Chapter 139: To Broaden one’s Horizons

Chapter 139: To Broaden one’s Horizons

Early morning, the air was fresh, the birds were singing and fragrant flowers were in abundance.

Tang Zheng did a stretch as he discovered that Fang Shishi was still sleeping by his side her face was one of satisfaction as she had a blissful smile, looking exceptionally beautiful.

Yesterday night the two were tossing and turning vigorously only sleeping near the latter part of the night. Aside from the last time they were intimate was at Tang Zheng’s new home and that was there first so this was their second. For this reason, they were not as unsure of what to do but were as fierce as a storm.

Fang Shishi was also accustomed to him as they sunk into the beauty of the experience as she had her demands of him. Thankfully Tang Zheng’s had enough strength so he was able to completely conquer her as he not only had the brains but the body.

Tang Zheng was used to waking early so even though he slept late he was not tired in the least as his body was different from ordinary humans. On the contrary, he was in great spirit and felt bursting with energy and vitality.

Yesterday night he had also absorbed quite a bit of yin qi so he temporarily did not have to worry about dying by bodily combustion.

Fang Shishi’s immaculate face had a blush of red as her eyelashes twitched a bit. Tang Zheng saw and knew that she had awoken but was pretending to be asleep so he intentionally reached his hands into the blankets and grabbed onto that heart palpitating softness.

Her body trembled slightly as even though the two had been intimate before her body was still sensitive and with a gentle caress from Tang Zheng it easily moved her heart.

Seeing her still continue to pretend Tang Zheng broadened his movement and the vigor in his action.

Fang Shishi finally could not resist anymore as she gave a yelp and opened her eyes wide before playfully pouting: “Doing naughty things so early in the morning. You are so bad.”

“And just yesterday night someone very much liked the naughty me and even wanted me to be naughtier.” Tang Zheng’s lips curled up in a slight curl as he gave a playful smile.

“You are not allowed to talk about it!” Fang Shishi urgently sat up and clamped her hands over Tang Zheng’s mouth, causing her blankets to fall to her waist and exposing her upper body to the sunlight. Seeing this Tang Zheng’s hands reached over like claws to grab them.

“You’ve exposed yourself.” Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and jokingly said.

“Heng, I won’t let you see.” Fang Shishi grabbed her blanket and escaped from Tang Zheng’s grasp as she covered herself up from sight.

“I have long since seen everything clearly as I had a good look yesterday night so even if I do not see it I can still imagine it.”

“You…. naughty!” Fang Shishi’s face was like peach blossoms as both eyes seemed to become wet.

“Shishi, get up and come get breakfast. I’ll send you to school in a bit.” She Mengqin called from the door.

“Alright mom, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Hurry up and get dressed.” Fang Shishi urged.

“Do you want me to help you put on clothes?” Tang Zheng volunteered.

Fang Shishi gouged him out with her eyes and said: “No need, I’m sure you will do something bad, as all you know how to do is take off other people’s clothes.”

The two put on their clothes, washed and brushed up before walking out but Fang Shishi stopped in her steps and turned to look at Tang Zheng before saying with embarrassment: “What will we do when my dad and mom see you?”

Tang Zheng shrugged and said without the least bit of fear: “They will know sooner or later, so might as well sooner than later. Moreover, in the future, it will be easy for us to be together.”

“Heng, I let you take advantage of me this time.” Fang Shishi wrinkled her nose looking cute to the extreme, before opening the door with a creak.

The two held hands and followed the winding of the stairs toward the dining room where Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin were originally talking. When the two turned and saw this scene they both stopped and stared at the two.

Fang Shishi’s face flashed with bashfulness but she did not loosen her grip on Tang Zheng’s hand. In fact, she gathered her courage and took steps forward with Tang Zheng.

“Uncle, Aunt, good morning.” Tang Zheng discovered that his face was becoming thicker and thicker as he did not feel the slightest hint of fear as if nothing had happened.

But Fang Shishi, on the other hand, lowered her head in embarrassment as she did not dare look at her parents. Seeing her appearances, as those who have gone through the same experiences, how could Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin not understand what is going on.

They gave each other a glance, as they unconsciously thought back to last night conversation and how they were going to keep a close eye on Fang Shishi.

Yet, through the course of one night. Oh god, the two were nearly pushed off the edge as this all happened way too quickly as even the calmly disposed Fang Chongguo felt his expression change.

She Mengqin stared at Fang Shishi as if she were about to fly into a rage but Fang Chongguo seeing that the situation was not good quickly restrained her hand. Since the matter already happened then flying into a rage would not help anything, in fact, it may even exacerbate the situation.

It seems like their daughter really has grown. Fang Chongguo let out an audible sigh.

Yesterday, Tang Zheng was clearly not at their house yet he was currently standing in front of him? But, this issue did not stump them as they were able to imagine Tang Zheng slipping into their house with Fang Shishi’s help.

She Mengqin suddenly thought back to the weird noise she heard last night. It must’ve been the two doing something and to think that she nearly entered the room, stumbling into their act.

Even though she felt a bit angry she also felt a bit glad as it would simply be too weird if she were to walk in on that.

“Shishi, come and sit!” She Mengqin firmly said in a bad tone, suppressing her angry.

Fang Shishi obediently went over to sit down, pulling Tang Zheng by her side. Fang Chongguo instructed the servant to bring another set of utensils as his gaze finally stabilized on Tang Zheng.

Looking him squarely in the eyes, Tang Zheng gave a light cough before calmly asking: “Uncle Fang, how has the demolition work been?”

Fang Chongguo let out a sigh as if he were in Tang Zheng’s position he would definitely not be able to pull off such a calm countenance. This Tang Zheng was not simple at all.

But at this time he couldn’t possibly make it easy for Tang Zheng otherwise the little brat may try to take a mile when given an inch.

For this reason, Fang Chongguo maintained a solemn face that was not quite angry as he deeply said: “The demolition process has started and Fire Phoenix’s company does not fail to live up to its reputation.”

“That’s good to hear.” Tang Zheng nodded his head and started to eat.

At this time even Tang Zheng admired his own courage and calmness as if it were him from before he would feel weak. It seems that after experiencing so many weird events this situation was no longer to cause him to be moved.

Eyes firmly on Tang Zheng, She Mengqin fiercely glared at him and pulled Fang Shishi who was almost finished eating away: “You, follow me.”

Fang Shishi gave Tang Zheng a reluctant gaze but upon seeing the encouragement from his eyes she slightly nodded her head and followed her mom into another room.

“Stand straight!” She Mengqin crossed her arms in front of her chest as she started to interrogate Fang Shishi.

Fang Shishi pouted and complained: “What, mom, I was still eating too.”

“Eating? You still have the heart to eat? Did you take a good look at what you did?” She Mengqin angrily roared but still tried her best to keep her voice from transmitting to the dining room.

Her anger knew no bounds as she tried her best to suppress her voice, so it wouldn't be heard in the dining room.

Fang Shishi took a deep breath, as she had long since expected her mother’s anger and calmly said: “I know what I did.”

“I think you don’t know what you did. You guys are still students so how could you?” She Mengqin faced her daughter but did not dare use words that were too harsh.

“So what if we are still students? We are both eighteen and are adults. If this were in the past then we would already be married and have kids, so what is this? Moreover, both of us are in love with each other and you also did not resist before.” Fang Shishi explained.

“We indeed did not resist, but we did not think that you guys would progress so quickly.” She Mengqin couldn’t help but regret, as if she knew earlier, then she would firmly guard over her daughter. Even so, she possibly couldn’t follow them everywhere and there was no way she could possibly guard their house door against Tang Zheng this cherry-picker, without sleeping at night.

There was no way to keep a guard up forever and seeing her daughters firmness, She Mengqin was speechless, as she could only fiercely clench her teeth.

Fang Shishi seeing her mom’s anger lessen, quickly hooked her mom’s arms and said with a smile: “Mom, I know you are looking out for me but I also have my own feelings and thoughts. I too know how to look out for my own interests, so you should stop worrying as Tang Zheng really treats me well.”

“Heng, he treats you well right now, but that does not guarantee you that he will continue to do so in the future.”

“He will definitely continue to treat me well. I know him.” She indeed did know Tang Zheng well and had confidence in the words she spoke.

“How long have you know each other and you still dare to say that you know him well?”

“Three years. Its been a long time huh? I remember when you and dad got married, you had only known each other for two years.” Fang Shishi said mischievously.

“We are talking about you guys, so how come you pulled the conversation towards your father and me?”

Fang Shishi gave a chuckle: “I really envy you and dad, as I want to be as joyful as you two.”

She Mengqin opened her mouth as if to speak but no words would come out, as she possibly couldn’t say that she was not joyful. This daughter of hers had really grown up and knew how to speak.

She let out a long sigh and said: “Shishi, don’t blame your mother for her bad temperament, as I have truly seen too many worthless bastards, so I want you to have the best.”

Fang Shishi hurriedly nodded: “Of course, I know mom treats me well. This is forever engraved in my heart but Tang Zheng really isn’t a worthless bastard who will forget favors. At the same time, he is also pretty amazing.”

Speaking up to here her eyes lit up, as her large eyes contained respect and love.

Seeing this, how could She Mengqin not understand her daughter’s feelings, as she too was also a woman and was also a youngster before.

“Stop, I still do not think he is all that amazing.”

Fang Shishi stuck out her tongue and internally said, ‘mom, Tang Zheng is a cultivator and with his help, your daughter is one too’.

“But let me say this once very clearly, that if I ever see him walk out from your room early in the morning, then I will definitely drive him out.” She Mengqin slightly threatened, as she clearly still contained a bit of anger towards Tang Zheng.

Fang Shishi quickly promised: “Don’t worry, there won’t be a second time.” She internally said that at most next time she will have Tang Zheng leave before the sun rises. The reason is since he is so amazing this will be nothing for him.

Tang Zheng and Fang Chongguo sat alone at the dinner table. Tang Zheng did not say a single word, as he calmly ate breakfast. Fang Chongguo, on the other hand, d did not have any appetite, as even his normal habit of reading the newspaper was currently put on hold, as he stared at Tang Zheng as if he were waiting for the other to say something.

But, what kind of person was Tang Zheng. This little bit of eye power did not move him at all, as in a moment he put down his food and said: “Uncle, I am full now. You enjoy your meal.”

Seeing him get up to leave, Fang Chongguo was finally unable to remain seated.

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