Chapter 123: Appointment with a Beauty

Chapter 123: Appointment with a Beauty

The two walked into Fang Shishi’s room under Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin’s weird gaze, as a faint yet refreshing couples aura leaked off the two.

Tang Zheng let her sit down as he pushed a fingertip against her forehead and the Cloud Water Technique suddenly appeared within her Sea of Consciousness.

Fang Shishi opened her eyes in shock. If Tang Zheng had not advised her, again and again, to remain calm, she might have jumped up in fear.

Tang Zheng then taught her step by step how to cultivate, pointing out the key details. Fang Shishi’s comprehension ability was pretty good, and with a bit of guidance, she started to employ the Cloud Water Technique. Following the passing of time, one strand after another of spiritual energy gathered from the surroundings and entered her body, becoming qi as it flowed into her meridians.

“My vision is indeed not bad; she is extremely suitable for cultivation. It won’t take her long before she reaches the first grade of Qi Refining.” Tian Chanzi said with great joy and satisfaction.

“Although in comparison to you, a monster, she is still a bit lacking but then again on this planet there are not many monsters such as you.” Tian Chanzi said with sorrow.

Tang Zheng let out a helpless smile as he had read the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll once and reached the first stage of Qi Refining.

“Then can she use the Spirit Pill?”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as right now is the time to build her foundation and not to use external aid. She needs to first forge her body and consolidate her foundation which will be of great benefit for her future cultivation.” Tian Chanzi said rejecting him.

Fang Shishi let out a light breath as she opened her eyes which shone brightly and expressed her shock: “I felt it! There was a wave of energy flowing through me, simply too mysterious.”

“That is qi, and it is the flow of your energy. The more qi you have, the higher cultivation you would be at, and your strength would also increase at the same rate.”

“Then I must work hard to cultivate. You are now at the Sixth Grade Qi Refining, and I must work hard to catch up to you.” Fang Shishi felt her fighting spirit blaze up.

“Haha, okay, don’t give yourself too much pressure, as I started cultivating before you so you should just go at your own pace. If there is anything, you do not understand you can ask me.”

Fang Shishi hurriedly shook her head, paused, then asked: “Can I tell others about this?”

“Of course not, this is our secret. I do not know how many cultivators there are in the world but our strength is too weak, so if others know we would be unable to protect ourselves.”

“I understand. I will definitely keep it a secret.” Fang Shishi said with all smiles as she was now the same as Tang Zheng making their bond even stronger and harder to break.

“Then I will first return.”

“Wait a bit.” Fang Shishi stood up and kissed his lips, “This is your reward. Now, hurry back.”

Tang Zheng once again left under the two couple’s gaze.

The next day, Tang Zheng went to school but was called to a halt by Liu Qingmei at the door.

“Is your injury better?” Liu Qingmei asked expressionlessly.

“Thank you for teachers concern; my injury is now a lot better.”

“When did it heal?”


“Really? Then were you resting at home these few days.”

“Right, heavy injuries take a long time to heal, and to hurry back to school, I have stayed at home to rest. Thankfully my body is still considered strong and healed a bit faster.”

Liu Qingmei stared at him as if trying to differentiate truth from lies but based on reason breaking two ribs would indeed take some time to heal but looking at Tang Zheng right now it did not seem like he had just healed. Quite the contrary it seemed that he had been healed for a few days.

Liu Qingmei couldn’t help but be suspicious of the doctor’s diagnosis. Anyways, Tang Zheng must have intentionally skipped over the monthly exams.

“Yesterday I saw that you made a trip to Upwind Valley.” Liu Qingmei suddenly said.

Tang Zheng was shocked as he stared at her.

“I saw a certain someone with great vigor as if he was not currently healing from injuries. Tell me, what do you think of this?” Liu Qingmei said expressionlessly.

Tang Zheng could discern from her calm expression the anger in her eyes. She surely has seen through his intentions leaving him in an awkward position as he said: “Maybe…” but he could not think of any good reason.

“Speak, maybe what?” Liu Qingmei said with a smile that was not a smile. Suddenly, a voice rang out several pitches higher “Tang Zheng; you really are bold to actually dare lie to me. Didn’t you promise me?”

Tang Zheng was embarrassed and at a loss of words.

“You have nothing to say? You actually dare to pretend to be sick not to take the monthly exams. Tell me what you think I should do?” Liu Qingmei said in an imposing manner.

“Can we move this agreement to the official high school exam?” Tang Zheng proposed. He had originally planned to reveal himself to fiercely slap the old witch across the face and have her scram from the school.

“Okay, then we'll move it to the high school exam. Did you long since prepare to give everyone a fright during that time, hence your bet with Wu Cuihong?” Liu Qingmei guessed.

Tang Zheng laughed: “It seems Teacher Liu has discovered me.”

“No wonder you made such a solemn bet, it was all because you had long since made plans to make her fall into your trap. Truly a good plan.” Liu Qingmei was shocked at Tang Zheng’s plan.

“If she had not been so against me at every step of the way then I would not have done this.” Tang Zheng explained with a shrug.

“I don’t care about the matters between you and her, but as for your punishment for intentionally skipping out on our agreement you will attend a ball with me.”


“Right, as for the time and place I will notify you later. This time if you dare play any games with me then watch as I go notify Wu Cuihong of your plan.” Liu Qingmei threatened.

Tang Zheng let out a silent sigh as she grabbed him firmly by the balls, so he could only go with whatever she said.

“Moreover, I am clear on the matter concerning you and Fang Shishi. Since you have accepted a house from her family, there must surely be hot news so if you do not obediently listen to me and this news were to get out. Heihei, I am sure you would be the school’s public enemy #1.” Liu Qingmei said with an evil smile.

Tang Zheng had never seen her give such a wicked smile before, as his eyes unconsciously flashed with light. He immediately realized the serious implications of her words as he hurriedly said: “Teacher Liu, I will definitely not pull a no-show. I will carefully and properly carry out your expectations.”

“This is more like it.” Liu Qingmei patted his shoulder, “Right, accepting a house from a woman is not a shameful matter so don’t get caught up in it.”

“Ah?” Tang Zheng did not know whether to laugh as she actually thought him to be a little boy toy.

When he sat down on his seat, he was still debating whether he should clear the misunderstanding Liu Qingmei had of him. Should he tell her that he was not a little boy toy, as this misunderstanding was simply too great and involved his reputation.

“Meh, whatever, I’ll just forget about it. Anyways, she doesn’t have a good impression of me anyways so what does it matter if it just got even worse. As long as she does not pay attention to me then what happened that night will be forgotten.”

He was in the midst of thinking aimlessly when he heard Ye Dingdang’s voice: “Hey, what are you doing blanking out so early in the morning?”

“Nothing much.”

“Is your injury better?”


Ye Dingdang got closer to him, her face one of great joy: “Let me tell you a piece of news.”

“What news?”

“I already broke through to Fifth Grade Refining Body.”

“Oh, congrats.” Tang Zheng guessed that it was the work of the Jade Woman’s Heart Sutra.

“Hey, don’t you even feel a bit left behind and disappointed? Can’t you express a bit of shock? It’s not like I will laugh at you.” Ye Dingdang could barely suppress her satisfaction as she said all smiles.

Tang Zheng scratched his head and suspiciously asked: “Why should I feel disappointed?”

“Haha, you still aren’t willing to admit it. You are just a Fourth Grade Refining Body, and I am a Fifth Grade Refining Body. Right now, my level is higher than yours, so should you not feel disappointed about it?” Ye Dingdang flaunted as she previously felt as if she was suppressed.

“Oh, I didn’t have the time to tell you, but I am currently at the Sixth Grade Refining Body.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

*TLN: She doesn’t know he is a cultivator, so he uses martial artist terms to talk to her.*

Ye Dingdang’s expression immediately hardened as if someone used the Body Lock technique on her. She stared at Tang Zheng like a wooden chicken, not daring to believe what she had just heard.

A moment later she regained her senses and said in shock: “Are you a Sixth Grade Refining practitioner just because you say so?”

Seeing Tang Zheng nod his head she felt attacked and screamed: “How is that possible? Weren’t you just a Fourth Grade Body Refiner? How could you reach Sixth Grade Body Refining stage?”

Tang Zheng shrugged: “This just goes to show that I train at a fast speed.”

“Are you bullying me just because I can’t see through your cultivation? Hence why you are intentionally lying to me?” She could not believe in this result.

“Am I that bored?” Tang Zheng refuted.

Ye Dingdang’s face looked like bitter melon, as after working so hard to break through she felt that she had the upper hand. Little did she know that Tang Zheng would still surpass her, the large gap only served to make her want to cry but have no tears.

“Not fair! This is not fair!” She slammed her book onto the desk with a ‘peng,' frightening those around her into a jump as they all turn to look at her in succession.

“I have no methods.” Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and pretended to be helpless.

Ye Dingdang fiercely stared at him. This was too infuriating as nothing was more infuriating than this. Could it be that she could only be suppressed by him and not have a chance at turning things around on him?

Pei pei pei!

What suppression, is there even such a thing.

Gao Dazhi watched the two afar and was secretly delighted: “Yes, anger Ye Dingdang and that will decrease his chance. This time, he recovered pretty quickly from being hit by a car. It seems the Heavens are uncaring, if I were there, then I could roll over him again and even if he wouldn’t have died he would have no other choice but to.”

“Hei, since he angered Ye Dingdang then I should strike the iron while it’s hot and to uncover his true, face so that he will have no play left. Right, that is how I will do it. After school, I will follow him and he ought to slip up.”

At this time Feng Yong walked in and seeing Tang Zheng he burst into an excited run, all the while shouting out ‘Boss.'

“Fatty, you really should go on a diet. I can see your fat wobbling…” Tang Zheng took a fab at him and joked with him.

“Heihei, my fat acts as my protection.” Feng Yong said thinking otherwise.

“Being protective is useless as men should be able to take the initiative to attack.” Tang Zheng corrected.

“I for one do not know how to fight. If I were as strong as you boss, then I would definitely take the initiative to attack.” Feng Yong enviously said.

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he said: “Then let me find a set of martial arts for you to train in.”

Feng Yong excited called out in joy: “Boss, you really are my amazing boss. Oh, my close close boss!”

“Stop making me nauseous and step to the side.” Tang Zheng scolded with a smile.

Ye Dingdang heard that Tang Zheng was going to give Feng Yong a set of martial arts technique as if he had countless sets, causing her to feel something tug at her heartstrings. It was as if she was bleeding internally, the difference between them was simply too great. It was incomparable.

Ding ding!

The sound of a notification rang out as Tang Zheng’s cellphone received a message.

“Tang Zheng, I would like to treat you to dinner? Would you do me the honor of showing up?”

Sender: Mu Hongyan.

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