Chapter 144: Alliance

Chapter 144: Alliance

The sound of a series of knocks from a high heel clanging against the floor rang out, as Fire Phoenix leisurely walked over with a smile that was not a smile: “Brother Hu, Hoodlum has placed a bounty on you, yet you still dare come to my place? Aren’t you afraid that I might capture you and bring you to him for a reward?”

Lin Hu’s dense eyebrows jumped, as he mockingly said: “I never thought that there would be a day where I would have a bounty on my head. It is really a refreshing experience.”

“It’s not only a bounty, as he has spread the word that if you do not go and offer yourself up, Dong’zi and Dao’zi would both die.”

“What?” Lin Hu’s expression deepened, “He captured my men to threaten me?”

Fire Phoenix gave a faint smile: “He knows you are a man of loyalty and has a firm grasp of your weaknesses, so he knows that you will definitely go find him. Is that right?”

“Of course I will go find him. He cleaned out my territory, injured my brothers, all these must be avenged.” Lin Hu gnashed his teeth and said.

Fire Phoenix turned her gaze to Tang Zheng and said: “Young Master Tang, what wind blew you over?”

“Boss Fire does not welcome me?” Tang Zheng calmly asked.

Fire Phoenix gave a loud laugh: “Welcome, of course, you are welcome.”

Tang Zheng looked at his left and right and although he did not see anyone, he knew that there were many people observing them and they would only need one word from Fire Phoenix to surround them.

It seems Fire Phoenix is really cautious.

“Since Fire Phoenix welcomes us, so then isn’t preparing such a strong line-up for us a little too much?” Tang Zheng said, as he asked pointedly.

Fire Phoenix was slightly shocked, as her men were well hidden yet Tang Zheng was still able to sense them. With this, she could not help but raise her views of Tang Zheng even though she had, again and again, placed him higher. Apparently, after all that, she had still underestimated his strength.

“Young Master Tang is indeed strong, as this small parlor trick has made me out to be the clown.” With a gesture of her hands, a wave of sounds rang out, as it seems her men had retreated.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “Fire Phoenix is indeed forthright, then let us go in and discuss some matters.”

“Young Master Tang, Brother Hu, please come in.”

They went into the same office and the three took up their seats. The only difference this time was that the secretary was not present and Fire Phoenix personally poured tea for the two.

“Young Master Tang, why have you come with Brother Hu this time? I have always felt that you have tried to keep a respectable distance from me.” Fire Phoenix blatantly said.

“Boss Fire, it is not that I was trying to keep a respectable distance from you, but that as a student there are some matters that I should not interfere in. As for today, I came with Hu’zi to present you with some good benefits.” Tang Zheng said.

Fire Phoenix gave a big laugh and said pointedly: “Good benefits usually signifies big risks, wouldn’t you guys agree?”

Her eyes were bright, as it indicated that she was a smart woman.

Tang Zheng did not deny but said: “Only those who fight have a chance at winning. Aren’t those who have status, wealth, and power all stem from their true abilities? This is even more so for those of the underworld.”

Fire phoenix shook her head and sighed: “I am no longer young, so I do not dare to fight like those other young ladies.”

“Fire Phoenix, stop being modest. You and I have known each other for at least ten years, so how could I not know your abilities and strength?” Lin Hu interjected.

Fire Phoenix asked with interested: “Brother Hu, then tell me what this thing with status, wealth, and power is? It’s not like I have anything to do anyways so I’ll listen.”

Since there is a topic to talk about, then there is a chance. It seems that Tang Zheng and Lin Hu’s judgment was right and this woman was tempted.

“Drag Huang Si down from his pedestal and split his territory, so that Lin Hu has six portions and you have four.” Tang Zheng said decisively.

Fire Phoenix’s pupils constricted, as she gave a big smile: “Young Master Tang, are you joking? Pulling gramps Huang is not something anyone has ever done before.”

“Just because previously no one has done it before, does not mean that no one can do it now.” Tang Zheng said profoundly.

Fire Phoenix restrained her smile and blinked her eyes before staring at Tang, as if to try to see through him: “Young Master Tang, where does your guys' self-confidence come from?”

“Ourselves!” Tang Zheng said.

“Yourselves” Fire Phoenix had unprecedented seriousness, as even though Tang Zheng was confident and does not seem like a fool, she could not see through the other, “Young Master Tang, if I am to be blunt, I have looked into your background and have a small understanding but there is nothing that I found that can be used to go against Gramps Huang. Even if you add on Brother Hu, who as you saw was single-handedly trampled by Brother Hu, what do you have to fight against Gramps Huang?’

Her gaze was sharp, as she waited for their reply.

“With Young Master Tang here, nothing is a problem.” Lin Hu was extremely confident, as he had a form of blinding devotion towards the other.

Fire Phoenix was able to make a few assumptions and asked: “Young Master Tang, if I may ask what martial arts level are you at?”

“Sixth Grade Qi Refining.” Tang Zheng truthfully said.

Fire Phoenix’s eyes revealed her astonishment, as she had not expected Tang Zheng’s strength to be so high.

“Young Master Tang, it must be said that you have shocked me, as you are so young yet have such a high level. In the future, your strength will be limitless but I also have to point out that Gramps Huang, as of today is already at the Ninth Grade Natal Stage and his Huang Ziyang, who recently received a mysterious technique has improved rapidly to become a First Grade Natal Stage. With just us three combined how are we able to fight against the two experts of the Huang family?”

Lin Hu was shocked, as Huang Ziyang had gone from a Sixth Grade Qi Refining to a First Grade Natal Stage in a month, just what mysterious technique did he possess?”

He unconsciously looked at Tang Zheng but found Tang Zheng’s face to be weird, as he was deep in thought.

No one said a word, as they waited for Tang Zheng’s reply.

But right now Tang Zheng was conversing with Tian Chanzi, as wasn’t the technique supposed to have a side effect? How come he became a First Grade Natal Stage so quickly?

He was currently really confused, so he must get an answer from Tian Chanzi.

“Heihei, little brat, what I said was true and there is indeed a side effect. That little brat training without regards to sleep and food has allowed him to progress outside my expectation, but the faster he goes the better it is for you.”

Tang Zheng asked curiously: “Just what exactly is the side effect, you haven’t told me yet?”

“Heihei if he did not reach the First Grade Natal Stage then the side effects wouldn’t show, but now that since he progressed so fast it could be said that the heavens are looking out for you.”

Tang Zheng urged him: “You really are becoming more and more like a swindler, hurry up and tell me what the side effects are.”

But Tian Chanzi would not loosen up: “Anyways, you do not need to worry about going against Huang Si, as at that time I will give you a big surprise.”

Tang Zheng was helpless but felt pleased as he originally planned on having Tian Chanzi deal with Huang Si after his rebirth, as his level was nothing in Tian Chanzi’s eyes. But since he was unable to successfully help Tian Chanzi rebirth, Tang Zheng was ready to seek Feng Siniang or Ye Tianlei’s help.

All in all, he had many options hence why he acted unbridled towards Huang Si. Of course, this was his trump card and he could not tell others.

But right now even though Tian Chanzi was so confident Tang Zheng still had his doubts, but he could do nothing about it if the other didn’t wanna say it.

Seeing Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix looking at him, Tang Zheng mysteriously said: “Boss Fire, you have thought things through, but you have only considered the three of us and did not include my backer.”

“Your backer?” Fire Phoenix was shaken. Oh right, Tang Zheng was so young yet he has such a high level, so he must have a famous master behind him.

Hence, Fire Phoenix like Feng Siniang automatically assumed that Tang Zheng had an unfathomable master, thereby once again changing the way she looked at him.

Of course, Tang Zheng could guess what her thoughts were, as he once again could not help but use this mysterious master to scare others.

“Anyways, Boss Fire, you do not need to worry about Huang Si, as what we need to focus on is cutting off his right-hand man—— Hoodlum.”

Fire Phoenix suddenly smiled, as she has waited many years for this day, so much that she had almost given up hope but now she was finally able to deal with Huang Si and get revenge for her husband.

She excitedly said: “Young Master Tang, if this succeeds then I will be willing to fight for your glory.”

Tang Zheng smiled as if he was relieved of a large burden: “Boss Fire, I wish for our alliance to be successful .”

Fire Phoenix solemnly nodded her head, as she realized the way Tang Zheng split the benefits were to her advantage as the key to winning lay in Tang Zheng’s hands, so even if he asked for more benefits it would not be unreasonable.

Lin Hu let out a breath of relief, as he was unable to fully express his joy. In the end, it was Tang Zheng who had a way to actually manage to convince her.

“Young Master Tang, let’s first talk about how we will deal with Hoodlum.” Fire Phoenix moderated her emotions, as she seriously said.

“Since Hoodlum has Hu’zi’s brothers we have to first save them, but we must have a thought out plan.”

“Oh, what plan? I am all ears.” Fire Phoenix said.

Tang Zheng pointed at Lin Hu, gesturing for him to speak.

Lin Hu bluntly said, with a straight posture: “We will split our forces into two where I would lead one force on a rescue mission as Hoodlum is definitely on guard against me. For this reason, there will be a lot of people stationed at his main venue, which will be our main battlefield. I will then hold his force down while at this time you, Fire Phoenix, will take the second force to sweep through the rest of his forces. As long as we can take care of Hoodlum, his territory will naturally become ours.”

Fire Phoenix nodded her head: “This idea is not bad as Hoodlum’s main venue will definitely be heavily guarded and after Brother Hu’s battle your brothers, once your group scatter there won’t be too many people to regroup. Since it’s like this you can take a few of my men to supplement your force.”

Tang Zheng shook his head: “No need, this time we will not even bring Hu’zi’s brothers, as it will just be him and me.”

“You two?” Fire Phoenix was greatly shocked, “That is too dangerous, you must know that Hoodlum is a Fifth Grade Qi Refining martial artist and even though Young Master Tang, you, are stronger than him by a level he still has many underlings. At that time when they all gang up on you, you will be placed at a disadvantage!”

Tang Zheng maintained a firm stance: “I just want to do what others think is impossible, as this battle we will not only win but make a name for ourselves. I want those who look at us covetously in the dark, to not dare to ask carelessly.”

In the underworld, this kind of forceful takeover is never lacking in those who wanted to step in at the end to reap the benefits and Tang Zheng wanted to knock down those people’s ambitions.

Fire Phoenix still could not believe how the two of them could obtain victory, but seeing Tang Zheng’s confidence she did not mention another word.

“Young Master Tang don’t worry, tonight Hoodlum will not be able to hold onto a single one of his venues!”

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