Chapter 121: Demon

Chapter 121: Demon 

His qi’s frantic rise would cause others to be shocked speechless, but Tang Zheng did not even acknowledge this point, as he was currently engrossed in that amazing feeling with Fang Shishi.

At the point of climax, the two’s heart and bodies were intertwined in perfect harmony. Their bodies alternated as their breathing sound quickened, overlaying over one another like a concerto piece that causes other to feel moved and filled with enticement.

Suddenly, the only thing that could be heard were two loud voices as they both tightly grabbed on one another. At this moment the wind stopped blowing, and the rain rested.

A wave of hot air entered Fang Shishi’s body and entered her eight meridians, her four limbs, and her hundreds of bones and recreated a heaven-defying change.

Her skin had a hint of red as the edges of her lips curled in a content smile. Her pupils were like autumn water, revealing a concentrated emotion of love.

Tang Zheng’s body trembled as in that moment he felt the changes in his body. That wave of pure Yin energy completely mixed with his Yang energy, increasing his qi as it actually passed five inches and had no inclination of coming to a stop.

He suddenly thought back to Tian Chanzi’s words, as it seemed they were true. With this, he could absorb an enormous amount of Yin energy, and his cultivator soared.

At this moment he was already a fifth-grade Refining Qi, and he did not know just what realm he would reach. That did not mean he would waste this good opportunity, so he hurriedly circulated the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll causing his cultivation speed to increase even more so that his qi broke through to six inches.

Six inches. This signaled sixth-grade Refining Qi and based on Tian Chanzi’s teaching this was a watershed for the disciples of the cultivation world, and even the major sect disciples would not advance this quickly.

The Nine Yang Saint Body is indeed abnormal, and even though there was great danger, it walked hand in hand with great opportunity.

His qi did not increase any more as it stabilized at six inches, but this was enough to make Tang Zheng go insane with happiness.

“What happened?” Seeing Tang Zheng not move, with a weird expression on his face, Fang Shishi hurriedly asked.

Tang Zheng couldn’t suppress his joy as he kissed her forehead: “Shishi, thank you.”

Fang Shishi smiled charmingly and rebuked: “What are you thanking me for.”

Tang Zheng laid on the bed as he held her in his embrace, one of his hand was petting her hair while the other was brushing across her back.

Fang Shishi cutely laid on his chest as the red blush had not completely left her white body, appearing extremely evident.

“I already gave myself to you so must treat me well in the future. Do you understand?” Fang Shishi gently stroked his chest and softly said.

Since Tang Zheng started cultivating his body had become more and more robust as his muscles became more pronounced. Even so, it was not the body builder type of muscle that was in your face but possessed a good proportion feel.

Fang Shishi who was laying on his chest seemed like small boat parked at a safe harbor so that no wind could sweep her away.

“I will definitely treat you well.” Tang Zheng swore.

“I believe you.” Fang Shishi said.

Seeing her delicate figure, Tang Zheng felt that at this moment he was the most blessed person in the world as he was filled with pride and accomplishment.

His gaze slowly roamed over her as he appreciated the beauty of the scenery when suddenly a smear of red jumped into his line of sight attracting his gaze.

Fang Shishi felt his scorching gaze and unconsciously looked too. She lightly called out, embarrassed: “Don’t look” before she hurriedly grabbed the bed sheets which had a hint of fresh red blood on it, looking like a fully bloomed flower.

“Do you have scissors?” Fang Shishi asked.

Tang Zheng asked weirdly: “What do you want scissors for?”

“Don’t worry about it. Hurry up and get it for me.”

Tang Zheng straightened up and resentfully got off the bed as he went in search of scissors.

Fang Shishi watched his swagger away, completely naked, couldn’t help but blush: “You exhibitionist, if you are going out why don’t you put on some clothes.”

Tang Zheng laughed: “There is only us two in the house, so what are you afraid of.”

Fang Shishi took hold of the scissors and made a few cutting motions with it as she cut off the patch of bedding with blood on it, leaving behind a hole in its place.

Tang Zheng was shocked: “Why are you cutting up the bedding.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Fang Shishi carefully folded it and put it in her pocket.

Tang Zheng sighed with a bitter face: “My bed sheet, why is your life so bitter? Your female owner does not like you and cuts you up.”

Fang Shishi hastily brandished the scissors and threateningly said: “You are not allowed to say anything, otherwise be careful that I might kaccha* you.” *TLN: kacha=cutting sound*

Tang Zheng hurriedly stopped and said: “That won’t do because how can you willingly do something like that?”

“Heng, I am very magnanimous so how would I be unwilling?” Fang Shishi bit her teeth and made a fierce expression.

Tang Zheng looked at the hole and suddenly thought of something that frightened him: “We didn’t take any protective action so would you be… pregnant?”

“Right, what would I do if I was pregnant?” Fang Shishi suddenly asked in a frightened tone.

“This…” Tang Zheng at his age had never considered having a child, so he couldn’t help but feel his heart tense up. It seems he was too rash and males at times could be muddled by their desires.

Upon seeing Fang Shishi all panicky, he felt his heart tremble and said: “We’ll go and buy some medicine in a bit. I know that drugs are not good, but it will only be this once. In the future, we will definitely take the necessary precautions.”

“Haha, look at you all scared.” Fang Shishi splurted out laughing as she pointed at him: “And here I thought that you are afraid of nothing. Well, you look a bit like that.”

Tang Zheng knew that he must look pretty funny, but he did not mind and seriously said: “Alright, stop laughing, I was speaking seriously. At our age we can not have a child, so we have to be careful.”

Fang Shishi still had on a face of smile and seeing him all solemn caused her to smile till she had tears in her eyes.

“Relax, I was just teasing you. Today is my safe day, so it’s alright” Fang Shishi finally revealed.

“Safe day? There is such a thing?” Tang Zheng asked confused as he was seriously inexperienced in this department.

“Anyways, it’s fine so don’t worry. But, you looked very cute acting all serious.” Fang Shishi said trying her best to suppress her laughter.

Tang Zheng scratched his head in puzzlement, as it seems he needed to broaden his knowledge for the future.

Fang Shishi was more mature than girls her age, and she greatly appreciated his attitude. She did not think that a man with the grandiose attitude of ‘just give birth’ as being charming, but on the contrary, she looked down upon it because it was extremely harmful to the girl. The reason is at their age it would be difficult even to consider having a child.

So, Tang Zheng had the right attitude.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief and seeing her laughing, so he pushed himself against her and fiercely said: “You dare laugh, I’ll show you.”

“Ah! No!” Fang Shishi hurriedly avoided but how could she possibly escape from Tang Zheng’s devil grasp and was tickled to the point of giggles: “Stop, I want to go shower. Your grandpa will be back soon.”

“You want to shower? Well, we can shower together.” Saying up to here he did not even wait for her to refute as he brought her up in an embrace and entered the shower room. Not long later, the sound of water flowing was intermingled with panting sound that rang out once more.

Afterward, Fang Shishi sat in Tang Zheng’s embrace on the sofa watching TV. She languidly spoke intimate words while casually watching the TV.


The sound of the keys in the lock rang out, and Fang Shishi was like a frightened deer, already jumping out of Tang Zheng’s embrace, sitting straight.

“Grandpa, you came back?” Tang Zheng came up and saw that Tang Dahai had bought a lot of vegetables, “Wa, grandpa, you bought a lot of food.”

“Moving into a new house calls for a grand celebration.”

“Alright, I’ll go make food. Tonight, we will eat a large meal.”

“I’ll help.” Fang Shishi volunteered.

Tang Zheng winked at her, signaling her to not move as she was worked hard by Tang Zheng and being a virgin her body was still recovering and it would not be good for her to move too much, otherwise Tang Dahai would easily discover that something was off.

Fang Shishi gave him a white eye as if to say that it was all your fault for playing rough but in the end, she did not stand up.

“Shishi, you are tired from helping around so just watch some TV. Leave the kitchen stuff to us, grandfather and grandson.” Tang Dahai said completely oblivious to what happened between them.

Soon, the kitchen emitted the sound of pots and pans clanging together, but to Fang Shishi, the sound was incomparably comforting like it was the most pleasing music to the ears. It also gave her a feeling of belonging and peace.

As they were eating, the night grew dark and Fang Shishi, in order to avoid being seen through, did not dare stay too late hence she hurriedly had Tang Zheng send her home.

At this time, he released the Sealing technique on Tian Chanzi who as expected clamored loudly saying: “You little brat, I really regret passing onto you the Sealing Technique. Every time you use it on me, it pisses me off to death.”

“You shouldn’t look at things you shouldn’t see. Don’t you understand this logic? And you still think you are some great person on the path of the Dao.” Tang Zheng mockingly said.

“Who said I would peek? I am so great. Do you think I wouldn’t know what I shouldn’t look at?” Tian Chanzi said angrily.”

“When it comes to this I dare not believe you, heihei.”

“Are you questioning my character? Simply trying to anger me to death.” Tian Chanzi loudly cried out when suddenly he let out a shocked sound, “Little brat, how come you became a sixth-grade Refining Qi cultivator?”

“Didn’t you say that by absorbing pure Yin energy my cultivation would increase?” Tang Zheng refuted as he did not understand Tian Chanzi’s shock.

“I did indeed say that, but I didn’t say it would be this quick. This far surpassed my expectation alright? I originally thought that it would be a miracle if you could break through to the fifth-grade Refining Qi, but who would know that you would straight up break through to the sixth-grade Refining Qi. Don’t you understand the concept that the more you cultivate, the harder it is to raise your cultivation?” Tian Chanzi continued to jabber on incessantly in his shock.

Tang Zheng was already used to his own cultivation speed and casually said: “Isn’t it a good to increase my cultivation at a fast rate?”

Tian Chanzi was speechless and could only mutter under his breath: “Truly a demon, simply too amazing.”

“Heihei, didn’t you always say that I am not human, so my insanely fast cultivation speed match my identity as a demon?” Tang Zheng said in satisfaction.

Tian Chanzi simply did not acknowledge his self-satisfaction, but after a while, Tian Chanzi started shouting: “This little girl… she…”

He appeared to have found something unbelievable so much that it put him at a loss.

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