Chapter 118: To Stir

Chapter 118: To Stir 

"The reason I want to gift you with a house is that I need your assistance." Fang Chongguo decided that real men don't beat around the bush. Hence, he decided to be straightforward.

It was just as Tang Zheng expected hence he asked: "What is it?"

"There have been a few problems with my company, and I need Fire Phoenix's assistance so I was hoping you could speak some words in my favor."

"You want me to find Fire Phoenix and speak some words for you? I'm afraid that my face is not that big as I have only met her once." Tang Zheng objected.

Fang Chongguo shook his head: "I think you are underestimating your own abilities as even though I am not clear why the boss looks to you with such importance, I am sure that as long as you make a move, it will be fine. If I am unable to pass this obstacle, then I will go broke, and all will be lost."

Tang Zheng looked at the other suspiciously as he did not know if it was the truth or not. Fang Chongguo returned his gaze without trying to hide anything, appearing to be very candid and straightforward.

"If I go broke, then there will definitely be people looking for me to collect debts and by then Shishi will have no money to study abroad."

Tang Zheng internally said that how great would it be if she didn't go abroad but he was not that selfish, and he could understand where the other was coming from. If Fang Chongguo really did go broke, then Shishi would not have a good life.

Fang Shishi has always had a good life so if her family were to suddenly fall under hard times then how sad would that be. Also, she was not suitable for the life of hiding from debt collectors.

As Shishi's boyfriend, Tang Zheng naturally did not want to see that happen.

Tang Zheng unconsciously wanted to avoid Fire Phoenix, but he really had no way this time and could only mutter to himself: "Fine, I will help you but I do not want your house. I am only doing this for Shishi."

Fang Chongguo gave a smile: "I really did not misjudge you as you treat Shishi well. I will still give you the house as you deserve it so you should accept it. This way my heart will be put to rest. Moreover, you also heard Shishi's words, so if you do not accept it, then she will not be happy."

Tang Zheng turned his head to look at Fang Shishi only to discover her giving him a small smile as she winked at him, encouraging him. He felt his heart move as he said: "Alright, I will accept it."

He was a very straightforward person, and while the hundred thousand yuan house to other people was valuable, it was nothing to him for he was a person who could casually gift away the priceless Life Continuing Pill.

Fang Chongguo let out a breath of relief at Tang Zheng accepting the house. For that was a reassurance that Tang Zheng would help him and that their past differences were settled.

"Please, don't pay attention to Shishi's mother's words as sometimes she doesn't think about her words."

Tang Zheng shrugged as after dissolving their differences, he still had the ability to forgive others.

The two walked back inside the room attracting everyone's gaze as they did not know how the discussion went. She Mengqin very much wanted to know the results, but she did not dare blabber.

"My apologies, we will no longer be buying a house." Tang Zheng regretfully told the real estate lady.

The real estate lady professional smiled and said it's ok.

"You promised my dad?" Fang Shishi intimately hugged his arm and asked.

Tang Zheng nodded his head.

"Wa, you really are amazing." Fang Shishi excitedly tightened her grasp on his arm, pushing her chest against it, causing Tang Zheng's heart to shake.

Maybe if there weren't that many people present, Fang Shishi would have kissed him on the lips, but the concentrated look of affection in her eyes could not be overlooked by those present.

"He has such a strong and obstinate personality so the reason he accepted the house must be because of me. He really treats me well!" Fang Shishi sweetly thought to herself.

"Let's go back home to retrieve the key and the house deed before finalizing the procedures to changing the name of the house owner." Fang Chongguo said.

The few people walked out followed by gaze after gaze of jealous looks, who are internally saying why couldn't they be so lucky as to find a wealthy family's daughter who wanted to give away money.

Liu Qingmei's eyebrows locked together as she watched the luxury car race off into the distance. She muttered to herself: "I didn't know that Tang Zheng was someone who could try to climb up the social ladder. I really have misjudged him."

It appears that she thought that Tang Zheng was eyeing the house and did not think nor could she understand why Fang Chongguo treated Tang Zheng so.

After following all the procedures necessary to transfer the house deed, the ninety plus square meter two-roomed house in Upwind Valley now belonged to Tang Zheng.

She Mengqin's expression towards Tang Zheng also changed as her husband filled her in on Tang Zheng's tie with their families existence. Without Tang Zheng's help then her rich and lavish lifestyle will come to an end.

She Mengqin was a very realistic person, and realistic people are always good at differentiating the pros and cons of people. Since Tang Zheng is so important to them, then she must do everything she can to win him over.

Even if she had some problems with him she could not let it show on her face, hence why Tang Zheng's situation became much better and he was able to sit with Fang Shishi in the back. She Mengqin also wasn't able to say anything about the fact that Shishi was nestled against him.

"Tang Zheng, tomorrow I'll go and help you move houses." Fang Shishi excitedly said.

"Tomorrow I still need to do something with my Grandfather, and then we will move."

"It's okay, I will first go to your house to clean up."

"Alright then." Tang Zheng said not refusing.

"Tang Zheng, do you need a car when you move? I can call the truck company to help you."

"No need, I do not have many things so I can manage by myself." Tang Zheng did not want others to discover his two treasures; the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace and his ginseng. Hence he refused the others good intentions.

Fang Chongguo did not force the matter.

At nightfall, Tang Zheng was sitting on his own bed as he lifted his head and examined his small room. He had stayed here for eighteen years and had many memories and affections for this place. Now, he will have to seal up his memories, but even so, he felt a bit unwilling.

Tang Dahai was even more unwilling as he had spent a large part of his life in this house. Every single surface has his mark on it so the thought of suddenly leaving brought about a sense of unrealisticness on top of his feeling of unwilling.

When he heard Tang Zheng bring up leaving he thought it unimaginable as he believed he would live here until his death.

But today, his grandson in order to show his filial respect made it possible for him to live in a clean and safe respectable community he felt gratified with a hint of sadness.

Anyways, he felt mixed emotions, but he could not drag his grandson down for if his grandson wanted to live elsewhere then he will go.

For his grandson, he was willing to do anything and give up anything.

Of course, he also asked about the new house to which Tang Zheng did not hide anything, revealing everything about how Fang Shishi gifted it to him because of a request.

Tang Dahai only advised that a man should always strive for self-improvement and did not say anything about the fact that he accepted the house. The reason was that he knew that anything he could say, Tang Zheng would already know, and if Tang Zheng accepted the house, then he must have his reasons.

Tang Zheng really has grown up, and he also has potential. As his grandfather, he could only occasionally give him pointers and would not actively interfere in his grandsons business.

This plain and simple old man has always believed that he did not have much knowledge as he was not well read hence he could only peacefully watch Tang Zheng as he grew up. All the while he could not interfere with his grandson's growth as he knew that there were many things he was incapable of changing.

It also happened to be Tang Zheng's luck to have a grandfather such as he and he understood his Grandfather's intentions through his gaze. This caused him to be greatly moved, and as he listened to his Grandfather tossing and turning restlessly in bed through the closed door his heart couldn't help but ache.

In the end, he calmed himself down and took out a Spirit Pill that emitted a hint of a golden gleam even in the pitch black of the room.

Once the Spirit Pill entered his mouth a warmth spread down his throat and towards his meridians as his entire body was flooded with spiritual energy. He could feel a stunning effect from his five viscera and six bowels to his four limbs and all the bones in his body.

"Circulate the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll as this Spirit Pill not only contains spirit energy it can also help you gather more spirit energy from your surroundings. This will help you increase your cultivation speed." Tian Chanzi's voice rang out.

Tang Zheng closed his eyes, and with a thought, he started to circulate the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll which caused the spirit energy within his body to split into two portions, one of which went towards his dantian while the other of which went towards his Sea of Consciousness.

At this moment the spiritual energy in the heavens and earth quickly converged upon him. Even though in current times spirit energy was sparse, with the help of the Spirit Pill all the energy within a kilometer's radius flooded towards the small house, passing through the walls and finally into Tang Zheng's body towards his dantian and Sea of Consciousness.

In the darkness of the night, no one discovered the changes as ordinary people were unable to sense the existence of spirit energy. Animals, on the other hand, were more sensitive and quite a few small animals rapidly approached the small house as their eyes lit up in the dark. Some of those present lifted up their head and opened their mouth as they absorbed the spirit energy nonstop.

Under normal circumstances, these animals would absorb spirit energy at a very slow rate but the area around Tang Zheng's house was saturated with spirit energy.

The reason was that it was the converging point of all the spirit energy within a kilometer's radius, hence causing the air to feel viscous.

The wild flowers growing near the wall were growing at a rapid pace as if they were under some secret influence.

All the while Tang Zheng was unaware of the changes occurring outside as he was immersed in his own world. Within his world of his dantian, a ball of air that was qi was rotating at a rapid speed like a whirlpool as it continued to draw in more spirit energy.

Within his Sea of Consciousness, the light purple first-grade True Fire was now sparkling brightly as it too absorbed spirit energy, growing a bit larger and shining even more vigorously. The color of the fire also became even brighter as it illuminated his entire Sea of Consciousness, making the entire scene look mysterious.

Time slowly passed as the darkness of light was slowly illuminated by the sun and as dawn approached Tang Zheng finally stopped cultivating.

The spark within his Sea of Consciousness now seemed to shine just a bit brighter than before as it flew back to its original place.

On the other hand, the qi within his dantian rapidly dispersed as it retreated back into his nine meridians. His qi was now at four inches and six parts so in one night he has increased his qi by six parts.

Tian Chanzi was speechless, for if other people used the Spirit Pill at most their qi would only grow two to three parts yet Tang Zheng grew a full six parts, this was absolutely incomparable.

But Tian Chanzi recovered as he was already used to Tang Zheng's abnormal cultivating speed and what was once weird was no longer weird.

Tang Zheng was elated as this Spirit Pill had such miraculous effect and was too outstanding. If he were to use a pill everyday then wouldn't his cultivation rise like mad?

"Of course the Spirit Pill has good effects, but you can not use it everyday. At most, you can only use it once every tens days otherwise your body will not be able to handle the rapid absorption of qi. You must give it time to adjust." Tian Chanzi immediately poured a bucket of ice water on him.

At this Tang Zheng was not sad as using one pill every ten days would still rapidly increase his cultivation and was still abnormal.

He was inwardly delighted and continued to investigate his body and the increase in qi within his nine meridians. At the same time, his pure yang energy also increased as it stirred. Without knowing it, his body started to act up…

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