Chapter 106: Taking care of matters with one fell swoop

Chapter 106: Taking care of matters with one fell swoop 

Tang Zheng initially thought that Ye Dingdang had some excellent and well thought out plan but after hearing what she had to say his expression became weird until he finally couldn't help but interrupt: "Is this plan of yours for you or for me?"

Ye Dingdang raised her head and revealed her snow white neck along with her body that stood erect within her school uniform. This scene caused Tang Zheng to unconsciously think back to the night they shared the same bed.

Ye Dingdang clearly did not discover Tang Zheng's naughty thoughts as she righteously said: "Of course it is for you, how could it be for me?"

Saying up to here, her eyes flashed with a light as her words were a bit hollow. She silently cursed: "Feng Siniang, this is all your plan, but I am the carrying it out. As a mother shouldn't this have been up to you to say? Heng!"

Tang Zheng shook his head and refuted: "I don't think that is necessarily the case as you clearly receive more benefits."

"How can that be? This way you are not faced with any danger while I can also get some side benefits that is all." Ye Dingdang pointed at herself with her nails as if to say that this little benefit is not sufficient enough.

"This is you putting stuff into your left pocket while giving from your right pocket. Does your Ye Clan only take advantage of others?" Tang Zheng said. *TL: this refers to the old sleight of hand where you take and choose what to give.*

Ye Dingdang's expression changed as she said in a low voice: "Stop speaking nonsense. I may be surnamed Ye, but I am from the Ye Clan in Chang Heng City and not the Ye Clan from Jing Cheng."

Seeing her expression firm, he was able to understand her emotions as he became solemn and said: "You want me to give the Life Continuing Pill to Ye Xuanji so that he will dissolve your arranged marriage with Song Yu. How come no matter how I think about this your benefits will trump mine by a lot?

This was Feng Siniang’s plan to kill two birds with one stone as it could protect Tang Zheng’s life while also giving Ye Dingdang a way out.

“This way you are not in danger and wouldn’t that be great?” Ye Dingdang said with a guilty conscience as she lowered her head, “Can you just promise as we will both have benefits. Moreover, do you really have the heart to see me marry Song Yu?”

"Just how would I not have the heart? Song Yu is elegant, has money and power, many girls dream of him as their Prince Charming." Tang Zheng replied not taking the bait.

"Anyways, I already said that he was not my type. I also already spread the news that you were my fiancé so you should bear responsibility." Ye Dingdang loudly said as a last ditch effort.

"Sh, quiet, that was only when I was trying to help you. Everyone know that it is false." Tang Zheng glanced towards the house as he did not know whether Fang Shishi heard or not.

"The entire school's knows about the matter of you being my fiance, so if you do not agree to me, then I will continue to spread the word. That way everyone will know you are an ungrateful bastard." Ye Dingdang said her cunning eyes flashed as she decisively said.

Originally Feng Siniang told her to be warmer, but Ye Dingdang did not follow the plan and resumed her normal personality, even threatening him.

Tang Zheng was speechless how could Ye Dingdang be so annoying. Of course, he was not afraid of being cursed behind his back as it was fake but he did not want to put Fang Shishi into an awkward position.

Truth be told he really did not care about whether Ye Xuanji lived or died.

"Little brat, don't you still need the three-hundred-year-old ginseng in order to refine the Spirit Pill? Ye Xuanji will definitely have a method to get it so you should add it as one of the conditions. The little girl also has a point as you are currently not Ye Xuanji's opponent and there is no need to make another powerful enemy. Moreover, by doing this, you will be able to deepen your connections with this little girl which will be beneficial to you in the future when you want to take down the girl. It would be such as waste if you were to just present this gift to Song Yu!" Tian Chanzi once again popped out of nowhere and joined the conversation.

"Ginseng." Tang Zheng's eyes brightened. Right. By himself, he had absolutely no methods of finding this herb, but Ye Xuanji must have a way.

"Right now your top most priority is to refine the Spirit Pill so that you can raise your cultivation. As for the Life Continuing Pill, even though it is something that others look to as being priceless you do not have much use for it so why not use it to exchange for something you do need? Also, this way when others know that you no longer have the object they desire then they will stop making plans for you. Wouldn't this be taking care of matters in one fell swoop?" Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng could not help but admit that at times he could be short-sighted and the cunning and scheming Tian Chanzi is able to make up for his deficits.

Seeing Tang Zheng hesitate, Ye Dingdang also became a bit nervous as if Tang Zheng did not agree then she would be in a difficult position hence she anxiously asked: “Do you agree or not?”

“Okay, I agree, but I have a condition.”

“What condition?” Ye Dingdang asked with great joy but the apprehension she felt increased. Just what condition would he ask for? What if he asked for that? What will I do?!

"I need a three-hundred-year-old ginseng. Have him prepare it."

"Three-hundred-year-old ginseng?" Ye Dingdang let out a breath of relief, but she also couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed, "What do you need it for?"

“This is none of your business. Just pass on this message and have him decide on his own.”

"Okay, I have remembered it, but you cannot go back on your words." Ye Dingdang believed that the old Gramps would agree as this was a matter concerning his life or death. All she worried about was if Tang Zheng would suddenly regret it and take back his words.

“A nobleman’s word is his bond.” Tang Zheng replied firmly.

Ye Dingdang flicked her lips as she silently cursed Tang Zheng for not having the least bit of modesty, even addressing himself as a nobleman.

“If there is nothing else I will go into my house.”

"What? You in a rush to meet your girl?" Ye Dingdang ridiculed, but no matter how one looked at it, her voice was filled with a hint of bitterness.

“Yes, so please forgive me for not sending you on your way.” Tang Zheng walked into his house, leaving Ye Dingdang outside stamping her feet as she pouted and said: “Heng, it’s not like I want to stand here anyways.”

"Finished talking?" Fang Shishi saw him enter and hurriedly came forward, "I want to cook for you. How does this thing work?" She awkwardly pointed at the rice cooker. *TL: …….* *ED.......*

"Sorry, I've never made rice before, so I don't know how to use it. You won't think I am dumb will you?" Fang Shishi lowered her head in embarrassment.

Tang Zheng felt his heart warm up as he said: “You are so intelligent so how can you possibly be dumb? It is just that you haven’t come into contact with these things before.”

For a wealthy lady's of a house, to be willing to cook for him, if he says he was not moved then he would be lying.

“Then I will start learning today. I believe I will definitely be able to cook good food.” Fang Shishi let out a smile that showed her two dimples.

“Alright, I’ll teach you. For now don’t do anything and just watch me.” Tang Zheng pull up his sleeves as he started to move swiftly, rinsing the rice then the pot, before finally cooking the rice. He then washed and cut the vegetables with a ‘dingdingding’ on the cutting board, and the sound played out like a musical piece with its own rhythm and tempo.

“Let me try.” Fang Shishi eagerly said.

“Be careful, this knife is very sharp.”

Fang Shishi imitated how he used the knife but did not possess the same fluidity and ease of motion as him. The vegetables she ended up cutting ended up in different sizes, some big while others small.

“The first time is always like this. It will get better with practice.” Tang Zheng encouraged.

Fang Shishi nodded her head, gnashed her teeth, and suddenly the blade slipped. All that was heard was her yelp of pain as her finger was cut by the knife and blood flowed out.

She immediately wrinkled her eyebrows in pain.

Tang Zheng hurriedly grabbed her hand to take a look. Her finger was cut open by a thin line and he too felt pain as he lovingly place her finger in his mouth to suck away the blood. *TL: plot twist, Tang Zheng is a vampire.*

This was an unconscious motion as he would always do this, but Fang Shishi stared wide eye in shock at him as he placed her finger in his mouth. Her face started to grow red but she did not stop him as she felt warm and fuzzy inside.

“Bandage the wound. Does it hurt?” Tang Zheng caringly asked.

Fang Shishi lightly shook her head as she stared at him and muttered: “It doesn’t hurt.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t hurt, I clearly heard you call out.”

“It did hurt but not anymore.” Fang Shishi revealed a dazzling smile.

"How can it be better that fast you silly girl." Tang Zheng put a bandage on the wound only to see her looking fixedly at him. This caused him to touch his own face as he asked: "Do I have a flower growing on my face?"

Fang Shishi did not reply him but used action to make her feelings known. She hugged him and raised her head to kiss him on the lips.

When a beauty takes the initiative to jump into his embrace, of course, Tang Zheng wouldn't reject, so he tightly held her slim waist as they passionately kissed. The intense breathing of the two people in close proximity caused the temperature of the house to rise a few degrees.

Tang Zheng's hands already started wandering as his hands felt their ways downward as they grabbed onto her perky ass. Fang Shishi's body does not seem to be mature but she was developing, and the elasticity was especially able to move a man's heart.

Tang Zheng lovingly fondled her butt, and the two tightly clung to one another. Fang Shishi acted as if she was about to melt into his embrace.

“Go inside.” Fang Shishi said with a moan.

Tang Zheng picked her up and walked into his room while Fang Shishi hung her hand on his shoulder and looked at him affectionately.

Tang Zheng lightly put her on the bed and leaned over to kiss her, their bodies intertwining.

All the while his hands were not idle as they slowly moved their way up from her thighs before sliding his hands over her shirt until he reached her warm and full breasts.

Fang Shishi's body stiffened for a moment, but then she trembled with passion and did not stop Tang Zheng's advances allowing him to grab onto those full and warm breasts.

Fang Shishi’s breathing quickened, her eyes were like autumn water, her face as beautiful as cherry blossoms. On her face was a faint sense of anticipation mingled with a bit of fear but she gathered her courage and gave him an encouraging gaze.

Tang Zheng's motion became bigger, and even though they were separated by clothing, Fang Shishi felt her entire becoming hot as if she were about to ignite. She let out an unconscious moan as she hugged Tang Zheng tightly, gently caressing him.

Tang Zheng also became excited as his blood boiled, he soon thirsted for more and without knowing his hands had already snuck beneath her clothes.

Her skin was fair and delicate as a piece of jade, and with every caress of his hands her body would let out a slight tremble.

His hands quickly went up and tunneled under her bra so that his hand was not squished tightly between her breasts and the bra, making it feel more intimate.

Tang Zheng's hands were full of her boobs which radiated heat, causing his heart, in turn, to burn so much so that even his eyes felt like they may shoot out fire…

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