Chapter 135: Battle Spirit

Chapter 135: Battle Spirit

Tang Zheng did not have time to turn around and look, when he saw the General evil spirit roar loudly towards what was behind Tang Zheng, bringing with it an intense blast of Yin Qi.

Tang Zheng did not know what was behind him but clearly felt the danger and dodged to the side, to avoid the wave of Yin Qi. All he saw was an equally large figure flash by his body and charge at the General evil spirit.


So, the word was spoken from this large and awe-inspiring figure’s mouth.

Tang Zheng stared in shock, as he looked upon this colossal figure who had the face of a Chinese countryman. Its face was ashen but still intact, on its head was also a general’s hat, his uniform had already rotted leaving behind only strips, but it could be made out that it was the uniform of the Chinese soldiers who had fought against the Japanese years ago.

But it was clear that he had also become an evil spirit and was fighting against the Japanese General evil spirit. The main reason was the fact that it charged at the other with its heavy sword raised, as it brought it crashing down on the Japanese evil spirit.

This heavy sword was also a real sword and not a congealing of Yin Qi.

Both were humongous, and their battle was like a fight between two giants exchanging blow after blow, each with incredible strength.

“Little brat, these two before you were archenemies in life, so even after death when they have become evil spirits they have maintained their mutual feelings. For this reason, they continue to fight on tirelessly. With this extra helper, you will have substantially less pressure on yourself.” Tian Chanzi explained.

A wave of respect rose involuntarily within Tang Zheng, as this Chinese general, who in his lifetime, fought for his country against the Japanese invaders continued to fight against them even after death, albeit in a different form.

This kind of strength deeply touched him, as it was a type of spirit, a fighter’s spirit, a Chinese spirit. It was an unresting fighting will that never died.

It was a battle spirit!

The battle spirit and the evil spirit battle was intense, so Tang Zheng temporarily could not help. The crowd of evil spirits, on the other hand, saw that their leader was being attacked. Hence, they all swarmed up to fight the battle spirit.


Tang Zheng loudly roared, as he raised his blade and stood by the battle spirit. The blade’s gleam flashed like an impenetrable wall that slaughtered any evil spirit that tried to break through. The destroyed evil spirits then became strands of Yin Qi, which was absorbed by his blade.

The battle spirit’s threat was temporarily warded off, but Tang Zheng felt greater hatred towards these Japanese evil spirits that extended into his bone. He then brought with him a whirlwind of slaughter, as he rushed into the crowd, waving his blade which sent head after head flying. The amount of black Qi became so much that his blade could not keep up with it, so they just swirled around in the air.

Of course, Tang Zheng did not care that much, as the only goal he had was to massacre all the evil spirits present. His blade’s gleam signified death, as he continued his slaughter until the very last evil spirit had fallen. It is only then that he finally let out a breath of relief, as his body was drenched in sweat. This battle he had fought to his heart’s content, as he was able to vent all the anger and frustration within his heart.

The black blade excitedly tremble nonstop, as it let out an incessant humming noises, as it sucked up the Yin Qi, causing a great stir within the mass of Yin Qi.

In a bit, it had finished absorbing all the Yin Qi from the surrounding, and Tang Zheng took a deep breath, as he adjusted his heart and turned his body to observe the battle occurring nearby.

The battle spirit and the general evil spirit’s battle had already entered its climax, as the two appeared to exchange familiar blows with one another. It seems they had battled countless times and it could even be how they have passed these many years.

But they were unable to truly kill off the other, so when the general evil spirit saw Tang Zheng killing off his troops one by one like chopping radish, he immediately let out a series of angry roars. Even though he wanted to rush over and help, he was unable to escape from the battle spirit who blocked his path.

At this time, seeing Tang Zheng finish off all the evil spirits its violent nature burst out, as he beat back the battle spirit with a blow and then charged towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng let out a low growl, as he charged forth towards the other’s lower body. The battle spirit followed suit and charged, at its back in a pincer movement, one from the front and one from the back. The two attacks matched each other perfectly.

The katana blocked Tang Zheng’s black blade sending Tang Zheng flying backward, while the battle spirit's heavy sword landed on the general evil spirit’s back.


It opened up a large laceration, as strand after strand of black Qi emerged.

The general evil spirit let out an angry roar, as it twisted its head around to attack the battle spirit. Tang Zheng took this opportunity and attacked its unprotected lower half and with a ‘puchi’ Tang Zheng had succeeded in cutting off one of its legs.


The Japanese general stumbled and tumbled to the ground. The battle spirit then chopped his heavy sword down heavily towards the other’s skull.

The general evil spirit seeing that the situation was not good, hurriedly lifted up its katana to fend off the battle spirit's heavy sword, but of course, Tang Zheng would not sit idly and see this opportunity pass him by.

His body flashed, as he rushed at the other's thigh. The general evil spirit already had a feeling, as he actually retracted his leg so that Tang Zheng’s attack fell on thin air.

Suddenly, it leaped into the air and actually stood on one foot.

Tang Zheng was inwardly speechless as its senses were simply too acute, as it actually managed to survive their two-pronged attack.

But in the end, he was left with only one foot, making it difficult for it to maneuver. The battle spirit’s attacks became stronger, as he knocked the general evil spirit around, left and right, so much so that it couldn’t stand firmly.

“Hey, this would be a good time to cut off your other leg. Let’s see what you do then.” Tang Zheng quietly appeared behind the general’s evil spirit, and with a flash of black light, his blade descended.

The Japanese general finally discovered that something was weird and hurriedly turned his head, but by then it was already too late, as his other leg had been sent flying.

Hong long!

A loud sound rang out, as without both of his legs the general evil spirit tumbled to the ground.

“Haha, let’s see how you will fight now.” Tang Zheng said as he attacked its head while it raised its katana with great difficulty to defend.


A brittle sound rang out, as the black blade cut the katana in two.

The general evil spirit was shocked, as it could not believe what it had just witnessed.

The katana was supported by its strength. yet it was countered by the black blade, because as of today the general evil spirit was greatly weakened and he could no longer strengthen his katana. Since this is the case, how could his katana possibly stand up against Tang Zheng’s black blade.

Tang Zheng pushed forth towards victory, as his second strike descended. Puchi, a head rolled on the ground and turned into a ball of Yin Qi.

The battle spirit stopped, as its wide eyes stared at the scene before it. It looked at the Japanese general evil spirit turn into Yin Qi and then looked at Tang Zheng who held a blade in his hand. At that moment, it was actually dazed and did not make a move.

The Yin Qi was quickly absorbed by Tang Zheng’s black blade, but the battle spirit still did not make any movement, as it stared foolishly at everything.

“Little brat, this is also an evil spirit, so you should also put an end to it.” Tian Chanzi suggested.

“I can’t, he’s the soul of a fallen Chinese soldier, so how could I possibly destroy him?” Tang Zheng rejected this idea.

“What do you even know. As of now, he is an evil spirit and therefore is a danger to others. In the future, if anyone accidentally enters this place, he will likewise attack them. Previously, he had maintained a hint of will to fight off the Japanese general evil spirit, but now that it is dead, it will slowly lose that will and become an evil spirit who will only know how to slaughter. If you do not remove him, then you will be harming the innocent. Moreover, do you think that it is for the best that you let it, a wandering evil spirit, wander the world, as a lonely evil spirit?”

Tang Zheng sank into silence, as what Tian Chanzi said was right. If Tang Zheng did not destroy it, then it will definitely hurt more people, and it would even be harming the very countryman he fought to protect. It would definitely not want to see such a thing if it were still alive.

But still, Tang Zheng very much admired its will and could not bear to just destroy it like that.

“Tian Chanzi, is there no other way to deal with this without harming him, while also protecting this area?”

“You little brat sure can be soft-hearted at times. This type of situation is definitely not rare in this area, so could you possibly save everyone?” Tian Chanzi chided.

Tang Zheng’s expression became firm, as he was not moved. He firmly said: “I do not have much power but if I have an encounter, such an opportunity then I will definitely try to save them. Tian Chanzi stop being so long-winded and tell me if you are willing to help me or not?”

Tian Chanzi let out a sigh: “I really have no way with you. Alright, then I will help you this once.The best way to preserve this big blockhead is to give him a place to stay, so that he will not have to wander between around.”

Tang Zheng dejectedly said: “Where would I find it a place to stay? I can’t possibly take him back home can I?”

“Bring him home? Do you want your grandfather to die?”

“Of course not, since you say this then you must have a method. Hurry up and tell me. Stop dilly-dallying.” Tang Zheng urged his on anxiously.

“The black blade, the black blade in your hand can be that place. It is the same logic as for how the black-clothed figure shackled the Black Monarch Snake’s soul inside the blade. You can also do the same and keep it within the black blade.”

“Really? Doesn’t the black blade specifically absorb Yin Qi? The battle spirit is congealed by Yin Qi, wouldn’t the black blade absorb it?” Tang Zheng asked worriedly.

“You really are foolish. You are the black blade master, so it will listen to your commands, so how would it absorb this blockhead’s Yin Qi. Also, if the black blade absorbs more Yin Qi, it might also raise this giant's power.”

“Even if his power is increased, he will still only be an evil spirit without a mind of his own. He will continue to be muddleheaded and just seeing this cause others to feel it is a shame.” Tang Zheng could imagine that the battle spirit must have been a famed general back in his days, but after death, it had become a confused evil spirit. This simply will cause other people to sigh ceaselessly.

Tian Chanzi gave a chuckle: “That is not for sure, wait till your cultivation reaches a higher level. Maybe you will be able to help him restore his consciousness.”

“Really?” Tang Zheng said in great excitement, as that would be amazing.

“Of course it’s true. When have I, Tian Chanzi, spoken false words before but you first must understand that this is all useless, as it is related to the Deity Scroll, which you can comprehend later in the future.” Tian Chanzi said feigning secrecy.

“Fine, if you don’t want to say it, then don’t. Anyways I am relieved since there is a way.” Tang Zheng looked at the battle soul, and his lips curled up in a smile.

It was unknown when the clouds had cleared up, as the moonlight shone on the battle soul’s body as it stood there alone, it’s humongous body seemed to be able to support the weight of the heavens. Even so, it gave off a strong feeling of solidarity.

Tang Zheng felt his heart shake, as he had his own thoughts: “Your companions have all moved on, and only you are left in this world. This is indeed an extremely lonely existence but do not worry battle spirit. In the future, you will be accompanying me to battle the heavens and the earth. We will continue to fight on together.”

Tang Zheng’s fighting intent burned in his heart, as his eyes also brightened up. At the same time, a single low roar slipped out: “KILL!”

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