Chapter 127: Morgue

Chapter 127: Morgue

Mu Hongyan’s room had an indescribable fragrance that had a calming effect on people.

But what actually drew Tang Zheng’s attention, was the words on her wall or more accurately the two words that were enlarged: Under Heaven.

Under Heaven, these two words were blown up.

If these two words were to be placed in a male’s room, then it wouldn’t be so shocking as it would mean that the owner’s heart encompasses his family like all under heaven.

But Mu Hongyan was a girl, and moreover, she did not know martial arts so hanging these words on the wall made them seem even more eye-catching. The key fact was that this was hung in her personal room as if it was a constant reminder to herself as the words were visible from laying in bed.

This caused a strong, majestic aura to arise.

Tang Zheng did not know how she was able to fall asleep with these two words looming before her.

Mu Hongyan signaled for him to sit on the only chair in the room while she sat on the bed. She followed his gaze; her expression was stable as she calmly asked: “What do you think of these two words?”

“The concept is too grand.” Tang Zheng truthfully said as a man’s chest was supposed to be broad enough to encapsulate the heavens and swallow the mountains and rivers. As of today, just how many people had this vision and boldness?

Even though Tang Zheng was a cultivator as of today, and was not an ordinary person, he would not harbor these thoughts.

“I like it.” Mu Hongyan stared blankly at it, “My late husband also liked it a lot.”

At this moment her temperament was different from normal and seemed to have undergone a complete change. She appeared to have lost her warm motherly aura and gained an inexplicable aura that seemed to completely mold with the two large words.

“He must have been an amazing man.” Tang Zheng sighed.

Mu Hongyan declined to comment: “A man’s death is like a candle’s flame, it follows the will of the wind.”

Tang Zheng was speechless.

Mu Hongyan retracted her gaze and looked at Tang Zheng, her gaze seemed to become sharp and concentrated: “Can you tell me just what happened?”

Tang Zheng followed by recounting his story of how he felt a premonition and chased after the car. He then told her of how he fought with the black-clothed man but did not tell her that he actually fought with a devil nor did he reveal the existence of the Black Monarch Snake.

In the end, he was still unwilling to reveal his identity as a cultivator and chose to at most leave her with the impression that he was a martial artist.

“Why would Nannan and I lose consciousness and even end up being controlled by the black-clothed man?” Mu Hongyan immediately asked the central question as this was simply too weird and had never happened before.

Tang Zheng had long since prepared a reply: “Maybe he used some drugs as I, myself, am not too clear about this.”

Mu Hongyan stared intelligently at Tang Zheng but did not act overbearing, as if she was trying to discern from his gaze whether or not he was hiding more information. Even so, Tang Zheng’s expression did not change as if to say that he did not know anything else.

“I suspect that this person is in cohorts with the person who harmed Nannan years old and once they caught wind that Nannan had recovered, they decided to send another person to follow through.” Tang Zheng intentionally said as in reality, he was not guessing. The truth was that it was the same person, but he couldn’t reveal this fact, as he did not want to reveal anything about the devil race.

Mu Hongyan nodded her head as she agreed with this line of thinking: “I will carefully investigate this matter and see if I can find anything from that black-clothed man’s body.”

“I hope so too.” Tang Zheng did not harbor much hope as the other was a cultivator and would definitely hide his secrets. This was even more so as he was willing to die to protect his secret, so it would be even harder for outsiders to find much about him.

Mu Hongyan’s expression became softer: “Tang Zheng, this time you once again saved my daughter and I. I do not know how I should express my gratitude.”

These were sincere words as it was difficult to repay someone for saving their life.

Tang Zheng smiled: “Nannan calls me brother, so I definitely must make sure she is safe. You do not need to worry about this.”

Mu Hongyan revealed a thin smile: “It is Nannan’s luck to have a brother like you, but we must immediately return to Dian Nan, and I do not know when we can meet again.”

“I will find some time to go over and visit Nannan so don’t worry about it.”

“Alright, then I look forward to your visit.”

The two walked out of her bedroom, under Mother Liu’s weird gaze. Tang Zheng said his farewells and left, leaving Mu Hongyan standing at the door with a dazed look before she recovered herself.

The few days after this, Tang Zheng regained his normal life as he went to school during the day and went out on dates with Fang Shishi at night. All the while, Ye Dingdang was depressed, but Tang Zheng did not think much of it. Tang Zheng had even got a set of martial arts technique from Tian Chanzi and gave it to Fatty.

Tian Chanzi was not at all stingy with his martial arts techniques, as if he look down upon martial arts.

Even so, Tang Zheng did not discover the person standing off in the distance gazing at him with fear.

Gao Dazhi was not acting himself for the past few days, as he would occasionally mutter to himself, with vacant eyes: “Monster, monster…”

Also, he would intentionally avoid Tang Zheng so that everytime Tang Zheng’s gaze swept over him he would immediately lower his head and tremble in fear as if he saw something extremely frightening.

For he had indeed seen something extremely frightening as that night when Tang Zheng chased and fought the black-clothed man, Gao Dazhi saw everything clearly.

To find Tang Zheng’s weak point and expose it to Ye Dingdang, he secretly stalked Tang Zheng and when he saw him going out with an incomparable beauty, all the while smiling and laughing he felt excited to the extreme. He had even taken a few photos and was prepared to hand it over to Ye Dingdang to see so that she knew just how much of a playboy he was.

It was after that, that he saw Tang Zheng chasing after a car and even after being hit by a car and sent flying he was completely fine without being injured. He had even managed to record this portion as he looked forward to seeing Tang Zheng being rammed to death.

Soon after, he chased them to the small alleyway and was completely dumbfounded by what he saw. Even though the distance was a bit far and the lighting was not good, he could see the gist of the situation and had even got a video of it.

When he saw Tang Zheng fighting in close quarters with a snake and even had flames burst from his body without being harmed, he nearly let out a shriek in fright.

This was something that was beyond the comprehension of an ordinary person.

This was a monster!

Gao Dazhi could only label Tang Zheng as a monster to explain away all the weird events that had occurred. So, his opponent was actually a monster, no wonder he could not win against the other.

This also explained how Qiao Fei became a human vegetable.

He felt fear, immense dread, a monster that far surpassed human comprehension. This thought caused his every action to be feeble and powerless. He was completely unable to harm the other, so if he were to attract Tang Zheng’s attention then wouldn’t he end up dead like the black-clothed man?

Thinking about the black-clothed man, a face surfaced in his mind. After Tang Zheng and Mu Hongyan had left, Gao Dazhi gathered his guts and ran over to the scene and upon seeing the black-clothed man’s malevolent and sinister face, he was frightened and landed on his ass.

A while later when he regained himself, he mustered whatever courage was left to pat down the other’s body as if to try and find his identity but after all his work he could not find anything. Not long later he saw people coming, and he quickly left the scene in fear.

After he returned home, scene after scene of the frightening images flashed through his mind, so much so that he was even afraid of rewatching the recordings. He casually threw them to the side hoping to never again see those images.

But later that night he had nightmares, nightmares of Tang Zheng, who was like a man made of fire trying to grab him. The image of the sinister black-clothed man’s face also appeared in his dream; his face was twisted in what may have been a smile.

For the past few days, the nightmares persisted as he often saw Tang Zheng and that face in his dreams. Later, the frequency in which the sinister face appeared surpassed that of Tang Zheng by a lot, causing him to become depressed as he could only lifelessly lay on the table, avoiding Tang Zheng at a distance.

Tang Zheng was unaware of the awe he had left in Gao Dazhi nor did he have the heart to care as right now he was fretting about Tian Chanzi’s host body.

The host had to be a dead person, but it could not be an ordinary dead person. If it was a person who died of old age, then his physique would be the weak and even useless. On the other hand, if he wanted a youth’s body it would be hard to find as most would die from accidents which would leave the body to be unusable.

In the end, after the two had discussed for half a day they decided to find a body from the morgue. Who knows, maybe they could find something they were satisfied with.

Tonight was the night they would visit the morgue, so after school was out, Tang Zheng said his farewells to Fang Shishi and under cover of nigh,t he walked towards the hospital.

The hospital’s morgue was located in the basement and appeared gloomy and sinister. This place was a place where no ordinary people would casually step in but this towards the Tang Zheng of today, did not pose any hindrance as his guts were not small.

“Wouldn’t it be a joke if cultivators were afraid of ghosts?” This was Tian Chanzi’s reasoning.

Tang Zheng was then too embarrassed to voice any fears. Otherwise, he would be mocked ceaselessly by Tian Chanzi.

At night, there were not many people in the hospital, so Tang Zheng quietly made his way to the basement where a wave of gloomy aura rushed into his face. This was especially so with the word “Morgue” written not so far away. It seemed to possess magic of its own, as just one look would cause others to feel deep and unsettling fear yet still feel attracted to look over.

The day shift worker was already off work, leaving the basement empty. The only thing that could be heard was Tang Zheng’s footsteps that echoed out in the surrounding, causing others to feel horrified if they were there to hear it.

Tang Zheng pushed open the door, and a wave of cold air hit his face. The temperature seemed to drop several degrees, causing him to unconsciously shiver.

Suddenly, he felt something brush against his back, causing him to jump in fright but upon looking at his surroundings he found that there were no one nearby. Just what brushed against his back?

He was normally unafraid, but in this kind of place any abrupt action would set off his taunt and nervous mind.

This was just like watching a horror movie. One may know that it is real and that there is nothing to be afraid of, yet due to the music and the surrounding one can not help but unconsciously tense up.

The situation and location can really mess with one’s feelings.

Tang Zheng slowly turned his head, his eyes staring wide. What was behind him? Could it be a long haired ghost woman extending her tongue to finish him? *TL: think of The Grudge *

Yi, there was nothing!

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief and felt his heart loosen up. Something once again brushed his back, and this time it was more distinct and definitely not his imagination.

“F*ck! Ghost aren’t anything to be afraid of. I am a cultivator, so wouldn’t it be a joke if I was scared by one? Moreover, I already have a dude in my mind that resembled a ghost.”

Tang Zheng continuously reminded himself that there was nothing to be afraid of, yet he still abruptly turned around only to find that the morgue was devoid of any life. There was not even a shadow or inkling of a person in sight.

“You want to play with me? This ghost must be really bored.” Tang Zheng felt a sudden and unexplainable anger as he loudly roared: “I don’t care what kind of ghost you are, you better hurry and scram out for me otherwise this little grandpa won’t let you off easily.”

This time the feeling was even stronger, as if something wanted to charge at him.

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