Chapter 122: Disciple

Chapter 122: Disciple

Tang Zheng was shocked as he thought that something bad appeared on Fang Shishi’s body and hurriedly asked: “Tian Chanzi, what’s wrong with Shishi?”

“How did her physique change?” Tian Chanzi asked in astonishment.

“Physique? Didn’t she always have a pure yin body constitution?” Tang Zheng said a bit confused.

“She indeed still has a Pure Yin Body Constitution, but the quality of her body has undergone a heaven-defying change. Right now her body is perfect for cultivation just as if a peak expert used countless methods to improve her body’s quality!” Tian Chanzi said in shock.

If they were face to face Tang Zheng was sure that he would see Tian Chanzi’s mouth wide open, so much so that one could stick a goose egg down his mouth.

Tang Zheng was shocked as the only thing he did was have intercourse with her, so how did her body quality change?

“I know, it must have something to do with you, you little brat. The Nine Yang Saint Body actually has such an incredible and never before heard of effect.” Tian Chanzi exclaimed in shock as he did not know whether to be envious or jealous.

Tang Zheng, on the other hand, became excited as Fang Shishi being able to cultivate was an incredibly good news.

Tang Zheng was a cultivator and based on Tian Chanzi, they would age slowly as they have a longer lifespan. To cultivators, normal humans age too quickly as their lifespan is a lot shorter compared to theirs and just as he was worried about this he discovered that Fang Shishi was actually suitable for cultivating. So, he should just have her cultivate too.

This way, she would be able to protect herself so that even if she studies abroad then she will be safer and that would be taking care of all his problems in one fell swoop.

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge the shocked Tian Chanzi and hurriedly asked: “Tian Chanzi is there any suitable cultivation techniques for her?”

“What do you mean little brat?”

“Since you said that her body is suitable for cultivation then we definitely shouldn’t waste this opportunity.” Tang Zheng said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Tian Chanzi paused for a moment before saying: “No, this won’t do.”

“F*ck, Tian Chanzi, you can possibly be so damn stingy that you wouldn’t even give a single cultivation technique would you?” Tang Zheng said in dissatisfaction.

“Stop interrupting, I did not say that I wouldn’t give her a cultivation technique, but with such an excellent body one can not just casually give her a random cultivation technique as that would be a waste. Don’t you know that this waste would be a great sin!”

Tang Zheng heard these words and understood the words meanings, and so he said: “Stop dawdling then and hurry up and find an amazing technique for her.”

“Heng, of course I have amazing techniques but how could I so casually hand it out?”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Every sect has their own treasured technique so wouldn’t it be a mess if people just casually handed it out to outsiders?”

“Then what should we do? Anyways, I don’t care if you dare give her a crappy technique then I will definitely not let you go.” Tang Zheng fiercely threatened.

“Heng, who do you take me for? Don’t look and judge my magnanimous and grand personality with your narrow-minded eyes and perspective. Little brat, because you have the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, I had no way of taking you in as my disciple, but right now I can take her as my disciple. In a sense, you can treat it as compensation for me so that our meeting wouldn’t be a waste.” Tian Chanzi spoke frankly in a reassuring tone.

“You want to take her as your disciple?” Tang Zheng never expected such a result.

“Of course, I am simply too benevolent.” Tian Chanzi praised himself.

“I think you are simply being calculating. Once you discovered that Fang Shishi has excellent body quality you decided to take her in.” Tang Zheng’s single phrase broke through his ploy.

Tian Chanzi having his intentions become revealed resentfully said: “I am merely making good use of talent, do you understand? How could I possibly waste such a good seed? I, Tian Chanzi, definitely can nurture a heaven-defying disciple.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as even though Tian Chanzi was unreliable at times, as a master he had the ability and then some. Moreover, he knew many different cultivation techniques that were sect treasures.

“Little brat, let me tell you, if this little girl does not take me as her master then I have no method of passing on top quality techniques because this is the rules of my sect and I definitely can not go against it. Do you understand?” Tian Chanzi solemnly said.

“This is just your excuse, what do you mean by sect rules.” Tang Zheng refuted.

“You are infuriating little brat, my good will is just being treated as nothing by you.”

“Alright, alright, then we will follow what you say and have her call you master but let me make this clear that if you don’t do a good job as her master then don’t blame me for having her enter another sect.”

Tian Chanzi snorted: “I am such a well-qualified teacher under the heavens. It is only you who does not know how to appreciate what you have.”

“Alright, stop blabbering and think of a technique to pass onto her.”

“Of course it would be the Cloud Water Technique, this is the most peak technique that the female disciples learn in my sect. When one cultivates this to the highest level, then it possesses the ability to surpass the heavens.”

“Sounds good.”

“I am speaking the truth.”

“Since you are in my consciousness how will you have her treat you as her master.”

”Hei, I originally thought that I would have to wait a long time for my rebirth, but seeing as how you little brat are cultivating so fast past my expectations it seems that my time is not far.”

“Really?” Tang Zheng said overly joyful as having an extra consciousness reside in his body was a bit weird.

“Of course, since you have already reached sixth-grade Refining Qi then my consciousness has grown stronger, and I naturally can undergo ‘rebirth, ’ but the host body would be hard to find.”

“There are so many dead people so can’t you just pick a random one?” Tang Zheng intentionally advised.

“Bullsh*t, can I, Tian Chanzi, so casually pick a body? No, I must carefully select a good host otherwise, I will just stay in your consciousness.”

“If you don’t leave, then you won’t be able to take any disciples.”

“Little brat, do you really want to anger me to death?”

Tang Zheng laughed: “Alright, stop being angry, aren’t I looking out for you right now? Why don’t we just find a good host during the meantime.”

“This is more like it. Relax, even though I am unable to officially have her take me as her master I can still pass the Cloud Water Technique to her. Just follow my instructions to teach her and when I finally rebirth then I can clearly explain the intricacies of the technique so that it would not scare her.”

“This sounds more like a worthy teacher. Anyways, I will help her speak and promise for her so hurry up and give me the Cloud Water Technique.”

Tang Zheng’s sea of consciousness brightened with a flash as there appeared an additional technique incantation which he carefully revealed. From Tang Zheng’s insightful gaze he could tell that the technique was indeed profound.

“Tang Zheng, how come you aren’t talking?” Seeing that they are almost to her door, Fang Shishi curiously asked.

“Shishi, I want to tell you something very serious.” Tang Zheng stopped his steps and said.

“What? Why so serious?” Fang Shishi laughed involuntarily, “What naughty things are you thinking about now?”

Tang Zheng seriously said: “This is a serious matter. Do you know that I know martial arts?”

“Yes, I know, I heard that even Ye Dingdang is not your opponent and that her martial arts are not bad.”

As of now when she spoke of Ye Dingdang she did not feel a heavy sense of danger, as her relationship with Tang Zheng was solidified and not something Ye Dingdang can compare too.

“Right, but she and I are different as she is an actual martial artist while I am a cultivator. It is two completely different things.”

“Martial artist? Cultivator?” Fang Shishi stared wide-eyed as if she was listening to something weird.

Tang Zheng filled her in on the difference between a martial artist and a cultivator but this only confused Fang Shishi some more as this far surpassed her area of knowledge.

“Are you saying that cultivators have the ability to fly in the sky and traverse through the lands?”


“Then can you do all those things?” Fang Shishi said as her eyes glimmered like stares while she stared at her boyfriend.

Anyone girl would wish for her boyfriend to be strong. Moreover, Tang Zheng was a cultivator which gave him a mysterious air making him more attractive.

Tang Zheng embarrassedly said: “I know a bit of technique, but I am still far from flying.”

“Techniques?” Fang Shishi covered her mouth as she stared at him and asked testily: “What kind of technique? Can I see?”


“Just a little.” Fang Shishi said with anticipation.

Tang Zheng agreed so why not show off a bit. With this, he could increase her interest in cultivating but the only techniques he knew were the Sealing technique, refining technique, and Body Lock Technique but these techniques can’t really be displayed so only his true fire would have the desired effect.

He looked at his surrounding and seeing that there was no one he handsomely waved a finger and a round ball of light purple flame suddenly appeared, burning atop his finger.

“Fire, fire suddenly appeared on your finger.” Fang Shishi lived for eighteen years, but she had never seen such shocking thing causing her to cover her mouth and open her eyes wide in shock, “This isn’t evil magic is it?”

“Of course not.”

“Then can I touch it?”

“You can’t, this fire won’t harm me, but it will definitely harm you.”

“Oh.” Fang Shishi

“Shishi do you want to learn?”

“Can I do it too?”

“Of course you can. You have a good physique and are suited for cultivating.”

“Really?” Fang Shishi nearly jumped up in excitement, “Then can I be as strong as you in the future?”

“Of course, but just don’t be stronger than me.”

“I want to learn! I want to learn!” Fang Shishi nodded her head vigorously and excitedly as she fantasized about the two being an immortal couple. Just how amazing would that be!

“But I don’t understand anything.”

“If you don’t know then you learn. There is someone who wants to take you as his disciple, but it is not convenient for him to appear so I will pass onto you a technique in his place. When he does appear in the future, you can address him as master.”

“I have a master?” Fang Shishi said with surprise. After immersing herself in her studies daily for years, these kind of new and intriguing things cause her heart to beat rapidly.

“Right, but I will temporarily be teaching you.”

“Then wouldn’t you be my master?” Fang Shishi covered her mouth and couldn’t help but laugh.

Tang Zheng did not know that she had such a weird side to her and couldn’t restrain himself from smiling as he found her to be more and more interesting.

“Master, please accept your disciple's bow.” She imitated the bow a servant maid in ancient time would give her master and then couldn’t help but start to laugh out loud.

“How can this be, why is she bowing to you? She should be bowing to me.” Tian Chanzi said with passion as he enviously muttered.

“We are only playing, so you stop being so serious. You really don’t know how to ease up.” Tang Zheng scoff at him and Tian Chanzi once again quieted down.

“Let’s go, we will first enter, and then I will pass the technique to you. When you are cultivating you must have a calm mind, and it is currently loud outside.” Tang Zheng had decided to strike the iron while it's hot and to start her on the path of cultivation tonight.

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