Chapter 128: Evil Spirit

Chapter 128: Evil Spirit

This time Tang Zheng did not turn his body but instead grabbed at what was behind him. Whether or not there was a ghost, he would not let it go.

He grabbed something!

He grabbed his own backpack! The movement was coming from within his own bag.

“F*ck, so it was you!” Tang Zheng could not help but curse as he finally let out a breath of relief. He hurriedly took off his backpack and took out the culprit.

It was the black blade.

It was what he had obtained from the black clothed devil.

After the black-clothed devil had died, the black blade became an ownerless object making it easy for him to drip his blood on it and make it his weapon. As of today, the black blade has a new owner.

After investigating the black blade, he realized that even though it was not as mysterious as the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace, it was still incomparable sharp. It could even split a strand of hair in half, and once he put in his energy, it would cause the black blade to release a black brilliance that surrounds the blade, making it all the more mysterious.

Even so, it was evident that without the Black Monarch Snake, the black blade's power was greatly diminished, but Tang Zheng did not give up on it as it was still an offensive weapon. This may just very well protect his life in his time of need.

“What the hell are you shaking for.” Tang Zheng fiercely slapped the black blade. Trying to scare me to death, if I were scared to death by my own magical treasure then wouldn’t others laugh their teeth off if they find out.

After being smacked by its owner, the black blade settled down. Tang Zheng then kept it in his hands as if he did end up encountering a ghost he would just behead it, no questions asked.

Tang Zheng pulled open one of the freezer drawers, and the freezing air assaulted his face. Within the drawer was the corpse of an old man and seeing this, he shook his head before pushing the drawer back in.

Tang Zheng continued to inspect the other drawers and discovered that if it wasn’t an old man, then it was someone who suffered from an accident. After opening several drawers, he opened one where inside there lay a young man.

“Tian Chanzi, hurry and take a look. What do you think?” Tang Zheng excitedly called out.

“Little brat, are you intentionally trying to anger me to death? This is a girl, could it be you want me to become a girl?” Tian Chanzi said annoyed.

Tang Zheng smiled, heihei: “Being a girl isn’t that bad, right now countless guys undergo surgery to become a girl, but here you have the whole package. In this case, you wouldn’t need to do surgery, and she even looks pretty. After living for countless thousand years, I’m pretty sure that you have never experienced what it’s like to be a woman, so this is the perfect opportunity for you. You must not easily let it go.”

“You stinking brat, if you dare say any more, be careful I might beat you up after I find a suitable host body.”

“Alright, I won’t say any more. Let’s continue looking.” Tang Zheng once again resumed his search, and even though the hospital morgue was quite large, he did not find anyone suitable.

“Tian Chanzi, can you not be so picky and casually choose one?”

“Chose my ass, if I don’t find something suitable, then I definitely won’t move houses. I will just stay in your Sea of Consciousness and also who knows if the black clothed devil’s master is prepared to seek you out. From my perspective how will you be able to handle him on your own.” Tian Chanzi flusteredly said.

Tang Zheng was speechless, as he promised to visit another hospital. In the end, he had spent a few hours here and had even run to a few other hospitals in the city but still could not find a suitable host body that Tian Chanzi likes.

Tang Zheng sat down in a chair and looked at the entire morgue then said: “I looked through everything, but nothing satisfied you so just how am I supposed to find what you want?”

“Modern humans have such poor body constitution, so even if I were to impose my consciousness on it, the body would be unable to handle it. The result would only be a backlash on my consciousness which can not be made up. Also, I am not a casual person, so I definitely won’t give in.” Tian Chanzi righteously and solemnly said.

“Then we can only come check again to see if there are any more dead people.” Tang Zheng said helplessly.

Suddenly, the black blade in his hand trembled again. It has been sending signals nonstop, and Tang Zheng thought something must be wrong with it, as what the hell was there to shake for?

A cold wind blew from the ground causing Tang Zheng to shiver: “I’ve been infected by this black blade, shiver my ass.”

For the past few hours he has seen and been to many different morgues, yet there was not a single ghost in sight which significantly boosted his courage.

There was no electric fan here, so where did the cold wind come from? He scanned his surroundings.

Every single one of his hair stood up on end. In the blink of an eye, the initially deathly silent morgue undergone a heaven-defying change. It suddenly became as clamorous as the marketplace, and there were countless shadows of ghosts flickering about.

Tang Zheng stared in a daze. Just what was going on? How can so many ghostly things appear in an instant?

“Heihei, little brat, you afraid?” Tian Chanzi once again appeared finding joy in another’s misfortune.

“Tian Chanzi, what is going on?”

“Take a look at the time.”

Tang Zheng hurriedly took out his cellphone and saw that it had just turned 12 PM.

“At midnight the doors to the ghost world open, and all these souls are trying to enter the ghost realm.” Tian Chanzi explained in satisfaction: “Between the heavens and the earth, there does not only lie the human realm but also the ghost realm. The ghost realm is the place all these souls will go to.”

Weng, weng!

Tang Zheng did not have the time to sigh in sorrow when the black blade once again trembled nonstop as if it was extremely excited. Tang Zheng did not know what to do, when suddenly a sinister and furious wind blew past, causing all the ghosts to scatter, leaving behind an empty area.

A ferocious looking ghost grabbed onto another ghost, opening his maw wide open, he bit off the other’s brain and chewed it with great relish.

The other ghosts acted as if they had encountered their nemesis, quickly hiding but the place was only so big, so there was nowhere really to hide. In the moment that Tang Zheng was still in shock, the ghost had already grabbed onto another ghost and was gorging itself heartily.

Right, it looked as if he was eating the grandest meal his fierce looking face was one of satisfaction.

“Tian Chanzi, this ghost seems a bit different?”

“Of course it’s different, this is no longer an ordinary ghost but an evil spirit. It must have been a sinister person when it was alive so that after death it became an evil spirit who relied on devouring other ghosts to increase its own strength.” Tian Chanzi said as if this was a perfectly normal situation.

“These kinds of fellas are able to become really strong after devouring enough ghosts, but these disgusting things are ultimately unable to get anywhere.” It was evident that Tian Chanzi really looked down on evil spirits.

After making a round, the evil spirit had eaten another three ghosts before it appeared before Tang Zheng. The evil spirit had grown a bit larger and stood a head taller than Tang Zheng, but since Tang Zheng was still currently sitting down, it gave a sense of standing atop a lofty pedestal looking down in contempt.

Tang Zheng lifted up his head and stared at the evil spirit before flicking his lips in disdain: “Damn ugly.”

“You can see me?” The evil spirit seemed to be shocked as he fiercely looked down at Tang Zheng. The evil spirit had been in this place for several days but never had he seen someone who could see him, so this naturally gave him a shock.

The evil spirit’s IQ was not high, so it only retained few of its habits in its previous life making it cruel and fierce.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and bluntly said: “You are simply too ugly so don’t get too close to me you evil spirit.”

The evil spirit let out an angry roar: “Kill!”

Then charged straight for Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng did not expect that he to would be treated as food, but just because the ghosts were unable to retaliate, it did not mean that he did not have his own methods.

Weng, weng!

The black blade trembled in excitement as if calling for its master to battle.

Tang Zheng did not hesitate and chopped down with his blade, bringing with it a flash of black light resulting in half of the evil spirit’s shoulder being cut off and dissipating into Black Qi that tunneled into the black blade.

“Little brat, let me instruct you a bit. This black blade likes Yin Qi, so by killing off this evil spirit, you can enhance up the black blade and increase the blade’s strength.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier.” Tang Zheng really wanted to give him the white eye.

“Heihei, you wanted to use a girl body to try to trick me so why should I have told you.” Tian Chanzi said with an evil smile.

This old child really remembers his grudges.

After the black blade had absorbed the Yin Qi from the evil spirit, it trembled even more fiercely as it grew more excited from having a taste, leaving Tang Zheng speechless.

The evil spirit resentfully glared at Tang Zheng and gave a low roar, seemingly not the least bit afraid of Tang Zheng. The evil spirit once again charged forth, this time sending a palm flying towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng did not even have to use something as intricate as the Heaven Flying Immortal technique and only sent a simple cut that chopped off the evil spirit’s other shoulder off.

The black blade eagerly absorbed the Yin Qi, just like how the evil spirit ate the other ghost with gusto.

“You glutton!” Tang Zheng said labeling it with the two words without any good feelings.

The evil spirit once again charged at him, but this time he opened his mouth wide open in an attempt to bite him.

“Is this evil spirit stupid? He only knows how to attack and not to avoid.” Tang Zheng flicked his lips and disdainfully said not even having to use any of his techniques.

“Didn’t I already tell you that an evil spirit’s intelligence is not high and could only retain a bit of its personality from when it was alive. So, they would not even feel fear, and that is why he can only attack until he is destroyed.” Tian Chanzi explained.

“Since he was an evil person when he was alive and is now an evil spirit after death, then I will finish him off as these evil things should not be allowed to exist in this world.”

Tang Zheng stood up and held his blade with one hand. He looked at the evil spirit before him, gave a low roar, and the black blade emitted a bright black light.


The black blade had cut the evil spirit in two starting from its head down, allowing it to fall to the ground.

The evil spirit that was separated into two rapidly became a ball of Black Qi that was quickly absorbed by the black blade, which was like a small whirlpool as not a single thread of Black Qi escaped.

“It seems like there is only one evil spirit here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind killing another evil spirit to replenish the blade’s energy.” Tang Zheng scanned the surrounding and saw that all the ghost were afraid of him and hid in the corner. They all treated him like an evil spirit, especially that black blade of his that absorbs Yin Qi because weren’t they also just manifestations of Yin Qi?

“Don’t be afraid, I will not hurt you guys.” Tang Zheng waved at them as he even wanted to find one or two to converse with. These things were simply too extraordinary, and ordinary people would not have this chance.

But this thought of his was quickly abandoned by Tian Chanzi who said that ghosts are muddleheaded and have forgotten many things from their past life, so talking to them was like playing a lute to a cow.

Tang Zheng flicked his lips as he could not help but sigh as he let go of this thought.

Yet, the black blade was still excited as it pointed towards the ghost as if to say: “Master, let me devour them.”

Tang Zheng understood its intentions but slapped the blade in annoyance: “Try to be more upright, these are just ordinary ghosts, so they are like normal people and not like the evil spirit, so why should we kill them. If you want to absorb some Yin Qi, then I will just go find another evil spirit for you.”

The black blade had no way to resist its master’s authority as it did not dare be rash and calmed down.

Tang Zheng took a look around and not finding any reason to stay he got up to leave when suddenly a loud roar rang out: “Halt, who are you?”

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