Chapter 132: Disturbance at the Reception

Chapter 132: Disturbance at the Reception

Tang Zheng was forced beyond his abilities, as he was dragged to the dance floor leaving behind an awkward Song Donghua who was still in a courteous bowing position, which attracted many people’s pointed fingers.

Song Donghua’s expression became very much like that of pig intestines as his eyes practically spit fire. Liu Qingmei was clearly intentionally trying to humiliate him.

In reality, Liu Qingmei did not even think about humiliating others as she was not that bored, it was only that she did not put him in her eyes. She also forgot to account for the fact that Tang Zheng did not know how to dance at all.

“Hey, why are you standing dazed off. Hurry up and put your arms around my waist.” The two stood on the dance floor as Liu Qingmei urged.

“Oh.” Tang Zheng unconsciously put his arms around her waist and with a bit of force she was pressed firmly against his chest, her breasts changing shape under the force.

She was nearly frightened into a scream as she angrily said: “Tang Zheng, what are you doing?” She thought that he had intentionally tried to take advantage of her, as he had a history.

Tang Zheng innocently said: “Didn’t you tell me to hold your waist?”

“There is no need to hold me that tight. Could it be that you had never danced the waltz?”

“Don’t talk about the waltz, I don’t even know any type of dance.” Tang Zheng was a poor man’s child, so where would he have the chance to learn such a thing.

Liu Qingmei could not help but roll her eyes, even after running through countless plans she forgot about this one small detail. But since they have already entered the dance floor and Song Donghua was standing on the side looking with a tiger’s gaze they could not simply just up and leave.

“I’ll teach you. You follow my steps.” Liu Qingmei silently fixed Tang Zheng’s posture and gave him a simple explanation on the steps, before moving with the music.

The two were mingled within the crowd and did not attract too much attention. Tang Zheng carefully followed her instructions and due to their close proximity, he could smell her distinct body fragrance.

She was wearing a long dress that was similar to an evening gown. The dress was low cut and with Tang Zheng’s 175 centimeter tall height which was taller than her, he could easily see a field of white by just lowering his head. This stood in contrast with her black laced bra, creating a very strong impact on his eyes.

Tang Zheng could not help but swallow his own saliva. This scene was simply too enticing!

Liu Qingmei was aware of his action and with a fierce gaze she coldly said: “Where are your eyes looking?”

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble and his footstep went into disarray.


Liu Qingmei let out a low voice of pain, as Tang Zheng had stepped on her: “Did you do that on purpose?”

“No, I don’t know how to dance remember.” Tang Zheng explained.

Liu Qingmei gouged him with her eyes, as she regretted her impulsiveness in bringing him to the dance floor, as she was simply punishing herself.


She was stepped on again as Tang Zheng awkwardly said “It really wasn’t intentional.”

Liu Qingmei’s eyes spit out fire as she gave a cold hmph


There was another pitiful cry, except this time it wasn’t Liu Qingmei but Tang Zheng. She had intentionally step on his feet with her high heels.

“You’re the one that's doing it intentionally?!” Tang Zheng angrily said.

Liu Qingmei’s eyes flashed with a crafty glint as she said: “It was clearly you who has disturbed my tempo, so it can’t be considered my fault.”

Tang Zheng was speechless, as he was too lazy to argue with her. All he could do was hope that this would end quickly, but the heavens do not follow the desires of man. Liu Qingmei’s beauty was too dazzling and countless people were eyeing her and several tried to get close to her during the dance.

Tang Zheng’s eyes were all seeing and his ears were all hearing, so how could he possibly not see the perverted glint in the crowds eyes. He saw this one young fatty who moved to her side and was intentionally trying to rub his butt against her.

In the end, Liu Qingmei was his teacher and also her dance partner, so how could he let other people take advantage of her? For this reason, with the slip of his hand it moved from her waist to her butt and through the thin long dress, he could feel that shockingly elastic ass.

“What are you doing?” Liu Qingmei quickly lost color in her face as this little brat wouldn’t change. He actually dared take advantage of her, “Hurry up and move your dirty hands otherwise I’ll get angry.”

She was his teacher yet she was constantly being taken advantage of by him and in front of so many people to. So, how could she not be angry?

But Tang Zheng seriously said: “Stop messing.”

He even dared tell me to stop messing and you are feeling me up? Liu Qingmei nearly went crazy and did not have time to reprimand him, when she heard a loud pitiful cry that resembled that of a dying pig. The sound rang out so loud it covered the music.

This sound was released by that fatty, as with a point of Tang Zheng’s fingers a wave of true Qi penetrated the other’s butt, so it would be weird if the other did not let out a pitiful cry.

Everyone stopped. Their eyes shifted over only to see a person with a beet red face and in intense pain, so much so that he almost cried out.

They did not understand what was going on but Liu Qingmei was clearly shocked, especially when she saw Tang Zheng’s lips curl up in an evil smile. He must have done something bad.

“What did you just do?”

“He wanted to take advantage of you so I taught him a lesson.” Tang Zheng gave an evil laugh.

It was then that Liu Qingmei knew she had misjudged him and that his hand only slide down to protect her. She unconsciously felt a bit of remorse: “Tang Zheng, I apologize for misunderstanding you.”

“It’s alright, anyways this isn’t the first time you misunderstood me.” Tang Zheng magnanimously said.

“So, can you remove your hands now?”

Tang Zheng reluctantly moved his hand, as that feeling was simply too amazing. Liu Qingmei turned her body around, as she stared at the man behind her who did not dare meet her gaze. He then quickly disappeared into the crowd to escape.

“Despicable!” Liu Qingmei coldly said, “Tang Zheng, let’s go.”

Tang Zheng resentfully loosened his hand, as the two walked towards Jiang Yongda: “Uncle Jiang, we still have matters to attend to so we will be leaving first.”

Jiang Yongda did not force anything: “Alright, then I will see you next time.” He sent the two off with his eyes, while Song Donghua stood to his side with a gloomy face, not saying a word.

Jiang Yongda gave him a look and patted his shoulders: “Don’t try to run before you can walk.”

Song Donghua did not hear these words, as he only felt great unwilling at having lost to a high school student. He resolved himself that he must take care of him and he quietly moved to a corner and made a phone call: “Hey, Hoodlum, can you help me with something…”

Tang Zheng sat on Liu Qingmei’s car. She was still angry, as she was nearly taken advantage of by someone and she swore that she would never again attend any random dance.

“Where are you going?” She glance and asked the calm Tang Zheng.


“Upstream Residential Community?” Liu Qingmei asked testily.


“You moved into Upstream Residential Community that quickly?” Liu Qingmei asked flabbergasted.

“Is there a problem?”

Liu Qingmei flicked her lips in disdain.

“Since today’s mission has been completed can you not take me to these kinds of places again Teacher Liu. It is all so fake and exhausting.”

Liu Qingmei let out a long sigh: “Right, it is pointless.”

“If it’s pointless why do you still go?”

“There’s no choice, moreover you also saw Song Donghua. He is so annoying. Maybe today when he sees that you are my boyfriend, he will give me some peace.”

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder not thinking so: “I do not think so. He knows my identity and will definitely guess that it is fake.”

“Then what should I do?”

“How should I know? I’m not relationship expert.”

Liu Qingmei looked at him and said: “You are swimming between two girls like it’s natural, so if you aren’t a relationship expert then who is?”

Tang Zheng was too lazy to explain, so he decided to just not talk. He saw Upstream Residential Community up front, so he grabbed his bag and hopped off the car.

The second day after school was over, he ate diner with Fang Shishi before returning home. As of today her parents are no longer resistant to them, giving them more freedom.

Even so, Fang Shishi was still a good student and only used her free time to relax. During school the two did not make any intimate actions.

After all, that day when he gave her a kiss it caused quite the uproar. Now when Tang Zheng is walking around campus, there are quite a few people who would point at him and whisper.

If it wasn’t for the rumor that he was a good fighter, there may just be someone who had tried to beat him up.

Tang Zheng was currently a weird existence in school, as he was last place out of the whole school but he could obtain one of the campus belle, Fang Shishi. Moreover, he was also able to maintain an unexplainable relationship with the other campus belle, Ye Dingdang.

He was simply a love saint and of course a public enemy, as not only males but females did not look to him well. After all to ‘set foot in two ships’ was not something that girls would like.

After sending Fang Shishi back home and checking up on her cultivation, Tang Zheng decided that after a few days she should use a Spirit Pill to raise her cultivation.

Her foundations were solid, so now she has to focus on raising her cultivation. Right now she focused completely on cultivation and did not learn any martial arts, as that was Tian Chanzi’s wish. He did not want her to practice yet because he wanted to wait till he ‘rebirthed’.

Around 10 PM   after Tang Zheng was sure that his grandfather was asleep, he tiptoed outside the house and rushed out the city towards the battle site.

What he did not discover was that there was a car that trailed him in the distance, before arriving at this place that is rarely visited by people.

Chang Heng City expanded really quickly towards the south, as the suburbs were quickly developed. On the contrary the north side of the city was undeveloped, as by expanding in that direction would make building on the battle site inevitable.

Basically all business people know about the haunted battle site and even if the government lowered the price of the land to be very cheap, no one would buy it.

With the predecessors’ blood and experiences, no one would dare touch that corrupted land for money.

In front of one’s life, money was secondary.

But towards Tang Zheng those kinds of corrupt places did not make him feel fear but excitement, because the black blade was happy. He rushed all the way there and the black blade felt as if a big meal was coming hence it also droned incessantly.

On this night, the clouds covered the sky so that not even a ray of moonlight shone through. Tang Zheng traveled with a flashlight and it was only after a good half hour that he saw his destination.

It was an abandoned land with weed growing in abundance. There could be some steel reinforced bar seen laying around but they were covered in thick moss.

Tang Zheng could imagine how someone would want to create a fighting arena here and the sadness that came from being forced to retreat. In the past two days Tang Zheng had specifically looked around for information concerning the person who died from the developer, only to find that after the incident he later died from bleeding from his seven orifices. The doctors could not discover what was wrong and many people said that it was the ghost who had come to collect his life.

Tang Zheng stepped forward with one foot and retracted his other, just like that he borrowed the flashlight’s light to walk towards the center of the construction site. It was almost midnight…

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