Chapter 143: Transformation

Chapter 143: Transformation

Lin Hu stared carefully with his red eyes, as he scanned the crowd of students when suddenly he spotted a familiar figure.

Young Master Tang!

He restrained his urge to call out loudly, as he looked at his battered and beaten up body full of blood before lowering his head in shame and staying away.

He was clear that Tang Zheng did not wish for many people to know about their association, so he did not dare to approach him in front of everyone.

Tang Zheng first sent Fang Shishi to her car and watched her leave before walking off with Feng Yong, all the while talking and laughing just like all the other students around them.

It was only when the two walked by, did Lin Hu stepped out of the nearby corner and call out in a low voice: “Young Master Tang!”

Tang Zheng and Feng Yong were in the middle of discussing martial arts problem, as Feng Yong was still young and only had a normal body constitution, so he did not advance at a fast rate like Fang Shishi.

Even so, it was a good thing that he had the advice of Tang Zheng, so Feng Yong could be considered as having stepped into the door to the world of martial arts.

“Boss, tell me, when can I be as strong as you?” Feng Yong asked him with a tone of worship.

Tang Zheng gave a faint smile before encouraging: “As long as you work hard enough.”

Feng Yong heavily nodded his head and said: “I will definitely work hard so that Gao Dazhi will no longer be able to bully me.”

“Gao Dazhi doesn’t bully you now does he?”

“Of course, he would not dare since the boss is here covering for me.” Feng Yong said in satisfaction, “But then again, Gao Dazhi has been acting weirdly recently. This is especially so with his gaze, as I think that there may even be something wrong with him.”

Tang Zheng did not have a chance to reply when he saw someone jump out from the side scaring him into a jump, as he thought it was Daoist Tianji.

“Yi, Hu’zi, what happened to you?” Tang Zheng looked at Lin Hu and asked oddly, as his gaze trembled. He could see that Lin Hu’s clothes were stained with fresh blood and could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows: “What happened?”

“Young Master Tang, I need to talk to you about something.” Lin Hu glanced at Feng Yong and stopped with these words.

Feng Yong looked at this stranger questioningly, as he actually called his boss ‘Young Master Tang’ making him feel weird. When did his boss have this nickname and how come he, as his boss’s lackey, not know of it?

But what really frightened him was Lin Hu’s imposing aura as he looked fierce and batter, with blood on his clothes, making him seem all the more fearsome. Moreover, he was giving off a strong killing intent, which caused Feng Yong to unconsciously tremble.

Tang Zheng knew that something big must have happened, so he patted Feng Yong on the shoulder and said: “Fatty, you first return home.”

“Boss, is something the matter? I am your brother, so I will do my best to help you.” Feng Yong patted his chest and courageously said.

Tang Zheng shook his head, as Feng Yong wasn’t able to help, “Go back, as there is nothing you can do about this situation.”

“Oh, boss, if you need me then just give me a call and I will rush over.” Seeing Tang Zheng was firm in his decision, Feng Yong walk off unwillingly.

“Let’s talk over there.” There were too many students nearby and so Tang Zheng and Lin Hu decided to move over to a nearby alley, “What happened?”

“Young Master Tang, Hoodlum brought his lackey’s to my territory saying that I killed his lackey. Who knew that his right-hand man Scar Face was done in at the ancient battle site and that he would use it as an excuse to get rid of me, while also swallowing my territory.” Lin Hu angrily said.

“Scar Face?” Tang Zheng felt something click, as he remembered that Scar Face was sent by Hoodlum to kill him.

He originally planned to go find Hoodlum to make clear who wanted his life but little did he expect that Hoodlum would actually first go and find Lin Hu. From Lin Hu’s appearance, Tang Zheng knew that the situation was not good.

“What happened in the end?” Tang Zheng asked.

Lin Hu drooped his head and ashamedly said: “I was not Hoodlum’s opponent and my brothers staked their lives to let me escape.”

Saying up to here his shoulders started to tremble, as his tears flashed in the light, nearly flowing down his face.

Tang Zheng sighed, as he would never have thought that the battle would be so fierce. He patted Lin Hu on the shoulders and comforted: “Since your brothers staked their lives, that is because they want to give you a chance to make a comeback. So, what do you have in mind?”

“I…” He lifted his head and stared at Tang Zheng, bit his teeth, and fell into a kneel with a “putong’, “Young Master Tang, I beg of you, please save my brothers.”

“Get up! Men have gold under their knees and should only kneel to their parents. There is no need for you to kneel to me.” Tang Zheng’s face deepened, as he advised.

Lin Hu did not get up, as he continued to speak: “Young Master Tang, you previously said that you are not interested in participating in the matters of the underworld, so we would normally not bother you about it but Chang Heng City is controlled by Huang Si. What he says counts and his hands are extremely poisonous, so he will definitely not let my brothers go. Young Master Tang, in the future I will loyally follow you and my life will be yours. I just hope that you will help me free my brothers from their encirclement and remove Hoodlum and Huang Si once and for all. Afterwards, I will push you all the way to the head position of the underworld and am willing to be your cow or horse, so that wherever you point is wherever we will fight. I will definitely not say a word to your decisions!”

Seeing a grown man who can support the heavens on his shoulder say these kinds of words, Tang Zheng was able to see the pain and bitterness within Lin Hu’s heart. Of course, one can not overlook the strong sense of revenge that filled his heart.

Tang Zheng was a student and a cultivator but he never really thought about stepping into Jiang Hu. Well, this was before Hoodlum taught him this lesson, as even though Scar Face and the others weren’t able to hurt him, they were able to hurt the people around him with more to spare.

In the future when Tang Zheng leaves for school away from this city, then what about his grandfather? He couldn’t possibly bring his grandfather with him, as his grandfather has ties to the land and would definitely not want to leave Chang Heng City.

What if Hoodlum and Huang Si decide to attack his grandfather when they realize they aren’t able to deal with him? Thinking up to here, he did not dare envision the result because after experiencing so much danger he did not dare take this risk, as even a hint of danger towards his grandfather was not allowed. No matter what he would not allow this danger to trace back into his house.

His two pupils became sharper, as he thought about Lin Hu’s proposal and realized that it was not implausible, as he was previously too unambitious and overlooked the reality before his eyes.

Even though matters of the underworld would worry his grandfather, as long as he possessed absolute strength and held the power within his palms, then not only would there be no danger to those around him, they would have more protection.

This was maybe a result that his grandfather would look forward to.

Moreover, this time Hoodlum used Scar Face as an excuse and Tang Zheng was related through that matter, so he should indeed reach out a hand.

Seeing Lin Hu kneeling on the ground, his eyes eagerly looked at him, as he nodded and said: “Since we are already in conflict with Hoodlum and Huang Si, we should take them off their high horse. Now, get up. I promise you.”

Lin Hu was overjoyed, as he firmly and resolutely said: “Young Master Tang, this life of mine will be in your hands. I, Lin Hu, pledge to forever follow Young Master Tang Zheng and if I ever have second thoughts then may the heavens smite me!”

Tang Zheng grabbed both his hands and lifted him up, his heart also was overwhelmed with passion. Tang Zheng knew that he would one day make a name for himself and maybe Lin Hu would be apart of his future.

At this moment, it was as if his heart had undergone a heaven-defying change. If it was before he became a cultivator, then he really did not think about what he would do for a living in the future and Lin Hu’s words had woken him up.

Since people like Huang Si were able to create their own territory, then why couldn’t he, who had great potential? If he did not take this opportunity to make his mark, then wouldn’t that be a waste of a perfectly good chance?

Maybe he was currently unable to stand at the peak, but he knew that if he took things step by step, then he will one day be able to stand at the apex of the world and revel in his own glory.

Lin Hu would never have imagined that he would be a catalyst for Tang Zheng’s growth and as of now, that was the biggest benefit he can give to Tang Zheng.

“Young Master Tang, what do you think we should do?”

Tang Zheng answered with another question: “You are more familiar with the situation, so what do you think we should do?”

Lin Hu was a bit shocked, as he knew that Young Master Tang was testing him, so he thought things over and said: “Hoodlum’s strength is not shallow and I was completely not his opponent. This time I have lost many brothers, so going against him will be all the more difficult, so I think we should form an alliance with Fire Phoenix to go against him.”

Seeing that Tang Zheng did not reply, he continued: “Fire Phoenix’s hatred towards Huang Si had long since seeped into her bone, but she just never had the ability or power to go against him, so she could only suffer in silence. If she knew that you, Young Master Tang, were to join, then she would definitely agree. Even though I previously never made it clear, I believe that she is smart and has long since guessed that Young Master Tang was not ordinary, hence why she also tried to rope you in.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head, as Lin Hu’s thoughts were more thorough than he expected, as Lin Hu did not say to immediately kill his way over without looking at the situation as a whole. If that were the case, then Lin Hu would only be a martial artist but now he carried himself like a general.

Even though Tang Zheng was not to clear about matters of the underworld, he was clear on the concept of how the weak should band together in order to fight off the strong.

Moreover, Fire Phoenix had given him a deep impression, as that woman was careful and tried to win over everyone she thought was worthy. With this wouldn’t it make it clear what her intentions were?

It was clear that she had a target, as all her splendor and glory she had now would not last forever and she faces the threat of death at any moment. For this reason, she had Tang Zheng to promise her, it was a promise that may very well save her life.

“It seems like she has always looked at Huang Si with threatening eyes, as when the time is right she will definitely strike with all she has.”

“Let’s go, we will go meet Fire Phoenix.” Tang Zheng said loudly, as he had a plan, “But first we will give you a change of clothes, as you are too conspicuous as is.”

“Right.” Lin Hu vigorously nodded his head.

“Oh, and your arms were broken so you should go to the doctor to take a look.” Tang Zheng said.

“It’s nothing, I can endure it.”

“Endure my ass, in the future, you will have to follow me, so how can I allow you to become a cripple? Go, and stop blabbering.” Tang Zheng berated.

Lin Hu did not feel discontent but quite the contrary felt his heart warm up, as the gloominess that pervaded his heart from his loss was swept away.

Lin Hu bought a new set of clothes, as he went to get his injury checked out. The two then went straight towards Fire Phoenix’s office.

This was the second time Tang Zheng had been here, but this time he came with a different set of feelings. The first time he came here, he did his best to limit his contact with Fire Phoenix but now he came here with the purpose of forming an alliance. It seems that life really can throw curve balls.

In the reception hall, the atmosphere was heavy, as Tang Zheng could clearly feel countless pairs of eyes staring at the two.

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