Chapter 114: Recognizing a Master

Chapter 114: Recognizing a Master

Tian Chanzi really did come up with a way to solve their problems, and that was to plant the ginseng so that they could preserve its life. Once the Spirit Pills are used up, they can cut off another portion of its root. This way they can let the ginseng live while also gaining benefits.

Tang Zheng's eyes brightened as he said: "Why didn't you mention this earlier? If I used the ginseng up once then I would need to look for more three-hundred-year-old ginseng, so this is actually the best method."

Tian Chanzi froze as he couldn't help but admit that there was some truth in Tang Zheng's words and he actually forgot about this problem.

"Heng, you little brat just got lucky. Right now we must find out just what the hell happened to this ginseng because I still do not believe that a three-hundred-year-old ginseng can gain spiritual awareness. Something MUST have happened." Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng flicked his lips: "The truth is before your eyes, so there is no faking it."

Tian Chanzi did not acknowledge Tang Zheng and fiendishly asked: "Little ginseng hurry up and tell me why you have gained spiritual awareness otherwise I will have you thrown into the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace."

"Wuwuwu…" Sobbing arose once again as the ginseng was frightened.

Tang Zheng gave a loud laugh: "Tian Chanzi, you are someone who has achieved great accomplishments in the dao. Just look at how you frightened others into tears."

Tian Chanzi angrily said: "This little ginseng seriously has no guts. But if you aren't fierce enough how will it tell the truth?"

"When asking a question one must be more gently. Don't you understand that? Now, let me try again." Tang Zheng intentionally jabbed at Tian Chanzi because as of today he is not afraid of him, even occasionally making jokes with him causing the atmosphere to be quite good.

"Ginseng, don't cry, I am not a bad person. Didn't you hear me? I will not refine you but want to raise you so that you will live healthily." Tang Zheng gently said like a creepy uncle trying to entice a little girl.

The crying sound came to a stop as a timid sound choking with emotion said: "Really?"

"Of course." Tang Zheng patted his chest in assurance.

"But Grandpa said that humans are very cruel wanting to capture us to eat us. Grandpa was also taken away by other people." The ginseng said with a hint of distrust.

"There are good and bad humans; those people are bad while I am good so I will not eat you." Tang Zheng said with a thick face as he was literally just about to refine her moments ago.

"Good person." The ginseng softly said those two words with a reminiscent tone as if she were trying to understand its meaning. It then seemed to understand and say: "I think Grandpa mentioned that there were good people just like how us, ginseng, also have bad ginseng who steal other ginseng's spiritual energy. My Grandpa says those are bad ginseng."

"Bad ginseng." Tang Zheng let out an involuntary laugh as there was actually such a saying.

"Little brat, why are you laughing, the little ginseng is correct. Ginseng are like a race where there are good and bad. Among them, there are groups that would steal the spiritual energy from other ginseng to increase their speed of cultivation. But to do so, the ginseng must have already undergone a transformation." Tian Chanzi said not thinking this was weird.

Tang Zheng couldn't help but let out a sigh of sorrow. It seems like the ginseng world was also quite complicated as they not only had to worry about external threats but internal dangers as well.

"Little ginseng, you still haven't answered me yet. Why are you, a three-hundred-year-old ginseng, able to form your spiritual awareness?" Tian Chanzi pursued his original question without any good will.

The ginseng timidly replied: "That is all because of Grandpa. Before he was taken away by humans he passed on all his remaining spiritual energy he gathered in his life to me, allowing me to open my spiritual wisdom."

Tian Chanzi came to a sudden understand: "So, that was the case. I was right in that a normal ginseng of your age wouldn't be able to develop spiritual awareness and from this, it can be seen just how high your grandfather's cultivation level was. Otherwise, a normal ginseng wouldn't be able to pass their spiritual energy onto another ginseng, moreover to open another's spiritual wisdom."

The ginseng could hear the praise in Tian Chanzi's words for her Grandpa, and she proudly said: "My Grandpa is the strongest and it is he who allowed me to hide but no matter how or where I hid I was still finally caught."

"Alright, well now that you met me everything is alright as under my protection you will be able to grow up strong and healthy." Tang Zheng had never raised a ginseng before, moreover a three-hundred-year-old one, but thinking about it he couldn't help but feel a bit excited.

Ginseng hesitated before saying: "Thank you, Master, in the future with Master protecting Ling'er, Ling'er will not be afraid."

"Master? Why are you addressing me as Master?" Tang Zheng said in surprise.

"Master won't eat Ling'er and is willing to protect me so of course I am willing to recognize you as my Master."

Tang Zheng was so lost and hurriedly asked Tian Chanzi: "What is going on right now?"

These spiritual beings after forming their awareness do not have any self-preservation skills so unless they find a master to protect them then their ultimate downfall will be death. It seems like this little ginseng is quite smart and that its grandfather had opened quite a bit of its spiritual knowledge. Since she has recognized you as master, then there is nothing wrong with it as it's not like it's a grand matter or anything so what's with your shock." Tian Chanzi replied.

A while later Tang Zheng finally broke out of his daze as he had suddenly become a master. Now he could only stare foolishly at the ginseng and asked: "You're called Ling'er?"

"Yep, this is the name my Grandpa gave me. Grandpa said that I am big now so I must have a name; hence he gave me one. Ling'er quite likes her name." Ling'er's voice rang out in a melodious tone that is charming.

"Fine, since you already recognized me as master then I will protect you in the future but let me first say that I will still refine Spirit Pills in the future. So, I will still need your roots which I hope you don't mind." Tang Zheng said with a bit of embarrassment as even though the ginseng has recognized him as master, he still wanted to take a knife and cut pieces of it off. This situation was a bit cruel.

How would he have known that Ling'er would act as if she did not mind as she said: "It's only a bit of my roots, Master can take as much as he needs. Moreover, since Ling'er has recognized you as master, Master can treat Ling'er however he wants, and Ling'er will not complain at all."

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief as there were no angry words.

Tian Chanzi looked at him in disdain, then said: "You sure are worthless. It is just a little ginseng so what is with your over exaggerated actions? Back in my days when I tamed my mounted flame dragon steel I did not act like you."

"Flame dragon beast?" Tang Zheng asked wide-eyed with interest as this was the first time he heard of such beasts.

"It's a race of monsters which is who knows how many times stronger than your little ginseng. With one bit it could swallow you whole."

"Then where did your flame dragon beast go?"

Tian Chanzi turned silent: "It died. It died in battle trying to save me."

Seeing that he touched a sore nerve, even though Tang Zheng was curious as to how strong the Flame Dragon Beast was he hurriedly changed the topic and asked: "How do I raise a ginseng?"

"Easy, find a big pot to plant it in and place it in a shady environment so that at night it can come out and absorb the spiritual energy from the moonlight so that it can grow."

"That easy?" Tang Zheng was greatly shocked. Wasn't the ginseng a treasure of the heaven and the earth so how can it be so easy to raise? It was much simpler than growing a flower!

"That is for ordinary ginseng. This little ginseng already opened her spiritual wisdom, so she is not like the others. The most important thing for her is to absorb the spirit energy from the heavens and earth, and everything else is not as important."

"Then I must hurry up and find a pot to plant it in." Tang Zheng said.

"Stop hurrying; I'm not done speaking yet. Are you really planning on planting the ginseng right here in the house?"

"Is there something wrong with the house? It's my home." Tang Zheng said without any good feels.

"I did not have any intention of mocking your home, but the conditions here are not suitable for ginseng as your house doesn't even have a window so how could moonlight come in. You need to find another house in order for it to work.

"Change homes?" Tang Zheng has lived here for eighteen years and never found it to be a problem so even if he had several hundred millions of dollars the thought of buying a new house never occurred to him.

But Tian Chanzi reminded him that he had the money, and his Grandpa doesn't need to pick up garbage on a daily basis as he was old and the work was simply too arduous. Right now, his Grandpa should be able to enjoy himself.

"This should be your top priority as you keep your Nine Revolving Pill Furnace, a magical treasure, in your house. So, aren't you afraid that it might be stolen?" Tian Chanzi reminded.

"Stolen?" Tang Zheng looked at his surroundings and couldn't help but laugh as he said, "Do you really think a thief is stupid enough to try and come steal from my house?"

"..." Tian Chanzi had no words in retaliation as there shouldn't be any thief dumb enough to visit, "I'm not afraid of the majority, but I am afraid of that one case. Have you never heard the phrase ‘planning for the worst'?"

"Moreover, if these two treasures are lost then you wouldn't even have a place to cry too. Aiya, I totally forgot about something, but the little ginseng reminded me. It sure has been a long time, and I get rusty. Since you have these two treasures, you should proceed with the Master Ceremony."

"Didn't Ling'er already recognize me as her master?" Tang Zheng said not understanding.

"That is only by word of mouth as there is a ceremony for it. For the ceremony, you just need to prick your finger and splash fresh blood on the little ginseng and then will you officially be her master. This way a connection will be formed between you two, and in the future even if the ginseng is stolen you will be able to track her down with this connection."

Tang Zheng was incomparably happy as this was a good thing. The saying was true that having an elderly in the house was like having a treasure. If he did not have Tian Chanzi then even if he did have these treasures he would not know how to use them.

"After dripping your blood, it will not be able to betray you and will be a servant for life. Also, while dripping your blood, you must read this incantation to guarantee success."

"There's even an incantation?"

"Of course, or do you think any random human who accidentally drips blood on this precious baby will be recognized as its master? Just where would such good things ever happen."

Upon careful consideration, Tang Zheng thought that the words were very true because throughout the years these treasures have been passed hand to hand and wouldn't everyone be made a master if they accidentally splashed blood on it?

Tang Zheng took a fruit knife and pricked his fingertip so that a drop of blood emerged. He then muttered his incantation while circulating his qi so that it entered the drop of blood. When the blood fell onto the ginseng, it was as if it possessed a life of its own, quickly disappearing into the ginseng, looking like it never existed.

Tang Zheng stared with wide-eyed at this scene.

"Thank you, Master." Ling'er's voice rang out in his consciousness.

"In the future, you do not need to converse verbally just like you and me. Just think what you want to say in your mind, and she will understand." Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng nodded as this was much more convenient.

"Do I need to drip blood onto the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace so I can be its master.

"Of course."

Tang Zheng's gaze fell upon the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace that was slowing down its revolutions. The Spirit Pills were almost completed, causing him to feel extremely excited. Just how many Spirit Pills will he have made?

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