Chapter 142: Get Revenge for Us!

Chapter 142: Get Revenge for Us!

Hoodlum glared angrily: “Lin Hu, don’t think I don’t know what you have done. You were involved with what happened to Scar Face?”

In reality, Hoodlum was not sure who was involved with Scar Face but since he had other reasons, he did not mind pushing the responsibility all on Lin Hu’s head.

At the time he felt that Lin Hu was too happy and posed a threat, so he decided to give him a good beat down.

“Brother Fei, you can eat random crap, but you can’t sprout random crap. I heard that Scar Face was heavily injured by a malicious spirit at the ancient battle site and I was just getting ready to go over and offer my condolences.” Lin Hu denied flatly.

The ancient battle site was located in the north sector of the city and Lin Hu had just received the news, which also caused him great shock.

Hoodlum stared firmly at him, as he did not care whether the other’s words were the truth, as this fight must be fought.

“Stop trying to pretend to be the cat seeking mercy over the dead mouse. Let me tell you that it is too late now to pretend to be the obedient grandson! What the hell do you mean malicious spirit? Do you think you are trying to cheat a three-year-old child? Even if you do not admit it, I will beat you till you do.”

Lin Hu’s eyebrows jumped: “Brother Fei, are you using this as an excuse to intentionally pick a fight with me?’

“Heng, so what if I want to pick a fight? What can you do about it?” Hoodlum contemptuously said before he took a step forward. Their eyes met, as the distance between them shrunk. Hoodlum did not see an ounce of fear in Lin Hu’s eyes, as this further solidified his decision to thoroughly trounce Lin Hu.

A person who did not fear him will one day threaten his existence, hence he waved his hands: “Attack!”

His hundred plus lackeys all charged into the bar and started smashing.

“Fine, you want to battle? then I will battle you. Let’s see who will die by the other’s hands.” Lin Hu gnashed his teeth and said with a steely ashen face.

Since the battle could not be avoided, if he were to retreat then where would he have to face to continue messing in the underworld? Even so he was a bit regretful that he did not make ample preparations, as this battle will be very difficult.

Even so, no matter how difficult it is, a fight that must be fought!

“Good, I want to see how your Second Grade Refining Body will go against my Fifth Grade Refining Body.” Hoodlum taunted in ridicule and with a sweep of his feet he attacked Lin Hu’s lower body.

Lin Hu jumped backwards to avoid the blow, as he gave a loud bellow: “Brothers, fight! Fight with all your might. We must make them all crawl on the ground for daring come to our territory and mess around.”

The two sides immediately engaged in combat, as this was Lin Hu’s territory and he had quite a few brothers on call so that both sides were equally matched. The only thing was the bar was pretty much wasted, as it was smashed beyond recognition.

Lin Hu’s eyes spat fire, as he charged at Hoodlum, his hand reached behind his back before bringing out a gleaming knife which he fiercely cut at Hoodlum with.

“Useless and futile, let me help you open your eyes on what a true expert is.” Hoodlum had a face of disdain, as he punched forward towards Lin Hu’s chest with his bare fist.

Even though Lin Hu had a weapon on hand he did not dare act carelessly, as he deeply knew of Hoodlum’s strength. It was said that out of all of Huang Si’s disciples, Hoodlum was the strongest, and because Huang Si dislikes training in kicks, he had passed on all his knowledge to Hoodlum and for this reason was able to train to become a Fifth Grade Refining Body martial artist by the age of thirty.

Hoodlum’s kicks were fast and fierce, bringing with it fearsome winds that one may miss with a blink of an eye. Even so, Lin Hu was not an ordinary person and chopped his blade down on Hoodlum’s legs.

His blade flashed like a gust of wind seeming to almost be able to cut steel but Hoodlum did not retract his leg but put more force behind it, as if he wanted to strike it against the knife.

A muffled sound rang out, as Lin Hu was forced a few steps back, his arms numb. Hoodlum, took some steps back to stabilize himself before he prepared the next barrage of attack towards Lin Hu’s lower half.

Lin Hu let out a loud roar, as he brought him knife down to defend his body against the other’s attack. He then dragged the blade up in an attempt to slash Hoodlum’s chest.

All he need was one cut, from his chest past his stomach, all his intestines would spill out.

Hoodlum jumped into the air avoiding the knife tip by a hair, as he landed a few steps back before once again pushing off with his feet to kick at Lin Hu’s head.

Peng peng peng!

A series of muffled sounds rang out as Lin Hu was sent flying back, as he spat out blood.

Hoodlum landed firmly, as he flicked his fingers playing with his clothes before disdainfully saying: “Merely a Second Grade Refining Body martial artists. Previously, I was just too lazy to deal with you but since I am doing it now, it is as easy as turning my palms.”

Hoodlum kicked off and appeared before Lin Hu who was laying on the ground. It seems his injuries were not light and his lackeys all called out angrily in succession: “Don’t hurt our boss.”

Dong’zi charged towards Hoodlum, but hoodlum flicked his gaze over the other before kicking out and sending Dong’zi flying into the crowd, as if he was a kite who had its strings cut.

A gunshot rang out, as a bullet flew towards Hoodlum. Hoodlum hurriedly dragged a lackey by his side and with a ‘pu’ blood sprayed out, as the lackey was shot while Hoodlum was fine.

He angrily glared at Lin Hu who stood up and had a gun in his hand. The muzzle of the gun was aimed dead at Hoodlum.

“Pulling a gun. F*ck, do you think that you can win with just a gun? You’re dreaming!” Hoodlum gave an angry roar, as he threw the lackey within his hand at Lin Hu, before following closely behind using the lackey’s body as a cover.

His field of vision was blocked, as he only saw a person thrown over, completely blocking him from taking aim at Hoodlum. Lin Hu’s face quickly lost color, as he hurriedly retreated until he was pushed against the wall and had nowhere to run.

Lin Hu also did not think that he would bring out a gun but in this situation, if he did not do it then he would have no path to survival. This gun happened to be the very gun Tang Zheng took from Boss Fan and never did he think that he would use it.

At this moment, he wished nothing more than for Tang Zheng to be here, so Hoodlum would not be able to sweep through everyone. He steeled himself that after this he would definitely follow Tang Zheng more closely.

“If I make it out alive today, then even if young master Tang takes a stick and tries to kick me out I will not leave, because no matter what I will definitely see him seated at the head position of the underworld in Chang Heng City.”

Lin Hu did not have enough time to reload the gun when Hoodlum appeared in front of him, under the cover of the lackey he threw. With a sweep of his legs, Lin Hu’s arms broke with a ‘kacha’, and the gun flew away. Then with another kick, Hoodlum’s legs were aimed at Lin Hu’s neck.

This kick contained immense strength and if it were to connect then his neck would be broken for sure, hence he hurriedly brought up his only functioning hand to block.

Sure enough, he was sent flying and smashed fiercely within the crowd of enemies. One of Hoodlum’s lackeys seeing the situation chopped down towards him.

Another lackey blocked this attack, as it was Dao’zi who held this knife, protecting Lin Hu.

Dao’zi, used to be Boss Fan’s right-hand man, but now he worked under Lin Hu and after he was released by Tang Zheng last time he wholeheartedly set his allegiance with Lin Hu.

Dao’zi was skilled with his blade and with a few skilled blows he cleared the surrounding area, as he half pulled and half dragged Lin Hu towards the exit and shouted: “Brother Hu, hurry and escape, we will block them.”

Lin Hu’s eyes were red, as Dao’zi had such loyalty, so how could he possibly leave, hence he raised his blade with difficulty and said: “I will stand by everyone’s side and fight.”

“Brother Hu, as long as you live then there is still hope. I, Dao’zi, had just started following you. So, please don’t let me lose another boss. Hurry up and find young master Tang to help get revenge for us!”

Lin Hu felt his heart tremble. He gnashed his teeth and even though he did not want to run, but if he did not then his only path would be death, as his lackey’s may be given a chance but he as the leader must be removed.

Moreover, what Dao’zi said was correct, if he died then Hoodlum would become more overbearing and it would be even more difficult to deal with Huang Si. Young master Tang had set his minds firmly on dealing with Huang Si, so if he were to just die like this and further strengthen the other's power then wouldn’t this make him a sinner?

“Brothers, I will definitely come back for you!” Lin Hu gnashed his teeth, as red hot blood poured down from the corners of his eyes.

Men should not tear up, but when faced with such heroic actions by his brothers to protect him, it really touched him and made him want to cry.

But now was not the time for tears, as under the protection of Dao’zi he made a mad dash towards the exit.

“F*ck, you want to run? In your dreams!” Hoodlum caught on to their intentions and gave chase.

It was unknown when Dong’zi rushed up once more, to grab ahold of Hoodlum’s legs, as he gave a loud bellow: “Brother Hu, run! GET REVENGE FOR US!”

“Let me go!” Hoodlum roared.

“RUN, BROTHER HU.” Dong’zi would not let go even if it meant the death of himself, as he strengthened his hold.

“Seeking death! I will fulfill your wish then!” Hoodlum leapt up, bringing Dong’zi with him, as he fiercely slammed the other onto the ground causing Dong’zi to unwittingly loosen up a leg. This gave Hoodlum a free leg to savagely stepped on Dong’zi.

Even so, Dong’zi kept a death grip on Hoodlum’s other leg not loosening up, all the while coughing up blood.

“Help him!” It was unknown who shouted first but Lin Hu’s brothers all swarmed at Hoodlum in order to block him, so that their boss had a chance to escape.

Lin Hu seeing the situation felt his eyes go completely red: “Brother’s, your favor, I, Lin Hu, will forever carve into my heart. I will definitely bring aid back so that we can stand at the peak of Chang Heng City and enjoy the wind and sun in order to repay you for what you’ve done for me today!”

Lin Hu lowered his head and rushed out with tears in his eyes, before disappearing from the crowds' gaze.

“Beat them! Fiercely beat these bastards!” Hoodlum gave a furious roar, as he stared wide eyed as Lin Hu disappeared, all the while being unable to do anything.

Even though he was the strongest martial artist here, after being trashed by hordes of people he was helpless.

Lin Hu staggered forward and in order to not attract unwanted attention, he intentionally chose alleyways. All the while he kept his head up to look at the scorching sun, yet his heart was as cold as ice.

This battle gave him a deep memory, as all his brothers’ eyes were etched into his mind, causing him to clench his teeth and cause his lips to draw blood: “I will definitely get revenge, revenge!”

Find young master Tang, this was the only thought in his mind, as only he had a way. He knew that he had underestimated Hoodlum’s strength, as this dog of Huang Si had too sharp a teeth, so much that with just his strength even if he were to cooperate with Fire Phoenix, they would have no way against him. The key to everything was… Tang Zheng!

He finally understood why Fire Phoenix was so careful and was not willing to easily agree to an alliance with him, as this girl actually saw things clearly.

He clutched his arm, that brought unbearable pain yet what hurt much more was the pain he felt in his heart. He knew that he must find Tang Zheng as fast as possible.

School. Right, Tang Zheng was at Peng Cheng International School.

He did not dare call a taxi, as he was deeply afraid that Hoodlum would find his whereabouts, so he made his way towards Peng Cheng International School one step after another.

His injury was not light, as he did not only have a broken arm but internal injuries. Hoodlum’s kicking techniques were definitely not easy to take.

But finally, he saw his destination in the distance, just in time to see the student’s file out.

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