Chapter 116: A Resounding Slap to the Face

Chapter 116: A Resounding Slap to the Face

Fang Chongguo immediately returned home and was prepared to seek out her daughter to find Tang Zheng. She Mengqin seeing his anxious look was frightened into a jump and asked him what happened.

For the past few days, She Mengqin did not have a good time as her husband was giving her the cold shoulder. Even though she did not think she did anything wrong, she was careful not to touch a sore nerve.

Fang Chongguo had no time to explain to her and went straight to find his daughter.

She Mengqin said in anger: "She was called out by that little brat and no matter what I said she wouldn't stop."

"Then I'll call her." Fang Chongguo anxiously said.

"Right, call her back. If she stays with that brat, she may learn bad things, and right now she won't listen to her mother's words. It must be that little brat saying bad words about me."

"Stop talking." Fang Chongguo stopped her without any good feelings, immediately shutting She Mengqin up in fear. She did not know why her husband was so angry as if he ate some gunpowder.

"Shishi, are you with Tang Zheng?" The call got through, and Fang Chongguo anxiously asked.

"Yes." Fang Shishi did not hide anything as their relationship was already out in the open and she did not want to keep anything a secret. Anyways, she wouldn't hide anything from her parents anyways.

She also wanted to establish it as a fact so that her parents are clear about Tang Zheng's existence.

"Where are you guys?"

"Upstream residential community."

This was a real estate area in Chang Heng City.

"Okay, wait there for me and don't run around. I want to find you guys. I'll be there in a bit." Fang Chongguo said before heading towards his car.

She Mengqin felt her eyebrows jump as she excitedly said: "I want to go. I want to see that little brat acting like a moth."

"Mengqin, let me tell you now that when you see Tang Zheng in a bit, you better have a better attitude." Fang Chongguo stopped his steps and solemnly warned.

"What?" She Mengqin was flabbergasted, "You aren't there to deal with him and bring Shishi back?"

"Who said I was going to deal with him? I need Tang Zheng's help on something so your attitude must be better. You have never given him face so this time you have to be on your best behavior to change your previous image." Fang Chongguo felt incomparable regret as this whole mess was caused by his own family pushing Tang Zheng to the other side.

She Mengqin blankly stared at her husband as if to ask what the hell was going on, but her mind still hadn't recovered.

"Hurry and get in the car. Stop dawdling and remember what I said." Fang Chongguo already started up the car, and She Mengqin lifelessly got in and sat there in a daze.

The car rushed towards Upstream residential community, and the two saw Tang Zheng and Shishi in a large lobby.

Looking at the two from a distance, they were trying to guess why they had a date here as it was a novelty for them.

Tang Zheng was of course here to buy a small house since he had around seven hundred thousand yuan left. Even after checking out several buildings with the office lady speaking with considerable hype he had yet to decide.

Buying a house was something that was extremely important as it was a place one would live out their life so it must be chosen with great care. Since Tang Zheng did not have any experience, he could only call Fang Shishi out as she must know a bit more than him in this area.

Even though the office lady saw that the two were only high school students she did not dare look down on them because there were many wealthy people in this society. One may seem young from the outside, but their family may be wealthy, and if they are in a good mood they may just buy a house and then her commission will increase.

After listening to her explanation Tang Zheng's head was swimming as he discovered that buying a house was more complicated than cultivating. Fang Shishi, on the other hand, was enthusiastically listening, even asking questions that got to the point. This let the office lady feel that the two weren't here to play around.

Tang Zheng looked at Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin in the distance and stuck out his lips towards Fang Shishi. Fang Shishi's expression also became a bit awkward as her boyfriend's relationship with her family members were not good.

"Shishi, what are you guys doing here?" Fang Chongguo asked with a smile trying to seem amiable which caused Tang Zheng to freeze.

Was the sun rising from the west?

"Hello, little Zheng, its been a few days since I last saw you. Have your injuries healed?" Fang Chongguo asked with concern.

"They are better now." Tang Zheng suspiciously looked at him as if there must be a catch, so he did not let his guard down.

"Youngsters sure have a good body that allows for fast recovery. So, what are you two doing here?"

"Buying a house."

The Fang family couple stared at each other in shock as they both knew about Tang Zheng's family's situation so how could he possibly buy a house?

She Mengqin felt her mind churn as her expression became dark as she came to the conclusion that Tang Zheng must have suckered Fang Shishi into buying him a house. That was also why she was called over, so this was all part of the plan.

It hasn't even been a long time, and he had already set his eyes on the Fang Family's business. This was simply too despicable.

She Mengqin's fell into a rage as she lost all reason and completely ignored her husband's warning. She roared: ‘Tang Zheng, you are so young, yet you do not learn and want to gain benefits by taking short cuts. Do you think that you can take away my family's wealth. You are simply too evil. Could it be that all you have learned in school is this? Is this why you have such sh*tty grades, being last place?"

Once these words were out the entire area became silent as even the office lady showing them around couldn't help but look at Tang Zheng. Was it really like this? This young man seemed clean and respectable, yet he was this despicable?

Tang Zheng froze as his expression became dark. The feeling of being framed was not a good feeling. Moreover, She Mengqin had constantly said that he was only with Fang Shishi because of the Fang Family's wealth.

Who could possibly stand this?

"You are not only insulting me but also your daughter. Do you know that?" Tang Zheng's expression became solemn by several degrees.

"Heng, you still dare twist words around and quibble? I want everyone here to see you clearly for who you are. Do you think that I do not know your little thoughts…" She Mengqin became more heated as she spoke.

Fang Shishi was angered to the point that her body shook. She was both hurt and furious as her own mother could not control herself, always going against her and even humiliating Tang Zheng.

"Mother, how can you be like that? It is not what you think it is. Tang Zheng wants to buy his own house and is using his own money."

"Where did his money come from? Do you think that his grandpa could make enough money picking up garbage to buy a house? What a joke, it must be you who is buying it for him. You sure are a silly girl." She Mengqin continued to mock him.

"Shut up!" Suddenly, Fang Chongguo loudly shouted as his rage was aimed straight at his wife, looking as if he wanted nothing more than to swallow her alive after skinning her.

He personally came seeking Tang Zheng's help yet she not only did not help but made things incomparably worse.

"Chongguo, what I am saying is the truth. We must guard against this little brats evil intentions…" She Mengqin continued to jabber on and only saw a palm fly at her.

A resounding slap to the face rang out, and She Mengqin was put in a daze as if she were a wooden doll. This was simply something she never imagined would happen.

Fang Chongguo slapped her, her husband. Moreover, he had never hit her; this was the first time ever.

Fang Chongguo's expression turned to look like a pig's intestines, and he felt as if his liver were about to explode.

Everyone at the scene was shocked foolish, especially the office lady as she could tell the couple were wealthy people as they stepped out of a luxurious car. But, just what scene were they currently acting out right now?

The wife was shouting herself hoarse condemning the handsome little brother, yet her husband was angered to the point of slapping her across the face. Even a movie would not have such drastic changes.

"Father, you…" Fang Shishi stared eyes wide open.

"Heng, don't listen to her blabber. She doesn't know anything." Fang Chongguo said his anger still present.

She Mengqin recovered as the pain from her face was distinctly revealing that it wasn't a dream but the truth. She said with fear and anger: "Fang Chongguo, you actually dared to hit me?"

"Shut up! Have you not thrown enough face?" Fang Chongguo roared.

She Mengqin saw from her husband's face a rage that she never saw before. This caused her heart to tremble as she finally felt a bit of fear and so she stopped talking.

"Father, no need to be that mean, that was scary. If there are words, then we can just say them." Fang Shishi advised as she felt everything was a dream.

Fang Chongguo squeezed out a smile towards his daughter and said: "If only your mom were as fair and reasonable as you then how good would it be."

After that, he once again looked at Tang Zheng and changed his tone to sound more intimate: "Tang Zheng, don't be angry at her she is merely causing a ruckus."

Tang Zheng maintained his expression as he finally caught a hint. Last time Fang Chongguo did not have this kind of attitude toward him, there must be a reason for this 180 degree in treatment.

Seeing Tang Zheng not say a word Fang Chongguo squeezed out a smile that looked uglier than a smile and said: "You want to buy a house? No need to spend that pointless money, we have a few houses ourselves, and you can casually pick one to live in."


Everyone was taken aback.

Just now She Mengqin had even personally said that Tang Zheng was doing all this for the Fang Family's wealth yet here was Fang Chongguo offering to give him a house. This change was simply too great.

Tang Zheng stared at Fang Chongguo in shock, unable to recover.

The office lady was looking at the group of people as if they were aliens. This little handsome brothers charm was simply too good as he managed to first gain his girlfriend's father's consent before her mother's. Moreover, it seems that the husband had a hint of sucking up to Tang Zheng.

But wasn't it just revealed that the little handsome brother's family was poor? Could it be that the world was changing and that poor people are popular so much so that rich people want to stick onto them?

Anyways, this entire scene caused those present to feel everything was freakish.

She Mengqin seemed to want to fly into another fit of rage but recalled her husband's anger and finally chose to not say anything.

In one of the huge lobby's corner was a beautiful woman who was looking on at the scene in interest with unsuppressed shock. Her eyes also contained a hint of fury as she stared at Tang Zheng.

This person was Liu Qingmei who fiercely thought: "Tang Zheng, you dare lie to me and said that you were staying home to heal your injury yet you are jumping around like that. Just where are you injured and moreover you and Fang Shishi came to buy a house. After having so many things happen, heng, I think you want to challenge your agreement with me. If you do not want to participate in the monthly exams then you just wait, I will definitely deal with you."

Tang Zheng would never have thought in his wildest dreams that him buying a house would be seen by Liu Qingmei because she too also came to buy a house.

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