Chapter 120: Unconstrained Youthfulness

Chapter 120: Unconstrained Youthfulness

After they had finished packing up, they loaded all their items onto a rented car as a bunch of neighbors surrounded the area around the little house.

The reason was the grandfather and grandson duo had been living there for several tens of years, and quite a few people knew them. Moreover, these people were all destitute and looked at the procedure in shock.

Several people greeted them saying Tang Dahai was fortunate to be able to escape from this slum, while also saying that they saw Tang Zheng grow from a child into a decent person.

All in all, everyone was generous with their words of praise and blessing for the grandfather and grandson.

Tang Dahai passionately responded without a hint of pride or vanity. After decades of being polished by life, he had thrown useless vanity to the back of his mind, leaving behind only a simple and honest character.

So, amidst all the clamor, the rented car drove towards their new house.

Upwind Valley.

Tang Zheng let his grandfather enter the house first, and as he walked into a new house, there were feelings of being unaccustomed and fear of dirtying the floorboards.

He was shocked as the interior of the house was decorated very luxuriously, and all the household appliances were of top quality, many of which Tang Dahai has never seen before. He felt just like Old Lady Liu entering the Prospect Garden minus the vanity*, leaving behind pure shock. TL:*Story of a country bumpkin stepping into a garden that has everything in it*

“Grandpa, you should rest a bit before taking a tour of the house. I will first go move the luggage in.” Tang Zheng brought his grandfather to sit on the sofa before running downstairs as Fang Shishi followed.

It was May already, and the weather was a bit hot. Fang Shishi’s face had a sheen of sweat, but she had a vibrant smile.

Tang Zheng had been in the same class with her for three years but never had he seen her smile so much.

“You should also be tired, so you should just rest in the house and eat something. I will take care of the rest.” Tang Zheng said.

“Heng, you want to push me to the side? That’s not going to work, there is glory in work, and I want glory.” Fang Shishi said taking a piece of luggage and rushing up the stairs like a little trooper.

Tang Zheng shook his head with a smile but did not stop her. At this, the feeling of warmth in his heart only grew stronger.

The move-in process was made quick by the fact that Tang Zheng was strong. Furthermore, there was an elevator, and there was not a lot of things to move. Most of the stuff Tang Dahai brought did not have much use and could only be used to occupy the space.

Even so, Tang Zheng did not say anything because these objects all have their place in his grandfather’s memory, so what if they took up a bit of space.

The most important thing for a house was that it was comfortable, and with these old objects, Tang Dahai would be able to find comfort.

Tang Dahai felt multiple emotions well up within himself as he gradually settled down. From the balcony one could overlook the small and safe area where other elderly were exercising.

“Little Zheng, you first rest I will go take a stroll around the surrounding and also see if I can find a nearby supermarket to buy some vegetables. Little girl, don’t leave, stay to eat with us.” Tang Dahai said.

“Grandpa, I will go with you.” Fang Shishi lovably said.

Tang Dahai waved his hands: ‘It’s okay, you guys are tired from working half the day, so you deserve a rest. I’ll be back in two hours.”

When grandfather left, the large and spacious room was left to the two. Fang Shishi stared brightly at Tang Zheng and asked: “Are you happy moving into a new house?.”

“Of course I’m happy, but I think you seem to be happier than me as you always have a smile on.”

“There is glory in working so of course I would be happy.”

“Is it only because of the glory or is there another reason.” Tang Zheng teasingly said.

Fang Shishi’s face turned a bit read: “What other reason could there be?”

“Could it be that not even a little bit of it is because of me.”

“Shameless.” Fang Shishi stuck out her tongue.

“I may be shameless, but you are truly beautiful.” TLN:*play on words 臭美 (show off one’s good shamelessly) vs. 真美 (true beauty). The second word for both is “beauty”*

“What about me is beautiful? I’m sweaty and smell all over.” After being complimented by her loved one, Fang Shishi replied tongued in cheek.

“Your body is all sweaty? Let me smell.” Tang Zheng wrapped her in his embrace as he took a deep whiff and said: “How does it smell? You clearly smell nice drenched in sweat.”

Fang Shishi laughed: “How can sweat smell nice, you are merely speaking empty words.”

“I didn’t say that, but as the people of old say ‘the faint fragrance of flowers remotely smells sweetly like that of a woman.' You really do smell nice, if you do not believe me then why don’t you try smelling yourself?” Tang Zheng said seriously.

“Then let me take a smell.” She lifted up her arms as she took a smell and there indeed wasn’t a heavy smell, as when young ladies sweat it only accentuates their natural body scent.

“Doesn’t it smell nice? Let me smell you again.” Tang Zheng’s moved his nose from her neck down to her perky breasts, not wanting to leave.

“You dare act naughty.” Fang Shishi immediately recognized his ploy as she grabbed onto his ears and coquettishly protested.

“How am I naughty, I am so pure and innocent.” Tang Zheng lifted his head and gave a teasing smile.

“Heng, I was previously tricked by your innocence, you really are a big bad person.” Fang Shishi’s breathing became hurried as she said: “Hurry and get up otherwise I’ll twist your ears.”

“Twist them then, twist them off if you want, but I don’t want to move.” Tang Zheng mischievously said.

Fang Shishi could only helplessly drop her hand in defeat: “You’re hopeless.”

“Heihei, don’t forget that you promised we’d finish what we didn’t finish last time.”

Fang Shishi immediately thought of their experience in his old house, and her heart started beating rapidly while her face turned beet red.

“You naughty person, so you remembered it.”

“Of course I’d remember, how could I possibly forget something so important.” Tang Zheng said in a matter of fact tone.

Fang Shishi’s breathing sped up, as her body started to heat up and she shyly said: “I’m sweating, let’s not.”

“It’s alright, you’ll be sweating later anyways.”

“You… are really naughty.” Fang Shishi said helplessly.

“Listen, who’s heart is beating so fast. Your heart is betraying you.” Tang Zheng pushed his ears against her chest.

Fang Shishi hurriedly tried to escape, but when she straightened up, she only took the initiative to stick her chest in his face. How could Tang Zheng just let this big opportunity go? Hence, he took advantage of the situation and stuck his face into her breasts, so much so that his face changed shapes.


Fang Shishi let out a stifled cry but did not know that it was laced with enticement. With the tightening of Tang Zheng’s arms, the two bodies firmly stuck together.

“Since I moved into a new house we should definitely celebrate it.” Tang Zheng lifted his head and scanned the surrounding as their two faces were very close to each other.

The two pairs of eyes were steeped with deep emotion, and Fang Shishi felt as if she were about to melt in his eyes and couldn’t help but feel her body and heart go soft.

The two started kissing intimately as there was a hint of familiarity in their action and a connection forming from the depths of their heart.

“Let’s go to the bed.” Tang Zheng grabbed her by the waist and brought her to the room.

Fang Shishi leaned her head against his shoulder, bit her lips and said: “Grandfather will be back.”

“Didn’t grandpa say that he will be back in two hours? It’s still early.” This time, Tang Zheng was unwilling to push it off.

“Heng, this is premeditated!” Fang Shishi playfully said.

“Heihei, how can that be. I am so pure.” Tang Zheng smiled evilly.

“Pure your big crafty head.” Fang Shishi knocked on his forehead.

Tang Zheng lightly put her on the bed, making all the curves on her body become more evident, and for a moment he lost himself in her.

“Little brat, put in one last effort and take her down.” Tian Chanzi said.

“Move to the side.”Tang Zheng hurriedly sealed him so that he would not get a free show.

The two bodies coiled together as Tang Zheng’s hands started to drift around. Not long later, Fang Shishi’s clothes started to be taken off one by one, and soon only her bra was left on her upper body.

Just looking at the half round mound within the bra caused his eyes to almost spit fire and his body temperature to rise, as the qi within his body started to become agitated.

Such a beautiful sight. It would be such a shame to block it, so he hurriedly unhooked the bra but found couldn’t figure it out. *E/N - Nemesis of all men, the dreaded bra hooks*


Fang Shishi seeing his dejected and embarrassed appearance couldn’t help but laugh.

Tang Zheng face turned red as he hurriedly said: “First time, first time, I’m not used to it, so I really don’t know how to unhook this play thing.”

Fang Shishi gazed at him lovingly as she reached behind her and gently unclasped her bra, releasing the incomparably beautiful sight to Tang Zheng.


Tang Zheng swallowed his saliva.

“You look foolish.” Fang Shishi felt both shy and sweet as she saw in her lover’s gaze dense love and affection. So, with great courage, she stuck out her chest, which became more prominent as she straightened out.

Tang Zheng was like a starved wolf, and he threw himself forward.

A moment later, their two bodies were sweaty, and Tang Zheng brought out all of his strength but discovered that his knowledge was lacking and that he did not have the right approach to enter causing him to sweat more profusely.

Fang Shishi looked as if she was about to melt and hugged his waist as she shyly encouraged: “Try one more time, it’ll definitely work.”

This was the first time for both of them; hence their experience was lacking.

But of course Tang Zheng would not just give up as he would forever look down upon himself. Hence he finally gathered up the necessary strength, and after half a day he finally succeeded. *TL: yes, I know, they only have 2 hours…* *ED: obviously over exaggeration*

“Ah!” Fang Shishi’s shy voice was mingled with pain causing Tang Zheng to stop his action.

“Does it hurt?” He asked his heart in pain.

Fang Shishi knitted her brow, lowered her head, before taking a deep breath and said: “Slow down a bit.”

Tang Zheng was deeply afraid of hurting her, so he slowed down as the two raced towards the end while relishing in that amazing experience.

Tang Zheng’s qi boiled like hot water as his temperature rose, yet Fang Shishi did not feel anything as she still bit her lips in a daze. Her expression was red and overflowing with bashfulness and satisfaction.

Tang Zheng was like an unbridled wild horse on a grassy plain as he ran unconstrained as his heart desired.

Pure Yin energy continuously flowed from Fang Shishi’s body and into his as it traveled through his meridians before mingling with his boiling qi.

The boiling qi acted like a little child meeting its loved one, as it slowly calmed down and even flourished under the other’s care.

The qi within the nine main meridians grew from four inches six parts to seven parts, eight parts… seemingly without end.

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