Chapter 109: Fear

Chapter 109: Fear

Fang Shishi was actually terrified, but there were some things that one must do even in the face of fear, such as protecting one's family.

Seeing the other grab out at her she unconsciously let out a scream only to discover a hand reaching out from beside her. This caused her heart to tremble. Right, she had Tang Zheng here protecting her so what was there to be afraid of?

At that moment she felt her heart calm, like a person stranded in stormy sea clutching onto a straw raft. There was now no longer fear but a hint of anticipation.

The youngster thought that he could easily grab her only to discover another hand reach out and grab onto him. This hand that grabbed onto him was like steel clamps not letting him move at all.

He lifted up his gaze only to discover a young face with a hint of maturity, but he did not know where he saw it before.

“Who are you?”

Those who mess around in the underworld all have good vision and discerning eyes. From Tang Zheng's steel grip he could tell that his opponent was not like the trash, Fang Chongguo.

“If you have something to say then just say it. Why do you have to make a move?” Tang Zheng berated.

“What piece of sh*t are you?” The other angrily roared as his face became red.

Tang Zheng gave a cold smile as he exerted a bit of force causing the other to let out a miserable shriek and veins to pop out on his forehead. When the other youngsters saw the situation they all clamored: "Let him go."

Tang Zheng swept his eyes over them, but not a single one dared to make a move.

Fang Chongguo stared at Tang Zheng in shock as he did not know the other was so capable. It seems like his previous investigations of Tang Zheng was not as thorough as he thought it was since the other actually knew martial arts.

She Mengqin’s eyes lit up as she immediately regained all her high and mighty tone, and commandingly said: “Tang Zheng, fiercely teach them a lesson to let them know how strong I am.”

Tang Zheng did not move, but he felt Fang Shishi pulling at his clothes. He turned and gave her a smile: "Relax, no one can harm you."

Fang Shishi let out a sweet smile as she excitedly nodded, feeling exceptionally safe.

Girls need a sense of comfort, and without a doubt, Tang Zheng was able to provide that safety, especially in a time of danger.

She Mengqin seeing herself being ignored angrily roared: "Tang Zheng, did you not hear me?! I told you to teach them a lesson fiercely!"

Tang Zheng lightly looked at her but did not acknowledge her. He loosened his grip, allowing the others to let out a pant, as he hurriedly retreated and fearfully asked: "Who are you?"

“Who are you guys?” Tang Zheng countered.

One of the youngsters stared dead straight at Tang Zheng as his gaze suddenly revealed a gaze of shock before he hurriedly whispered to another youngsters ear. This second person's eyes stared wide as he said in disbelief: "You are… Young Master Tang?!"

Young Master Tang!

The rest of them revealed looks of shock and fear as if they met their calamity star. All of them unconsciously retreated a few steps.

These two words seemed to possess a boundless magical power to cause others hearts to tremble in fear. *TL: ??=Young Master Tang*

Tang Zheng suspiciously looked at the other as they discovered his identity. This name was something only Lin Hu knows of, could it be that they were Lin Hu's people?

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin exchanged glances as they were completely lost. Was this group of people silly? They actually called this dirt poor bastard Young Master Tang,

What a joke, was he some young master? Wasn’t he just someone who picked up trash?

“Since you know who I am why haven’t you apologized to this young lady?” Since they were Lin Hu’s people then Tang Zheng would not pursue this matter.

The leader in great fear and trepidation turned towards Fang Shishi and gave a deep bow, begging pitifully: "This young miss, I apologize, it is all my fault. You are magnanimous so can you please, please let us go?"

Fang Shishi was shocked as she stared at the originally blustering person apologize, leaving her at a loss of what to do.

Fang Chongguo also felt that everything was unimaginable as even though he had messed around Chang Heng City's business world for half his life he has never seen such a weird thing.

She Mengqin was befuddled, but her face revealed a crazed and excited look as she ordered: "Fiercely teach him a lesson."

Fang Shishi looked at Tang Zheng hoping he would listen. Tang Zheng on the other hand just nodded his head and said: “Since you apologized, you may leave. There is nothing here.”

"Yes, thank you Young Master Tang, we will leave first." The other gestured to his buddies and they hurriedly left, even personally closing the door.

The atmosphere in the private room lessened, and She Mengqin stared unhappily at Tang Zheng and asked: "Why didn't you fiercely teach them a lesson? Just apologizing and that's it? Is that it?"

Tang Zheng inwardly shook his head, She Mengqin, this rude and unreasonable mother, was actually able to raise a book smart and understanding daughter such as Fang Shishi was simply a miracle. But, thank god Fang Shishi didn't have her bad temper.

“If you want to teach them a lesson then do it yourself.” Tang Zheng crossed his arms and looked at She Mengqin in ridicule.

"What is with your tone? You dare talk to me like that? The Heaven is simply flipped." She Mengqin clamored. She was afraid of the people just now, but she was clearly not afraid of Tang Zheng.

Thankfully Fang Chongguo was slightly smarter and controlled his wife, nervously saying: "Little Zheng, we should hurry up and leave this place. They misrecognized you, and once they realize the truth they will definitely come back, and by that time things will be bad."

Fang Chongguo clearly did not believe that Tang Zheng was some Young Master Tang as he thought the others simply thought Tang Zheng to be someone else.

Tang Zheng smiled and did not refute.

Fang Shishi was clearly unhappy that after her boyfriend had solved the problem, her parents did not believe in his ability. Hence she pulled Tang Zheng to sit down and said: "I am not afraid, with Tang Zheng here no one will harm us."

“Shishi, this is not a time to be messing around. Those people are clearly not the friendly type so we should hurry up and leave this place.” Fang Chongguo solemnly said as he was clearly frightened by them.

Fang Shishi pouted her lips and said: "I just want to eat a meal happily and now this happened. This is no fun at all."

"Shishi, if you want to eat then we'll do that." Tang Zheng passed over the menu without a hint of fear. This caused Fang Chongguo to wrinkle his eyebrows as he said: "Tang Zheng, this is not a time to put on an act. If you want to eat, we will eat somewhere else."

She Mengqin added: "Shishi, let's go. If he wants to eat then let him eat alone. If he wants to die then don't drag us into it."

After she had finished speaking, she pulled Fang Shishi away.

“Mother, what are you doing?” Fang Shishi escaped her mother’s grasps and said with dissatisfaction.

Fang Chongguo solemnly said: "Shishi, listen to your mother, let's go." Giving Tang Zheng a look he inwardly shook his head, being so hard headed as a youth is not good; he will definitely not be successful in life. At this moment he became more firm to rip apart Tang Zheng and his daughter.


The door opened, and the few people were frightened into a jump. They all unconsciously looked towards the door as a group of people blocked the doorway. This caused Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin's expression to turn pale as they hurriedly treated.

"See, I told you we should have left quickly but now they are back, and we can't leave even if we wanted to." She Mengqin lost her calm and roared looking at Tang Zheng with a gaze of incomparable loathing.

Fang Chongguo’s expression was also unsightly.

Fang Shishi looked towards Tang Zheng only to see him sitting calmly without the least bit of reaction.

A person who looked like the leader swaggered in and She Mengqin pointed at Tang Zheng and loudly shouted: “It’s him, this is all caused by him! It was he who pretended to be someone else. We are unrelated!”

“Mother, how can you be like that?” Fang Shishi said with a belly of anger.

Fang Chongguo did not stop her as he felt nervous, from this leader's bearing, he could tell that the other was not shallow. This was especially so from the fierce aura that caused Fang Chongguo's heart to tremble in fear.

Tang Zheng stood up without the least bit of fear as he walked toward the other, causing the people present to lose all color. Fang Shishi tried to stop him as an expression of her worry for him.

Tang Zheng patted her hand to tell her not to worry and resumed walking toward the leader. A laugh rang out: "Young Master Tang, it really is you. I heard from my brother and thought that they recognized the wrong person."

The person who came was the familiar Lin Hu, who after hearing that his lackeys offended Tang Zheng, was frightened into a jump, hence he hurriedly came over.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and said: “It was a small misunderstanding.”

Lin Hu felt his heart loosen; if Tang Zheng said it was a small misunderstanding, then it was nothing big. Of course, even though he appeared calm he was definitely not. With a turn of his head, he looked at one of his brothers and fiercely said: "Scram out here."

The youngster from a while back jumped out in fright and with a ‘putong’, he fell to his knees, trembling.

The others who looked towards Tang Zheng all had similar expressions. That’s right, all of them showed fear!

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin stared wide-eyed in shock. Just now they thought the others mistook Tang Zheng to be someone else, but now the boss came out. Could the boss have recognize the wrong person too?

The answer was of course not!

But this did not follow along with their reasoning, the dirt poor Tang Zheng in their eyes was actually so revered by this group of people. This was simply flipping their world upside down.

She Mengqin licked her lips and looked towards her husband not knowing what to say.

Fang Chongguo felt his mouth go dry, his adam's apple went up and down as if he wanted to say something but no words came out. Fang Shishi, on the other hand, had an expression of excitement as her eyes revealed a glimmer. Tang Zheng's image in her heart suddenly became all the bigger.

"This is Boss Fan's head man, Ma Daozi and now he works for me so I thought I might specifically gather all my brothers for a feast, to increase our bonds. Little did I know that he would provoke you." Lin Hu said with complicated emotions.

After taking over Boss Fan's territory all of Boss Fan's territory became his, so this feast was to rope Boss Fan's lackey's in so that they will become his.

Never would he have known that this lead man of Boss Fan would provoke Tang Zheng, putting him at a loss of what to do. Daozi and his brothers had also participated in the battle, but Tang Zheng arrived quickly and left quickly so even though he left a huge impression on them, very few of them knew how he looked. But there happened to be one sharp-eyed brother who saw and remembered, hence his reporting to Daozi.

Young Master Tang, this name was like a shining beacon to this group of people. In that battle, it was Tang Zheng who led his side to victory and he even crippled Boss Fan. This type of person could not be offended.

Moreover, Tang Zheng's relationship with the boss was not shallow, but after the surrendering and paying of new allegiance, the new boss actually offended the old boss's friend. This was simply seeking death.

"Young Master Tang, let me go. I will not dare in the future; I will also do everything you tell me." Daozi felt as if his heart turned to ash as he begged in fright and fear.

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