Chapter 125: Invasion of the Devil Race

Chapter 125: Invasion of the Devil Race

This silent oppressive atmosphere coupled with worry for the mother and daughter pair caused Tang Zheng to feel restless. As a result, he had to take a chance and carefully rushed forward to attack the black-clothed figure.

A muffled sound rang out as the door was sent flying out by a large force as it savagely flew towards Tang Zheng who avoided it. In the blink of an eye, the black-clothed figure was already standing in front of the car door.

The other was still shrouded in black, making it hard to see his countenance yet he released a weird aura.

“Who are you?” Tang Zheng vigilantly asked, “Why are you trying to kidnap them?”

“And who are you to dare stop me? Are you not afraid of death?” The voice sounded familiar, but at the moment Tang Zheng could not recall where he heard it before.

“If I were afraid of dying then I would not have given chase. What did you do to them?” Tang Zheng asked as the mother and daughter duo’s dazed gaze from before was etched into his memory.

“Of course they are under my spell.” The black-clothed male gave a wicked and satisfied laugh.

“F*ck, little brat, he is of the devil race.” Tian Chanzi said in shock as he abruptly reminded. “Shit, he can control people’s thoughts and make them subject to his will, to be his puppet.”

“You are a devil?” Tang Zheng said in astonishment. The only time he had encountered a devil was when he was removing the devilish energy from Nannan and heard of it from Tian Chanzi. Even so, the memory of the cruel technique was forever carved into his memory.

“Yi, you little brat actually know about the devil race? Could you be a cultivator?” The black-clothed figure was also flabbergasted. He then suddenly let out a screech, “I finally know who you are. IT’S YOU!”

“It’s you!” Tang Zheng’s voice also rang out at the same time. No wonder the other’s voice was familiar. Wasn’t he that snake who could speak in the human tongue?

“Haha, you simply do not appreciate the peace you had and sent yourself to me. It seems the heavens look favorably upon me as I first planned on dealing with this mother and daughter duo before finding you to settle our debts. Haha, now, I can deal with you guys together.” The black-clothed figure laughed arrogantly.

“I too wanted to find you as you actually dared to make a move on an unborn baby. You’re simply a beast.” Tang Zheng berated as he recalled how the Curse Technique was used on Nannan when she was in her mother’s womb.

“Heng, my devil’s way does not need you to tell me what to do,” The black-clothed man said in dissatisfaction. “But, I am very curious how Chang Heng City would have a cultivator that I am unfamiliar with. Anyways, don’t worry, I will not kill you quickly but torment you slowly to get you to spill all your secrets.”

“Kill me? It’s not that easy.” Tang Zheng had been steadily improving so how could he be scared of the other.

“Tian Chanzi, what is his cultivation?”

“Same as yours, sixth grade of Qi Refining.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief, thank god he had just increased his cultivation; otherwise, he would have no guarantees when facing someone at the sixth grade Qi Refining.

Since the two were on the same level, Tang Zheng also did not dare become careless as this was his first time facing off with another cultivator. He knew that cultivators and martial artists were different so their dangers would naturally be different.

The black-clothed figure apparently did not put Tang Zheng in his eyes as he tyrannically mocked: “Back then you were able to break my Curse Technique because I only put a strand of consciousness in it. Even though I do not know how you hid your cultivation level but as of today when you are facing my real body, you can only die.”

The black-clothed man was crazed and did not put anyone in his eyes.

“We will see about that.”

Tang Zheng felt the killing intent rise as the two simultaneously struck out, their figures flashed as they attacked.

A black blade appeared from within his black clothes as it sliced towards Tang Zheng.

“Careful, this blade is an Emperor grade treasure.” Tian Chanzi exclaimed, “Never would I have imagined that he would have a magical treasure. My bad ah, my bad.”

Tang Zheng did not care whether it was some magical treasure or not as the only thought in his mind was that he wanted to kill this black-clothed man. This kind of evil person must be exterminated, and it could be considered getting revenge for Nannan.

The blackness of the night was like water, and the black blade merged with the night, matching with the black figure pitch-black attire making him seem like an apparition.

Tang Zheng was fighting bare-handed, so he directly used the Heaven Flying Immortal technique as if he were to face a normal martial artist, he could use the Heaven Gathering Hand, but since he was facing a cultivator, he did not dare be careless. For this reason, he used his strongest technique at the start.

As of today, he did not only know fifteen moves from the first set. Ever since he achieved the sixth grade Qi Refining he had comprehended another five moves, now he could completely display twenty moves from the first set.

So with his fingers pointed like blades, he pierced towards the other.

They both used blade techniques but the two were vastly different while Tang Zheng’s blade technique was bold and full of elegance, the black-clothed man was filled with dark killing intent and ghastly strokes.

In the blink of an eye, the two had already exchanged more than ten blows, their figures flashing in a dazzling spectacle. Even so, they were not dizzy nor did they trip over themselves as each of their blows were filled with danger.

“Little brat, you can not be careless.” Tian Chanzi reminded, “Of course, this is also a rare opportunity as fighting against cultivators is different from fighting against martial artists. Take this chance to get a feel of the difference between the two.”

Tang Zheng calmed his heart down as he did not dare make a mistake, as the opponent’s attacks were unending. That black blade was especially frightening as it caused his heart to palpitate with fear.

The threat a magical treasure could pose was very real.

“Heihei, that black blade’s Yin energy is very concentrated. If you are able to make it your own weapon, then it will definitely help you as right now you lack a good weapon.” Tian Chanzi was like a robber eyeing the black blade as his target.

The black-clothed man did not know that his opponent was already looking at his blade with red eyes, but from his exchange with the other, he could tell that the other was no pushover. This was especially so for the sword technique the other used.

This caused his eyes to glimmer as he knew without a doubt that the sword technique was definitely a sect treasure and right now that was exactly what he lacked. All of his current sword techniques are ordinary and did not possess the ability to go against such a profound sword technique.

“I want to kill him and take his sword technique, this little brat doesn’t even have a magical treasure so he must not have any background. Maybe he walked or stumbled his way into becoming a cultivator, so this is a good chance to loot something good from him. It seems I am quite lucky today.”

The cultivator world was one where the strong ruled as if one did not have power, they would only be trampled under others feet. For a godly magical treasure one would fight to the death and stealing for gains was something that was as common as eating a meal. This can be seen from how Tian Chanzi was willing to fight with Yin Mo to the death over the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll.

Of course, the black-clothed figure did not know that his own magical treasure was being eyeballed by Tang Zheng. Otherwise, he would definitely fly into a rage.

“Just who are you and what is this sword technique?” The black-clothed man asked in excitement.

“Heaven Flying Immortal.” Since Tang Zheng already had the intent to kill the other, he did not mind revealing his secret.

The black clothed figured heart flashed with a hint of doubt as he had never heard of this sword technique before, but then again he hadn’t heard of many sword techniques, so it wasn’t that weird. It was only the name of the sword that truly differentiated it from the others.

“This profound sword technique in your hand is such a waste. Now, accept your death!”

The black-clothed person straightened his blade and pierced forward bringing with it a black glint. At that moment, the air seemed to constrict as it charged at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng hurriedly stepped forward to meet it, as the black glint brought with it a sense of crisis but also caused him to be calmer.

Magical treasures were indeed extraordinary.

Blood spurted out as the black blade scratched Tang Zheng’s shoulder as he clearly had the disadvantage.

“Heng, I played with you long enough. I will show you what is true power.” The other’s voice rang out, followed shortly by the other knife’s blade shining brightly while giving off heat. Then a gloomy chill filled the small alleyway as a wind stirred.

Tang Zheng with his Nine Yang Saint Body did not feel anything weird. In fact, this gloomy chill gave him a comfortable feeling.

Tang Zheng leaped forward towards the other and saw the black knife piercing straight for him. The light from the black blade shrouded Tang Zheng as it penetrated his body and charged towards his eight meridians bringing with it an intent that disrupted his calm.

“Careful, the black blade has the effect of disruption.” Tian Chanzi reminded.


The black-clothed man yelled, his voice striking deep within the soul.

The black blade was piercing towards Tang Zheng’s chest when suddenly the black light trembled and a large python emerged from the tip of the blade as it coiled around Tang Zheng’s brain.

One attacked from the top and the other from the bottom. The two worked in harmony as they struck forth.

Tang Zheng saw the python and was shocked but did not let it disturbs his footwork, he blocked the blade with the tip of a finger, but the python managed to coil itself around Tang Zheng’s head. The cold Yin energy entered from his head and into his eight meridians causing him to shiver.

This python was not a real python but a manifestation of energy that still possessed destructive power not less than that of a real python. In a moment, it had already wrapped itself around Tang Zheng like a zongzi*.


“Heihei, I’ll show you how powerful my Black Monarch Snake is.” The black-clothed person said smiling in satisfaction. This Black Monarch Snake was something he had spent great effort to kill and collect in his black sword.

The reason why he was so arrogant was due to the Black Monarch Snake, as even though he was only at the sixth grade Qi Refining he had used the Black Monarch Snake to slay a Natal Stage martial artist.

From this, one could see how powerful the Black Monarch Snake was, and its power was even greater than his low-level sword technique. At the same time, this was also his trump card.

“Hei, but with this little brat’s profound sword technique coupled with the Black Monarch Snake, my power will be astonishing. I may even be able to contend against the master.” He was just bubbling with excitement as his killing intent rose and he roared: “Black Monarch Snake, kill him for me!”

The Black Monarch Snake let out a hiss as it opened it’s mouth to reveal fangs that glistened even in the darkness. The fangs emitted an evil aura as it moved to bite down on Tang Zheng’s head looking as if it wanted to swallow him whole.

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