Chapter 115: Key Person

Chapter 115: Key Person

An hour had passed, and the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace came to a halt as a fragrance permeated out from within the furnace, causing those who smelled it to feel carefree and relaxed.

Several golden colored pills were resting at the bottom of the furnace, this was, of course, the successfully refined Spirit Pills.

Tang Zheng hurriedly took out his pill bottle and started collecting.

One pill, two pills, three pills… twenty pills.

Tang Zheng filled a whole two bottles as he said with great joy: "This time I have refined a lot of pills, twenty in total. So it should be enough for several days?"

When he previously refined the Life Continuing Pill he only made three but this time he made twenty, and the materials seemed to be around similar quantities.

Tian Chanzi said in a matter of fact tone: "That is the good point of magical treasures. If you had used it to refine the Life Continuing Pill how could there only be three pills?"

Tang Zheng was like a poor man who suddenly exploded into wealth in one night and couldn't help but feel excited as he carefully put away the bottles. When he was getting ready to drip blood over the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace to make him its master, he discovered something weird.

"Tian Chanzi, do you think the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace may have shrunk a bit?" Tang Zheng suspiciously asked.

Tian Chanzi muttered to himself before saying: "That is indeed so, it should be the pill furnace naturally upgrading itself."


"Right, didn't I tell you that the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace may have the opportunity of regaining its identity as an Earth Level treasure? Well, after every time you refine a pill the furnace will absorb a bit of the herbs spiritual awareness and therefore increase its level by a bit."

"Then doesn't that mean that by refining more pills the furnace can recover?" Tang Zheng said both shocked and elated.

"Of course! But it is still only at the Emperor stage, the path is long so take it slowly."

Tang Zheng rubbed the surface of the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace, feeling a cool freshening feeling enter his palm, "If it becomes smaller and smaller until it is the size of a fist then wouldn't it make carrying it easier?"

"High-level pill furnaces can expand and shrink at will, the space inside even surpasses your imagination. I have even heard of some furnaces possessing entire worlds."

"That exaggerated?" Tang Zheng said with astonishment.

"Well, those are from legends as I have never heard of anyone's pill furnace being able to form a world. That is something that can be hoped for but not sought out. You, little brat, better not bite off more than you can chew. So, hurry up and drip your blood to become the master of it."

Tang Zheng followed the previous procedures and dripped his blood on the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace. With a flash of green light, he felt a kind of miraculous connection with it.

If he were to close his eyes than he could still sense the existence of the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace but of course it did not have spiritual awareness so it could not converse with him.

After successfully refining the Spirit Pill Tang Zheng felt a great burden lift from his shoulders and did not immediately rush to resume cultivating but went to buy a new house.

This was something new to him, and it was not as easy as cultivating. When he walked up to a nice clean building complex, he did not know how to go about it.

But his problem was easily solved as the buildings office lady took the initiative to walk over; hence Tang Zheng started his house buying experience with excitement.

But there was someone's heart who was not least bit excited and even filled with a bit of anxiety. It was Fang Chongguo who sat outside of an office looking at the person who was approaching, and his expression was that of panic.

He came specifically to look for Fire Phoenix, and after the night's experience, he hesitated for a few days before coming. The reason was because he still had no way to move the demolition process forward yet his money kept slipping away from him.

If he really could not take care of this demolition process, then he really will go broke. His investments were linked to one another so if this one investment fell through then all his other investments will come crashing down.

He could not afford it!

"Boss Fang, our Boss Fire invites you in."

Fang Chongguo stood up as he hurried after the secretary into the office. Fire Phoenix was standing in front of an enormous window, looking down, her eyebrows knitted together as if she were in thought.

"Boss Fire, Boss Fang came." The secretary spoke.

Fire Phoenix turned her body, and this time she was not dressed in casual attire but a professional suit looking all the part of a person with a white collar job.

Fang Chongguo already had a new understanding of Fire Phoenix as for the past few days he had specifically looked into Fire Phoenix and Lin Hu's relationship.

If he did not know, then he wouldn't be scared but since he did know he was now frightened. The two people were actually two gigantic characters in the underworld which far exceeded his expectations.

What caused him even greater shock is that these two characters actually had personal ties with Tang Zheng. For this reason, he now had a heaven changing perspective of Tang Zheng, and he did not intentionally tell his daughter to stay away from him.

Fang Chongguo had been in the business industry for many years, and he knew that those of the underworld should not be provoked hence he carried on with the thought of staying as far away from them so that he will not be involved.

His previous mindset was because he never had any need to get close to those of the underworld. As of today, however, since he wanted to enter the real estate industry that was a whole other story as this industry was formed based on underworld connections.

More specifically underworld connections were needed for the demolition business and he now finally understood why Fire Phoenix's demolition company was so successful. That was because she was a gangster boss, so she naturally had her ways.

Moreover, the processes that come after demolition such as construction also required connections!

So the real estate business was a deep pond, and previously he just looked red-eyed with envy at all the money but never had he considered the dangers. Today, he already had a foot in and couldn't remove himself even if he wanted too.

Thus, he could only hope that he could form a good connection with these people.

"Boss Fang, please sit." Fire Phoenix's heroic air retracted quite a bit, and her elegant, feminine air took its place, "Boss Fang, I heard you say that your company wanted to form a cooperation with my company?"

Fang Chongguo nodded his head: "Yes, this was the purpose of my visit today. I wanted to discuss the matter of cooperation as I have a land that requires demolition work done…."

He hadn't finished speaking when Fire Phoenix splayed her hands, signaling him to stop.

Fang Chongguo blankly stared at her not knowing what she meant.

Fire Phoenix gave a smile that wasn't a smile causing him tremble and blankly asked: "Boss Fire, is there any problems?"

"Do you know Tang Zheng?" Fire Phoenix bluntly asked.

Fang Chongguo froze as he did not know why she asked that, "Boss Fire, can we first talk about our business cooperation and then this later?"

"Send him off!" Fire Phoenix said with a cold voice.

Fang Chongguo stood there foolishly. What the hell was going on? I didn't even finish talking and she doesn't want to talk anymore? He only saw her ice cold gaze and felt as if he was dropped in an ice cold cooler as the air around him dropped several degrees.

But his reaction was fast and he immediately could tell that Fire Phoenix was interested in Tang Zheng, more so than business so he could only hurriedly say in a defeated tone: "Then let's first talk about Tang Zheng."

Fire Phoenix's cold gaze lessened by a degree as if she was all ears.

Fang Chongguo was powerless as he said: ‘Tang Zheng is an orphan and is raised by an old man who picks up trash. He is currently a senior at Peng Cheng International School and previously his grades were excellent but now they are atrocious, and he is last in school."

Fire Phoenix's lips raised at the edges as she never thought that Tang Zheng's words were true and he was last place.

"As for other aspects of him, he is no different from his peers." Fang Chongguo was also extremely curious about Tang Zheng's condition because from the appearance he did not seem different yet he had the interest and attention from many different large characters. This was seen in how those of the underworld treated him deferentially and this included even those experts.

Right now he felt as if the world was thrown into disarray and he couldn't find north from south.

"That's it?" Fire Phoenix said with dissatisfaction. This was all within her investigations but this clearly contradicted the truth of things.

"That's it." Fang Chongguo said.

"Then what is your relationship with Lin Hu?"

Fang Chongguo blankly shook his head and internally said that if he knew then everything would be fine. Things were simply too shady, as how did Tang Zheng have connections in the underworld.

Fire Phoenix could not cover the disappointment in her eyes as she said: "Your daughter is his girlfriend. Could it be that you don't have the least bit of news about him?"

Fang Chongguo's expression revealed awkwardness as he shook his head.

"Boss Fang, don't blame me for not telling you but one should use what resources they have and not leave them closed. This is not how a business person should act and at this point, I will have to send you on your way." Fire Phoenix said then returned to her seat and immersed herself in her work documents not acknowledging him.

Fang Chongguo acted as if someone employed the Body Lock Technique on his as his mind was droning. He was at a loss at what happened because it seemed like Fire Phoenix had no intention of working with him and only wanted to learn more about Tang Zheng. If it wasn't for Tang Zheng, then she may not have even given him a meeting chance.

He really wanted to fly into a rage as he had never felt this kind of anger in so many years but reason finally won out. Fire Phoenix was a gangster boss and going against her was like giving up on life.

He dejectedly got up and did not even know how he made it out of the office. While walking on the road, he lifted his head to look into the sun which blinded his eyes. Even so, his eyes were still lifeless as he wanted to roar at the heavens.

He did not because he knew that it was a hopeless action and he could only resentfully looked back at Fire Phoenix's office, unable to cover his dispirit.

"Could it be that this time I really am unable to overcome this hurdle? I worked so hard for most of my life and finally got to where I am today. Could it be that because of this all will be lost?"

He was unwilling but what could he do?

Fire Phoenix clearly was unwilling to help him so who could he go to? His business friends? Stop joking; other people wanted nothing more than for him to die.

In the business world people mutually cheat each other so where could real friends come from? Everyone was merely looking out for their own interests and if they were able to hit someone while they were down, then no one would mind fiercely stopping down on him.

"Don't blame me for not telling you but one should use what resources they have and not leave them closed. This is not how a business person should act". Fire Phoenix's phrase suddenly rose unbidden in his mind.

He froze, these words were not simple as they contained a deep meaning to them. The resource she was referring to was Tang Zheng. Right, Fire Phoenix was interested in Tang Zheng so if Tang Zheng opened his mouth, then Fre Phoenix would definitely agree and he would be able to overcome this obstacle.

Tang Zheng was the key person!

He was like a man walking in the desert who suddenly spotted water. His body suddenly stirred and his dejected eyes were replaced by a clear light.

He MUST find Tang Zheng!

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