Chapter 129: Messengers

Chapter 129: Messengers

This loud roar stopped Tang Zheng mid-step, as a blast of wind smacked against Tang Zheng’s back resembling the biting wind from a blizzard.

His hair stood on edge, as his entire body quivered and he retaliated by sending a slash.

In this environment, he absolutely did not need to worry about harming innocents, as that concentrated Yin Qi clearly indicated that the other was not a human being. Moreover, the Yin Qi was clearly several times stronger than the evil spirit he just faced.

For this reason, he did not dare be careless and decided to take the advantage by acting first. At the same time, he struck out his body, moved to one side as he twisted around to assess the situation.

Facing Tang Zheng, was two people with long pikes staring at him with fierce eyes before angrily roaring: “Who are you to dare to attack the Messengers? Do you not want to live anymore?”

Tang Zheng carefully scanned the two, as the two’s appearance were not that much different from humans, but it was clear that they were not alive. This was given away by the dense Yin Qi their body gave off, coupled with their ashen face and deadly aura.

“Messengers.” Tang Zheng knitted his brows as he looked at the two. So, these two were Messengers, but even so, he did not care who they are as he refuted: “Why did you two try to mount a sneak attack on me?”

“You killed a ghost so as a Messenger I naturally have to take you in for punishment.”

“Are you talking about the evil spirit I just killed? He killed other ghosts and even attacked me so of course, I have to take care of him.”

“Evil spirit?” The two looked at each other, “Where is the evil spirit? There are a few ghosts missing here, so you clearly killed them. If you dare kill ghosts than that means you are against the ghost realm. Do you know the punishment for that?”

Tang Zheng could not resist giving him the white eye. How could these two Messengers not know the difference between right and wrong, so he pointed at the ghost and said: “You go ask them if it was the evil spirit who ate them or me who killed them.”

The other ghosts seeing the Messengers, instinctually shivered and their originally muddled mind became even more confused, so how could they speak.

“Since you are unwilling to admit your crimes, then I will take you to the ghost realm to await punishment.” The two Messengers fiendishly said.

“Little brat, don’t let them take you to the ghost realm otherwise you are as good as dead.” Tian Chanzi reminded.

“Of course I know that these two Messengers aren’t that strong and they still dare act so arrogantly.” Tang Zheng already saw that the other two were at the Fifth Grade Qi Refining. Moreover, the two weapons they had were not magical treasures.

“Hei, the Messengers are even that wretched? I would never have thought.” Tang Zheng thought about the legends which said that Messengers were strong. It seems like that was all fabricated.

What he did not know, was that the Messengers in the minds of ordinary people were amazing but to him a cultivator they were nothing special.

“Messengers are the lowest ranked warriors in the ghost realm, just like how in your country the lowest ranked are civil servants. So, just how strong can they be? They merely use their name to scare outsiders.” Tian Chanzi explained.

Tang Zheng suddenly came to the realization that the two before him were just low-level officials. They were simply blowing their cow horns, just like how low ranked officials in the human world also have a habit of doing.

Seeing Tang Zheng not say a word, the Messengers thought that they had awed him and swaggered towards him with a shackle in hand. They sent the shackle flying at him, hoping to get him in one move.

Seeing the black shackle flying over, Tang Zheng regained himself as these Messengers simply did not speak with reason to act in such a manner. In this case, I will let you know my strength.

Tang Zheng did not retreat or avoid it but stepped forward, his black sword released a droning noise and it pierced through the air, it was a technique from the Heaven Flying Immortal set.

The shackles were cut in half as the tip of the blade skimmed past the Messenger’s nose, causing him to jump in fright and retreat. He then angrily roared: “You dare attack a Messenger, the punishment is death!”

Two pikes fell hard to the ground before they flew at him at the same time, one from the front one, the other from the back. The techniques could not be said to be profound, but the two worked with a tacit understanding of the other, making the combined power not to be weak.

Tang Zheng did not look down upon the other, as he quickly burst into action as he employed the Heaven Flying Immortal technique, which disturbed the Yin Qi causing violent winds to break out. This disturbed the trajectory of the pike in front of him, causing it to skim past his body as Tang Zheng aimed the black blade towards the pike coming from behind him.

The blade tip met against the pike tip, and it was like a needle meeting wheat, as the pike’s tip was bent, sending the Messenger flying.

Tang Zheng’s move could be considered as striking like lightning as he easily defeated a Messenger while shocking the other who looked at him and said: “You are a cultivator?”

Tang Zheng gave a cold hmph but did not reply, as the tip of his blade moved, and the ownerless pile flew up.


The pike was split into two.

The other Messenger seeing that the situation was not good swept his pike at Tang Zheng’s brain, using all his force. Even though the pike was not a magical treasure, it had all the strength of a Fifth Grade Qi Refining cultivator behind it, so that its power could not be looked down upon.

Tang Zheng twisted the black blade around and placed it in front of his body, where he steadily blocked the incoming pike. He then slid the black blade along the pike towards the Messenger, all the while sending fire sparks.

Seeing the black blade approach, the Messenger was frightened to the point of losing all color in his face. He hurriedly retreated but how would Tang Zheng give him the opportunity. Tang Zheng used his hand and grabbed ahold of the pike preventing him from moving.

If the Messenger does not unclasp his grip, then he would be beheaded by the black blade and seeing the black gleam of the sharp blade, the ending would not be good.

The Messenger made a decision on the spot and let go of his pike as he flew backward, avoiding the blade.

Tang Zheng held the pike in his hand and fiercely threw it on the ground, peng, causing cracks to appear on the ground and rocks to go flying. The heavy sound caused the two Messengers hearts to tremble, as their face became even more ashen.

The two no longer had any weapon and were not Tang Zheng’s opponent hence they were scared witless: “Who are you to dare go against us from the ghost realm?”

Tang Zheng gave a cold hmph: “When did I ever say I wanted to go against the ghost realm, it was clearly you guys who could not differentiate between good and bad, slandering me by saying that I killed a ghost. All this was caused by that goddamn evil spirit, if you guys were earlier by one step, then you would see me beheading it and protecting the ghost. So, you two have completely got the situation wrong from the beginning, while also using the name of the ghost realm to threaten me. Moreover, you even wanted to kill me, so you tell me just where is the logic in all of this?”

Tang Zheng question was asked with force, causing the two Messengers to unconsciously shrink down but even so, they did not back down, as they exchanged look hoping to gain power from one another.

“No matter what you say, you must go with us to the ghost realm to investigate this matter.”

“Haha, you want to take me to the ghost realm. Do you even have the ability?” Tang Zheng mocked them with a big smile.

The two revealed an awkward expression before saying: “You should know that you have committed a great sin and you still dare to smile? Heng, later you won’t even be able to cry even if you wanted to.”

“Using the reputation of the ghost realm to scare me? You’re dreaming.” Tang Zheng was not afraid of them and even took the initiative to take power. What would happen would be determined solely by him.

“You are a cultivator so what sect do you come from?” Seeing Tang Zheng not fall for their trap the two decided to change the topic.

“I do not belong to any.”

“Since you dare mock us and not tell the truth then we will call more troops here and see if you won’t tell the truth.” A Messenger pulled out a command link and casually waved it causing a black light to flash and a large door to appear. The Messengers then charged towards the door.

“Little brat, that is the ghost pass, hurry and stop them otherwise if he gets into the ghost realm you won’t be able to stop him and you really would have brought a great disaster upon yourself.” Tian Chanzi anxiously called out.

Tang Zheng was like a gale as he sped forth, but the other Messenger went up to meet his charge, as if to buy his partner some time.

Tang Zheng was incomparably anxious and seeing the Messenger about to step in, he took a deep breath and threw the black blade which was sent flying towards the Messenger with a shrill.

The Messenger must have felt the killing intent from behind him, as he unconsciously turned his head to see the black blade flying towards him, with no time to escape.

The black blade penetrated into his chest, and he fell to the ground right in front of the ghost pass. He lay there wide-eyed with disbelief, as he who was usually all high and almighty would die here and like this. Moreover, he would die by the hands of a human.

Once the command token fell to the ground the black light from the ghost pass door also disappeared.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief, as if there was no news then the situation could be contained. Moreover, from the moment he tossed out the blade, he knew that there was no way to talk himself out of this situation.

Since the Messengers are so insistent that he killed a ghost, then no matter what he says it will fall upon deaf ears, so since he supposedly did one then what's the difference between two. Whether it be one or two Messenger he kills, it is still killing.

At this moment, his body release a strong killing intent and the Messenger upon feeling it hurriedly retreated as the death of his partner gave him a huge shock.

This human is completely unafraid of Messengers, so if he stayed any longer, then he was just waiting for death.

He wanted to run but had nowhere to run to.

“Little brat, your line of thinking is correct, the ghost realm possesses great power, and in front of it, you are nothing, not even a small shrimp. So, your best course of action is to kill the Messenger and not let the other know, and also they were also at fault, so it could be counted as atoning for their crimes.” Tian Chanzi consoled as he was worried about any doubts that Tang Zheng would have.

“Tian Chanzi relax, I am not obstinate and unable to adapt to the situation. Since they were the one who first wanted to force me into this situation, I naturally would not just sit and await death as proper behavior is based on reciprocity. Also, killing them also has its benefits.”

“Haha, you, my child, can be taught.”

Tang Zheng walked towards the Messenger, step after step while the Messenger retreated in turn until he was forced against the wall and standing amidst the ghosts.

“Don’t kill me, if you kill me, then you will be the enemy of the ghost realm. You will die without a burial site.” The Messenger threatened weakly.

“Heihei, your death is near, yet you still dare to threaten me? Impressive.” Tang Zheng ridiculed.

The Messenger rolled his eyeballs before he suddenly went soft: “No, I will report clearly that this situation is not related to you, so please let me go.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as there was that thread of doubt. The acute Messenger caught on, as his two hands grabbed onto a nearby ghost and threw it at Tang Zheng, while he practically flew towards the command token laying on the ground nearby.

Tang Zheng immediately saw through the other’s play, as the other wanted to use the time he was distracted with the ghost to retrieve the command token. Then use it to open the door and return to the ghost realm, so by then, everything would be over.

Two ghosts flew over towards Tang Zheng, which he anxiously avoided. He saw the other grab hold of the command token and was about to open the ghost pass.

Tang Zheng did not dare hesitate, as he threw the pike within his hands and with a puchi, the pike blasted through the other’s body pinning him to the ground.

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