Chapter 133: Seeking one’s own death

Chapter 133: Seeking one’s own death

As midnight approached, the heaven and the earth blurred into solid darkness

Six people scurried down from a car, the leader was a man who had a scar on his face, looking exceptionally fierce. The five people following behind him also did not look like good people either, each looking vile.

“Brother Scar, do we still give chase? That area is the battle site.” One of the lackey whined with fear, as he looked at the distant Tang Zheng.

The others also had faces of fear, as the reputation of this battle site was simply too well known that it causes fear in the listener.

The scarred leader cursed: “F*ck, scared my ass. We have so many people. Even if there are ghost, this daddy will capture one. This daddy has lived many years but never had a chance to see a ghost, so it wouldn’t be bad to broaden my horizons.”

When his followers heard his words their bickering grew bigger, as they were afraid of throwing their face in front of their brothers, as they would be a laughingstock.

“Alright, we will listen to Brother Scar and grab that little brat. In this wild desolate area, moreover in the battle site, it is a good place to remove all evidence. Plus, even if other people saw it, they would definitely think that it was the work of a ghost.” A lackey said.

Scar Brother licked his lips and praised: “Not bad, you have a bit of brain. This little brat did not go anywhere else and specifically chose this place. He is simply seeking his own death. Brother Fei passed this matter onto us, so after we have successfully completed this mission we will be greatly reward. Understand?”


“Go, hurry up and catch him before the little brat runs away.” Several people brought out sharp weapons and ran towards the center of the abandoned factory.

Tang Zheng’s flashlight was like a bright lantern that attracted the six people over. They did not bring any light because they were deeply worried about being discovered, hence they could only feel their way through the dark.

Step after step they gradually reached Tang Zheng, only to see Tang Zheng standing on a patch of ground that was different from its surrounding. The area he was standing on was devoid of weeds and looked pitched black, like someone had spilled ink on it.

These people did not realize the difference in the ground and excitedly charged forward. Their steps rang out attracting Tang Zheng’s attention and with a sweep of his flashlight, he revealed the people but they were done hiding. The six men boldly made their move towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng was originally waiting for evil spirits, when he heard noises. He thought that it was evil spirits but he felt that something was wrong, since it wasn’t midnight yet, so shouldn’t this group of evil spirits have come too early?

He held the black blade in his hand and turned his body to chop outwards only to discover that what was revealed under his flashlight was not evil spirits, but six fierce looking man who did not seem to bear him any good will.

“Who are you?” Tang Zheng roared. Could it be thieves? This group of people sure had big guts, as they dare bring their act here.

The scarred leader took a step forward, as he used his hand to block the light. He fiercely said: “Little brat, your guts aren’t small, as you haven’t run after seeing us.”

“Why should I run? I think you guys should be running, as there will be ghost appearing soon. If you do not run then it might be too late.” Tang Zheng warned from the kindness of his heart.

Those who heard the word ‘ghost’ unconsciously trembled, as they scanned their surrounding as if deeply afraid that a ghost might crawl out from somewhere. Yet, the scarred leaders guts was big and he gave a boisterous laugh: “This daddy is not afraid of anything, so why would I be afraid of ghost?”

It is indeed true that there are times when some people are scarier than ghost and it seems like this scarred leader understood this logic.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said: “Since you guys aren’t afraid then just stay here and wait. The ghosts will be coming out shortly.”

“F*ck, stop trying to scare this daddy with all this talk about ghosts. This daddy is not afraid of anything. This daddy is not afraid of killing people, so what is there to be scared about when it comes to ghost? If I was afraid of ghost, I wouldn’t kill people then.” The leader bragged, “Hei, little brat do you want to use ghosts to scare us off? It won’t work! Today, you will leave your life behind and this daddy wants to see how you become a malevolent spirit to come and haunt me.”

Tang Zheng’s expression became cold, as he could discern their intention. This group of people hadn’t come to rob him but had followed him here and wanted to intentionally cause trouble for him.

“Here I was thinking that normally no one would come here, so they were actually attracted over by me.” Tang Zheng came to the sudden realization but he was not afraid. He even asked leisurely: “You guys want to kill me? Who sent you? At least let me die knowing the reason for it.”

Tang Zheng intentionally portrayed himself as being weak, to let them become careless. The group of men no longer felt any fear towards ghosts, as they all stared fiercely at Tang Zheng, as if he were a sheep ready for slaughter.

“Haha, now you are scared? This is the results for offending Brother Fei, in the future when you reincarnate you should be smarter.” Scar Face smiled and his lackeys all burst out into laughter, which rang out in the empty and deserted factory bringing an eerily feel.

“Brother Fei? That should be Hoodlum (A’Fei).”

“Can you so casually call his name, Hoodlum? No wonder Hoodlum wanted us to come and deal with you. It is because you are so cocky.” Scar Face reprimanded.

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows, as he did not acknowledge the other’s language but was trying to figure out why Hoodlum had sent people to kill him. Could it be because his relationship with Lin Hu was discovered?

But that can’t be right, because if their relationship was known then Lin Hu would have notified him.

Could it be Huang Ziyang? Huang Ziyang had try to kill him before but in the end he faced off against the Medicine King, who was protecting him. Aside from him, there could not be anyone else but the Medicine King did not mention this.

Huang Ziyang definitely must still be alive, otherwise Huang Si would have gone into a rage and there would be no peace in Chang Heng City. So, this was most likely caused by Huang Ziyang who told Hoodlum to kill him.

After looking at things carefully, Tang Zheng once again rejected this idea as Huang Ziyan was clear on his ability, so he would not send this bunch of lackeys to their death.

“Nevermind, playing this guessing game is too hard, when the time comes I will just ask him straight up.” Tang Zheng shook his head and just decided not to waste time thinking about this issue anymore.

Seeing Tang Zheng without the least bit of fear, Scar face felt as if his might was being attacked, as he thought I came to kill you, yet you are not afraid. What the hell is going on right now?

“Little brat, if you bow and kowtow to this daddy three times, then I will let you die a painless death. Otherwise you will die a terrible death.”

Tang Zheng shook his head and sighed: “Why couldn’t you find a place to kill someone. You just had to chose this place huh? It seems like tonight will be the day you die.”

“Haha, he actually say that today is the day we die. This little brat must be scared witless, let’s see just who will die today. Brother Scar, there is no need to talk pointlessly with him. Kill him!”

Scar Face nodded his head: “Alright, charge. Kill him!”

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge the other, but lowered his head to look at his phone. It was midnight.

At midnight, the door to the ghost realm opens.

In this ancient battle site there was no ghost door but the lone souls and evil spirits still follow this time rule. Hence, a wave of cold yin energy blew in the surroundings causing a rustling noise, which was exceptionally ear piercing in the silent night.

“How come it suddenly became cold?”

“Right, there’s wind now. Everyone hurry up and make a move, so that we can return and visit our women. Our comfy beds are countless times better than being here.”

It was already May and the weather has gradually became warmer, but this group of people did not think too much about this cold wind. From this, it was evident that they were not the smartest group.

Tang Zheng was too lazy to acknowledge the other and did not even look at them. Instead, he turned and walked into the darkness.

“Don’t let him run away!” Scar Face gave a loud roar and everyone charged at Tang Zheng.

Suddenly, they knocked against something and even bounced back. The group of people fell heavily and clumsily, as they gave a scream: “Scar Brother, this little brat has set up an ambush.”

“F*ck, we brought so many people, so why should we be afraid of an ambush.” Looking at the pitch blackness around them they could not see anything, as Tang Zheng had his light beam aimed at him. This caused them to think that the thing they bumped into must have been Tang Zheng’s companions.

“Cut it! Mother of… to dare ambush this daddy. I will cut up whoever comes up.” Scar Face revealed a fiendish look. If he was unable to take care of this small matter Brother Fei gave him, then how would Brother Fei trust him. At the same time, he would also be made a joke out by other people.

The few people got back on their feet and brandished their knife at the darkness.

They felt as if they were chopping against a steel board, as several muffled sound rang out and their blades were reflected back, causing them to almost injure themselves.

They were greatly shocked, as they called out: “Brother Scar, this is a bit hard. We can’t do it.”

Scar Face saw Tang Zheng walking towards the dark and even with his flashlight, the light did not extend for far, as if the darkness was impenetrable.

Of course Scar Face did not acknowledge this anomaly, as he was only afraid that Tang Zheng might run away, because then he would not be able to face Brother Fei.

Hence, he raised his blade and cut down, taking the lead to charge forward, as he fiercely sent out chop after chop.


He caught the other and this time it did not bounce back, as if it had gotten stuck within the other's shoulder blade, unable to let him move it.

“F*ck, help this daddy out. Mother of. This person surely must have died a miserable death. I might have actually chopped into his brain.” Scar Face said with satisfaction.

“Brother Scar is so almighty, to actually dare try to block Brother Scar. If god dares blocks his path then god will be slaughtered, if buddha dares block his path then buddha will be slaughter.” Several people gave their flattering praise.

“Right, even if ghost appear then ghost will be slaughtered.” Another lackey said thinking on the spot, as he added onto the praise.

Scar Face had a large satisfied smile, as this group of lackeys really know how to talk.

The group of people all grabbed onto the hilt but could not see the situation due to the darkness and used all their force to pull.

“Isn’t this cut too deeply, I guess I have inborn strength.” Scar Face thought in self-satisfaction.

“Little brat, give this daddy some light so I can pull this out.”

A lackey immediately pulled out his phone and opened the flashlight app, bringing with it a bright beam. Even though the light could not penetrate far into the darkness, it was enough for the few people to get a clear look.

The group of people stared with wide eyes, as if they wanted to admire Brother Scar’s handiwork but what they saw was not the shiny white brain builds but a inky black substance. The blade they were trying to pull out, was currently wrapped up within this inky black substance.

“What in the f*ck is that?” Scar Face gathered up and asked.

A face emerged from this inky object, only a few centimeters away from Scar Face. The face that appeared was lifeless and there was a hole in the face, that was dark and unable to be seen clearly. A pair of pupils rose out, as if they may fall out at any time.

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