlum were two people who were kneeling.

These two people were forced into a kneel and they look beaten and battered, as their bodies were covered in blood but their gaze was filled with fire and hatred.

Lin Hu saw the two men and couldn’t help but call out: “Dong’zi, Dao’zi.”

The two trembled and difficulty tried to turn their body around but were forcefully restrained. On their faces, they not only were moved but had traces of anxiety, as they loudly called out: “Brother Hu, hurry up and leave. You should not have come. You should not place yourself in danger for us.”

“Heihei, to have emotion and to possess loyalty. This is indeed a good show. Let’s hurry it up, so I can catch my eight o’clock show.” Hoodlum clapped his hand and mockingly said.

“Hoodlum, kill us if you dare. What kind of man are you to use us to threaten brother Hu?” Dong’zi angrily roared.

Hoodlum contemptuously looked at them and said: “Do you know why you guys suffered a defeat? Well, why don’t you use your brain to think about it? What kind of society do we live in? What heroes what men, che, those are all fabricated in movies and does not exist in reality, alright? What is the point in trying to be a hero, in the end, it is all worthless, as they will only end up to become another person's stepping stone.”

“Pei, Hoodlum, just because you are a vile character doesn’t give you the ability to slander others.” Dao’zi disdainfully said.

“Since you guys are at death's door then I will allow you to have a little bit of verbal satisfaction.” Hoodlum said without any anger, as he looked at them with interest. Hoodlum had also automatically disregarded Tang Zheng as to him, the two were as good as dead.

“How come there is only two of you today? Could it be that your other brothers were afraid and did not dare come?” Hoodlum satirically said.

“To deal with you, the two of us is enough.” Lin Hu coldly said.

“Yoho, those are some big words, Lin Hu. Your abilities aren’t that good but you sure know how to talk. Even so, just being able to talk will not help you at all, as it comes down to talking with fists. And, also with this.” At this, Hoodlum pulled out a gun and pointed it at Lin Hu.

Lin Hu’s pupils shrank, as he revealed a hint of fear. Upon seeing Tang Zheng remain expressionless, he let go of any lingering worries.

“Speak, how do you want to die? I’ll see how my mood is.” Hoodlum asked with the gun pointed at Lin Hu.

“Hoodlum, first let go of my brothers and then we can talk.”

Hoodlum shook his head: “You want me to release them after putting in the effort to capture them? Do I look that bored? Since these two are your trusted aids then I will naturally send them on the path to the Yellow Springs to accompany you, otherwise how lonely and bored would you be? See, how good I treat you ahahaha!”


Other people followed in with laughter.

“Brother Hu, we are not afraid of death. So what if we die, after another eighteen years I will be another grown man and then we can help you get revenge. But, I suspect that he will not survive another eighteen years.” Dong’zi vehemently said.

Dao’zi continued: “Right, we may not be able to kill you Hoodlum, but there will be someone who will.”

Hoodlum’s expression changed, as he turned the gun towards Dong’zi: “You have begged for death the whole time, but I want you to see how I play your Boss to death before sending you to accompany him.”

“You bastard!” Dong’zi angrily roared.

“Lin Hu, any last words? Otherwise, I will make my move.” Hoodlum said.

“You should be the one who ought to spend a bit of time thinking about your last words, otherwise you will not have another chance.” Lin Hu retorted.

Hoodlum shook his head: “A dead man’s mouth is hard, then I will fulfill your wish”. Saying up to here he commanded his lackeys to attack, but then Tang Zheng stepped out, blocking Lin Hu, and stared at Hoodlum.

Tang Zheng had always been silently observing Hoodlum’s and one phrase described him—— arrogant and despotic! Even so, Hoodlum did have the right to act so in Chang Heng City, as he was at the Fifth Grade Body Refining. If it was the Tang Zheng from before, he would also be afraid, but right now he did not put the other in his eyes.

Hoodlum did not seem to care about Tang Zheng, who suddenly stepped forth and said: “Lin Hu, why are you hiding behind your lackey?”

Tang Zheng’s voice rang out: “Hoodlum, under whose orders did you send you lackeys to kill Tang Zheng?”

Tang Zheng?

Hoodlum was shocked, as he couldn’t help but straighten out in his seat. This was a secretive matter, as those who know have either been killed or have gone mad, yet this little brat knew?

Hoodlum’s gaze gradually squinted, as he glared at Tang Zheng as if he was trying to stare through the other, but discovered that he could not.

“Who are you?” Hoodlum asked with killing intent.

“Tang Zheng!”

“It’s you?” Hoodlum was really shocked speechless, as wasn’t Tang Zheng just a high school student, so why was he in cohorts with Lin Hu?

But the lingering problem within his heart was immediately solved as his eyes brightened, as he asked: “Lin Hu, and you still don’t admit that you were involved in killing my men? Heng, so you were actually working with a brat.”

Lin Hu had on a blank face.

Yet, Tang Zheng felt his heart move, as he could guess that the other had assumed that it was Lin Hu who sent men to kill Scar Face all the while throwing out the idea of ghosts. Anyways, this was all unimportant, as he must find out who was the mastermind behind everything.

“If you tell me who was the mastermind then you will die a fast and painless death.” Tang Zheng said.

Hoodlum gave a loud laugh: “Little brat, are you frightened silly to actually dare such big words? Well, anyways, I was looking for you but since you sent yourself to me, then that will save me a lot of trouble. Today, I will take care of both matters, so no one should have any thoughts of leaving.”

Tang Zheng shook his head, as Hoodlum’s mouth was really firm. It seems like he will have to pry it out of the other later.

There was nothing more to talk about for both sides, so the atmosphere became even heavier as the big battle was about to erupt.

Hoodlums gaze flashed, as he roared: “Attack!”

The lackeys present all took out gleaming blades, as they prepared to face off with Tang Zheng and Lin Hu.

Tang Zheng’s gaze flickered, as he said in a low voice: “Hu’zi, follow me closely.”

“Yes, young master Tang!”

Tang Zheng made his move before the others and in an instant he had already traversed a big step like a savage tiger leaving the mountain, as he made his way straight for Hoodlum.

There were a good five meters between the two, but in the next instant, there was only one meter.

To kill bandits, first get rid of their overlord. Tang Zheng wanted to use the moment Hoodlum had his guard down to take him down so that they could gain the invincible position and win the battle.

Lin Hu clenched his teeth, as he followed after Tang Zheng. Lin Hu wielded a blade in one hand defending Tang Zheng’s back, as his blade clashed ceaselessly against other blades sending off sparks.

Even though he was injured, he was still able to handle these lackeys.

Hoodlum’s pupils constricted, as he never expected such an inconspicuous youth to be an expert, as with just a few simple steps his heart nearly exploded out of his body. Even so, he did not think that the others would be able to defeat him, as his young age was a great deterrent.

Hoodlum domineeringly sat there, without moving like a calm boat in the middle of a storm. All he did was kept his fingers pressed gingerly on the trigger.

A muffled gunshot rang out, as the bullet flew towards Tang Zheng’s right shoulder only to fly past it and strike a lackey.

Tang Zheng’s speed was not necessarily faster than the bullet, but his reaction speed was as before Hoodlum even fired, Tang Zheng already took evasive measures.

After his experience with guns at the hands of Huang Ziyang, he was no longer fearful of firearms and as long as he was in close quarters, he would not feel threatened.

With another tap of his feet, Tang Zheng was already in front of Hoodlum, as he wasn’t given a second shot. Tang Zheng easily avoided a knife, as he punched out towards Hoodlum.

Hoodlum shifted his arms to his back.

A blade plunged on the muzzle of the gun, severing it in two.

Hoodlum felt his heart tremble, as when an expert made a move, the skill could be discerned with but a glance. So, Hoodlum was clear on the strength behind the knife cut.

The muzzle was definitely not made out of wood, but refined steel and the blade used was not of top quality, yet it was able to cleanly cut the gun in two.

Hoodlum believed that even though he could do it, he could not do it in such a natural and easy manner as Tang Zheng had.

It was now that he finally felt fear for his life.

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