Chapter 141: To Start a War

Chapter 141: To Start a War

Scar Face blankly looked at Hoodlum with lifeless eyes.

Hoodlum flew into a rage and fiercely slapped Scar Face across the face, before screaming: “F*ck, did you f*cking turn into a retard? Hurry up and answer me.”

“Ah! Ghost, GHOST!” Scar Face suddenly screamed as if he was crazy, with his mouth wide open and his hands clawing at the air in front of him.

Hoodlum in a moment of carelessness had his face clawed, so that a few lines were drawn on his face with blood seeping out, looking unseemly.

Hoodlum was actually injured by his own right-hand man. If this were to get out, then wouldn’t others laugh till their teeth fall out?

He was angered to no end, as he sent Scar Face flying with a kick but even that was not able to help him vent his anger, as he fiercely stepped on the other: “F*ck, you dare hit me, your boss? Have you gone f*cking mad?”

Scar face curled up on the ground, as he pitifully cried out incessantly: “Ghost, ghost…”

“Brother Fei please rest your anger.” The other lackey seeing the situation hurriedly advised, “Brother Fei, Scar Face really might have gone mad, as he had always been calling ghost since the time we found him. It is almost as if he had completely lost it.”


Hoodlum lifted up his feet and suspiciously looked at Scar Face who was curled up into a ball and still muttering nonstop with a face of absolute fear.

This kind of fear was something that Hoodlum had seen often, as many times right before the people he killed would have this deep bone penetrating fear that struck into their very being.

For a person who can kill without blinking such as Scar face, it was incomprehensible for Hoodlum that the other would feel like that, as even if one held a knife to Scar Face’s neck Hoodlum was sure that Scar Face would not be the least bit scared.

“Tell me, what in the great f*ck do you think happened?” Hoodlum angrily roared out the question that stumped him.

His lackey trembled with fear, unable to say a single word.

“What are you dilly-dallying for. If you don’t speak, be careful this daddy will cripple you.”

His lackey trembled from head to toe and stretched out his hand, pointing at the ground below their feet: “Brother Fei, do you remember where this place is?”

Hoodlum wrinkled his eyebrows, as he scanned the surroundings to find it incomparably desolate, without a single person in sight. Just what kind of place is this?

“What kind of shady ass place is this?”

“Brother Fei, this is exactly that very shady ass place of the ancient battle site of Chang Heng City, where there used to be sightings of ghosts.” His lackey consciously looks at all four sides, as if he were deeply afraid that a ghost might suddenly appear and take his life.

Hoodlum felt his heart tremble, as he finally recalled the story behind this place. Even though he was a man of the underworld and didn’t believe in ghosts, the events that occurred in this abandoned factory cause such an uproar that it left lingering fears.

“Brother Fei, I assume that Scar Face and they might have encountered something nasty which resulted in such ugly deaths. It must also be the reason why Scar Face has gone mad, otherwise, why would he keep muttering about ghosts?” The lackey guessed.

Hoodlum froze, as he once again scanned the scattered corpse. This was indeed something that no ordinary person can do or he must be some pervert.

But he could not possibly allow his fear to show in front of his lackey, so he intentionally feigned rage: “shit, how could there possibly be ghosts in this world? If there were ghosts then how come all those people this daddy killed hasn’t come back to collect my life? F*ck, a bunch of idiots. Scared of some ghosts that don’t even exist. If they did, why don’t they come out huh? Let this daddy take a good look.”

He roared loudly at the desolate factory that was silent and devoid of all noise. There was no reply but this actually scared his lackeys into a tremble, as they nearly broke into a run.

Hoodlums performance was very domineering and it caused his image to unconsciously raise a level within his group of lackeys, as by following a leader who looks down even upon ghosts would definitely reflect well on themselves.

“This must be the work of some bastard trying to make enemies out of this daddy, intentionally by pretending it was some ghosts to confuse me. Don’t think that this daddy won’t be able to find out who did it, as Chang Heng City is mine and what I, Hoodlum, say is law. To go against this daddy is seeking death!” Hoodlum’s rage filled bellows pierced through the sky.

“Drag Scar Face back and find a doctor to see if he can be healed. This daddy wants to know exactly what happened.”

“Yes.” Several lackeys hurriedly dragged Scar Face away, as they were deeply afraid of their boss becoming angry again. Even so, no matter how they looked at it, the lines of blood drawn on Hoodlum’s face was a form of silent ridicule.

“Get some brothers. This daddy wants to exercise his muscles, as having rested for too long others will think that I, Hoodlum, am easy to bully.”

“Boss, who should we make a move on?”

“Lin Hu.”

A few of his lackey’s eyes lit up, as they chattered: “Recently Lin Hu has been bouncing around pretty excitedly, especially after he took down Boss Fan and swallowed his territory. So, we should take a bite of his territory to see if he dare act so arrogantly.”

Hoodlum disdainfully grunted: “Chang Heng City is controlled by Gramps Huang, if others want to fight to the death then they can do so, as all their actions are taken note of. If they dare to turn around and bite Gramps Huang, then their death day is approaching.”

These words did indeed represent the truth of the situation because as of today the situation of the powers in Chang Heng City is allowed to exist by Huang Si. He did not take full control of the territory out of worry that other people will say he is greedy but instead took the area that provided the most profits while allowing others to occupy the other territories. In the end, he did not lose much and had even gained a good reputation.

So, he managed to not only make a profit but also make a name for himself.

His lackeys became excited, as they could now plunder and that would mean more profits. Soon, their excitement caused them to forget about any matter related to the ghosts, as the lackeys started to bustle about gathering their brothers.

Ding ling ling!

Suddenly, Hoodlum’s cellphone rang.

“Hello, who is this?” Hoodlum asked with rage.

“Hoodlum, did you eat some explosives? What’s with the attitude?”

“Ah, Secretary Song, it’s you.” Hoodlum’s voice softened a bit, as he waved his hands to shoo off his lackeys.

Hoodlum had invested a lot on Song Donghua, as he deeply knew of the other’s background so even though Hoodlum was fierce in front of his lackeys, with boiling killing intent, in front of Song Donghua he was incomparably obedient and docile, listening to all his orders.

This modern society was different from the past, where one was able to kill their way to the top. Now, there is a dark side of the government that is permitted to exist, but if the government ever decided to make a move towards them and they tried to fight back it would be like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. They would not be able to withstand a single blow.

Hoodlum knew this logic well and had always tried to get on the good side of bureaucratic officials, even going as far as to hugging the legs of secretary Song Donghua. In the process, he had thrown away a lot of money but the benefits he had reaped were not few too. For example, last time when his lackeys were caught breaking into a house it was all resolved with a single phone call from secretary Song Donghua, that allowed his lackeys to be released.

For this reason, Hoodlum was very careful about protecting his connection with the other and as long as Song Donghua had anything he wanted done, Hoodlum would do his best to carry it out. An example would be this matter at hand.

Although it was clear that this time he had messed up he still had some time, as wasn’t it just dealing with a pesky little high school student? Merely a small appetizer.

“How’s the matter going?” Song Donghua said getting straight to the point.

Hoodlum did not dare say that he did not accomplish his mission and hastily said: “The matter will be taken care of within these two days, Secretary Song. I will take care of it, so don’t you worry.”

Song Donghua said with displeasure: “Didn't you say that you would make a move last night?”

It seems like Song Donghua was a narrow-minded person, who was unable to let revenge sit for even a night.

Hoodlum beat around the bush and said: “Secretary Song, something came up yesterday, so things got delayed but don’t you worry. I will definitely take care of this matter in a beautiful fashion that will satisfy you.”

“Don’t make me wait too long, otherwise I will run out of patience and if that happens your business won’t run smoothly either.” Song Donghua threatened.

“Yes, Secretary Song, relax, I will attend to this matter with utmost speed.”

After hanging up the phone Hoodlum turned taciturn: “After I deal with Lin Hu today, I will personally make a trip to meet this high schooler. Hei, to make a move against a high schooler is simply mustering all forces for a small matter.”

It was noon time and Sheng Shi Bar hadn’t opened yet but there was already a group of people standing outside. It was clear that they were not customers and had come for trouble.

Lin Hu and his lackeys seeing the situation, hurriedly gathered on the top floor for a meeting.

A large crash rang out, as Hoodlum sent the door flying smashing against the distant wall. He stood imposingly at the door, as he swept the room with a glare, forcing all of Lin Hu’s lackeys who met his eyes into a scamper.

“Yo, if it isn’t Brother Fei. What got you into such a rage? Serve Brother Fei some wine and remember to put more ice, so that he can cool his anger.” Dong’zi stepped forward, as he cordially said.

“Who the f*ck are you to have to right to speak in front of me? Scram, tell your boss, Lin Hu to come speak otherwise this daddy will start smashing things.” Hoodlum powerfully commanded, as his hundred or so lackeys standing behind him all clamored excitedly, as they all waved their weapons, looking extremely frightening as a whole.

“Brother Fei, I am Brother Hu’s right-hand man, Dong’zi, if there is anything you can talk to me.” Dong’zi said doing his best to restrain his anger.

“Pei, talk to you? Do you think you are qualified?” Hoodlum sent a kick flying over aimed at Dong’zi but Dong’zi was not slow, as he raised his arms to defend.

It was blocked but there was still a muffled sound, as Dong’zi was sent flying before he crashed onto the bar and then tumbled to the ground.

It could be seen just how amazing his kick was.

“Pei, you’re just trash who can’t even take a blow.” Hoodlum disdainfully sit on the ground, as his lackeys all cheered: “Brother Fei is mighty!”

Lin Hu’s lackeys started to grow restless, as they nearly couldn’t restrain themselves and charged forth only to see Dong’zi stagger up and stop them. He wiped the blood from his mouth and darkly asked: “Brother Fei, you’re being unreasonable, so are you trying to cause trouble in Lin Hu’s territory?”

“So what if this daddy wants to cause trouble in Lin Hu’s territory? Let me tell you that I will not only trample this place but I will also fiercely step on Lin Hu under my feet so that he will never be able to make a comeback.” Hoodlum said, his killing intent burning.

“Yo, Brother Fei, how domineering. Did you eat a cow’s penis early in the morning or else how could you have so much rage in you to want to step on me and make me forever unable to make a comeback? Just hearing that nearly scared me to death.” Lin Hu lazily walked down the stairs, as he glanced at Dong’zi and said, “You alright?”

Dong’zi gnashed his teeth then shook his head and said: “I’m alright.”

Lin Hu nodded and then walked towards Hoodlum.

Hoodlum felt his pupils shrink, as after not meeting in a while Lin Hu’s aura has undergone a change, as there was now a confidence that seeped from the bones.

“Brother Fei, what happened to your faces? Did you get grabbed by a little girl? Heihei, don’t make a fool out of yourself.” Lin Hu mockingly said but he was actually very curious as to why Hoodlum had come knocking on his door. Could it be that Fire Phoenix had revealed his secret?


Lin Hu decided to remain calm and see how to situation plays out.

Hoodlum was originally furious but when the mention of the scratch marks on his face was brought up it angered him even more, as it seems this conflict was inevitable.

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