Chapter 111: Good things don't happen, but bad things happen in surplus

Chapter 111: Good things don't happen, but bad things happen in surplus

Fang Chongguo put down the wine cup in embarrassment and awkwardly looked at the crowd as he did not think that his face would be swept away just like that.

She Mengqin finally could not resist it and fiercely slapped the table and roared: “Tang Zheng, what do you mean by this?”

Lin Hu immediately wrinkled his eyebrows as he coldly stared at She Mengqin. If Tang Zheng had not restrained him with his eyes, then he would have flown into a rage himself.

Fire Phoenix looked at Fang Shishi and gained a better understanding. Her lips blossomed in a smile as said: “You guy’s eat, I will be leaving first.”

After sending her greetings towards Tang Zheng with a nod, she walked out.

“Hu’zi, you should go accompany Fire Phoenix.” Tang Zheng calmly said.

Lin Hu stared at She Mengqin and said: "Young Master Tang, I will be leaving first. If you have anything, you need just call on me."

The two walked out, and the private room became stifling as She Mengqin overbearingly looked at Tang Zheng and said: "Do you depend on these group of hoodlums to intimidate us?"

Tang Zheng’s expression did not change as he lightly said: “I did not do anything so why would you say that?”

"Look at their attitude. What Young Master Tang? Heng, aren't you even the least bit embarrassed." She Mengqin really had her face swept through by group, yet they apologize to Tang Zheng once they saw him so how could she just let this go.

"Mother, aren't you just looking for trouble without reasons? Tang Zheng helped us dissolve this mess, and yet you criticize him? Can you not be so unreasonable?" Fang Shishi said with a red face.

"Shishi, I raised you for so many years, and yet you side with an outsider?"

“If I say it is so then it is so no matter if it is reasonable or not.”

"I think you simply do not put this mother in your eyes. Just what is so good about this little brat that he deserves you protecting him with all your heart?"

"He's just that good, and I like him." Fang Shishi lifted up her neck and firmly said.

“You…” She Mengqin was angered to the point her whole body was trembling.

"Enough!" Fang Chongguo fiercely slammed his palm on the table, causing the entire table to shake as he roared with a steely face: "Making such a ruckus! Is this a scandal?"

She Mengqin was frightened into a jump as she rarely saw him this angry, so she hurriedly comforted: "Chongguo, ease your anger, don't stoop down to this little brats level."

Fang Chongguo stared dead at her and said: “Are you trying to drive me mad? What the hell were you flying into a rage for and why are you screaming at Tang Zheng?”

She Mengqin stared stupidly and vacantly at her husband as she clearly did not understand what her husband meant. She was clearly trying to protect his reputation.

She Mengqin was a full-time mother who had her heart set on being a young and wealthy noble lady. Hence she was clueless about Fang Chongguo's business. So, of course, she was not clear on the danger he faced

Even though she felt her husband's attitude towards Fire Phoenix to be peculiar, she was at the time already full of rage, so upon seeing her husband humiliated she could not help but become furious.

“Chongguo, I am trying to help you.”

"Help me? Heng, I think you are trying to harm me more like it." Fang Chongguo said without any good feeling, "Not enough good things happen, while bad things happen in excess!"

He originally thought that with his connection to Tang Zheng he could get benefits from Fire Phoenix, but this was all ruined by She Mengqin.

Fang Chongguo looked at Tang Zheng as he really did not know what to say. After how he treated Tang Zheng previously, how could the other speak good words about him."

“Let’s go home, let’s not make a scene of ourselves outside.”

She Mengqin looked at her husband in alarm and then looked at Tang Zheng again, her gaze flashing with rancor but Tang Zheng ignored her. Instead, Tang Zheng looked at Fang Shishi's dejected look and advised: "Shishi, first go home and rest up, you have a monthly mock test tomorrow. Good luck!"

Fang Shishi nodded her head hesitantly, and they proceeded to go to the reception desk to pay the bill only to discover that a Mr. Lin Hu has paid for them already.

Fang Chongguo gave Tang Zheng a complicated gaze as his family got into a car and disappeared into the night.

Tang Zheng shook his head as the events that happened tonight far surpassed what he expected. He did not know how the others viewed him now, but he did not care much as they didn't have any good impression of him to begin with.

"Young Master Tang." A person called out from behind him.

“Yi, Hua’zi, is something the matter?”

"Brother Hu invites you over." Hua'zi deferentially spoke.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and signaled for him to lead the way as they arrived at another private room, in which Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix were in.

"Young Master Tang, I apologize for disturbing your meal." Fire Phoenix said apologetically.

Tang Zheng sat down and said with a shake of his head: “This is unrelated to you guys as they never had a good impression of me to start with.”

"Hehe, Young Master Tang is so young and outstanding, if they are unsatisfied, then they really do not have eyes." Fire Phoenix stared unmovingly at Tang Zheng. She had previously tried to ask Lin Hu about Tang Zheng's identity, but Lin Hu would not budge, causing her to become even more curious.

"You over compliment me. I am just a high school student so how could I be as outstanding as you say." Tang Zheng truthfully said as he never boasted about his identity.

“High school student?” Fire Phoenix stared weirdly with her large eyes as she glared at Lin Hu playfully before saying: “Brother Hu would not reveal anything about you as if he really wanted to hide all your accomplishments from me. Simply no fun at all.”

Lin Hu hurriedly explained: "Fire Phoenix, you can't blame me. It is best for Young Master Tang to discuss his own matters. I dare not blabber on."

"Oh? Then I am all ears, Young Master Tang. Why don't you introduce your glorious achievements so as to open my eyes." Fire Phoenix's aura may be powerful, but this string of words that seemed ordinary actually possessed an intimate element to it.

"I don't really have any glorious achievements, but if we were to talk about any aspects that stand out, it would be that my studying achievements are unique.

"Studying achievements?" Fire Phoenix splurted out laughter, "This is the first time I heard someone compliment themselves like so. Then Young Master Tang must really be strong in that area?"

Tang Zheng shook his head as he seriously said: “I am first in school counting from the back.”

"Counting backward…" Fire Phoenix's laugh came to a stop as she stared foolishly, "Young Master Tang really has a unique sense of humor. Very interesting, but I am more curious about Young Master Tang's relationship with Brother Hu."

Fire Phoenix came to the banquet at Lin Hu's invitation with the intent to get a feel of his strength since his victory was simply to unimaginable, making it hard for her to not give him weight.

This time she discovered that Tang Zheng and Lin Hu’s relationship was not shallow and based on some sixth sense that she couldn’t explain she felt that Lin Hu’s rise was related to Tang Zheng. It could be said that this sixth sense was nurtured through her many years.

“I am good brothers with Brother Hu.” Tang Zheng said.

"Oh? How come I have never heard of this before? I don't know which family Young Master Tang hails from. In the future, I will definitely go and pay my respects."

Tang Zheng shook his head: “There is no need as I live in a run-down house and we cannot host such a large figure as yourself.”

"Young Master Tang really loves to joke." Fire Phoenix became more befuddle the more she heard. She just assumed that the other was unwilling hence she did not pursue this line of questioning but instead changed to another topic: "I did not have the pleasure of drinking with Young Master Tang, but now we can drink to our heart's content."

Tang Zheng refused nobody, welcoming all comers, and Lin Hu had already poured three full cups of wine and said: “Come, let the three of us first drink a cup.”

The three raised their cups and drained it. Fire Phoenix immediately circulated her energy as she constantly battled it out with Tang Zheng. Not long later a bottle of white wine was finished.

Lin Hu seeing the situation advised: "Fire Phoenix, who doesn't know that you don't get drunk so are you trying to make Young Master Tang drunk."

"Hehe, I see that Young Master Tang's tolerance is not bad and I don't get drunk because I know my limit. Even so, it has been a while since I drank to my heart's content, tonight we won't leave until we are all drunk. What do you say, Young Master Tang?"

Fire Phoenix's alcohol tolerance was indeed good, and she did have the intention of making Tang Zheng drunk so that she could gain a bit of information from him.

“Fire Phoenix, I will drink with you.” Lin Hu raised his sleeve and heroically said.

"Brother Hu, I drank with you quite a few times and don't want to drink with you, this coarse fella. This time I want Young Master Tang, this handsome brother to drink with me, so you step to the side."

Lin Hu gave Tang Zheng a questioning glance as if to ask how the others alcohol tolerance was.

Tang Zheng rarely drinks wine, but he could just use his qi to dissolve the alcohol, so he was not afraid. What more is that Fire Phoenix gave him a good impression and if they wanted to cooperate to go against Hoodlum then this wine, he must drink.

“Okay, I will risk my life to drink with you. We won’t leave if we aren’t drunk.” Tang Zheng boldly declared.

Just like that, the two drank one cup after another of white wine. Tang Zheng's face did not change colors while Fire Phoenix's face gradually became redder until it looked like an apple.

Lin Hu looked at the two drinking with keen interest as he slowly saw a trend. Tang Zheng would drink wine as if it were water and moreover the more he drank, the brighter his eyes showed. This was simply too terrifying.

Lin Hu had never seen anyone who truly didn't get drunk, but Tang Zheng clearly was one of those people.

Fire Phoenix held onto the wine cup as she couldn't seriously drink anymore. Her stomach felt like a churning sea as if many things wanted to rush back up and she clearly knew she was at her end.

She hadn't drunk like this in years, and she only saw Tang Zheng look as if it wasn't anything, this caused her to feel amazement and fear. She also had never seen anyone who truly wouldn't get drunk as these several jins of white wine entering one's stomach far surpassed what an ordinary human's body could withstand.

Yet, Tang Zheng was completely unaffected which says he clearly was using his qi to dissolve the alcohol effects. This towards martial artists was no big secret as Fire Phoenix would often do it. Even so, one's qi had limits, and after drinking so much her qi would be ineffective, and she would quickly become drunk.

With this point, she could tell that Tang Zheng's martial arts were greater than her. With this Fire Phoenix suddenly came to the realization why Lin Hu treated him with such deference. Just which family did this young master come from? He was only in his teens, yet he had such power.

Fire Phoenix was a third-grade Refining Body martial artists so this means Tang Zheng is at least at the fourth-grade Refining Body, which was stronger than Huang Ziyang when he was his age.

Fire Phoenix did not dare continue thinking as her mind was gradually jumbling up. She could not drink anymore because if she did, she would make a fool out of herself.

"Young Master Tang is exceptional. I, Fire Phoenix, admit defeat." Fire Phoenix firmly lifted up her thumb in praise.

Tang Zheng gave a smile and put down the wine cup. He had true qi to dissolve the alcohol which was stronger than the inner qi martial artists have. For this, he really could go on without getting drunk, except that his stomach felt a bit bloated.

“Now that we are full and have drank enough, Brother Hu, what was it that you called me over to discuss?” Fire Phoenix let out a breath before circulating her inner qi to suppress the effects of the alcohol so as to maintain that last strand of clarity in her mind, as she lightly said.

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