Chapter 113: Spiritual Awareness

Chapter 113: Spiritual Awareness

Ye Xuanji, on the other hand, did not care one bit as to how to determine the age of ginseng and bluntly asked: "Tang Zheng, how do I use this Life Continuing Pill?"

"Take it by the mouth." Seeing anxiousness, Tang Zheng replied.

"Is there anything else to look out for?" Medicine King asked as his attention was also attracted over.

"No, but you may sleep a bit." Tang Zheng said.

"May?" The Medicine King and Ye Xuanji sounded out as they were both confused. How could he not be clear on its use?

"Yes, anyways there is no adverse side effects so just use it. Why all the questions." Tang Zheng said impatiently as his attention was focused entirely on the ginseng, he wanted nothing more than to return home to start refining it.

"Medicine can not be taken so casually so if you do not say the effects of the medicine clearly then how could I dare take it? Moreover, there is only one so what if I use it incorrectly? Wouldn't that be a waste?" Ye Xuanji said with dissatisfaction.

This is the Life Continuing Pill we are talking about here, and there is only one of it so how can he not be cautious.

"I already said that you take it by the mouth. If you do not want to take my word for it then just pretend I never said anything." Tang Zheng replied, too lazy to waste his words.

The Medicine King recalled the process of Nannan's treatment as he understood and said: "Xuanji, old friend, just listen to Tang Zheng and use it like so."

Seeing the Medicine King speak with confidence Ye Xuanji felt the burden alleviate from his heart and said: "Then I will return to my room."

"I'll go with you." The Medicine King said as he too was extremely curious of the effects of the Life Continuing Pill.

"Remember the other condition that you are to dissolve Dingdang's enranged marriage to Song Yu." Tang Zheng reminded in a solemn tone as he saw the other walking away.

"I know!" Ye Xuanji did not look back as he coldly grunted, making straight for his room.

Tang Zheng hugged the box and left.

Ye Dingdang hurried over and sincerely said her thanks, sending Tang Zheng off with her gaze.

At this time, she felt as if all her fetters had fallen away and that she was like a swallow that was unrestrained and carefree.

When Tang Zheng returned home, he anxiously closed his door, took out the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace which now was a blue color with not a speck of dust on it.

"The Nine Revolving Pill Furnace is a treasure so once it has its spirit awaken how could it possibly be stained by dust." Tian Chanzi explained.

Tang Zheng suddenly saw the light. This was indeed a magical treasure as he didn't even need to worry about cleaning it! He then took out a large bag of ingredients that he bought from the herbal store, costing him about two hundred thousand yuan. This time he required more ingredients than the time when he made the Life Continuing Pill.

The reason is that the Spirit Pill is something that he will need in the long term, so he wanted to refine a bit more, hence a large amount of ingredients.

But for his first time, he did not dump all the ingredients in as he wanted to get a feel for the use of the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace hence he only set aside a portion of the ingredients.

He then circulated his qi, and a thin strand of light purple fire leapt out from his fingertips. With a smooth wave, the fire strand flew into the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace, and the purple light immediately illuminated the walls of the furnace giving it a mystical appearance.

He then threw a bag of herbs into the furnace which was quickly surrounded by the fire and then turned to a transparent and glistening liquid, floating within the furnace, releasing gas.

"The gas that is being emitted is the impurities which the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace will automatically process." Tian Chanzi explained.

A magical treasure coupled with a grade one True Fire made the refining process different from Tang Zheng's last refining experience. This was more professional and superior in method.

Tang Zheng stared at the liquid ball and discovered that it was becoming smaller and smaller as the medicinal effects were becoming more and more concentrated. He then carefully opened the box and took out the ginseng and prepared to cut off a piece to throw into the furnace.

"Don't kill me. Please, I beg of you, don't kill me."

Suddenly, a thin sound rang out that greatly shocked Tang Zheng who looked all around: ‘Tian Chanzi did you hear someone speak?"

"Words? Someone spoke? There are only two of us here so where could the damn voices come from." Tian Chanzi replied.

Tang Zheng scratched his head. Could he be hearing things?"

He once again prepared to chop up the ginseng when the voice rang out again, this time with more clarity making him sure that he was not hearing things.

"Save me, please don't kill me."

This pitiful sound was very weak, as if the speaker was without strength causing those who heard to feel pity and mercy.

"Who are you?" Tang Zheng asked in fright as if he saw a ghost. There was only clearly only two people in this room."

"Little brat, are you going crazy? Where are you hearing this voice?" Tian Chanzi suspiciously asked.

"Sh, quiet. Listen, there really is a sound. She is still speaking. Just who are you? Hurry up and speak otherwise I will not be polite." Tang Zheng tightly grasped the knife.

"I'm in your hands." The weak voice rang out.

"In my hands." Tang Zheng lowered his head and looked. In his right hand was the knife and in the left was the ginseng. Since it couldn't be the knife, his gaze was attracted over to the ginseng.

Could it be that this ginseng already developed spiritual awareness? But didn't Tian Chanzi say that three-hundred-year-old ginseng can not develop spiritual awareness yet?"

"You are the ginseng?" Tang Zheng tested.

"It's me."

Tang Zheng stared with wide-eyed. What the heck! This ginseng actually has spiritual awareness. Even Tian Chanzi felt it was weird and hurriedly asked: "Little brat, just what the hell is going on? Are you talking with the ginseng?"

"Right, this ginseng has spiritual awareness but didn't you say that three-hundred-year-old ginseng couldn't possibly possess spiritual awareness?' Tang Zheng asked without any good feelings as Tian Chanzi's ability to spew false words were simply too great. How could he drop the ball at this key point in time.

"Impossible. There is no way that a three-hundred-year-old ginseng could gain awareness. I have met countless three-hundred-year-old ginseng in the past and never have I seen or even heard of them being able to do so." Tian Chanzi said with a firm denial.

"Hey, ginseng, why don't you speak louder so this old man can hear you."

"Wuwuwu, don't kill me, don't kill me…" The sound became more distinct as it sounded with a feminine tone with tears appearing.

This ginseng actually knew how to cry. If Tang Zheng spread the word of this, he feared others would take him for a lunatic, but the truth was right in front of him. In fact, the cry was extremely pitiful and gut wrenching.

"Did you hear now?" Tang Zheng asked.

"I heard." Tian Chanzi said solemnly but with great disbelief, "Holy sh*t, a three-hundred-year-old ginseng actually gained spiritual awareness. How the hell is this possible?"

"First let's not talk about the plausibility of this but what we should do." Tang Zheng urged as this was the first time encountering such problem and he was at a loss for what to do.

"Chuck it into the furnace, do you still need me to tell you that?"

"But it already gained spiritual awareness."

Tian Chanzi nonchalantly said: "So what if it gained spiritual awareness? It can still be refined. Moreover, the results of the pill would be more effective. Didn't I already tell you that those six and seven-hundred-year-old transformed ginseng are still used for refining pills. This ginseng on the other hand only has a little bit of spiritual awareness."

Tang Zheng swallowed his saliva as even transformed ginseng were used to refine pills. Wouldn't that be the equivalent of throwing a real live person into the furnace? Thinking up to here he felt a shiver run through his body.

"It's about time to throw it in, are you going to refine it or not?" Tian Chanzi urged.

Tang Zheng's heart was in turmoil as he did not know what to do. His heart was not as fortified as Tian Chanzi in this area and listening to the pitiful pleading caused him to truly be unable to make a move.

"Is there really no other way?"

"Could it be that you do not want to refine the Spirit Pill?"

"Of course I do, but I am asking about another method to refine the Spirit Pill while also preserving this ginseng."

"You seriously are troublesome to deal with." Tian Chanzi grumbled impatiently. He thought for a bit before saying: "It's not like there is no other method. You can cut off its roots and throw it into the furnace and still be able to refine a portion of Spirit Pills except its effects will be reduced."

"Wouldn't it die if I cut its roots?"

"Die my ass, how could it die so easily? Ginseng contains the essence of the heavens and earth, so unless you chuck the whole damn thing into the furnace, it won't die. Now, hurry up and stop hesitating otherwise the most important time will be over."

"Fine, I will listen to you this once. Oh, ginseng, don't cry. I won't kill you but only cut off a little bit of your roots." Tang Zheng comforted in a gentle tone.

The sobbing actually came to a halt.

Tang Zheng felt it to be extremely mysterious as he carefully calmed himself and cut off the roots causing a dark red liquid like human blood to flow.

This caused Tang Zheng to be frightened into a jump.

Tian Chanzi saw this but thought nothing of it as he said: "Since it has already gained spiritual awareness then it is basically like a person so what's with your surprise. Can't you work any faster at that?"

Tang Zheng steadied his heart and hurriedly cut off the roots before tossing them into the pill furnace. The spark immediately surrounded the roots and dissolved it into a gold liquid.

This golden light then immediately entered the liquid ball causing it to shrink once more. The spark suddenly flared up as if it wanted to leap out of the furnace, lighting up the interior of the furnace, resulting in waves of blue light.

The Nine Revolving Pill Furnace let out a cry, and the animal carvings on its surface started to move as if they came back to life causing Tang Zheng to stared with wide eyes.

The furnace then started to move as it rotated at fast speed. Not long later all that was seen was just a distorted green shadow.

"Alright, we just need to wait for the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace to refine it by itself. The results should appear after an hour." Tian Chanzi said.

"There shouldn't be a problem right?" Tang Zheng anxiously asked as it was his first time using the magical treasure.

"Relax, the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace is better than that broken furnace you used last time by several times. If you were able to succeed last time then this time it wouldn't be a problem." Tian Chanzi said confidently.

Tang Zheng then refocused his attention on the ginseng to discover the area where he cut off the roots had stopped bleeding so that it looked just like the rest of the ginseng.

"Yi, when did it heal?"

"Since it already has spiritual awareness then its injuries will naturally heal. What is with you being constantly surprised."

Tang Zheng internally thought ‘so that was the case ' but he did not know what to do with the ginseng as this time he cut up the roots. So, could it be that next time he needed to refine pills he will have to cut another portion of it?

Tang Zheng felt that he couldn't do it.

"What should I do now?" Tang Zheng could only seek Tian Chanzi for help.

"You really don't want to refine it?"

Tang Zheng seriously considered the question before shaking his head: "I don't so it would be best if I could still refine pills and preserve its life."

"You seriously are just overflowing with compassion aren't you? Alright, let me think of a way to accomplish these two tasks."

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