Chapter 108: Conflict

Chapter 108: Conflict

Smacking others with money is a trick the wealthy would use, but usually, it is by those newly wealthy. So, even though the Fang Family liked to portray itself as a family with depth, it could not stop from doing vulgar and lowly acts.

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin both looked at Tang Zheng as this one million yuan was not a small sum for an ordinary family. Not to mention Tang Zheng, who came from the lowest rungs of society, hence they firmly believed that Tang Zheng would accept.

Previously they did not intend to smack Tang Zheng with money as they did not think he deserved it, but after discovering that things were getting serious, they changed their minds. It was for this reason that they ended up relying on this ‘dependable' method.

Tang Zheng gave them a light glance and did not extend his hands out to accept the money but even reached into his own pockets, taking out a letter. He said: “This is in repayment for the hospital fees you guys paid for me.”

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin looked towards one another, unable to suppress their shock. What the hell was going on? They were the ones using money to smack him, but here he was giving money to them.

Fang Chongguo's expression became increasingly solemn as he clearly knew Tang Zheng's attitude on this subject but had to try one last time: "Tang Zheng, your family is not wealthy so you should accept this million yuan as it will be very beneficial to you. There is really no need to continue being stubborn. It is good to have character at a young age, but one must act according to their ability. Today, I specifically asked you out so that you can have one last meal with Fang Shishi and then part ways."

Tang Zheng's expression did not change as he pushed his envelope toward them and said: "I will have to disappoint all your hard work and plans. I have already told you a long time ago that I will not leave Shishi, so all this is futile."

“Tang Zheng, do you not want to give face? Not knowing good from bad. Be careful that in the end you won’t get this one million yuan and have to continue being a dirt poor bastard.” She Mengqin finally couldn’t help it and slammed on the desk as she berated.

"You should keep the money so you can buy a few more name brand bags. You want to break us up? You are unfit to do so." Since the other was blunt, then Tang Zheng would not shirk away as he stood up getting ready to leave.

The husband and wife both looked at Tang Zheng in shock as they did not think that he would be so firm to not even put a million yuan in his eyes.

"Tang Zheng, are you complaining that one million yuan is too little?" Fang Chongguo asked.

"Heng heng, I may not have a lot of money, but I do not need your money." Tang Zheng left without turning back.

"Fine, Tang Zheng, you remember this. I will not give you this one million but you better not regret it. You're an unimportant and insignificant little character; I do not believe that I can't deal with you." She Mengqin stood up and threatened with a steely face.

Tang Zheng ignored her and proceeded to walk to the door and discovered that Fang Shishi had just walked in. Fang Shishi looked at him in shock and said: "You came, are you coming to get me."

Not having finished speaking, Fang Shishi already arrived in front of him and pulled him towards the private room, "Dad, mom, did you order yet, I'm hungry."

Tang Zheng originally wanted to walk away, but Fang Shishi came and stopped him, even pulling him back to his seat.

“Okay, I will immediately order some food. You first sit.” Fang Chongguo calmly said as if nothing had happened before.

She Mengqin shrewdness was clearly lacking as she gave a cold hmph and said: “I will first go to the washroom.” She gouged out Tang Zheng with her eyes and then left the private room.

Tang Zheng pretended to not see while he whispered with Fang Shishi. Fang Shishi asked about his health and talk about a few things that happened in school with a smile starting to brim on her face.

Fang Chongguo saw, and his eyelids jumped. He then lightly wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Yi, what is this envelope?” Fang Shishi suddenly asked.

“My medical expenses.” Tang Zheng said.

"Medical expenses?" Fang Shishi immediately understood what happened and her expression changed. She solemnly said: "Tang Zheng, take it back. You were injured because of me; it is reasonable that my family pays the medical expenses."

Allowing no explanation, she stuffed the envelope back into Tang Zheng's pocket.

“Right, Little Zheng, you should take it back as we don’t lack this small amount of money.” Fang Chongguo said.

Tang Zheng once again placed it on the table: "I am a man with principles. Since I stayed in the hospital, I must pay my own fees."

“Tang Zheng, do we really need to make the distinction between us so clearly?” Fang Shishi stared at him accusingly.

Hearing this caused a tremble to occur within Fang Chongguo's heart as he felt things were becoming thorny and if he didn't separate them fast then it would be too late.

Just when the envelope was stuffed back into his pocket, a ‘peng' rang out, and the private rooms door was burst open, and a scream rang out.

"Let go of me you bunch of hoodlums! You really have eaten the guts of a leopard to dare make a move on me! I will make you want to die!"

This voice was familiar, and the few people all turned towards the sound only to see She Mengqin being grabbed by the hair as she stumbled in.

Fang Chongguo immediately stood up and solemnly looked at the few mean looking youngsters.

“Let go of her!” Fang Chongguo roared.

The several youngsters did not acknowledge his angry roar but fiercely stared down at She Mengqin and asked: “Are you guys together?”

She Mengqin was in pain and loudly cried out: “It hurts, it hurts! Hurry and let me go.”

"Who are you people? Hurry up and let go of my wife; otherwise, I will call the police." Fang Chongguo said with authority.

"Call the police? We are oh so scared. Then why don't you go right ahead and call, we will stand right here and wait for the police to arrive. We can chat with reason." The youngsters were clearly not afraid of the police, and they all baited him.

Fang Chongguo was frightened as it was clear from the tone of the other that they were not people of high status but probably gangsters.

If they were ordinary people, then Fang Chongguo would have his methods, but against these people who act underhandedly, he could not act according to reason. So, even though Fang Chongguo looked down on them he still maintained his distance and did not dare provoke them.

Since this time they ran into the wall, he did not know how to go about this situation. He also had no idea how his wife started a conflict with them.

“Let go of my mother.” Fang Shishi stood up, waking up from her daze, and roared: “If you have anything to say then just say them. Why do you need to make a move? Don’t you know it’s against the law.”

"Yo, there's a beauty here." The youngsters' gazes were all attracted to Fang Shishi, "This is your mom? You don't look the least bit alike as you are much prettier than your mom."

Fang Shishi became flushed and said: "Hurry and release her."

“Release her? That won’t be easy as she bumped into me without apologizing and even said a bunch of dirty words. If I don’t teach her a lesson then wouldn’t that set a bad example for a pretty lady like you.” The youngster said with an evil smile.

Fang Chongguo walked towards the other and refuted: “I think you are just causing problems.”

"Right, Chongguo, it is them who are blinded by their dog eyes. They were the ones who bumped into me and hit me." She Mengqin let out a loud cry.

"Yo ho your ability to flip right from wrong is amazing. It was clearly you who bumped into us and even said a bunch of sh*ts. You even dare say we hit you? I originally do not like to hit a woman, but since you stated that we hit you, then I might as well fulfill your desire."

A resounding slap sounded out as She Mengqin was fiercely slapped on the face. She Mengqin was clearly in a daze as she forgot to call out for a second only to let out a scream that nearly ripped off the roof.

"You… you actually dare hit me? The sky is overturning. Chongguo, hurry up and teach them a lesson. Fiercely teach them a lesson. They actually dare hit me!" Her voice resounded with fury and disbelief.

"Heihei, is this girl silly? Does she think she is Lord of the Heaven, to be able to walk all over Chang Heng? She should take a piss and see her status. Heng!" The youngsters ridiculed her in succession.

Fang Chongguo's expression became ashen as seeing his wife slapped in front of him was like himself being slapped in the face. His anger soared as he roared and using his large frame he sent a fist flying while loudly roaring: "Release her!"

“Alright, since you want to make a move then this brother will play with you.” The youngsters let go of She Mengqin and walked towards Fang Chongguo.

Even though Fang Chongguo was taller than them, he lived like a prince so how could he possibly be an opponent for the other. A fist rammed into his stomach, and he fell to the floor clutching at his stomach as his face looked like pig intestines.

“Haha, only good for looking. So, you were actually just a straw bag.” The few people let out a loud laugh.

She Mengqin hid to the side, shivering, don't judge her by her normally calm and uppity attitude, just seeing this scene she knew she was in deep trouble.

Her high and almighty attitude might be useful against some, but not towards these hot headed youngsters who talked with their fist. Seeing the other smile at her, she actually took a step back and hit against the table.

“Heihei, now you know to fear? Everything would have been alright if you had just apologized.” The several youngsters all walked closer.

She Mengqin was really shaken up when suddenly Fang Shishi stood up and blocked her. She said without fear and anger even: "You aren't allowed to harm my mother."

"Little beauty, you have guts, more so than your parents." A youngster said with a smile, "But if one is wrong they must stand up for their punishment. She did not curse me with just one or two phrases so how could one slap be enough. Two slaps are required, then we can call the debt settled."

"If you want to harm my mother then you will have to fight through me." Fang Shishi said without retreating.

“Then I can only be cruel and pluck the flower.”

"You can't touch my daughter." Fang Chongguo stood up and staggered to stand in front of his family. At this moment, he felt fear, but the instinct to protect his family was innate.

"You aren't our opponent, so you should just obediently stand to the side." A youngster pushed Fang Chongguo as he grabbed towards Fang Shishi.

Tang Zheng had been contemplating, as he actually believed the other's words. This was because She Mengqin had the personality of looking down upon others so this conflict was most likely brought upon by herself.

After knowing Lin Hu, he gradually came to the understanding that gangsters were not entirely unreasonable, so he had no intention to stand out, and instead just watch the development.

Or maybe, there existed that little evil thought that wanted to see the husband and wife make a joke of themselves, but Fang Shishi acted out of his expectation. This girl who was normally gentle was actually so unfearing of her enemies and even dared go against them.

Seeing the others strike out at Fang Shishi, Tang Zheng knew he couldn't just stand by and watch; hence he stood up.

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