Chapter 117: A Good Home

Chapter 117: A Good Home

Liu Qingmei has been in Chang Heng City for a little more than a year, and her rent was coming to an end, so she was preparing to buy a house. Just when she finally got a day off to look for a house, she coincidentally sees Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi.

She did not rush up to greet them but purposefully hid in the corner to observe the two. She was curious as to why they have come looking for houses. It couldn't be that they were going to live together that quickly?

Even if they were living together, they couldn't possibly buy a house.

Hence she decided to just watch and see what they were doing. It just happened to be that she saw the changes in the situation and was also shocked.

When she heard that Fang Chongguo wanted to gift a house to Tang Zheng, Liu Qingmei's eyebrows congealed as a rich person's words were not as simple as they may appear on the surface.

Moreover, Fang Chongguo was one of the board of directors of Peng Cheng International, and from what she had heard he was not some benevolent character who would casually give away houses.

It was also said that the Fang Family was against Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi's relationship as can be seen in She Mengqin's reaction.

But from Fang Chongguo's attitude, Liu Qingmei could not tell why he wanted to entice Tang Zheng so. It also did not look like Fang Chongguo was merely teasing Tang Zheng as he sounded serious.

This whole scene just caused her to be even more confused.

Tang Zheng also did not understand the other and his attitude of being stubborn at first then respectful afterward. This made him feel cautious as he lightly said: "Your good intent has been acknowledged, but I have my own money."

"Please don't misunderstand, I really do intend to gift it to you. I already have a house here at Upwind Valley that is already ready but with no one to live in it. Right now, I think it would be best if you have it so that it wouldn't go to waste." Seeing Tang Zheng refuse, Fang Chongguo was internally flabbergasted but looked at him with more respect.

Afterall could an ordinary person resist such a temptation?

What Fang Chongguo did not know was that Tang Zheng learned from his Grandfather to never accept anything without a cause, so why would Tang Zheng do so now?

Fang Shishi also looked curiously at her father but did not think much of it as she thought it was just her father's way of trying to mend his relationship with Tang Zheng.

This also happened to be what she was looking forward to most hence she held onto Tang Zheng's hand and said loudly: "Just accept my father's goodwill."

"This goodwill is too much for me to accept." Tang Zheng refused. He felt that Fang Chongguo's change in attitude was too much. It would not be too much of a stretch if it were related to the incident that occurred at the restaurant.

Anyways, if Tang Zheng could not make clear all the intricacies of the situation, he would not casually accept someone else's good will.

The real estate lady seeing Tang Zheng refuse looked at him with curiosity as she really wanted to jump out and say that if you don't want it, you can give it to me as I will be extremely happy.

Even though Tang Zheng was the center of attention, he did not feel strange at all, he merely looked at Fang Chongguo with his own thoughts.

Fang Chongguo's face revealed a complicated expression as his thoughts churned before saying: "Tang Zheng, can you please step outside with me for a moment?"

"Okay." Tang Zheng agreed.

"Shishi, watch your mother." Fang Chongguo advised.

Fang Shishi nodded her head as she gave Tang Zheng an encouraging gaze and quietly said: "Have a nice talk with my father. It seems he is not against our relationship so you must take this opportunity."

Tang Zheng calmly nodded his head and followed Fang Chongguo out of the hall. Fang Chongguo then pulled out a cigarette, lit it up and started to smoke. When he saw Tang Zheng walk over he offered one to Tang Zheng but was refused.

"It's good that you don't smoke. It's bad for your body." Fang Chongguo put the packet of smoke back into his pocket as he slightly squinted and he hid behind the smoke, his face appearing to be heavy.

Tang Zheng chose to remain silent as he looked off into the distance.

"Do you really like my daughter?" Fang Chongguo spat out a ring of smoke and finally asked.

Tang Zheng nodded his head heavily: "I really do."

Fang Chongguo peered at him through the smoke and said: "I haven't seen a youngster like you who has such perseverance and so unfearing. If I was someone else, I might not believe your decisiveness."

Tang Zheng's lips curled up at the edges: "Maybe this is just my temperament which can not be changed."

"You have to know that we are Shishi's parents and your matters have to ultimately be agreed on by us."

Tang Zheng's eyes slightly squinted as he looked at Fang Chongguo not saying a word as if to let the words linger.

At this moment, Fang Chongguo saw a lot of things from Tang Zheng's gaze. There was a hint of frivolousness, but more so there was a strong sense of self-confidence that not even he possessed.

Humans all have fears and misgivings so even when one opens their mouth and says they are confident in themselves that may not be the case. Yet, what Fang Chongguo saw in that pair of black pupils was just that, complete confidence in one's ability.

Tang Zheng seemed to not even put Fang Chongguo's difficult words at heart as if he could easily overcome anything he set his mind to.

Fang Chongguo could not admit that he was frightened by this pair of eyes.

Of course, what Fang Chongguo would not know was where Tang Zheng's confidence comes from, as it stemmed from his secret of being a cultivator and as a cultivator he lived in a different world than ordinary mortals.

Even though his cultivation wasn't high, his breadth of vision definitely wasn't ordinary, but it was not to the point of disillusionment.

"From the beginning, I have always thought that the matters between Shishi and I are ultimately made by us even if others have their own opinion it would not matter in the end." Tang Zheng lightly said in a calm tone as his confidence manifested itself.

Fang Chongguo sucked in a deep breath as he finally saw Tang Zheng for who he was and it was also now that he realized why Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix viewed him so favorably as Tang Zheng seemed to possess formidable power.

"But if her family members don't go against it then wouldn't it make it all the better?" Fang Chongguo asked.

Tang Zheng declined to comment.

"Moreover, Shishi will care for our attitude so if you really do like her, then you should care for her opinion. What do you say?"

Tang Zheng had no way of denying as it was very much like Fang Shishi to care for her parent's opinions.

"This is the reason why we have long since tried to get you two accustomed to the idea, but you keep disregarding us." Tang Zheng did not know why the other had such a large change in attitude, but since they had come to this point, he might as well broach the subject.

"Right and I admit that we were disregarding you and even provoking you. However, as parents, we wish for a good future and a good home for our daughter. With your previous conditions you did not seem suitable, so of course, we did not think you were a good match for our daughter."

"A good home?" Tang Zheng snorted, "Your so called good home is just someone who has money and power. Did you even think about the feelings of the people involved? Does she want someone with money and power? Maybe you guys will say that she will understand your intentions when she grows up, but I call bullsh*t."

After Tang Zheng has interacted with Tian Chanzi, and he has occasionally picked up a few cuss words or two.

"The most important thing for two people who are together is mutual fondness, as other conditions are secondary as long as the heart is there. It is only when the heart is the same can two people really be together, moreover, if a man really and truly loves a woman then he will not be idle and do his very best to let her live a good life. Also, in the end, the woman will be able to not only have love but materialistic gains and will not just become a wooden doll slave to material gains."

"Little brat, good words! I didn't know you had talent in speeches." Tian Chanzi praised excitedly as if he were given a pair of hands he would surely clap till they were red.

Fang Chongguo stared at him in a daze before muttering irresolutely to himself: "You are young of age yet you have so much wisdom, simply not an easy thing. I have once again gotten to know you better, and for that, there must be some changes in the situation. I will no longer go against your relationship with Shishi and let nature take its course."

These words were not merely false words for the situation but his true feelings as previously when he was going against Tang Zheng, he truly thought the other to be unable to bring happiness to his daughter. Today, he no longer had that doubt so why should he continue to go against his daughter's wishes?

It must be said that Fang Chongguo's business successes were not coincidences as it was linked with his decisiveness.

Since he has already acknowledged Tang Zheng's ability, then he would naturally make corresponding decisions.

Tang Zheng looked at him weirdly as he finally examined the other. He found that even though Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin were husband and wife they were not cut from the same cloth. While She Mengqin was snobbish and liked to curry favor with those in power, Fang Chongguo had more essence.

"Thank you, I will definitely take good care of Shishi." Tang Zheng solemnly promised. It was a man's promise and it would be unchanging.

Fang Chongguo smiled, and with a flick of his fingertips he sent the cigarette flying into the trashcan, "After talking to you in lengths today I feel much lighter, but I must first tell you something to prevent you from thinking I am two-faced and am playing tricks with you."


"Shishi will study abroad after high school as this is something I have already set up. This matter is not because of you and I hope you will understand."

What Fang Chongguo said was the truth.

"Study abroad?" Tang Zheng went into a daze as study abroad to him was something that was impossible, and out of reach, so he never thought about it.

But then again, Peng Cheng International had many such cases as many of the students were from wealthy families who wanted to study abroad. So, even though their grades may not be stellar they still desired to go out just so that they can come back and say they have gone abroad.

"You must know that the resources are more bountiful out of state and I want to let Shishi get the best education she can; this is a road she must take." Fang Chongguo explained. "If you really do like her then you should let her leave in order to learn more and change for the better, instead of holding her tightly by your side. I believe, this, is a true demonstration of love."

Tang Zheng was dumbstruck as what Fang Chongguo said had reason, but he had never thought that right after high school they would be separated and separated by several tens of thousands of miles.

"In reality, I think Shishi previously wanted to go abroad, but now I think she doesn't want to and instead would like to stay by your side." Fang Chongguo said seemingly to really understand his daughter.

"I know that this will be hard for you to accept so I won't make you decide now but you must think carefully on what is best for Shishi then give me an answer."

Tang Zheng felt emotions well up in his heart as Fang Shishi had never told him about her desires to study abroad. It seems like he really did not give enough considerations to her feelings.

"Now, let's talk about another matter." Fang Chongguo said.

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