Chapter 126: Topple

Chapter 126: Topple

Seeing the fangs coming down upon him, Tang Zheng let out a roar as his body burned with a light purple flame that stopped the Black Monarch Snake in its tracks. The Black Monarch Snake then let out a sharp hiss filled with both anger and fear.

The sound of roasted meat rang out as the Black Monarch Snake let out black smoke. It then acted as if it met it’s natural predator and quickly loosened its grasp on Tang Zheng and slithered away as if it wanted to hide within the black blade.

The black-clothed man stared in shock as he lost all color. He had never seen something so weird as the Black Monarch Snake slithering away in fear. He unconsciously took half a step backward as he stared at this unforgettable scene.

Tang Zheng’s body was lit like he was a match. With a wave of both hands, he made a grab for the Black Monarch Snake’s brain, and the sound of roasted meat once again sounded out.

The Black Monarch Snake continued to let out screeching hisses as it retreated nonstop, it’s gigantic tail smashed against the ground creating countless gouges. No matter what it did, it could not escape from Tang Zheng’s grasp. With a roar, Tang Zheng exerted all his strength to open the Black Monarch Snake’s Mouth and ripped it apart.

The Black Monarch Snake was now ripped into two as it now disappeared into strands of smoke. With a wave of his hand, Tang Zheng’s flames burned brighter as it encapsulated the black flames bringing it into his body. The black flame became pure Yin energy that quickly disappeared into his meridians.

The Black Monarch Snake was original in soul form and since it was basically Yin energy that Tang Zheng sorely needed he merely decided not to waste it and absorbed it.

Of course, there were still some flaws in the pure Yin energy from the Black Monarch Snake, and it could not compare at all from the Yin energy he absorbed from Fang Shishi. Even so, he did not lose out this time.

The black clothed figured looked at Tang Zheng as if he saw a ghost. The Black Monarch Snake was his precious baby, and it was killed by Tang Zheng just like that and then absorbed.

“You… just what cultivation technique do you use?” The black-clothed figure asked shaking with fear.

“You have no right to know.” Tang Zheng killing intent spilled out as he restrained the flames around his body, bringing it back into his sea of consciousness.

Even with the fire his clothes did not burn as he personally separated a bit of his Qi to protect his clothes. Otherwise, it would not be good if he ended up naked.

In reality, this was all thought of in the spur of the moment as he was about to be choked by the snake. The only thing was is that he did not expect the power of his first grade true fire to be so strong, to actually allow him to decimate the snake.

“How could a first-grade True Fire kill the Black Monarch Snake? Wait, that is not right, Tue Fire is used to refine pills so how could it be used offensively?” The black-clothed figure was still in great shock.

At the same time, Tian Chanzi was also greatly shocked. As an old expert who lived for countless thousands of years, he also had the same doubts as the black-clothed figure.

In the cultivation world, it was never heard of that True Fire could be used offensively and only for refining pills. It seems that from the moment True Fire was conceived, people have labeled it as only being useful for refining pills.

Moreover, even if someone used a flame based attack, it would not be true Qi, and it was only used to increase the power of a magical artifact or to make the attack more powerful.

Anyways, Tang Zheng had unconsciously toppled reason as this could only be accomplished by someone who was randomly placed in his position. This could also be attributed to how Tian Chanzi had no indoctrinated him with the use of true fire allowing Tang Zheng to have the sudden inspiration to use it for attacking and also mysteriously make it work too.

At this moment, Tang Zheng’s battle spirit had reached an unprecedented high as he stared at the black clothed figure, his killing intent boiling: “Go to hell!”

Heaven Flying Immortal!

This one strike was filled with domineering power and fighting spirit allowing him to instantly appear before the black-clothed man. With the straightening of a finger, pu, space seemed to ripple as this attack was a level above all his previous attacks.

The black clothed person unconsciously took a step backward as he was greatly frightened by the previous scene. He could only exhaustedly put up his blade in defense but with a flash, Tang Zheng avoided the blade and his finger struck the black-clothed man’s chest.

Blood shot out from the other’s back like an arrow and he stared at his chest, where there was now a hole, in disbelief.

Tang Zheng’s finger that was coated with Qi was like a sharp blade that could pierce through his muscle and penetrated his heart.

He then looked at Tang Zheng in shock, his gaze quickly becoming limp, he lifted his black sword in an attempt to counterattack with great difficulty but how could Tang Zheng give him a chance. With a hack of his hand, Tang Zheng took the black knife and stuck it into the black-clothed man’s neck.

“You actually won? How is this possible? The first cultivator I meet killed me? I AM UNWILLING!” He gave a low roar as fresh blood flowed out from his lips.

“Speak, just who are you and what group are you from?” Tang Zheng coldly asked.

“Group?” The black clothed figure’s voice rose several pitches, “By killing me you have committed a great disaster. My master will definitely get revenge for me and kill you!”

“Even on your deathbed you still threaten me. If you don’t want to say I still have other methods.” Tang Zheng immediately used Soul Search causing the black clothed man to let out a scream, “Soul search ****, you actually know how to soul search ****, just who the hell are you?”

Tang Zheng could clearly feel the others resistance to his soul search but it was getting weaker and weaker as it could not hold for much longer. Soon, he would be able to see all the secrets within the other’s mind.

“You want to know my secret? Ha, never, you just wait for death as my master will get revenge for me.” The black-clothed person said, and with a grunting sound, his neck snapped, and he fell to the ground dead!

The soul search does not work on dead people, and since the black-clothed man clearly knew this, he decided just to kill himself as he saw that he had no way of survival. This way, Tang Zheng would not be able to pry into his secrets.

Tang Zheng stared at the corpse in shock as he couldn’t help but feel a bit of regret and panic. This was especially concerning the other’s master.

“Just one disciple is this good then the master must not be bad. I am not the other’s opponent so this is indeed a big problem.”

He wrinkled his eyebrows, but he did not feel great fear. A soldier can block a general, and water can be blocked by earthenware so he could not be afraid before the battle as that is not his style.

He squatted down and opened up the black clothed hood to reveal his true appearance. The black clothed figure look so malevolent that if ordinary people saw it they would have nightmares but to Tang Zheng he did not feel anything as he started to pat the other down to see if there were any clues.

But after searching for half a day he came up with nothing, so Tang Zheng picked up the black blade and examined it closely. The black blade was thirty centimeters long, hence why it could be easily concealed in his sleeves, the knife was pitch black and had no decorations. From the surface, it seemed ordinary, ugly even, so much so that he would never have thought it to be a magical treasure.

“Little brat, in the future with this magical treasure you can display more of the Heaven Immortal Flying technique’s power. This way you would not have seem so passive in front of others.” Tian Chanzi said overjoyed.

“Tian Chanzi, don’t get to excited too soon. I killed him so his master will definitely come and he may even bring more backup from his sect. If his master came alone then maybe I can get away but if it’s a large group then I’m afraid I won’t even know how I died.” Tang Zheng solemnly said.

Tian Chanzi chuckled, heihei, not thinking much of it: “What are you afraid of? Don’t you have me? If you quickly find me a suitable yang body then even if those little shrimps come I can easily take care of it for you.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move, didn’t he have Tian Chanzi’s help? Then he indeed did not need to worry too much, and his greatest priority is to find Tian Chanzi a suitable host.

“This devil race is poor as hell, he does not have any treasures that are worth anything so he could not possibly be a disciple from a large sect. Hence, don’t worry too much.” Tian Chanzi consoled.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and rushed towards the car without saying a word. He discovered that Mu Hongyan and Nannan were still staring foolishly like a wooden chicken. Their large eyes looked forward as if they could not hear anything that is happening around them.

“How do I take care of this sh*t?” Tang Zheng could only plead to Tian Chanzi.

“F*ck, it’s a decent technique moreover it’s the foundation for the Puppet Technique. Even so, this little brat seems to know a bit of what he is doing. This can at most control an ordinary person's thoughts for a while, but if they are under the influence for too long, it could cause irreparable damage.” Tian Chanzi said showing off his knowledge.

Tang Zheng hurriedly urged him: “Since it could cause harm then stop trying to be suspenseful and tell me how I can remove it.”

Tian Chanzi got to the point and taught him how to remove the technique and Tang Zheng by following the procedures managed to wake the mother and daughter pair.

“Tang Zheng, how come you are in the car?” Mu Hongyan looked at Tang Zheng in shock.

“Wa, godly brother doctor, I can see you again? Could it be that you are unwilling to leave Nannan?” Nannan said as she quickly crawled to the backseat where Tang Zheng was and leaned into his embrace with joy.

“Let’s leave this place first.” Tang Zheng said calmly, causing Mu Hongyan to be shocked. She could hear something from his tone hence she quickly scanned the surrounding and saw the black clothed figure on the ground and nearly screamed with fright.

But even so, she managed to recover as she had seen many things in her life: “Did something happen?”

Tang Zheng nodded and pointed at Nannan before saying: “Let’s leave first. I will fill you in later.”

He did not wish for Nannan to see the black-clothed figure’s corpse as it would leave a shadow on her naive and innocent heart.

Mu Hongyan understood and gratefully gave Tang Zheng a look before driving the car out of the alleyway leaving behind the black clothed corpse laying in its original spot.

“Call someone to take care of this place.” Tang Zheng pointed at the alleyway and said.

Mu Hongyan understood his intentions and made a phone call to have someone take care of the corpse, as she would probably do her own investigations on what happened.

Nannan was completely unaware of how close she brushed against the death god as she hugged onto Tang Zheng’s neck. Her childish voice rang out: “Brother Godly Doctor, you come with me back to my old home okay? Nannan will play with you everyday.”

Tang Zheng patted her silky black hair like the older brother from next door and said: “I still need to go to school.”

“Go to school?” Nannan turned her head, “Nannan has never gone to school because my body was bad. Now that Nannan’s body is better can I also go to school?”

Mu Hongyan squeezed out a smile and said: “Of course you can. Once we go back, we can set things up so you must use your brother as a role model and study hard. Do you understand?”

Nannan nodded her head serious: “En, I will use Brother Godly Doctor as my role model. I want to get a little red flower; I see other students get little red flowers in school.”

“Nannan will definitely get lots of little red flowers because Nannan is very obedient and smart.” Tang Zheng hugged her a bit tighter as she was just like a little angel. Tang Zheng would definitely not allow other people to harm her.

The three returned home as Nannan was given to Mother Liu’s care and under her shocked gaze she saw Tang Zheng and Mu Hongyan enter the bedroom.

Since Mu Hongyan’s husband passed away, she had never seen another male enter her living room.

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