Chapter 14: Assassination

Chapter 14: Assassination

Liu Qingmei looked at Tang Zheng and said seriously: “Tang Zheng, I heard that yesterday afterschool you had a run in with some other students at the campus entrance. I want to let you know that the high school exam is coming up and within this period of time you should focus on your studies and push back any conflicts you may have till after graduation. You should use the high school exam as a way of proving yourself to others who look down upon you. Do you understand?”

Tang Zheng was momentarily shocked. He was expecting her to criticize him but little did he expect her to think for him.

Underneath her cold exterior, she possessed a fiery heart.

“Teacher, rest assured, I will do well on the exam.”

Liu Qingmei nodded her head in satisfaction: “Even though a lot of unfortunate events have happened that does not mean you should give up, because only through hard work can there be hope. If those people try to cause trouble for you, just tell me and I will go sort it out. No one is allowed to bully my students.”

Tang Zheng looked at her cold firmly set face, and couldn’t help but be moved internally, saying: “Teacher, the matters concerning the high school exam, I will most definitely bring honor to our class.”

Looking at his confident expression and hearing his words that sounded as if they were stating a fact, Liu Qingmei became a bit distracted, and unconsciously blurted out: “I believe you, now return to class. If there is anything you need, just come find me.”

When Tang Zheng returned to his class, Ye Dingdang gave him a sidelong glance and asked: “Why did the teacher call you out?”

“Nothing much.”

“Heng, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it.” Ye Dingdang rolled her eyes. She had already clearly considered Feng Yong’s suggestion and temporarily decided to use Tang Zheng to block those annoying flies, so it was not good for her to mistreat him.

Moreover, she also had a bit of interest towards Tang Zheng as his strength was higher than hers, making her feel incredulous.

It must be known that the poor study while the rich train, martial arts require a huge amount of resources that are not cheap, because many herbs are required in order to refine the body. Also, with Tang Zheng’s family situation how could they support his expenditures.

Furthermore, martial arts require a renowned teacher’s instructions otherwise they would be like a headless fly, making it impossible to make a breakthrough. Who could his teacher be?

“He must have some secrets on him. I will definitely find out what they are.” Ye Dingdang said firmly.

Tang Zheng on one hand studied while on the other hand absorbed Ye Dingdang’s pure Yin energy, causing half a day to quickly fly by.

Today was Saturday, so there was only half a day of class and after school was over, Tang Zheng carried his bag and immediately left to catch a bus. Ye Dingdang looked at him with astonishment, yi, didn’t he always run home, did the sun come out from the west today, how come he actually took the bus.

“If something is out of the ordinary there must be a reason, he must be doing something shady that he can’t let anyone else see. Heng, you still want to escape from my eyes?” Ye Dingdang stopped a taxi and quickly followed.

Tang Zheng transferred to three different buses until he finally arrived at the bottom of Chang Heng Mountain. Looking up at the majestic mountain he couldn’t help but deeply suck in a breath.

Today, he was looking for the Heaven Fragrant Flower, as it was a key component in refining the Life Continuing Pill, but it could only be found along cliffs and the most suitable place for it was Chang Heng Mountain.

Tang Zheng did not know for sure if the mountain had the Heaven Fragrant Flower so he could only come take a look. If it did not have it, then he could only think of another way.

“Heaven, please give your blessing, I must find the Heaven Fragrant Flower.” Tang Zheng said in a low voice.

“Little brat, stop praying, the Heaven Fragrant Flower was rare even a thousand years ago, not to mention the present day where the spiritual energy is much thinner. Even I am unwilling to promise that this mountain has the Heaven Fragrant Flower.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng did not say anything more but started to climb the mountain. Since the frontside of Chang Heng Mountain was considered a tourist location, he saw many tourists on his way up, but his target was the backside of the mountain.

The back of the mountain was inaccessible and also had a steep precipice, as if it was chopped by a knife. The cliff reached a height of several thousand meters, and was prohibited from the public as it was to dangerous.

Tang Zheng jumped over the fence and entered the back of the mountain.

Ye Dingdang also appeared at the fence, seemingly within her own thoughts, looking at Tang Zheng’s disappearing figure she said: “What is he doing in the back of the mountain? Heng, do not even think about escaping from my sight.”

She jumped over the fence and chased after him in pursuit.

Another person flashed in front of the fence like a ghost, and followed them like a strong gale.

Tang Zheng cautiously advanced in the rugged back mountain, off the beaten track, and through densely packed bushes with thistles and thorns. It was said that in the back mountain there were poisonous snakes and wild beasts, causing him to be all the more careful.

Not long later, he arrived at the top of the precipice unable to see the bottom of the cliff that loomed down below. Just by looking down the cliff causes people to feel light headed.

“Little brat, the Heaven Fragrant Flower only grows in cracks on the cliff, the flower bud is very small and flame red in color, appearing very vibrant.” Tian Chanzi introduced.

Tang Zheng bent over the cliff, and all he saw was a barren cliffside, with only a few pieces of grass that were blown about in the wind.

He did not give up, and continued along the cliffside, searching diligently.

Ye Dingdang hid within the forest, looking at Tang Zheng in curiosity, her heart was curious as to what he would travel so far to look for. Even so, she could not possibly charge up and ask and could only patiently observe from afar.

A sound that ripped through the air rang out from behind, causing Ye Dingdang to be greatly shocked, she turned her body in a flash only to discover a glittering knife was flying towards her head.

All the hair rose on her body as she hurriedly shrank down to evade the attack, suddenly the knife changed trajectory, ‘pupu’, the knife pricking her shoulder and causing fresh blood to splash out.

She pitifully cried out, her legs kicking out as she hurriedly retreated so as to not have her body run through by the knife. At the same time she clearly saw that her attacker was a nondescript, middle age man, his face deep and his eyes flashed with a dense killing aura.

Who is he? Why is he trying to kill me?

Ye Dingdang asked within her thoughts but the other did not allow her any time to think and attacked again, his body flashed forward like a shadow.

One retreated and one advanced, in a flash, both people appeared in the open area of the cliff.

Tang Zheng suddenly turned around in shock and discovered the two. At the time, the killer was already closing in on Ye Dingdang and she was pushed up against the edge, without any way of escape.

“Who are you and why are you trying to kill me?” Ye Dingdang asked loudly.

“You are Ye Dingdang, so you must naturally die.” The killer said.

Ye Dingdang hmphed and coldly said: “It’s not that easy to kill me.” She retaliated, using her bare hands to try to grab the others wrist.

“You are just in the Fourth grade Refining Body realm, do you think you are my, a Sixth grade Refining Body realm, opponent?” The killer ridiculed her, his hands flashed and his knife struck out like rain, completely stopping Ye Dingdang’s attack.

“If you kill me, the Ye Clan will not let you go.”

The killer confidently smiled: “If you are dead who will know I did it? Just obediently accept death. I will make it easy on you, although it is a shame that you are so pretty and yet have to die.”

“You’re crazy, those from the Ye clan only fight to the death and do not surrender like cowards.” Ye Dingdang’s words reverberated, and she turned her head to look at Tang Zheng before launching an attack at her attacker.

“You continue to go down the wrong path, looking for death.” The assassin’s face turned cold, straightening his knife in a stab. Since the two already had a large disparity in strength and the killer had a long knife, Ye Dingdang was not his opponent and not long later she was forced into a corner with danger being imminent.

Seeing Ye Dingdang retreating in defeat, and about to fall off the cliff, Tang Zheng knew that he couldn’t possibly standby and watch because no matter what, they were still classmates.

But, the assassin is a Sixth grade Body Refiner, and unless he could accurately hit his pressure point in one shot then he would be in danger.

Tang Zheng did not scream loudly but was like a ghost that drifted behind the asssassin, striking out towards his back.

Knife strikes coming down like rain, Ye Dingdang was completely enshrouded within the blade lights and could not even gasp for breath, she was already without hope. Could it be that she would really die here today?

Suddenly, her eyes brightened at seeing Tang Zheng behind the killer’s back, unconsciously she felt a strand of hope.

The assassin suddenly felt a sense of danger within his heart, which was trained through years of fighting.

He instinctively turned around and struck out with his knife.

Tang Zheng who was originally about to succeed, did not expect his opponent to be so unnaturally quick and could only leap backwards, failing in his attack.

“Who are you?” The killer quickly turned around and stared dead straight at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng asked: “And just who are you?”

“You’re being meddlesome. Are you courting death?” The assassin said coldly, his heart was in shock as he originally thought of Tang Zheng as an ordinary person but after that soundless sneak attack he knew that his opponent was also a martial artist. What really drew the killers attention was that he did not know Tang Zheng’s level, which could only mean that he had a higher level than him.

The assassin’s heart was overwhelmed with shock. Just what was this man’s background to have such a high level of martial arts.

He did not know that he had made a misjudgement as Tang Zheng was a cultivator and not a martial artist, so of course he couldn’t see what Tang Zheng’s true power was.

Ye Dingdang’s eyes lit up as she stared intently at Tang Zheng, her heart said that this bastard could actually be considered as having a kind heart as he did not watch on without saving her.

“Tang Zheng, we should join hands to defeat him.” Ye Dingdang said in a loud voice, as she believed Tang Zheng was at the Pre-Natal Stage, which was more than enough to kill the assassin.

Tang Zheng bitterly laughed within his heart, if it was only as easy as you say it is, then I wouldn’t have to launch a sneak attack, but of course he did not reveal his thoughts as he coldly said: “Okay!”

One front, one rear, they launched a pincer attack, as swift as thunder. The assassin angrily roared, his knife light flashing.

Since he had not clearly felt out Tang Zheng’s power, he held onto some fear, unwilling to make any big advances and taking up a defensive position instead.

Tang Zheng’s Heaven Gathering Hand covered the sky, blocking out everything, whereas the assassin’s defense was watertight. Under the two’s attack, the assassin defense unexpectedly did not give in.

It must be known that aside from the Pressure Point Technique, Tang Zheng was at a huge disadvantage in cultivation that was like an unbreachable chasm.

As the battle reached a climax the assassin’s eyes became exceptionally bright, suddenly he laughed out loud: “Haha, little brat, you actually dared to bluff me. Even though I do not know what technique you are using to hide your martial arts level, I am sure that you are not at a higher level than me. Since you dared to trick me, then prepare to die!”

The knife struck out, aiming to take Tang Zheng’s life.

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