Chapter 140: Hoodlum’s doubts

Chapter 140: Hoodlum’s doubts

“Tang Zheng, wait just a moment.” Fang Chongguo finally opened his mouth.

Tang Zheng stopped and sat back down before asking: “Uncle, is there anything else?”

Fang Chongguo stuttered: “You… you and Shishi…”

Tang Zheng sincerely said: “Uncle, maybe this is too sudden for you guys, but I must make this very clear to you that Shishi and I truly love one another and want to be together. There is also no difficulties that could stop us from being together either.”

Tang Zheng’s declaration was firm and if it were anyone else Fang Chongguo may have outright expelled him, but from Tang Zheng’s mouth, it seemed a matter of fact. The reason was that he was not weak, therefore making it more believable.

This was the imposing aura Tang Zheng now possessed.

Fang Chongguo waved his hands as he said: “I did not say I would obstruct you guys but you have to keep in mind that you guys are still students. Moreover, this is during the crucial period where you need to make final preparations for the high school exams, so you should not be distracted otherwise you would’ve wasted all the work you guys have put in for the past few years. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I understand. Shishi’s grades are very good and I believe that she will do well in her test, while I also have faith that I will be able to obtain a good score.” Tang Zheng said with a powerful voice that left no room for doubts.

But Fang Chongguo was on the school board, so he naturally knew about how terrible Tang Zheng’s grades were, so he could only tactfully raise the subject: “It is good that you have confidence in yourself but you can not be lax when it comes to your studies. There is nothing to worry about for Shishi’s grades but yours…”

The last place student wanting to test into a good college was simple like trying to live a daydream, but Fang Chongguo did not speak those thoughts aloud. Even though he clearly knew that Tang Zheng had ability in other areas when it came to studying he did not have much confidence in the other.

“Uncle, I will definitely test first.” Tang Zheng solemnly said.

“What, first in the entire school?” Fang Chongguo was afraid that he may have misheard, as could the other mean first counting from the back.

“Uncle, you did not mishear me. I will test first in school and attend a good college.” Tang Zheng repeated.

Fang Chongguo finally knew that he did not mishear but was that possible? She Mengqin and Fang Shishi walked in right in time to hear his words. She Mengqin stared wide-eyed in disbelief, as was the other not afraid of having to twist his tongue saying such big words.

Who knew at this time that Fang Shishi would walk over and hold his hand with a smile to say: “I believe in you!”

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin exchanged glances, as they simply could not understand where Tang Zheng got his self-confidence, that confidence that could make Fang Shishi trust him completely. To them, it looked as if there was witchery involved.

Tang Zheng felt no need to clarify and lightly said: “I have also made a bet with Wu Cuihong that if I were to test first in the school, then she would not be fit to be a teacher and therefore must leave Peng Cheng International School. Uncle, you are a school board member so I hope that you could oversee and implement this bet when the time comes.”

“Are you speaking the truth?” Fang Chongguo had never heard of this bet, but he was able to see the strong sense of confidence within Tang Zheng’s eyes. Moreover, with Tang Zheng’s personality, he would definitely not carelessly make a bet, so this only goes to show that he must have the utmost confidence in himself.

“Of course it is true. Tang Zheng is better than me, as he had only temporarily hidden his strength.” Fang Shishi hurriedly stood up for her boyfriend.

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin felt that they did not have enough brains to go around today, as Tang Zheng testing last place in the whole school was just an intentional play to hide his strength?

But, doesn’t this deception run too deep, as was there really a need to test last?

Tang Zheng did not feel like explaining the details of the situation, so his bright gaze fell upon Fang Chongguo, full of self-confidence.

“Alright, when the time comes I will bring this bet up with the school board.” Fang Chongguo decided not to speak anymore on this topic.

She Mengqin on the other hand still had things she wanted to say, but seeing her husband’s expression she tactfully kept her mouth shut.

“Dad, mom, I’m going to school now.”

“Uncle, aunt, I’ll be leaving now!”

Fang Shishi shouldered her backpack and held Tang Zheng’s hands, as they walked towards the garage. Thankfully their villa had an indoor garage, so they could step into the car without being seen by Daoist Tianji.

The chauffeur had long since stood nearby the car, as he opened the door for the two, raising the windows before driving the car off.

The car raced out of the community and headed towards the school. Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi sat in the back and Fang Shishi asked Tang Zheng in a low voice, as she leaned against him: “Do you think that evil person has left yet?”

“I don’t know.” Tang Zheng shook his head, as he unconsciously looked outside the car just in time to see a wave of police chasing after a person who looked like a beggar.

This person was actually old man Tianji, who was able to walk the world sideways and before today he had never been chased like a stray dog.

Of course, he was much faster than the police, but he did not have any manpower like the policemen did, nor was he familiar with the area as well. On top of everything, the police did not know he was a cultivator and therefore had no fear towards him.

All this accumulated into this kind of mad dash and chase scene, as behind them, there were also quite a few police cars going off in pursuit, causing those who heard the sirens to feel their hearts being thrown into disarray.

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble, as he unconsciously sat straighter and started to make the necessary precautions.

Fang Shishi discovered that Tang Zheng was acting weird and followed his gaze, only to see the police chasing after Daoist Tianji. She felt her heart tremble as she asked: “Is he that evil person?”

Yesterday night Tang Zheng had told her everything, so she knew deep inside that Daoist Tianji was really powerful.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “That’s him. He really did not leave. If I had left your house last night then I would have been discovered by him.”

“It seems like it was the right decision for me to have you stay over the night.” Fang Shishi said with satisfaction.

Tang Zheng tapped her nose and praised: “You are my lucky star. Your decision is indeed correct.”

Even though his expression was relaxed, his hands were wrapped around the Battle Spirit in Fang Shishi’s backpack.

Thankfully, this scene flashed by quickly, as Daoist Tianji did not discover that the person he was looking for was in the car not so far from him.

He did not dare use the Spatial Compression Technique in broad daylight, as everyone was watching him and if he attracted the country’s attention then that would not be a good thing.

Even though he was a First-Grade Foundation stage cultivator and his strength was not low, there were many martial artists in this world who were also not weak. Moreover, there were too many of them and he would not be able to fight them all off.

For this reason, he could only run away and try to throw the police off. Daoist Tianji soon disappeared, along with the police and patrol cars from Tang Zheng’s field of vision.

The two quickly arrived at school and Tang Zheng was finally able to rest the worry within his heart, as he focused on class.

But currently, there was someone who was not able to focus and that was Hoodlum, as he paced around his large office.

Hoodlum was tall and had pronounced muscles. The veins on his arms stood out like lines of green snakes winding along his muscles.

His gaze was fierce, as his heart was distracted and his heart was in turmoil. The reason for his worry was he was unable to contact the group of lackeys that he sent out last night to kill Tang Zheng.

It was only to remove a high school student, but out of respect for a prominent character such as Song Donghua, did he send out six men and even had his right-hand man Scar face lead the team. Towards killing a single student, this was simply mustering excessive force.

So, how come there is still no news? Also, when he called no one picked up.

Hoodlum had already sent out people to look for the six, as he suspected they may have gotten drunk and went somewhere to let loose.

“Heng, wait till you guys get back. I’ll fiercely teach you guys a lesson, as this is simply outrageous.”

“Brother Fei, we found Scar face and them.” A lackey walked in and reported differentially with a weird expression.

“Why do you have such a stinky face so early in the morning? Did your mother die or something?” Hoodlum said without any goodwill, “Speak. What happened with Scar face and them?”

The lackey hurriedly dropped his head, shaking with fear as he said: “Brother Fei, this situation is really weird. I think you should personally make a trip.”

“Weird? This daddy has seen many weird things, so what can possibly be weird for me? Hurry and speak the f*ck up. Just what the hell happened?” Hoodlum berated with annoyance

Seeing that his boss was about to fly into a rage, the lackey took a deep breath, gathered his courage, and spat out: “Scar face’s lackey’s all… died.”

“Died?” Hoodlum was shocked, as he could not believe that a group of lackeys would die in the process of dealing with a high schooler. This must be some crazy shit.

“What in the great f*ck happened?” Hoodlum sternly asked.

The lackey alarmingly shook his head: “Boss, even I am not clear, so you should go take a look.”

“Alright, let’s go. This daddy wants to take a clear look at the situation.”

Half an hour later when Hoodlum was standing in the desolate land of the abandoned factory located on the ancient battlegrounds, did he stare stupidly at the scene before him. Only now does he finally understand his lackey’s feelings, as it seems like crazy shit really did happen.

“Brother Fei, we first found their car and then shortly afterward we found this place.” The lackey still did not dare look at the scene full of blood and gore.

Hoodlum had an ashen face, as his own lackey’s actually died such a miserable death, with their bodies dismembered. Moreover, some of their necks had holes in them and their flesh sprinkled the ground. This was simply hell on earth.

Even gangsters in the underworld would not be so cruel.

“Who can tell me what the f*ck happened here?”

His lackeys did not dare look him in the eye, as they hurriedly looked down and did not dare say a word.

“Where is Scar face? How come I don’t see his corpse here?”

“Scar face is still alive.” A lackey said.

“Then bring him to this daddy, so this daddy can ask him what in the f*cking hell happened here.” Hoodlum said, overwhelmed with anger and annoyance.

He really hadn’t felt such anger in such a long time, as what was originally a small and insignificant matter actually turned out like this. It resulted in five of his lackey’s dying and moreover in such a pitiful way.

If he did not find out what happened, then it would cause his followers to feel bitter and terrified. Also, if word of this were to spread outside, then it would severely damage his reputation.

His lackey did not say anything but lowered his head and walked towards the car, bringing a stumbling person with him.

Hoodlum looked at the person walking over weirdly, as his eyebrows jumped up. Scar face was his right-hand man and was, therefore, his crony, hence he was extremely familiar with the other.

Scar face was extremely fierce when needed to be and could also fight, but even though the person in front of him resembled Scar face, his imposing aura was no longer. His face was one of foolishness as if he had lost it, standing in contrast with the Scar face he was so familiar with.

This caused Hoodlum to become even more doubtful, as just what happened to cause a man who can kill without blinking, to become like this. He definitely had to get to the bottom of this.

He grabbed Scar face’s shirt and angrily bellowed: “Scar face, WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENED?”

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