Chapter 134: All Out Attack

Chapter 134: All Out Attack

Scar face let out a scream as he fell on his ass. His lackeys were so frightened; they felt their soul leave their bodies as they dropped and ran. At this time, how would any of them care whether Scar face was dead or alive.

No one thought that this was someone intentionally trying to pretend to be a ghost, as there was no way to imitate that appearance. Moreover, the other was holding the knife in a dead grip that several large men could not pull out. If this was not a ghost, could it even possibly be a human, as for how could a person possibly possess such immense strength.

In any case, this is indeed a ghost or more specifically an evil spirit. Normally ordinary humans would be unable to see evil spirits, but because the Yin Qi was so dense in this ancient battle site, the people present here were greatly stimulated by it. Therefore, they could see the evil spirit.

The evil spirit seeing the group of men break into a run gave chase, and with a wave of its hand, grabbed the last person firmly in its hand. The evil spirit then took a big bite and the man was quickly finished off.

The evil spirit was not only the bane of ghosts, but could also easily devour humans.

The wind composed of Yin Qi howled, and the group tried to run even faster, but how could they outrun an evil spirit? In the blink of an eye, the evil spirit was upon them and had started its slaughter, devouring their bodies.

Scar face stared wide-eyed, his hopes disintegrating as he saw his lackeys being killed off. He did not possess even the smallest hint of retaliation. Previously he was boasting how strong he was and how he did not fear any ghosts, even going as far as to say that he will capture a ghost to play with. Now, that he had met a real ghost he was scared witless, and his knees trembled nonstop.

He thought he had escaped death and had no energy to move until he saw the evil spirit turn and walk towards him after finishing off his brothers.

That face full of scars would cause any person to feel unbridled fear.

Suddenly, the evil spirit sped up and charged straight for him. It reached out to grab him, and he could only stare wide-eyed and powerless like a small chicken in the face of a bald eagle, as he was sent into the evil spirit's mouth. All he felt was a wave of stench smashing into his face.

“Ah!” An eye piercing scream rang out, as his eyeballs rolled into his head and he fainted.

Suddenly, an angry roar rang out in the distance causing the evil spirit to turn its head and let out an angry roar of its own. He then savagely threw Scar face onto the ground and charged over.

Tang Zheng took one step after another into the depths of the darkness while feeling an intense cold. This was not a feeling of ordinary cold one would feel in the icy mountains, but a kind of dark and gloomy cold that seeped into the bones.

Even so, he possessed the Nine Yang Saint Body and had Qi protecting his body, so this type of Yin Qi could not injure him at all. Using the light from his flashlight, he finally saw something.

A large figure crawled out from under the ground. It was an evil spirit whose body was over two meters tall. He only had one ear, and his nose was who knows where. This evil spirit gave off an even greater nauseating and dangerous feeling than the evil spirit he met at the morgue.

But what really caught Tang Zheng’s attention was the hat on top of the evil spirit's head. All citizens of this country would be all too familiar with this hat, as it simply left too deep of an impression.


Tang Zheng’s eyes grew wide. Yes, it was the hat of a Japanese soldier who had invaded this country years ago. On its body was a raggy set of clothes, but Tang Zheng was able to discern that it was a Japanese uniform.

Tang Zheng was left speechless, as legend has it that a large battle had occurred here and quite a few people had died. So, it was originally a battle between the Japanese and the Chinese. Seeing how large this evil spirit had grown, it can be seen that it had definitely consumed quite a few souls of the fallen Chinese soldiers.

Tang Zheng’s gaze became even more passionate, as the Japanese had killed many Chinese during their battle and even after death they still devour the souls of the fallen Chinese soldiers. This thought caused a wave of hot blood to rush into his brain, as Tang Zheng felt his killing intent soar.

The black blade seemed to sense his emotional stage and started to tremble with a hum, as it too was also filled with fighting intent.

“Kill!” Tang Zheng roared, as he brandished the blade into the air with his two hands. Leaping into the air, he brought his blade down on the evil spirits head.

The evil spirit sensing the danger let out a roar, as it raised its two hands in defense.

The black blade descended bringing with it a dark light. Two arms fell to the ground, turning into strands of Qi, which was quickly devoured by the black blade.

The evil spirit having lost both arms did not feel any fear, as it was still as fierce as before. It raised its head to the sky and let out a long hiss, which caused a sequel of hisses to ring out in succession in reply.

Tang Zheng looked at his surroundings and using his flashlight’s beam; he could vaguely make out figures climbing out of the ground. It was definitely without a doubt more evil spirits.

It was a dense crowd that seemed endless.

Tang Zheng did not feel any fear, as his battle spirit rose even higher and he roared: “Kill!”. With a leap in the air he flipped over the evil spirit of the Japanese and swept his black blade, and a large head rolled to the ground. The large body immediately toppled and turned into black Qi, which became his blade's nourishment.

Tang Zheng raised his flashlight and shone it, just as he expected, he was surrounded by evil spirits and they were all in Japanese uniforms.

The year the ones that died were not only the Japanese but also Chinese soldiers, but right now there were only Japanese evil spirits. This clearly indicated that they had consumed countless Chinese soldier ghosts.

Tang Zheng's blood was boiling and burning. He wanted to go on a massacre. He was unable to participate and fight in the great battle for his country, but today he will rid this place of all the evils spirits from deceased Japanese soldiers.

He would slaughter them all!

He roared at the evil spirits surrounding him. This must have been just like how his country’s fighters must have roared back then.

Tang Zheng’s roar agitated the evil spirits, as they rushed at him. Tang Zheng with one hand holding the blade and the other hand holding the flashlight ran into the crowd.

Shua shua shua!

The blade flashed with a gleam that did not look outstanding yet possessed concentrated killing intent, as it danced between evil spirits.

Heaven Flying Immortal. The graceful, fleeting blade light was like an immortal descending from heaven to eliminate these wicked evil spirits to cleanse this universe.

The evil spirits roared nonstop, as they futilely attempted to block Tang Zheng’s blade, but wherever Tang Zheng went, the evil spirits would be quickly dismembered and then absorbed by his blade.

As the blade absorbed more Yin Qi, it seemed like it was about to raise a level and Tang Zheng’s Heaven Flying Immortal Technique also likewise seemed to improve its connection with the blade.

This densely packed group of a hundred or so evil spirits quickly found half their ranks cut down. As the night grew even darker, the battle became even fiercer.

A hissing sound rang out from the back of the crowd and the evil spirits suddenly all stopped, as they all made a path to the two sides.

Tang Zheng awkwardly stared at this scene, as he did not know what happened.

Peng peng peng!

The ground seemed to shake, as muffled walking sound gradually approached. A three-meter tall evil spirit walked into Tang Zheng’s line of sight. Its body had on the uniform of a general, and without a doubt, he had eaten many souls in order to grow so large.

“Little brat, this evil spirit is nothing to look down upon. You must be careful.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng’s gaze locked on the other. Without a single word, he kicked off and blew towards the other, like a gust of wind. His opponent also rushed forward, carrying its own weapon.

The weapon it carried was a katana, which countless years ago was used by the Japanese to kill his Chinese countryman cruelly. Moreover, they had slaughtered in such a way that it was like a game. This katana was not manifested by Yin Qi but was an actual katana.

Their blades met, and sparks flew. Tang Zheng felt a huge force transfer into his arms, as it was like Tian Chanzi had said, this evil spirit general was definitely not like the other evil spirits. Its strength was many times stronger.

But so what if it was strong, Tang Zheng would still not retreat, as he must kill them all.

The Japanese evil general spirit glared into Tang Zheng’s eyes with its terrible eyes. Even after many tens of years, its eyes still contained an arrogance that looked down upon the world.

Tang Zheng lifted his head to look into the other's gaze, without the least bit of fear. He did look down upon the other’s arrogance, as he thought to himself, ‘today I will definitely gouge out those prideful eyes of yours and mince them.'

Tang Zheng gave a low roar and charged forth, his black blade pierced towards the other’s skull. In order to kill an evil spirit, he must cut off their head, as injuring them would not kill them even if it were piercing them in the chest, as they did not have a heart.

The General evil spirit lifted his blade with both hands and chopped down with great strength.

Another spark flew, but this time their blades did not separate but locked tightly together.

Tang Zheng’s two legs landed heavily on the ground, as rocks were sent flying. The katana pressed down on him, as Tang Zheng’s arms unconsciously bent at an angle.

This General evil spirit had immense strength. Moreover, it was both tall and large, looking down upon him which greatly increased his destructive power.

Tang Zheng’s gaze became even fiercer, as he clenched down on his teeth and hurriedly employed the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll causing a strong force of Qi to enter the black blade. Hong*, the black blade shone even brighter, as Tang Zheng’s arms slowly pushed out. *SFX*

The General evil spirit seeing the situation gave a loud roar, and the surrounding crowd of evil spirits immediately reacted, as they got the order. In a moment they all charged and attacked.

“Despicable!” Tang Zheng clenched his teeth, as he saw the evil spirits rush him. If he did not block them off, then they will definitely tear him to shreds.

Hence, he gave a low roar and bending down his body he transitioned into a row to avoid the incoming katana strike. The katana fiercely struck the ground leaving behind a large cut in the ground, a testament to its terrifying power.

Tang Zheng was like a carp, and he twisted his body around. The general evil spirit had already appeared before his face, shua, the black blade as if to chop and the incoming evil spirit was cut into two.

But the evil spirits were still rushing him from all sides, so Tang Zheng flicked his wrist and brought with it a flash of light from his blade. Shua shua shua, the Heaven Flying Immortal exerted its power, as he spun in a circle resulting in head after head falling to the ground.

In the span of a breath, he had beheaded another ten evil spirits. The General evil spirit, seeing this, let out an angry roar as it blocked Tang Zheng’s path, so as to block him from killing any more evil spirits.

“This General evil spirit is simply too tall and big. Moreover, its strength is great. It is indeed hard to deal with him.” Tang Zheng’s thoughts quickly churned, as he sought its weakness.

This continuous attack had a large drain on his Qi, and he could not continue indefinitely like this. Suddenly, his gaze fell on the General evil spirits thighs.

Right, since it is so tall, then I will just cut off its two legs and see just how useful its height will be then.

Tang Zheng broke into a mad run as he charged forward, striking out towards its two thighs. The katana descended from the sky and fell in front of Tang Zheng, blocking his path.

It seems as if the General evil spirit also knew its weak point was its two thighs and therefore guarded them carefully.

Shit! How crafty.

Tang Zheng would naturally not give up and continued to attack the other’s lower body.


Suddenly, an earth shattering roar rang out from behind Tang Zheng frightening him. This General evil spirit had never opened his mouth to speak, so just who roared “Kill”?

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