Chapter 110: Difference between heaven and earth

Chapter 110: Difference between heaven and earth

Daozi was a person who was unfearing of battle and would not cower but right now he was comparable to a duckweed. If he did not find a place at his new boss's place, then his future life would be difficult.

The people of the underworld traversed Jiang Hu, and those of Jiang Hu saw life through colorful lenses, but they also had much bitterness that outsiders would not understand.

And where there are people, there are grudges and enmity; this was especially so for those of Jiang Hu. Moreover, these grudges are sometimes intense, making it hard for them to leave Jiang Hu. This was unless they reached the stage of being able to sweep through the lands without fear of repercussions.

Otherwise, even if it was Lin Hu, he did not dare quit Jiang Hu as that would signify his loss of strength. By then, his enemies would come knocking and without support from his brothers he would not know how he died.

Daozi was clear on this point hence he currently felt as if his heart died.

Lin Hu looked at Tang Zheng but did not voice his thoughts, if Tang Zheng really wanted to punish Daozi, then he could do nothing about it. For in his eyes, Tang Zheng's position surpassed everyone else.

Everyone in the room focused their gaze on Tang Zheng as he was the key person. No one said a word and even She Mengqin stopped her clamoring, leaving only the sound of rapid breathing.

Tang Zheng exchanged a look with Lin Hu. Of course, he was clear on Daozi's importance to Lin Hu and their conflict was nothing major so he bent over and supported Daozi up by the arms.

Daozi felt his body tremble and from this, it was clear that the fear in his heart was tremendous.

"Rise, you are Hu'zi's brother, so you are my brother. Brothers are like family and how would we get to know each other without fighting." Tang Zheng said neither slow nor hurried.

When Daozi heard this, it was like hearing the sound of melody as no sound in this world can compare to it. He felt extremely moved as he lifted his head to look at Tang Zheng and discovered that the other did not speak false words. Hence he hurriedly said: "Young Master Tang is a magnanimous man with a magnanimous heart. In the future with put in my all without hesitation!"

Those resounding words did not contain a hint of falsity to them.

Tang Zheng smiled and patted his shoulder then said: “Follow Hu’zi well and your days will be even better.”

"Yes, Young Master Tang!" Daozi respectfully and deferentially lowered his head.

Lin Hu smiled, as after this fiasco Daozi would not be pushed away from him but maybe even pulled closer. This goes to show that Tang Zheng was simply his lucky star hence he gave a loud laugh and said: "Young Master Tang has an admirable heart. Everyone step out and don't disturb Young Master Tang's meal."

His brothers all filed out and closed the door. Lin Hu pulled Tang Zheng close and said: "Are these Young Master Tang's friends? Let me introduce myself first. I am Lin Hu, a brass man, and I wander around Chang Heng to make a living."

Fang Chongguo hurriedly changed his face and held Lin Hu's hand saying: "I (humbly), am Fang Chongguo."

“Chief Fang, nice to meet you.” Lin Hu passionately said. *TL: ??= Chief Fang, is a way of addressing someone of status in the business world, like maybe a boss.*

She Mengqin, who wanted to say something, was stopped as Fang Chongguo's hands were quick as he hurriedly stopped his wife, genuinely afraid that she may say something to offend the other.

Fang Chongguo has never heard of Lin Hu's name, but it was clear that the other was no ordinary person. So, it was better not to provoke him but what really got him curious was what Lin Hu's connection to Tang Zheng. For, Lin Hu was indeed very respectful towards Tang Zheng.

This doesn't make sense. Could it be that Tang Zheng was some major disciple of a large family and was intentionally staying low key? But which large family character would willingly pick up trash and remain in a broken down house?

He was simply full of suspicions and was prepared to interrogate his daughter once they got home carefully.

Fang Shishi was very happy as Tang Zheng took care of a major problem and this gave her face in front of her parents. In the future it would help her a lot hence she happily ordered some dishes.

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin were now side characters as they did not say a single word while Lin Hu was conversing a few lines quietly with Tang Zheng. When he lifted up his head again to look at Fang Family’s husband and wife his expression was clearly different.

The two froze as they did not know what Tang Zheng said. They both had a deep fear that he may have said something bad about them but was afraid to act.

Don't judge Lin Hu by his respect towards Tang Zheng and his lack of arrogance was because Tang Zheng was sufficiently strong enough to convince Lin Hu of his strength.

In front of others, Lin Hu's imposing manner was not weak as after all he had messed around in Jiang Hu for ten years. Hence his body was tempered with a domineering aura that could not be concealed.

Every time Lin Hu glanced at them the two felt their heart thump heavily.

But Lin Hu clearly treated Fang Shishi a lot better as he praised her effusively saying she had a face covered in smiles.

In reality, Tang Zheng did not say slanderous words towards the husband and wife but the truth. But since Lin Hu was not stupid he could tell that the two were clearly dissatisfied with Tang Zheng. Lin Hu could not help but snort in disdain towards these people who believed they are successful and have a bit of money, as they think they are superior to all others.

Saying up to here, the dishes were sent to the table and Lin Hu poured a cup full of wine saying: "Young Master Tang, I will drink to you. Cheers! You can drink casually."

The culture of drinking was very profound and deep; just this one simple phrase contained many implications. Fang Chongguo who heard could spot these implications and the main one was that Lin Hu was suppressing his position to be one of the lower status.

Tang Zheng downed the cup even though he could do so casually. The reason was since Lin Hu gave him face, he would, of course, give the other face too.

“Chief Fang, let’s drink a cup.” Lin Hu once again said but his attitude was more casual. This caused She Mengqin to want to burst out again but was restrained by her husband.

“Sir Lin, I respect you.” Fang Chongguo smiled and down his cup as his show of respect.

Lin Hu also drank his cup then said: "Young Master Tang, I have a few guest waiting for me so I will first leave. You guys enjoy your meal."

Tang Zheng nodded his head.

Dong dong!

At this moment, a knock rang out and the door was pushed open. A woman around thirty walked in, her aura was strong and her body was powerful, and overflowing with vigor. She could not be considered as being too pretty but she was pleasing on the eyes.

“Brother Hu, you ran over here and left me alone to drink wine by myself. No fun!” She leisurely walked over and flirtatiously said.

Lin Hu stood up and gave a big laugh: “Fire Phoenix, I was just about to go over.”

Tang Zheng measured her up, as this was Fire Phoenix. It seems as if Lin Hu had already started the plan to rope her in.

Fire Phoneix’s large almond eyes swept over the few people present before stopping on Fang Shishi. She said internally that this lady was pretty, yet she completely ignored Tang Zheng.

The reason was because Tang Zheng looked ordinary without the domineering aura, hence giving him the look of an ordinary high school student. Moreover, his brows revealed a bit of bashfulness that gave one the feeling that he was the next doors neighbors’ eldest son.

“Brother Hu, why don’t you introduce your friends to me? Are you afraid that I will steal your business?” Fire Phoenix said with a smile.

"Fire Phoenix, this is just me messing around. How can you possibly look desirably at this." Lin Hu paused as he solemnly introduced: "This is Young Master Tang."

Fire Phoenix's gaze finally landed on Tang Zheng's body as a weird light flashed through her eyes.

Shortly afterwards she gave a smile like flowers and said: "Young Master Tang, it's a pleasure to meet you."

She could tell from Lin Hu’s tone that he was very respectful of Tang Zheng. Also, he first introduced Tang Zheng before anyone else which shows that his status was not ordinary.

Those who can bear the name ‘Young Master Tang' was definitely not ordinary so she racked her brain of all those big families, but not one of them was surnamed Tang. This caused her to be unable to see through Tang Zheng's background.

“Fire Phoenix, knowing of your reputation still does not beat meeting you. The pleasure is mine.” Tang Zheng nodded his head.

Fire Phoenix smiled: "Oh? Young Master Tang has heard of my name? Then it must be my pleasure. Her eyes turned as she faced the others and asked: "Who are these people?"

Lin Hu hadn't started the next round of introductions when Fang Chongguo took the initiative to stand up and agitated say: ‘Chief Fire, I am Fang Chongguo from Ding Tai Estate who is in the process of discussing business with your esteemed self."

Fang Chongguo was indeed really excited as he had never met Fire Phoneix before but her name was like lightning to the ears. The reason was because her position in the real estate business was simply too bright.

One of the businesses she had was a construction business, and although it was not big, it definitely had strength. This was especially so in the area of demolition as the areas that were hard to deal with in Chang Heng City were taken care of by her.

As of today, the real estate industry had two large circles, one was taking the land and the other was demolishing the property on the land. There were quite a few people in the real estate industry who complained about the difficulty of the second and among them were many politicians.

On the other hand, Fire Phoenix’s demolition company was peculiar as their speed in dealing with those who refuse to leave their property was fast. Moreover, those people would not be given a say of their complaint no matter where they looked.

For this reason, there are many other real estate companies who would come pleading for her help giving her a special status.

Fang Chongguo was also blinded by the heat towards real estate and even started his own company. With this company, he took down a land but was stuck at trying to evict and demolish the property causing all these plans to come to a halt.

Seeing his money flow away from him, he couldn't help but feel pain and anxiety as he looked all over for Fire Phoenix. This was because Fire Phoenix was busy as she had many large customers and had no time to meet this small customer.

Never would he had thought that he would accidentally meet Fire Phoenix and all because of Tang Zheng. This gave him a complicated feeling but he was also excited that his problems will not be solved.

Fire Phoenix nodded her head and said: “Oh, so you are Chief Fang. Nice to meet you. If you had said that you were brother Hu’s friend then I would have definitely worked with you at the start.”

Fire Phoenix thoughts churned as she determined the other’s intentions but since he was Lin Hu’s friend then her attitude was much better.

Fang Chongguo gave Lin Hu a complicated look as he seriously could not see through the other’s identity to have such a good connection with Fire Phoneix.

Fang Chongguo personally poured a cup and said: “Chief Fire, it is my greatest pleasure meeting you here today. I toast this to you and a future of cooperation. I will go to your company tomorrow to discuss business matters.”

Passing the wine cup to Fire Phoneix, Fire Phoenix did not accept as she could see an oddity within Lin Hu's gaze and attitude that told her something was off.

Lin Hu treated Fang Chongguo very coldly while he treated Young Master Tang with respect. Hence Fire Phoenix could tell who the main figure at the table was. Hence she smiled at Tang Zheng and said: "Young Master Tang, would I have the honor of drinking with you?"

What was disparity? THIS was disparity! Fang Chongguo took the initiative to toast a cup to her but Fire Phoenix did not care and even took the initiative to seek Tang Zheng out for a drink. Moreover she said that it would be her honor!

This was a difference as big as the heaven and the earth!

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