Chapter 107: Using money to smack others

Chapter 107: Using money to smack others

Both were in a state of arousal, and the only thought was that they wanted to reach the state of I want to be in you and you want me to be in you.

Fang Shishi's shirt was already pushed up as her two white mounds were exposed in the air. Atop her breasts were traces of Tang Zheng's saliva; it was clear that he had already partaken in this beautiful delicacy.

Fang Shishi's face that was like cherry blossoms now revealed a soul-stirring beauty as the two were about to take the next step when a sound rang out outside. It was the rice cooker which signaled that the rice was done.

Fang Shishi was already lost in the passion and did not even take note of this small sound, but Tang Zheng's sharp ears heard and it disturbed his mood, giving him a small fright.

This was his house, the sky was dark, and his grandpa should be home any minute; if he were to discover this scene then… Tang Zheng had a thick face but what about Fang Shishi, a girl who had a thin face. She would definitely feel like she had nowhere to run.

He steeled his heart and stepped on the break, but Fang Shishi was still immersed in the heat and continued to cling tightly onto him, her breasts sticking against Tang Zheng's body. The friction of her movement and its changing shape due to the friction nearly rekindle the fire within Tang Zheng's heart.

Thankfully Tang Zheng's self-control was pretty good as he quickly said: "Grandpa may be on his way home."

Fang Shishi froze for a few seconds before she hurriedly fixed her clothes as she complained: "Why didn't you tell me earlier? It would be so embarrassing if Grandpa saw us."

Tang Zheng looked at her messy appearance and let out a laugh: “You can’t blame me alone as you also had a part.”

"Heng, it's all you, playing dirty." Fang Shishi coquettishly pouted and stared at him, her expression flirtatious to the extreme; she was nearly taken down by Tang Zheng.

“Help me take a look. Is there a problem with my clothes? Is it messy?”

"Relax, it's very orderly, and there is no problem. Just by looking one cannot tell what we did."

Fang Shishi let loose a flurry of fist and said: “How come I just discovered that you are so naughty! You used to be so honest!”

"Haha, you found out too late. You've boarded a pirate ship, and now you can't get off." Tang Zheng said with a satisfied smile.

Fang Shishi also smiled brimming with happiness and sweetness.

“Little Zheng, is there guest in the house?” Tang Dahai’s voice rang out from outside the house.

"Yes, Grandfather, Shishi came over. Today she will be eating with us." Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi walked out into the living room and saw Grandfather enter the house. His Grandfather wore a straw hat while he held a snakeskin pouch in his left hand and a steel hook in the right.

"Grandpa, you came back? First rest a bit, dinner will be ready after we cook the vegetables." Fang Shishi hurriedly came towards him and took the snakeskin pouch.

Tang Dahai promptly moved away and said: "Little girl, this is dirty, so I'll do it. You first take a seat, go on."

Fang Shishi did not think much of it and took the snakeskin pouch: "Grandpa, you worked the whole day so you should rest first."

Tang Dahai was at a loss of what to say as he was used to seeing people avoid him but here was Fang Shishi, a wealthy young lady, approaching him without any prejudice.

“It will dirty your shirt.” Tang Dahai said.

"It's okay; I'll just wash it if it gets dirty." Fang Shishi carried the snakeskin pouch over to the corner of the wall and poured water into it before passing it over to the shocked grandfather who stood there in a daze.

Tang Zheng's lips curled up into a thin smile, as no matter how good his relationship with Fang Shishi was, for her to be able to do this made him very pleased.

“Shishi, you sit too, I’ll go cook.”

"I want to watch and learn though."

One cooked, while the other watched, the two would occasionally exchange sincere and affectionate glances.

Seeing this, Tang Dahai let out a sigh in his heart: "They really are an ideal couple, and this little girl is also very understanding. It is just that our family is too poor."

This meal was relished, and the atmosphere was good. After the meal, Fang Shishi took the initiative to wash the dishes and then chatted with Tang Dahai a bit before getting up and leaving.

“Little Zheng, you send her off.”

“Grandpa, then I will leave first. I will definitely come visit you next time.”

In the dark, under the lamplight, the two held hands and Fang Shishi leaned against Tang Zheng's shoulders, her lips curled up into a smile as she said: "Did I do well in front of Grandpa today?"

"Of course you did well, very well indeed. I haven't seen Grandpa so happy in a long time." Tang Zheng sincerely said.

"It's good that he is satisfied. Grandpa is your closest person, so I have to treat him well too."

Tang Zheng felt his heart warm up as he tightened his grip on her hand just a bit to reveal his emotion. Fang Shishi hugged him around the shoulders, pressing her breasts against him, causing his heart to thump.

“Tang Zheng, my dad wants to invite you to dinner tomorrow.”

“Visit your house again?”

“Not my house. Outside, he wants to thank you for saving me.”

Tang Zheng still remembered last times Feast at Hongmen, and he did not feel the heart to socialize with them. But, seeing Fang Shishi's gaze filled with hope, he did not have the heart to refuse, and he accepted.

"I knew you treated me the best. Even though they do not have any good points, they are still my parents." Fang Shishi also knew his thoughts hence her words of encouragement.

Tang Zheng gave a smile: "What does this little count for. Even if it was a mountain of blades or a sea of fires I would not be afraid. In the face of that, what is a meal?"

"You treat me the best. Then, in that case, I'll return home first."

"Today, we didn't finish, but we'll pick up where we left off next time." Tang Zheng's heart burned as he couldn't resist but say aloud.

"Heng, you hoodlum." Fang Shishi flirtatiously looked at him as she stepped into a cab.

"Little brat, you dare use the Sealing Technique on me again? You're simply trying to anger me to death aren't you." Tian Chanzi's voice once again rang out, "Did you succeed this time? Yi, your cultivation did not improve so you probably failed. You, little brat, are simply too disappointing. At this rate, you won't even take this heaven-bestowed gift, simply infuriating me to death."

Previously, Tian Chanzi was sealed by Tang Zheng as he did not want Tian Chanzi to be present during his most intimate moments with Fang Shishi. Hence, afterward, when he unsealed Tian Chanzi, Tian Chanzi impatiently questioned him.

“Do you think everyone is as thirsty and impatient as you? When it comes to relationship it’s best to take it step by step, don’t you understand that concept?” Tang Zheng said without any good feeling.

“Heng, I think you are simply stupid. Yi, could it be that there is a problem with your little brother hence why you push it out.” Tian Chanzi evilly conjectured.

“You’re the one with problems.”

On the second day, Tang Zheng was at his house cultivating when he heard someone calling out from outside his house: “Tang Zheng are you home?”

“Who are you?”

“It’s me, Liu Qingmei.” A cold voice rang inside followed by footstep as she clearly stepped in after speaking out.

Tang Zheng was greatly shocked. How come Liu Qingmei came here? If she discovered that my body is healed, then I will be in deep trouble.

Hence, he hurriedly laid on the bed and pretended to be weak and said: "So, it's teacher Liu, why have you come today? I apologize, but I am not at liberty to move around, so I am unable to receive you well."

Once his voice rang out, Liu Qingmei entered the room and looked down upon him with her height. Within her hand was a bag of fruits.

“Teacher Liu, please sit.” Tang Zheng ‘weakly’ gestured.

Liu Qingmei’s illuminated gaze fell on him as she was trying to see through him. It was only after a while did she say: “Is your body better now?”

"It's improving, and I should be able to move after a few days. Teacher Liu, I apologize for troubling you, and you even personally made a trip to come see me." Tang Zheng ‘gratefully' said.

"It's nothing, the monthly mock test is tomorrow, and I just wanted to see if you are able to participate. I remember you promised that you will test number one out of the whole school." Liu Qingmei said getting straight to the point.

Tang Zheng felt he was in for a huge headache as this woman truly did not forget about the matter, and he could only feign regret and say: "Teacher Liu, can't you see me in this state? I really can't make it to school."

His expression added to his regretful appearance.

"Relax, it's not like this then I won't force you but since this is the last monthly exam, we will just have to wait for the official high school exam. By then, you can't possibly have another accident occurring to you."

“No, definitely nothing will happen as I still want to enter university.”

“That is good to hear then I will just wait for you to take first place in the high school exam. Moreover, when your injury is better there is something I want to discuss with you.”

“What is it?”

“You will know later so hurry up and heal your injury. I will not continue to bother you.” Liu Qingmei dropped off the fruit bag and left from Tang Zheng’s gaze.

Following this, things became calm and when nightfall arrived, he went to the restaurant that was determined by the Fang Family. The restaurant was very high class and served Eastern-style dishes.

Tang Zheng was led to a long reserved private room and when he entered he discovered that Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin were already present.

She Mengqin coldly swept over him and gave a cold hmph before pretending he did not exist.

Fang Chongguo nodded towards him and said: "Little Zheng, take a seat, Shishi is still in the car and will be here shortly."

Tang Zheng sat down while Fang Chongguo passed over the menu: “Order what you like.”

Tang Zheng placed the menu on the side and said: “I’ll wait for Shishi to order.”

"That's fine too. Since that is the case, we should take this opportunity to have a chat. Little Zheng, I will be frank, since you saved Shishi, we are extremely grateful and have prepared a little gift for you." Fang Chongguo took out a credit card and pushed it towards Tang Zheng.

“There is a million yuan in here which is not a small sum and we would like to give it to you as thanks but there is a condition that you must promise before we can gift this to you.” Fang Chongguo said calmly.

She Mengqin looked at Tang Zheng, her eyes filled with mocking and disdain.

Tang Zheng pretended to not see and said: "I did not save Shishi for money."

"Little Zheng, youngsters should not be so dead set. My conditions are that you leave Shishi and not bother her again as you two are from different worlds. No matter how much time or heart you put into it, you two cannot be together. This is my sincere advice which I know may not be something you want to hear but is the truth. This million yuan is enough for you to buy a house to upgrade your living conditions while also paying for your schooling. For you, this has a lot of benefits."

Tang Zheng stared at Fang Chongguo and said: “You want to use money to buy me out so that I would leave Shishi?”

"Not buy you out but as an incentive to push things towards the direction that is best for everyone so that both sides win." This time Fang Chongguo was forced to use money as his original plan of waiting for Fang Shishi to finish the high school exam and then sending her overseas didn't seem hopeful as the two seemed to be progressing faster than expected. This left him only with using money to smack the other, to topple Tang Zheng.

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