Chapter 124: Kidnap

Chapter 124: Kidnap

Tang Zheng walked into a new elegant restaurant and spotted Mu Hongyan and her daughter from afar.

Mu Hongyan had her usual mature and refined air while Nannan was still extremely cute. She happened to be stretching her neck and looked in the direction of the door, and upon seeing Tang Zheng, her eyes grew round as she jumped off her seat and ran towards him.

Tang Zheng smiled and squatted so that Nannan could throw herself into his embrace as she hugged his neck and pecked him, laughing nonstop: “Brother Godly Doctor, I knew you would come see me. Nannan is really happy.”

Tang Zheng intimately smiled and said: “I am also very happy to see Nannan again.”

“Nannan, hurry up and come sit.” Mu Hongyan beckoned while nodding to Tang Zheng in acknowledgment.

“Brother Godly Doctor, can you bring me over?” Nannan said cutely.

“It is my honor.” Tang Zheng carried her over all the while Nannan was excitedly hugging onto his neck and said with satisfaction: “Brother Godly Doctor’s embrace is very comfy.”

One big and one small walked over to the dining table where Mu Hongyan was already standing in wait: “Tang Zheng, please sit. Nannan, get down now.”

“I don’t wanna get down. Nannan wants to stay in brothers embrace for a bit longer otherwise I won’t have any more chances in the future.” Nannan held Tang Zheng even tighter like a sloth grabbing ahold of a big tree, unwilling to let go.

Tang Zheng asked in astonishment: “Why wouldn’t there be any more chances in the future?”

Nannan pouted her lips and distantly said: “Mama wants to bring Nannan home so Nannan won’t be able to see Brother Godly Doctor.”

Mu Hongyan explained: “We only temporarily stayed in Chang Heng City but since Nannan’s disease has been cured our family wants to see her. We will be leaving in a few days. Today, we have come to say our farewells.”

Tang Zheng was left speechless.

“In the future, if you come to Dian Nan you must notify me so I can host you.” Mu Hongyan sincerely said.

“So, you guys are from Dian Nan. In that case, if I ever go I will definitely contact you.”

Dian Nan was the most southern part of the country, and its resources were plentiful, and sceneries were abundant. It was the perfect travel destination.

“Brother Godly Doctor, then this is a promise. Let’s pinky promise.” Nannan sincerely said, stared at him with her large eyes.

“Okay, I will definitely go visit you, pinky promise.”

“Nannan will wait for you. When you come, we will go eat good food. There are a lot of tasty food at my house.” Nannan introduced.

“Haha, okay, Nannan is a good girl.” Tang Zheng said unable to restrain himself from smiling.

Mu Hongyan saw the two and internally said that there was karma. Nannan rarely got close to anyone, how great would it be if they could stay longer in Chang Heng City.

But she could not stay for an extended period of time as she anxiously wanted to investigate just who it was that tried to harm Nannan. For the past few years, all the pain that Nannan has suffered must be returned several times over.

Since Chang Heng City was not her territory, it was hard for her to do an investigation. Moreover, it was during her time in Dian Nan that she fainted when she was pregnant so there may be more results if an investigation was done there.

Mu Hongyan ordered a whole table full of tasty food, and it was only then that Nannan was finally willing to leave Tang Zheng’s embrace and obediently sit by the side. Even so, she would constantly turn her head to look at him as if deeply afraid that he might disappear in the blink of an eye.

“Senior Medicine King has already returned to Jing Cheng. I heard of the matter between you and Old gramps Ye, I never would have thought that you would flat out reject him.” Mu Hongyan said in a low voice as even though a few day has passed, there was still hard to restrain shock present in her expression.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder: “He and I do not have a deep enmity. It is only that I do not like his condescending attitude he has just because he has a high status.”

Mu Hongyan gave a slight smile: “Old Gramps Ye is slightly domineering, but that is just his personality so you should not think too much of it. Actually, I really want to thank you for all you have done for Nannan. Otherwise, if I had not met you, I do not dare even think of the results.”

Tang Zheng picked up a napkin and carefully wiped the food from the corner of Nannan’s mouth: “Maybe there is karma between Nannan and me.”

“Right, karma is very mysterious.” Mu Hongyan sorrowfully said. She then twisted her head to glance outside the window as if she suddenly thought of something.

“Unconsciously, a drink, a meal, all have their preordained purpose*, since the moment you left I did not think I would come see this scenery once again. However, when Ye Dingdang came to my house in a rush seeking the Medicine King to hurry over to the hospital to treat you I could tell she really cares for you.” *TL: fate*

The speaker spoke without intention, but the listener derived his own meaning as Tang Zheng unconsciously thought of Ye Dingdang. This morning, the shock he gave her was great, and he then proceeded to ignore her. It was now that he realized even when he was giving flirting gazes to Fang Shishi, it did not attract Ye Dingdang’s attention, but previously under normal circumstances, he would have received fierce ridicule from Ye Dingdang.

“She and I are friends.” Tang Zheng seemed to be giving an explanation to the other but was also telling himself her position in his life.

Mu Hongyan smiled but internally said, are you really only friends? But she did not pursue this question and casually brought up another subject.

During the meal, the two chatted to their heart's content. Don’t judge Mu Hongyan by her mature air, the two were actually only separated by a few years, so they had quite a few topics in common to talk about.

Nannan would occasionally interject with a few words, making the atmosphere even more lively so that the meal concluded amidst laughter and joy.

“It’s late, so I’ll send you back home.” Mu Hongyan pointed at a car parked not far away.

“No need, my house is not very far, so walking won’t take more than a few steps.”

Mu Hongyan did not force the matter: “Nannan, hurry and say your farewells to your brother.”

“Brother Godly Doctor, see you again, you must definitely come visit Nannan. Nannan will miss you a lot.” Nannan once again hid within his embrace not wanting to leave.

“Since brother has already promised you then I will definitely visit.” Tang Zheng put her down.

“En, Brother Godly Doctor, I’ll see you later.” Nannan held hands with her mother and walked towards their car.

Tang Zheng distantly saw the two get in the car and leave. Suddenly, his gaze trembled as he stared at the car because a silhouette suddenly appeared in the back of the car seat.

Tang Zheng blinked and confirmed that he did not see things. The back of the car did indeed have another shadow, but since the distance was several tens of meters, Tang Zheng did not have a clear vision.

“Could it be their bodyguard?” Tang Zheng knew that the mother and daughter pair were wealthy individuals, as last time when they were under gunfire two cars suddenly shot out in pursuit of the killer. Could this person in their car also be their bodyguard?

But, how come the bodyguard would sit in the back? In the movies, the bodyguards would all sit in the front while the employer would sit in the back.

Tang Zheng felt an ominous premonition in his heart as he hurriedly called Mu Hongyan but the other did not pick up. Seeing that the car was about to disappear around a turn, Tang Zheng no longer hesitated, as even if he were to cause a mistake, he decided to give chase and take a look.

But the damned place did not have any taxis nearby so after scanning his surroundings he found a bike chained to a fire hydrant.

He put forth strength and with a yank he ripped off the lock. At the time someone just happened to walk by as they stared at this scene in shock.

Tang Zheng did not have time to care as he hopped on the bike and chased with lightning speed.

The car’s speed was neither fast nor slow, so Tang Zheng followed off in the distance, and he suddenly realized that this may just be a kidnapping.

But no matter what, he would not rest until he personally saw what was going on. Thankfully the quality of the bike was not bad, and it raised its speed as he pedaled faster, so much so that its speed surpassed other cars, causing those who saw it to be flabbergasted. Just when could the speed of a bike be so damn domineering?!

At this time Tang Zheng had caught up to the car and saw that the car did indeed have another person. This person was dressed in all black, and their face was unclear, making the entire situation seem shady.

The one driving was still Mu Hongyan, her face was calm without shock nor joy as if there was nothing weird. This nearly caused Tang Zheng to think he was overthinking things making something out of nothing.

But he suddenly discovered that there was a hint of oddity to Mu Hongyan’s calm countenance as she seemed a bit stiff. Her eyes did not look to the side and only foolishly steered the car as if she was a wooden puppet.

Right, a puppet. This was the feeling.

Tang Zheng turned pale with fright as he sped up the bike and stopped it in front of the car. Tang Zheng put his feet down and loudly shouted: “Stop the car!”

The car did not decelerate, and he clearly saw Mu Hongyan’s face from a distance. She clearly saw him but did nothing about it. Moreover, Nannan also saw him, but she acted as if she did not recognize him. No, it was as if she treated everything before her as air and soon the car ran into him.


Screaming sound rang out as pedestrians all turned to look at this scene of someone seeking their own death. Some covered their eyes at the prospect of the car accident that was about to occur.

A loud sound rang out, and the bike was sent flying along with another person. Yet, this person did not slam onto the ground but seemed to soar in the air like a Roc, landing on top of the car, sticking close to the surface.

What the hell?! Were they shooting a movie?

The crowd did not have time to react when the car sped up and disappeared from their vision as if nothing had happened. The only thing that served as a quiet reminder was the beat up bike that laid there.

Tang Zheng crawled onto the hood and fiercely pounded it, calling for the car to stop, but no one replied making everything even more mysterious.

The car raced forward before finally turning into a silent alley.

The care braked hard and emitted a screaming sound that penetrated the ears as Tang Zheng was fiercely sent flying backward due to the inertia.

Seeing that he was going to smack into the ground, he put his arm in front of him and made a turn in the air before quietly landing on the ground. He stared dead straight at the car nearby.

The noise of the engine disappeared as the two headlights were turned off. The alley was devoid of all sound, making it seem exceptionally weird.

The lights within the car were turned off as it looked sticky black, making it impossible for Tang Zheng to see the situation inside the car. Even so, he would not sit around awaiting death hence he loudly roared: “Get out!”

His voice rolled like thunder, but Mu Hongyan and her daughter did not hear, further putting Tang Zheng on edge as the image of the mother-daughter duo appeared in his mind. This was especially so for Nannan as she had a way of drawing others affection.

He decided in his heart: I will definitely not let anything happen to them!

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