Chapter 137: Chase To Kill

Chapter 137: Chase To Kill

An extra blade appeared in Daoist Tianji’s hand, as it glimmered coldly and pierced towards Tang Zheng seemingly compressing the three-meter distance between them. The immense pressure from it was enough to cause one to be unable to breathe and gasp for breath.

Tang Zheng straightened his blade in defense and a clang rang out. Tang Zheng was sent retreating several meters and from this it could be seen how strong Daoist Tianji was.

“Youngster, you are not my opponent, so you should just willingly become my prisoner.” Daoist Tianji said in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng gave a cold hmph and employed the Heaven Flying Immortal. Upon seeing this technique Daoist Tianji’s eyes immediately brightened: “Good sword technique, youngster you actually have such an amazing sword technique. I really would not have thought, hei, it seems I have gained made unexpected gains.”

Daoist Tianji clearly looked at the Heaven Flying Immortal Technique with red jealous eyes.

“Such an amazing sword technique staying in your hands would be such a waste of heaven's gift, so you should let me properly display its strength.” Daoist Tianji’s attack was like a tempest and Tang Zheng’s pressure was immediately increased by several times.

“Little brat, hurry up and run. You are not his opponent, so why the hell are you still engaging in combat with him?” Tian Chanzi anxiously said.

“How could I possibly escape? He is attacking me from all sides, so even if I wanted to escape I have no methods to do so.”

Tang Zheng did not think that the other’s attack would actually be so threatening. It was on a completely different level from the black clothed man.

This was the disparity that was caused by cultivating which was completely impossible to surpass.

“True Fire, use True Fire to attack. He will definitely be caught off guard and as long as you distract him, you will have a chance to escape.” Tian Chanzi reminded.

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble, as he sent out an attack. Daoist Tianji gave a loud laugh: “This little attack can not even be called an attack.” He then straightened his sword to receive the blow.

Their blades clashed and a fierce spark burst into life. Tang Zheng’s hand stretched past the blade towards Daoist Tianji.

Daoist Tianji looked upon this action in disdain, as he too stretched out his own hand as if to grab Tang Zheng.

His action was more savage than Tang Zheng, as he quickly grabbed onto Tang Zheng’s arm and in an instant, he gave a loud laugh: “Youngster, you lost. Now you are unable to run away.”

Tang Zheng’s eyes trembled, as the corners of his lips curled up into a faint cold smile: “That may not be the case!”

A wave of purple colored fire spark rapidly leaped out from his hand and extended onto Daoist Tianji’s hands.

“What is this? True Fire?” Daoist Tianji was frightened into a jump, then regained his disdain, “You want to use True Fire to harm me? What a joke.”

But this clearly wasn’t a joke as when his words rang out, his easy going face changed and he gave a shout: “How is this possible? How can True Fire harm me?”

True Fire was indeed able to harm him and it rapidly spread from his arms towards his body, turning him into a match man.

If ordinary True Fire landed onto another cultivator’s body they would be able to block it off by using their Qi, making it harmless.

Or at least that was what Daoist Tianji thought but upon realizing that his Qi wasn’t able to block off the True Qi and that the True Qi was also rapidly spreading throughout his body as if to light him up from outside to inside.

In that moment, he was scared witless as he suddenly felt a sense of danger. He shouted in disbelief: “How did you do it?”

Tang Zheng did not have the heart to reply, as he took the opportunity of Daoist Tianji loosening his grip to attack him.

Daoist Tianji’s chest was now imprinted with a palm mark. The other’s black clothing was quickly burned off revealing his bare chest, as the True Fire could be seen burrowing into his skin.

“This is your chance. RUN!” Tian Chanzi urged.

Tang Zheng was clear that he could use his True Fire to catch the other off guard, but if he wanted to use it as an opportunity to finish off the other it was easier said than done, hence he quickly retreated.

“Halt! I will dismember you into countless pieces.” Daoist Tianji insanely roared, as he did not care for the damage the True Fire was doing on his body and gave chase.

The Spatial Compression Technique revealed its might as even though Tang Zheng had already run upwards of a thousand meters, Daoist Tianji actually immediately appeared behind his ass.

Tang Zheng was frightened into a jump, as he lowered his head and sent a palm backwards. His palm had True Fire and it caused Daoist Tianji to unconsciously avoid it. Tang Zheng then used this opportunity to once again put some distance between them.

Daoist Tianji gave an angry roar: “Stop right there!” He once again employed a strike that embodied the Spatial Compression Technique.

This repeated over and over, as the two ran towards the city center. Thankfully it was already midnight and there was no one on the streets, otherwise, they would definitely be scared silly by this scene.

It was a person running insanely in the front, almost as if he were flying, bringing with him a gale while there was a person in dead pursuit, not giving up. The key to this was that the latter’s body was on fire like a matchstick. The whole scene seemed extremely weird.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Daoist Tianji let out a pitiful cry, as he unconsciously stopped his steps. He roared at Tang Zheng’s back: “Little brat, I will definitely not let you go.”

The True Fire had already completely covered the surface of his body. He hurriedly tried to pat it out but there was no way to do blow it out. Right now, his body was unable to resist any longer hence why he hurriedly stopped and tried to control the True Fire.

The flame lessened and a moment later it completely disappeared leaving Daoist Tianji’s body scorched black. His clothes were full of holes and he did not fit the threatening image. He simply looked like a beggar!

“Little brat, I will catch you and then I will definitely rip you to pieces.”

Daoist Tianji once again fiercely gave chase but Tang Zheng had already disappeared without a trace. Even so, this would not stop him, as he was still an expert and he still had his methods when it came to tracing, so he found the general area and continued his chase.

Tang heng saw that Daoist Tianji had stopped but he did not slow his steps, as he continued to run like mad. A moment later, he heard an angry roar sound out from his back and he knew that the other had once again resumed his chase.

Daoist Tianji had the Spatial Compression Technique, so how could Tang Zheng possibly outrun him?

“This won’t do, I can’t just keep running around without a goal. I must find a place to hide myself.” Tang Zheng lifted his head and looked around, yi, how come this area is so familiar? This was especially so for the small villas in front of him. Wasn’t this Fang Shishi’s home?

An idea occurred to him and he rushed into the courtyard and entered through the window. He distantly heard Daoist Tianji’s angry roar coming closer and closer.

He familiarly navigated his way to Fang Shishi’s room, as he twisted the doorknob and tiptoed inside.

“Who is it?” Fang Shishi suddenly sat up and fearfully asked.

“Shh, Shishi, it’s me.” Tang Zheng hurriedly said.

Fang Shishi was extremely happy, as she carefully rushed over. There were not many reasons why someone would secretly sneak into her room at the dead of night and this caused her to feel bashful yet excited.

“Tang Zheng, what are you doing? Wait a moment, let me turn on the light.”

“Don’t turn on the light.” Tang Zheng hurriedly stopped her.

“Alright.” Fang Shishi did not ask too many questions, as quietly rushed off the bed and jumped into Tang Zheng’s embrace, “How come you snuck into my house?”

“Someone’s chasing me. Listen. Do you hear that person screaming outside?” Tang Zheng said.

Fang Shishi was slightly disappointed, as she had thought that he had specifically come to find her but it was because he was chased here. Even so when she heard that he was being chased by someone she felt worried, as she hurriedly asked: “Who’s trying to chase you? I’ll go chase them away.”

“Don’t, I am not his opponent so you won’t do. We cannot make any noise, otherwise, if he discovers us we will be done for.”

There are so many villas here, so Daoist Tianji could not possibly search house to house. Moreover, with his loud screaming, he has already attracted a lot of attention and quite a few homeowners have already been frightened awake.

In this type of high-class villas, there were quite a few security guards patrolling the area and seeing this shabby and dark clothed dude running towards them, they naturally did their best to stop him so that they would not disturb the sleep of the villa owners.

But how could these security guards possibly be Daoist Tianji’s opponent? He sent them flying one after the other and the few smart people had already called the police.

Daoist Tianji, having entered civilization with countless people found it even harder to find traces of Tang Zheng.

Hearing that it became increasingly rowdier outside Fang Shishi said: “We should hide in the bed, as that bad guy will definitely not find us.”

“Alright.” Tang Zheng hugged her in the dark and climbed into bed. Fang Shishi obediently laid in his embrace.

“Who’s the bad guy?”

“A monster who kills people without blinking.”

Fang Shishi’s cute figure trembled and he unconsciously hugged her waist and tightly held her to his body.

“Is he very strong?”

“Yes, he is stronger than me but as long as we are careful, then he will not find me and I will be safe.”

“Just hide in my house then. He will definitely not find you.”

Tang Zheng embraced his girlfriend, as he paid close attention to what was happening outside. There were sirens outside, so it seems like the police have arrived.

He let out a breath of relief, as he was temporarily safe.

“The police came so they should be able to make the bad guy go away.” Fang Shishi said as she stuck more firmly to him once she found her comfortable position.

Tang Zheng declined to comment as there was no way for the police to apprehend Daoist Tianji, although they may be able to scare him off. This was because Daoist Tianji knew that he could not use force to confront them, otherwise, things would not end up pretty as the other held advantage in number.

Of course, Tang Zheng was not foolish enough to run outside, as Daoist Tianji could not be far away, he was probably just hiding in wait. Once there was any hint of Tang Zheng’s whereabouts, he would definitely kill his way over.

Dong dong dong!

Suddenly a knock rang out from the door, as the two who were hugging each other suddenly jumped up in fright.

“Shishi, are you awake?” She Mengqin’s voice rang out.

“Yes, mother, do you need anything?” Fang Shishi said in a low voice.

“Don’t let her come in.”

Fang Shishi nodded: “Mother, I am awake. Did something happen? Why is it so loud?”

“I heard that there was a crazy person outside but he was chased away, so you should go back to sleep and don’t get up. You still need to go to school tomorrow.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“The evil person has been chased away.” Fang Shishi said excitedly in a low voice.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief and said: “Then you should hurry up and go back to sleep.”

“Are you leaving?” Fang Shishi anxiously asked.

“I’m not leaving.” Tang Zheng thought he might as well stay the night because if he were to leave now he would definitely attract Fang Chongguo and his wife’s attention. After all the ruckus, many people were paying attention waiting to find any hints on the crazy person’s whereabouts.

“I don’t want you to leave too. I want to sleep holding onto you as I have never done that before.” Fang Shishi sweetly said, “Aiya, you are still wearing clothes. Hugging you like this is not comfortable, so hurry up and take off your clothes.”

Tang Zheng had no choice, as he could only quietly slip off his clothes when suddenly he was embraced by a warm figure as soft as jade while a sweet fragrance assaulted his nose.

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