Chapter 119: Promise

Chapter 119: Promise

Tang Zheng and Fang Chongguo arrived at Fire Phoenix's company but was stopped by the secretary outside, who tactfully said that Fire Phoenix was busy and would not be meeting with anyone.

She recognized Fang Chongguo; hence she decided to send him on his way.

Fang Chongguo let out a sigh as thankfully he brought Tang Zheng. Otherwise, he would not even be able to meet Fire Phoenix. There for he had the Secretary pass the word to Fire Phoenix that Tang Zheng had come.

The Secretary looked at the two suspiciously before entering the office. A moment later she came back out as she stared weirdly at Tang Zheng as she never expected him to be such an important character.

"Young Master Tang, Boss Fang, Fire Phoenix invites you in." The secretary's attitude was much more respectful now.

Fang Chongguo bitterly smiled and looked at Tang Zheng, as it seemed that Tang Zheng really did have a lot of weight.

After pushing the door open and entering, Fire Phoenix came forward as she passionately greeted them: "Young Master Tang, Boss Fang, please come in. Ai, I have been busy with company matters, so I apologize for making you two wait."

Fang Chongguo did not say anything, as he understood that Tang Zheng was more important than him. Hence he let Tang Zheng speak first, who calmly said: "Fire Phoenix is too polite. We are the one's who suddenly came to disturb you without warning."

"Young Master Tang, I do not like to hear those words, as you being able to visit my little place is my glory and is giving me respect." Fire Phoenix grandly said as her Jiang Hu aura was revealed. This stood in stark contrast to her previous white collar feel.

Fang Chongguo internally understood as Fire Phoenix was conversing with Tang Zheng using Jiang Hu standards and it was clearly more intimate than normal business acquaintances.

"Could Tang Zheng also be a person of the Jiang Hu?" Fang Chongguo internally mulled over this question.

They sat on the sofa as the secretary served up tea, unable to resist giving Tang Zheng another glance as Fire Phoenix rarely treated others so.

"Your place is very interesting." Tang Zheng praised as even though Fire Phoenix was a person of the underworld, she was clearly a level above Lin Hu. Her business was not simply black or white but also had a hint of gray, putting her in a better light.

Take this construction company for example, from the outside it seemed like a proper business, and as for the fact that the company raises a bunch of hoodlums, outsiders would not know of this fact.

"Young Master Tang over compliments me, this is just my little business. As of today, with Lin Hu taking over Boss Fan's territory I can not possibly compare." Fire Phoenix said, waving her hands.

"You are different from him, as you place emphasis on different things. I heard that your company stands atop your industry and quite a few people want to work with Boss Fire." Tang Zheng lightly said.

Fire Phoenix gave a smile as she glanced at Fang Chongguo before saying: "Young Master Tang over compliments me. This is just you giving face as there is strength in numbers."

"Boss Fire, the truth can not be hidden as today I came to visit you hoping to seek aid." After finishing up with the pleasantries, Tang Zheng got straight to the point.

"Oh? What could Young Master Tang need?" Fire Phoenix asked knowing full well the answer.

Tang Zheng pointed at Fang Chongguo and said: "This is my Uncle Fang whom Boss Fire has already met before. Uncle Fang has a real estate company that requires Boss Fire's aid in demolition and does not know if Fire Phoenix is willing to help?"

Tang Zheng did not know whether the other would agree with his request, as the two have only met once before. Even if Fire Phoenix was interested in him, he did not know whether she will give him face.

Fang Chongguo hurriedly followed up: "Boss Fire, if your esteemed company is willing to work with me, you will definitely not be put at a loss. Moreover, if you help me this time, I will remember it forever."

Fire Phoenix's face had a profound smile, making it hard for others to see through her. She stared at Tang Zheng and said: "Young Master Tang since you and Boss Fang's relationship is good then I will definitely help. However, if I need help I wonder if Young Master Tang would offer a hand?"

Fang Chongguo immediately looked at Tang Zheng, as he simply did not understand why with Fire Phoenix's ability, what could she possibly need help with from Tang Zheng.

Even so, it was evident that she was not joking. Moreover, it seems she intentionally had him bring Tang Zheng over seemingly just for this promise.

Tang Zheng looked at her with his own thoughts as he seriously could not see through her intentions. Based on what Lin Hu said, Fire Phoenix was a woman who personally propped up her business, and that was not simply through coincidence as can be seen through her excellent skill and personality.

What could she possibly need my help for?

Tang Zheng's eyebrows jumped as he said: "Boss Fire, your name is famous and known throughout, what could I possibly help you with?"

Fire Phoenix chuckled and lifted her teacup to take a sip before saying neither slow nor hurried: "As humans, we all have low points and I am but a simple lady, so I am not an exception. Don't look at me now where I occupy a high position as who knows one day I may fall in dire straights. At that time, I hope that Young Master Tang can remember this day and offer me assistance."

Speaking up to here, if Tang Zheng does not agree, then there is no point in speaking further. Therefor, Tang Zheng, seeing the situation nodded his head without hesitation: "Since Boss Fire sees me so, then I will definitely remember what you have done for me today."

"Hehe, then I will first say my thanks to Young Master Tang." Fire Phoenix smiled and said with satisfaction.

Fang Chongguo let out a breath of relief, yet there was a hint of sadness as no matter what he did all would be futile, but with Tang Zheng's one promise his problem was easily solved.

He finally understood the essence and true meaning of the phrase ‘if you compare yourself with others you will only anger yourself to death.'

"Young Master Tang, that night after you left us, Lin Hu and I discussed many things. I wonder if Young Master Tang would be interested in chatting with me alone for a bit?" Fire Phoenix tested.

She had constantly been surveilling Tang Zheng, trying to get a grasp of him as there appeared someone she couldn't see through in Chang Heng City. If it was not for her careful personality that she has nurtured through her tens of years, she might not even be here today.

Fang Chongguo awkwardly looked at Tang Zheng, not knowing if he should retreat, as when it comes to matters of the underworld he was still inexperienced.

Who would have expected Tang Zheng to shake his head and say: "Since it is matters between you and Brother Hu, then it would be best if it stayed between you two. Moreover, my high school exam is approaching, so I do not have much time."

Fire Phoenix looked at this sincere face as she was truly shaken up. This mysterious person was only a high schooler and was actually preparing to take the high school exam?

At a young age she had been messing around outside, so she never really understood the point.

"Young Master Tang really loves to study."

"Ai, there is no other way. You also know that I am last place so if I don't try, then I fear that I wouldn't have a college to go to and by then things wouldn't be good." Tang Zheng said with a sigh.

"With Young Master Tang's abilities even if you don't go to school you could still make a name for yourself and even have those students from famous schools work under you."

"I do not have that ability, and moreover knowledge is the number one power, so people have to be at least learned." As of today, Tang Zheng was a cultivator and could easily have forsaken studying, but he did not and was even working diligently in his studies to prepare for his exams. This was not only because of his Grandfather but because he, himself, wanted to go to university.

People only get to live once, and the most important thing in life was experience. If he did not experience it even once then, he would definitely regret it, so since he has this chance he will definitely not give up on it.

Fire Phoenix did not understand his thoughts but did not continue as she merely smiled and sighed with sorrow: "Young Master Tang is indeed more learned than a coarse person such as myself. I hope to interact more with Young Master Tang in the future, so maybe I will be able to pick up a bit of learned air from you."

Tang Zheng smiled and said: "Being able to interact with Boss Fire is definitely beneficial to me."

"Then we will leave it at that. Young Master Tang, would you mind leaving a contact method?" Fire Phoenix said.

Tang Zheng gave her a number which Fire Phoenix called on the spot and Tang Zheng's phone rang. Tang Zheng previously used his Grandfather's ancient cell phone, but after that one had died he upgraded to an expensive smartphone, which was countless times better.

Tang Zheng saved Fire Phoenix's phone number, stood up and said his goodbye: "Boss Fire, I still have some matters so I will be leaving first. We will talk at some later date."

Fire Phoenix shook her hand which held her phone and mysteriously smiled: "Alright, we will talk in the future."

"Uncle Fang, I will return first. You and Boss Fire can discuss your cooperation." Tang Zheng said.

Fang Chongguo said with satisfaction: "If there is anything you need just give me a call."

Fire Phoenix sent Tang Zheng to the door and intimately shook his hand before he left straight for home. Fang Shishi had probably already arrived at his house and had started to clean up hence his rush.

Once he returned home, he discovered that everything in his house was already packaged as Tang Dahai and Fang Shishi flashed around the house.

"Grandpa, do we still need this?"


"Alright, then I will pack it."

Fang Shishi was like a little bee, rushing all over the place to pack up, her forehead already had a sheen of sweat, but she appeared oblivious to it, moving as if she had boundless energy.

Tang Zheng felt a bit of heartache as she probably never cleaned up around her house, yet was willing to help him. He hurriedly walked in and helped her carry what she just held, and he had to admit that it was a bit hefty.

"You're back."

She revealed a bright smile, her snow white teeth matched with her two dimples looked stunning, just like a wife seeing her husband return home. Her eyebrows were also brimming with intense joy.

Tang Zheng used his hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead and said: "Why are you working so hard, you should have just waited for me to come home and do it."

Fang Shishi brushed against his palm as her expression was one of a joyful blossoming flower: "It doesn't matter, I wanted to help out a bit so that when you come back, you have less to take care of."

"You really are a silly girl." Tang Zheng felt his heart feel warm. If his Grandfather was not nearby, then he may have just pulled her into his embrace.

"You first rest. I'll take care of the rest." Tang Zheng said.

"We'll do it together."

Tang Dahai stood to the side, watching the two as his face revealed a content smile. He at first felt a bit of worry towards Fang Shishi's background as people from wealthy families were usually spoiled and pampered, but Fang Shishi did not seem to have those traits. This greatly lessened Tang Dahai's worries as in the future they would have fewer problems.

The three hurriedly worked to clean up everything, and it took great effort as there were a lot of things to pack. Since they were moving into a new house, they would need to move all the daily appliances along with other daily necessities.

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