Chapter 130: I’ll Just Marry You Then!

Chapter 130: I’ll Just Marry You Then!

The Messenger who was nailed to the ground struggled for a bit before he stopped moving, scaring the other ghosts present to scurry to find a place to hide.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief after he dealt with the two Messengers there was no one else who would know of tonight’s events, so he would be safe.

He bent down to pick up the command token feeling it sink into his palms. He did not know what material it was made from but on the command token was inscribed a small word which Tang Zheng barely made out to be “Messenger”. It seems this was a token to signify a Messengers status.

Tang Zheng stuffed it into his pocket before arriving before the other Messenger to retrieve his black blade.

Yi? The black blade stabbed into the Messenger’s chest causing a big hole to appear as strands of black Qi disseminated from the Messenger’s body, which was rapidly absorbed by the blade.

Tang Zheng looked at this scene in shock. When he grabbed ahold of his blade, it released an excited humming noise and at that moment Tang Zheng clearly understood its intentions.

The Messengers were congealed with Yin Qi which was more concentrated than the Yin Qi from the evil spirit, even so both were lacking when compared to pure Yin Qi. The Messenger’s Yin Qi was mingled with ambition and ferocity both of which the blade seemed to like.

“Alright, then I’ll let you get it easy and allow you to eat your fill. It will also be a good way to get rid of the corpse and any evidence related to it.”

The black blade as if it had heard his master's words, started to tremble even more as with its master’s permission its guts grew. With a sharp cry, the speed it absorbed the Yin Qi increased and a whirlpool even appeared on the surface of the blade. A Whooshing sound was heard and in the blink of an eye, the Messenger was completely converted into strands of black Qi, which was absorbed into the body of the blade.

The black light flashed and it seemed as if the blade became even darker, looking like ink and had a glossy gleam.

Once it was finished, it then turned to the other Messenger and restarted the process and made it into the blades delicious dessert. The two pikes were no exception, as they too were also absorbed by the black blade.

Tang Zheng clicked his tongue in astonishment as his blade simply had too large of an appetite.

“Tian Chanzi, these ghost won’t reveal what happened right?’ Tang Zheng doubtfully asked as he looked at the crowd of ghost that were hiding in the distance.

Tian Chanzi confidently said: “Of course not, let’s hurry up and leave this place otherwise if some time passes and the Messengers haven’t returned then they will send follow up troops.”

Tang Zheng cleaned up a bit to make sure he did not leave behind any evidence and then quickly left the morgue. Looking off into the star filled sky, he let out a long sigh.

This time it was danger after danger, but he also had some gains as he at least got to broaden his knowledge on the ghost realm.

“Tian Chanzi, after this time when we took a poke at them the ghost realm will surely investigate the situation thoroughly. So, it’d be best if we don’t go to the morgue as often.” Tang Zheng regretfully said.

“Ai, it seems like I will have to stay in your consciousness for a longer period of time. Anyways, the bodies we’ve seen are too terrible so we’ll take it slowly.” Tian Chanzi also knew the seriousness of reincarnation, so he would not force the situation.

“After absorbing so much Yin Qi it clearly undergone some changes. Where can I find a place that has plenty of Yin Qi, preferably someplace with evil spirits? I want to let it take in enough Yin Qi so that it can increase its strength giving me another line of protection for when the black-clothed man’s master comes.”

The two agreed on this point and after a bit of thinking, they both said at the same time: “Cemetery”.

“It’ll be better if it's an old graveyard as they do not attract newer ghosts nor would Messengers go there, hence why it easily becomes a gathering place for evil spirit which is exactly what you need.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng’s eyes brightened and the black blade seemed to let out an excited hum in reply.

“I know of a graveyard site not far from the city. It was said to have been an ancient battleground where quite a few people died. There was this one time when a construction company was eyeballing this land and decided to build on it. Not long after they started working there, were news of ghosts causing messes and in the end, a few had died. After that event, no one dared go over there.” Tang Zheng said as an idea struck him concerning this “amazing piece of land”.

“That kind of place must have some evil spirits so we should prepare a bit and go later tomorrow night since it’s better to lay low tonight especially after the ruckus you made.”

Tang Zheng chuckled in agreement but he could not follow through with the plan the next day because when he arrived at school he was pulled to the side by Liu Qingmei, who wanted him to accompany her to a reception later that night.

Tang Zheng remembered his agreement with her a few days ago and could only agree, leaving the visit to the graveyard on another day.

Ye Dingdang was in great spirit as the desk supported her hand which cupped her face. The moment she saw Tang Zheng walk in, her eyes lit up as a vigorous fighting aura appeared.

She had been feeling melancholy for the past few days, as the shock Tang Zheng had given her was not small. Even so, Ye Dingdang was no ordinary person and quickly adjusted from it, turning that energy into motivation. She was prepared to walk over to him as she set her mind to catching up and even surpassing Tang Zheng in terms of martial arts.

“Tang Zheng, I want to challenge you!” Ye Dingdang wave her fist around and solemnly challenged.

Tang Zheng was dumbstruck: “Oh, you’re that confident?”

“Of course, who do you take me, Ye Dingdang, for? My dream is to become the strongest martial artist in the world, so how could I possibly be struck down by you? Don’t try to dissuade my firm will because it is all futile!” Ye Dingdang chattered nonstop.

“Haha, relax, I will not try to dissuade you. You can do it!”

Ye Dingdang’s face flashed with doubt: “Could it be that you aren’t at all afraid of me catching up and even surpassing you?”

“I’ll worry about it when it happens.” Tang Zheng’s cultivation speed as of today even frightened him, giving him ample confidence in himself. For this reason he was not at all frightened by Ye Dingdang’s challenge.

Seeing him without the least bit of fear caused anger to arise within Ye Dingdang, as her eyeballs grew wide.

“Dammit, how can he act like he is not even worried at all!”

But right now she couldn’t possibly fly into a rage, because wouldn’t that just support the idea that she was incompetent. Hence she said: “Do you dare make a bet with me?”

“Oh, what kind of bet?” Tang Zheng was a bit interested.

“If I do surpass you then you must gracefully conceded defeat then declare to the world that you, Tang Zheng is not better than me, Ye Dingdang.

“Declare to the world? I’m afraid that not that many people would care about me.” Tang Zheng chuckled.

Ye Dingdang continued: “I don’t care, anyways you must declare to the world this point.”

“Okay, but what if you can never surpass me?”

“I will definitely surpass you.”

“That won’t do. Since this is a bet then you must also stake something, otherwise if you never surpass me then there is no gains. Wouldn’t it just be a great loss for me then?”

“I… I’ll just marry you then!” Ye Dingdang in the moment of anger blurted out.

Her voice was not soft and in the originally quiet classroom it rang out like thunder, causing people to look at them in succession. Everyone then looked at each other, their eyes one of shock.

Ye Dingdang wants to marry Tang Zheng!

This is way too fast, previously they said that they were engaged but now they are jumping a level?

Tang Zheng let out a cough, feeling incomparably award as this Ye Dingdang really did dare to declare that.

“Ye Dingdang, you want to marry my boyfriend?” It was unclear when Fang Shishi had walked in, but she had clearly heard Ye Dingdang’s gutsy declaration.

Even so she was not angry but had a bit of interest.

Ye Dingdang looked at Fang Shishi in astonishment, as she felt that over the past few days her and Tang Zheng’s relationship had been a bit different. It seems that every glance and every little action they made was steeped with affection.

“I was just making a bet with him.” How could Ye Dingdang just back off now, so she fearlessly said in an attempt to ward off the awkwardness.

Fang Shishi looked affectionately at Tang Zheng and said: “Then you have no chance.”

“I also think that.” Ye Dingdang arrogantly raised her neck “because my martial arts will definitely surpass him. He can only admit defeat.”

“Ah, so you were betting on this?” Fang Shishi was a bit shocked, as she apparently did not hear this part of the conversation and only heard Ye Dingdang’s declaration.

“If it wasn’t this then how could I have a chance?” Ye Dingdang said confused.

Fang Shishi’s expression was a bit weird as she knew that Tang Zheng was a cultivator and that his training speed was fast so she did not think that Ye Dingdang had a chance to surpass him.

She couldn’t help but feel vexed as she whispered into Tang Zheng’s ears: “You clearly know you will win, so is that why you intentionally made this bet?”

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or to laugh as he wanted nothing more than to cry out injustice: “How could I know that she wanted to bet that.”

“Heng.” Fang Shishi coquettishly said: “I want to see how you explain this situation.”

Tang Zheng became nervous: “She just said it in the heat of the moment. She will forget about it in a few days.”

“I will most definitely not forget, but in the future, I too will also surpass him. Whoever dares to steal my boyfriend I will beat her up.” Fang Shishi said with fighting spirit.

Tang Zheng bitterly looked at her, not knowing just where her fighting spirit came from. He could only silently sigh as this situation just became a mess.

“Let me tell you some good news, I’m already a Grade One Qi Refining Cultivator.” Fang Shishi said in satisfaction.

“Really?” Tang Zheng stared at her and discovered that she really was. It seems like Tian Chanzi’s words were dependable and that her physical constitution was amazing.

“Congratulations, you are simply too amazing!” Tang Zheng said with great joy, as he gave Fang Shishi an intimate kiss on the lips.

A marvelous sound arose from all four sides, as it must be known that everyone was still currently focusing their attention on this scene, so when they saw Tang Zheng kiss Fang Shishi on the lips, moreover in front of Ye Dingdang, it caused a huge uproar.

Tang Zheng also realized the issue and hurriedly let go of Fang Shishi, whose face was beet red like an apple. She gave him a cute glare but it was filled with boundless love.

This beautiful look caused everyone’s heart to be moved, as everyone simply was envious and jealous of Tang Zheng to the extreme. Even Feng Yong could not help but give Tang Zheng a thumbs up.

Ye Dingdang also did not imagine that Tang Zheng would have such courage and seeing Fang Shishi’s satisfaction caused Ye Dingdang to fiercely glare at Tang Zheng, who could only pretend to ignore her.

Thankfully, the teacher entered the classroom and the crowd could only reluctantly turn their head away from the scene that was so much more interesting than class.

Tang Zheng also resentfully sat down as Ye Dingdang quietly said in a not so nice tone: “Was that intentional?”

“Heihei, unable to restrain my emotions, unable to restrain my emotions.” Tang Zheng embarrassedly said.

Ye Dingdang recalled how she was prepared to make her play into a reality and actually suffered such injustice. Even though she was willing, Tang Zheng actually kissed Fang Shishi in front of so many people, he was totally despicable.

“I must definitely win him.” Ye Dingdang then decided to never ever think about that heart distracting thought concerning that period of time in her life again.

A woman’s heart is as unfathomable as the depths of the ocean, this quick change will leave any flabbergasted.

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