Chapter 131: Fake Boyfriend

Chapter 131: Fake Boyfriend

Tang Zheng looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing a suit that accentuated his already robust figure. Without his immature, juvenile air, he appeared to be more mature and fit the standard description of a handsome man.

This was all the result of Liu Qingmei bringing him to the shopping center right after school, with the intent to dress him up for the reception tonight.

Tang Zheng did not know that going to a reception was this troublesome, but he could not get out of it and had to allow himself to be pulled around.

Liu Qingmei’s eyes flashed with a hint of shock, as this little brat after a little dress up actually looked pretty decent. No wonder Fang Shishi and Ye Dingdang are fighting over him.

“Lady, your boyfriend is very handsome. This suit fits him well.” The sales assistant said.

“Boyfriend.” Tang Zheng stared wide-eyed as he looked oddly at Liu Qingmei, deeply afraid that she would fly into a rage. Seeing that she declined to comment: “Indeed, it doesn’t look bad. Then it will be this set.”

At this moment, Tang Zheng from the inside to the outside with the exception of his underwear, was changed.

This was the first time Tang Zheng had got into such an attire, as he previously did not have the money to afford it hence he found it to be new and interesting. He even took a selfie in the mirror with his phone.

Hey, the phrase clothes make the man seems to be true.

As of today, his aura was no longer the same as other high school students and it would be difficult to make this association just from his appearance, especially after he put on the suit. If a stranger saw him they might mistake him for a successful young man.

“Check.” Liu Qingmei took out her card fluidly.

“Teacher Liu, these clothes are expensive.” Tang Zheng took a peek at the check and was inwardly speechless. Even a several thousand Yuan set of clothes did not make her blink.

Tang Zheng previously wore clothes that cost ten Yuans to a hundred Yuans. He had never worn such expensive clothes, as even if he had several hundred thousands Yuans in his account he would never had thought to spend money in this area.

Liu Qingmei coldly swept over him: “I am the one paying the bills and not you, so what are you scared of?”

Tang Zheng simply shut his mouth and did not say anything. All he could do was carry his clothes back to the MINI* (*TL: Liu Qingmei’s car).

“Act more intelligent later and do not slip up.” Liu Qingmei advised while driving.

“What slip up?”

“Today, you’ll pretend to be my boyfriend and attend a reception. In a bit, the people you will be meeting will not be as easy to convince as that sales person. These people are intelligent and in a moment of carelessness you will be seen through by them.” Liu Qingmei said.

“Pretend to be your boyfriend?” Tang Zheng was shocked, as he had not expected to pretend to be her fake boyfriend. Could it be that I really do look like a firefighter who is supposed to rescue her.

Now it was not just Ye Dingdang but even Liu Qingmei had joined, causing him to feel the need to clarify.

“Teacher Liu, I am just your student. Moreover, there is such a large gap so other people would not believe that I am your boyfriend.”

Liu Qingmei stood erect as she gave him a deadly glance: “Are you saying that I am old and am not fitting for you.”

Tang Zheng knew that telling a girl that she looked old was a sure way of seeking death so he hurriedly waved his hand: “That was not my intention, Liu Qingmei is very young and can not be distinguished from my female classmate. What I was talking about is that I am only a student and may not be able to play the part of a boyfriend.”

“Bad at acting? I don’t think so. I see you swimming around between Fang Shishi and Ye Dingdang like a fish in the water. So, your experience should be plentiful.” Liu Qingmei sarcastically said.

Tang Zheng distantly said: “Teacher Liu, please don’t misjudge me so.”

“Heng, I don’t care about your matters but tonight you must put on a good act, otherwise you will know what will happen.” Liu Qingmei threatened.

Tang Zheng sighed as he had no other choice. Who told him to have a teacher like her, who knew his weakness. Since this is the case, then he can only continue further on the path of being a fake boyfriend.

The car stopped in front of a five-star hotel and after they got off the car, Liu Qingmei intimately held onto Tang Zheng’s arm causing him to unconsciously stiffen up.

“Relax, stop being so stiff. No one’s going to eat you.” Liu Qingmei said quietly.

Tang Zheng let out a long breath. Since he was here he might as well continue, hence he loosened up.

Tang Zheng adjusted really quickly and immediately relaxed, as he held his head up and walked with her towards the entrance.

“Qingmei, you came.” Someone walked out the door, his tone very intimate but upon seeing the scene in front of him, his face immediately stiffened up in disbelief.

This person was of course, Song Donghua, who saw Tang Zheng stay the night over at Liu Qingmei’s house. At that time he felt great anger and wanted to go against Tang Zheng, but suppressed it with great difficulty as he did not have time to deal with the other.

Of course, he never gave up his pursuit of Liu Qingmei and tried even harder, much to the annoyance of Liu Qingmei. He was like a plaster that clung to her, leaving her with no choice.

She also received an invitation for this reception from him and she originally had plans to reject, but Chang Heng City’s major later personally invited her, making it hard for her to not attend.

This city major was one of Liu Qingmei’s father's old subordinates and they were familiar with each other. All this made it even harder for her to reject and since she already knew that Song Donghua would take this opportunity to harass her, she decided to just drag Tang Zheng here and make him play the role of her boyfriend to counter this annoying housefly.

Speaking up to here, it was evident that Liu Qingmei did not make any friends during the past few years when she stayed in Chang Heng City, not to mention friends of the opposite sex. This left Tang Zheng as the most suitable candidate for this position.

Liu Qingmei expressionlessly nodded and pulled Tang Zheng towards the interior of the building.

Song Donghua saw the two all intimate and felt his anger burn. In the end, he managed to suppress it and hang on a light smile before following: “Mayor Jiang is waiting over there on the side for you. I will lead you over.”

“No need, I will go over myself.” Liu Qingmei rejected as she and Tang Zheng walked over to Mayor Jiang Yongda.

Jiang Yongda saw the two approaching from the distance: “Qingmei, I did not know that the old leader’s young miss was staying in my own administrative region. I sincerely apologize for my neglect.”

His tone was very intimate as if they were old acquaintances.

Liu Qingmei was as cold as usual and replied: “Uncle Jiang is busy with formal affairs, so I should not bother. Moreover, I enjoy the peace and quiet.”

He did not think much of her coldness, as he knew it was just how she was.

“No matter how busy work gets, I would still make time to go see you. You don’t know just how worried the old leader is of you.” Jiang Yongda said with a smile.

Jiang Yongda was without a doubt the center of attention, as there were countless eyes focused on him. Upon seeing that he was conversing intimately with a beauty, they all tried to guess at Liu Qingmei’s identity.

This even drew attention to Tang Zheng but he was not at all unaccustomed to it, as he curiously surveyed the reception looking at the people in suits, each one successful. They all held their wine glasses high and gathered in groups of twos and three, conversing in low voices.

“Who is this sir?” Jiang Yongda’s gaze fell upon Tang Zheng’s body, revealing his doubt.

“My boyfriend Tang Zheng.” At this moment Liu Qingmei grabbed Tang Zheng even harder, as she pushed her voluptuous breasts against his arm.

A weird gaze flashed through Jiang Yongda’s gaze as he couldn’t help but unconsciously glance at Song Donghua, who awkwardly lowered his head. Even so, those who had the ability to attend this reception especially someone at Jiang Yongda’s level would not easily reveal their inner emotions, as he said with the same passion: “Sir Tang, it is your humble servant, I, Jiang Yongda’s pleasure to meet you.”

Saying this he took the initiative to stretch out his hand, as he was not clear on Tang Zheng’s background. Even so, since he was Liu Qingmei’s boyfriend, then he should take the initiative to express his enthusiasm.

Tang Zheng did not have the slightest hint of hesitation and gently shook hands. Tang Zheng did not feel uncomfortable nor did he possess the fawning and careful attitude that other government officials may have.

What a joke, he is a cultivator so how could he possibly bend and scrape over an official. He would definitely be looked down upon to death by Tian Chanzi.

Liu Qingmei gave Tang Zheng a weird look, as the way he carried himself just now did not fit the mold of a high school student. She even thought that she would reveal himself and did not expect him to act so well.

Even Jiang Yongda was trying to guess Tang Zheng’s background and even took him to be some wealthy child from a strong family. Only Song Donghua knew Tang Zheng’s real identity as he inwardly looked town on the other: “Act, I want to see just how you will continue to carry on acting? An ugly toad will ultimately be unable to step up to the stage.”

“Uncle Jiang, you first take care of your business. We will stand to the side.” Liu Qingmei showed her face and that was enough as there was no reason to continue to be the center of attention, as she was deeply afraid that Tang Zheng might slip up.

Jiang Yongda gave a reserved smile and nodded then gave Song Donghua the eye. Song Donghua understood as he walked over to his side.

“Who is that Tang Zheng?” Jiang Yongda asked in quietly.

Song Donghua could barely suppress his internal rage and said: “Her student.”

“Student? Doesn’t she teach high schoolers?”

“Right, that little brat is a high school student, moreover he was raised by an old man who collects garbage.”

Even if it was a veteran official such as Jiang Yongda, he could not suppress his shock as he looked at the distant Tang Zheng. He seriously could not picture him with the person Song Donghua had just described.

“That little brat only knows how to act. He is not some kind of amazing character.” Song Donghua continued to slander Tang Zheng.

Jiang Yongda profoundly looked at his own secretary and said: “Donghua, why are you getting so agitated over a high school student? Don’t you know what background Liu Qingmei has? How could she possibly be with a high school student. Maybe she is just trying to test you out?”

Song Donghua was silent, as he could not possibly say that he personally saw Tang Zheng stay over the night at Liu Qingmei’s house.

Jiang Yongda patted his shoulder and said: “Perform well tonight, as you must get a better understanding of Liu Qingmei. I still view you in a good light and will take you with me when I go visit the old leader.”

Song Donghua became excited. Right, if he could not take care of Liu Qingmei from his side, then he can make a move from her family’s side. As long as he can deal with her father, then wouldn’t he still get her in the end?

Song Donghua acted like he woke from a dream and was moved to tears: “Thank you, boss.”

Tang Zheng and Liu Qingmei stood to the corner but quite a few people came over to try to strike up a conversation with her, as she was the most beautiful lady present at the reception. Even so, Liu Qingmei was a real ice mountain as she was not moved in the least, leaving all these successful gentlemen feeling hopeless. In the end, they could not help but give Tang Zheng a second glance as if to see just what was so special about this brat, so as to make a lady so hellbent on him.

The gentle music faded away as Jiang Yongda stepped onto the stage and gave a passionate speech. It seems that this reception was an investment promotion event and the people in attendance were successful people from all walks of life.

Tang Zheng and Liu Qingmei did not care at all for the speech, as they focused on their cup of red wine. Liu Qingmei even specifically warned Tang Zheng that he was young and should not drink too much.

After the speech was over, the music came back and the dance began. Quite a few people took their partners onto the dance stage for a dance.

Song Donghua walked over and politely asked: “Qingmei, may I have the honor of having your first dance?”

“No!” Liu Qingmei rejected him without care and pulled Tang Zheng to the dance stage.

Tang Zheng was greatly shocked. I don’t know how to dance!

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