Chapter 138: Burning With Anger

Chapter 138: Burning With Anger

“Tang Zheng, I miss you.” Fang Shishi said in a low voice that was both soft and filled with love. Hearing this, Tang Zheng immediately felt moved, as she continued, “I just dreamed of you when I was woken up by you opening the door, so how should you compensate me?”

“You dreamed of me? What did you dream of?” Tang Zheng asked curiously.

Fang Shishi gently bit her lips and coquettishly said: “Not telling you.”

Tang Zheng heard the meaning behind her voice and jokingly said: “Is it because you were thinking about doing naughty things to me, that you are too embarrassed to tell me?’

Fang Shishi hurriedly shook her head in denial: “Did not, it is clearly you who is doing naughty things so how could it be me?”

Tang Zheng gave a chuckle and temporarily tossed Tian Chanzi to the corner of his mind. With a beauty in hand, how could he possibly let the devil messing around.

“I am such an upstanding person, so how could I possibly do anything bad?” Tang Zheng refuted, with a face full of seriousness.

“All that self-boasting.”

“I am merely speaking the truth.” Tang Zheng slowly moved up the hand he had placed on her waist.

Fang Shishi hurriedly stopped his hand: “What are you doing?”

“I scared you just now, so I am trying to comfort you and to compensate the regret you must have over missing that beautiful dream of yours.” Tang Zheng said looking into her eyes.

“You naughty person.” How could Fang Shishi not understand his intentions, as she cutely bit on her lips.

“You dare call me a naughty person, then I might really have to play the part.” Tang Zheng said, as his hand reached her erect peak.

“Ah, don’t.” Fang Shishi’s breathing unconsciously quickened, as her boobs were soft like water in Tang Zheng’s grasp.

At times when girls say no when they actually want it, so of course, Tang Zheng was not stupid enough to hear her desires. For this reason, he decided to attack more aggressively.

Fang Shishi was wearing a nightgown, which Tang Zheng reached through from the bottom with his other hands, as he grabbed onto her glossy thigh.

Fang Shishi’s passion was aroused, as she wrapped both her arms around his head and pushed him against her breasts.

Tang Zheng’s head sunk into that field of softness, filled with a wonderful fragrance that stoked his blood causing it to heat up.

With a flip of his body he pressed her down and even though the room was in pitch blackness it did not affect their movement. The only sound that could be heard was a rustling from the bed and suppressed breathing and panting that permeated the room.

“Will your parents hear?” Tang Zheng asked in worry.

“No, the rooms in this house has good noise isolating effects.”

Tang Zheng did not worry as he simply increased the vigor of his movement, causing Fang Shishi’s passionate sound to ring out which furthered fueled Tang Zheng’s fire.

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin were laying on their bed when She Mengqin suddenly got up and shook her husband awake: “Chongguo, do you hear a weird sound?”

Fang Chongguo turned his body and said in a daze: “What sound? Stop messing around and get back to sleep. Just now didn’t the security guards had said that the madman had already been chased away?”

She Mengqin scratched her head and listened intently before saying to herself: “I could have sworn I heard something out of place. I can’t believe a madman made his way into our community. Just what the hell are the security guards doing?”

“Stop saying all this and get back to sleep. Early tomorrow morning I still need to get back to the company, as there have been some improvements in our project and we can barely take care of everything that is going on.”

“Tang Zheng that little brat is really a saint to actually get Fire Phoenix to listen to him.” She Mengqin said, as she still couldn’t believe it.

“Don’t look down upon Tang Zheng, as even though I previously thought he was a good for nothing after our few interactions, I feel that I am more and more unable to see through him. He is only how old now? 18. 18 and he has such capabilities, just think back to what you were doing when you were 18.” Fang Chongguo’s interest was caught by the topic of Tang Zheng, as he decided it best to once again solemnly advise his wife so that she did not cause any further problems.

“When I was 18 I was learning in school.”

“Right, he is also learning but aside from learning he also has connections with people of high status in the underworld. Moreover, think about his family background and how he has no advantages yet still manages to have some skill. Now, tell me how much of a potential do you think he has?” Fang Chongguo analyzed.

She Mengqin pondered for a moment and felt inferior: “This little brat is simply too abnormal, but Shishi that little girl seems to have steeled her heart over him.”

“Hei, this is to say that our daughter’s gaze is better than yours. Right now there are so many guys, but to truly find someone who is sincere and has the ability is difficult. Our daughter really knows how to see people and has good luck too.”

“Heng, why are you making that little brat sound so good? Our daughter is also not bad but I still must keep an eye on them, as currently, they’re in the throes of their passion, so we can not let anything out of hand occur otherwise Shishi will really have to pay bitterly.” She Mengqin said with worry.

Fang Chongguo also nodded his head: “This point is indeed worthy of attention but you do not need to interfere too much, otherwise you may push her to him. Shishi, this little girl may seem delicate by nature but is actually very strong inside, as once she decides on something even 14 horses wouldn’t be able to restrain her.”

“Of course I know that, as she has the same temperament as you and does not take after me at all.” She Mengqin said with dissatisfaction.

“Being like me is good because if she was like you then shit really will happen.”

“What are you trying to say?” She Mengqin said with wide eyes.

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anymore. Didn’t you say that you heard a disturbance? Then why don’t you go take a look and once you finish, stop thinking about random stuff and get back to sleep.” Fang Chongguo waved his arms and closed his eyes.

She Mengqin gave her husband a cold stare and hugged her blanket, as she walked out looking at all four sides. She did not see anything weird and then went back to Fang Shishi’s room.

“Shishi, are you asleep?”

In the room, they were reaching their peak, when they were frightened into a stop by the sound outside. They looked at one another, as even in the darkness they were able to feel the shock and surprise on each other’s face.

“How come your mom is back?” Tang Zheng hugged Fang Shishi and said in a quiet voice.

Fang Shishi punched his shoulder and said: “How should I know?”

“Shishi, are you asleep?” She Mengqin once again asked from outside.

“What should I do? If my mom sees, then it would be so awkward.”

“Do you think I want to be seen? Relax, it should be fine if we don’t say anything, as she will think I have gone to sleep and will leave.”

Tang Zheng gave an ‘oh’ before slowing down his movement.

Fang Shishi suppressed the emotion within her heart, as she patted his shoulder and said: “Stop moving, otherwise my mom might hear us.”

“Didn’t you say that the noise isolating effects of the rooms in your house are good?”

“But my mom is right outside, so no matter how good it is they may hear some slight sound.” Fang Shishi shyly and urgently said, as if the usually obedient daughter was discovered by her mom in this scene, then she really would have nowhere to put her face.

Tang Zheng also understood the seriousness of the situation and did not dare be rash.


Suddenly, the sound of the door lock opening rang out and the two were frightened into a jump. Fang Shishi said in shock: “How come you didn’t lock the door?”

“Your door wasn’t locked, so I just slipped in.”

“What should we do if my mom sees us, then wouldn’t we be as good as dead?.”

“Didn’t you say that your mom wouldn’t come in here?”

“She would normally not come in without my permission.” Fang Shishi urgently said as she felt like crying.

She Mengqin was paranoid after the madman came by and was worried when her daughter didn’t answer, hence she decided to go in and take a look.

“Hurry up and say something to stop your mom, otherwise she will come in.” Tang Zheng reacted immediately and hastily said.

Fang Shishi did not have time to think much on it and hurriedly yelled: “What, mom, I almost fell asleep too.”

Her voice was filled with worry and contained a slight tremble, but She Mengqin did not detect it.

The sound of the door opening finally stopped, as She Mengqin said: “Oh, then hurry up and sleep. I just wanted to check if you were asleep or not.”

“Mom, I’m sleeping now. You rest early too.”

“Then I will go back to sleep.”

They both let out a breath of relief, as they exchanged mutual glances. They nearly couldn’t refrain from laughing, as this high-pressure situation was simply too exciting.

“It’s all because of you that I was nearly made into a clown.” Fang Shishi coquettishly said.

“I did not know that your mom would return.” Tang Zheng felt innocent.

“Hurry up and go lock the door, otherwise she might return again and we would be in big trouble.” Fang Shishi pointed and advised.

“Alright, I will go lock the door.” Tang Zheng quickly but cautiously went to lock the door, before jumping back into bed.

“Be careful. Hurry up, as we were disrupted just. So annoying.”

“Right, your mom really doesn’t plan to let us finish, nearly scaring me weak*1.” *1:TL: his little brother going limp

“Let me touch.” Fang Shishi reached out her hand, “Just where is it soft? Heng, you liar!”

“With such a beautiful girlfriend such as you, wouldn’t it be a shame if I went weak*1. Let’s continue.” Tang Zheng pushed himself on her and the room once again rang out with noise.

“Quieter, I suspect that my mom might have heard something.”

“Then you slow down.”

They were worried, as they laid in the darkness, their warm-hearted voices, the incomparable excitement, and allure could be said to be one of the most beautiful and splendid moments in life.  

But there were some people who did not enjoy it, as Daoist Tianji was currently hiding in a corner looking at the row after rows of villas where countless tens of police were still patrolling.

Just now he had injured quite a few bodyguards, coupled with the fact that the people who lived in these villa enjoyed lavish lives, so the police did not dare be negligent and would not leave if they did not find the culprit.

They ended up forming groups of two’s and three’s as they patrolled the surroundings, making it impossible for Daoist Tianji to approach.

Daoist Tianji never felt so vexed, as he was burned into a beggar-like and was also chased by the police, simply too unlucky.

Even so, he did not plan on giving up, as aside from gaining revenge for his disciple, he was also greatly interested by what knowledge Tang Zheng possesses.

The intricacy of his sword technique, the oddity of his True Fire, all of these he must make clear, as he unconsciously believed that Tang Zheng surely possessed a heaven-defying secret. If he were able to possess this secret, then he would naturally reap great benefits.

Hence, he would definitely not give up on Tang Zheng, as he continued to observe without blinking, as he was aware that Tang Zheng may appear at anytime.

As the sky gradually brightened to reveal the white of clouds and a night on watch, Daoist Tianji has not seen a hint of Tang Zheng’s whereabouts and couldn’t help but feel helpless, as he felt indignant with rage.

“Even if I have to dig a hole here and stake out, I will definitely catch him.” He gnashed his teeth and fiercely muttered to himself.

“Guards, the madman is here! Hurry up and apprehend him!” Suddenly, a police spotted Daoist Tianji and hurriedly gave a loud and angry roar, as a flock of police rushed over.

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