Chapter 104: Young Master Tang

Chapter 104: Young Master Tang 

A hand rose, and a knife descended. Fresh blood flew into the air, and a sharp pitiful cry rang out over the area. Everyone unconsciously stopped fighting as their gaze gathered over.

Lin Hu's lips flinched as his heart trembled. Tang Zheng's action of raising his hand and bringing his knife down struck deep within his heart. It made him think of a lot of things and also ultimately helped him make a decision.

If it was said that he previously put Tang Zheng on equal grounds and status as himself, then after the course of this battle he has already lowered his status to be one of respect and deference.

The high school student who he nearly formed a grudge with has now greatly surpassed him. This thought caused his blood to boil as he became excited since Tang Zheng is so young and has already achieved so much, just how far will he go in the future?

But, when he saw the howling Boss Fan on the ground he did not have a shred of pity. For everyone who comes around in Jiang Hu will sooner or later meet their demise. If one did not have sufficient strength or power, then they will ultimately be beheaded.

He walked over and discovered that Boss Fan's wrists and ankles were flowing with blood. His tendons in his hands and feet were also severed.

Lin Hu felt his heart shudder, at the moment Tang Zheng made his move he thought that he had killed Boss Fan. If Tang Zheng actually killed someone, then even if he had to pull out all his weight and power, he will help take care of this situation.

But seeing as he did not kill anyone, this showed that Tang Zheng was very meticulous in his actions. To kill someone in front of a crowd will not leave a good impression. Moreover, it will place oneself in danger and was disadvantageous all around.

But Tang Zheng only cut up Boss Fan's tendons, crippling him, which followed the rules of the Jiang Hu and also eliminated this threat completely. It was truly a suitable way of handling things.

"You clean up." Tang Zheng threw away the knife as he calmly said without a hint of fierce killing intent. Even so, this scene was forever engraved into the minds of those present.

"Yes, Boss Fan has been too arrogant for the latter half of his life, and now he could only go beg for a living." Lin Hu's attitude became extremely deferential as he signaled for two of his lackeys to carry Boss Fan away.

Boss Fan continued to let out a pitiful scream, not even daring to look at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng, on the other hand, looked around him as his gaze swept past everyone. His gaze passed by everyone as they all unconsciously lowered their head, not daring to meet his gaze.

Tang Zheng's gaze was actually very calm as if he were just an ordinary high school student, but those who saw him felt as if they were on fire and a wave of pressure descended upon them. This was what it meant to possess an imposing manner.

Through time, Tang Zheng's gaze had accumulated this kind of force, that once employed, was like the sun, causing others to unable to look him in the eyes.

Boss Fan's lackeys, seeing their boss crippled, all threw down their weapons as they did not dare continue to fight. It was clear that the tides of battle were turned by Tang Zheng alone.

This was not a war of attrition, but a gang fight and each had a fighters heart. Therefore, just a single expert would be able to determine the results of the battle.

Tang Zheng was very satisfied as he felt refreshed: “Lin Hu, let’s go.”

"Young Master Tang, please wait a moment. Since we have won the battle I want to send some of my brothers to lay claim to Boss Fan's territory so would you be willing to first rest at my place." Lin Hu respectfully invited. Moreover, he even changed the way he addresses Tang Zheng to Young Master Tang.

Tang Zheng nodded his head in agreement.

"Young Master Tang, in the future you do not need to call me Brother Hu. I have changed, please call me Hu'zi." Lin Hu took the initiative to show weakness. *TL: in this case adding ‘zi is a nickname for underlings."

Tang Zheng hesitated for a moment as he was already clear on the other's intentions but ended up agreeing.

Lin Hu hurriedly ordered his brothers to go claim Boss Fan's territory and also to clean up the battlefield. He then proceeded to sit with Tang Zheng in the car, and everyone watched as they gradually disappeared from their view.

Hua'zi was driving as he unconsciously looked in the rear view mirror at his boss and Tang Zheng. He arrived at the battlefield just in time to see Tang Zheng's final action of raising his hand and bringing down a knife, ending the battle. The very scene sent shudders deep within his heart. **ED - Hua'Zi is a different person from Hu'Zi. I have confirmed this with Hungry**

He couldn’t help but remember that he dared to treat Tang Dahai with such disrespect, simply having eaten the guts of a leopard. He couldn’t help but be in awe of his bosses sight.

"Young Master Tang, boss, we have arrived!" Hua'zi stopped the car in front of Sheng Shi Bar's entrance and respectfully reported.

Lin Hu got out of the car first and then ran to Tang Zheng's side, taking the initiative to open the door for him as he slightly bowed: "Young Master Tang, please!"

Tang Zheng stepped out of the car, not in the least bit awkward with the treatment. If it were someone else, then they may be unsettled, but Tang Zheng's was exuding a calm that seemed almost innate.

In the past, it was merely hidden, but now it gradually revealed itself.

Sheng Shi Bar had an office space on the second floor and this time the person who sat in the main seat was not Lin Hu but Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng scanned the surrounding and discovered that this was the place he first met Lin Hu. Moreover, it was the place where a fight occurred.

Things change with the passing of time, and the two's conflict was long gone, and now they even had a close connection.

"Young Master Tang, this time it was all due to your efforts. Otherwise, I really would have ended right there. This benevolence will forever be kept in my, Lin Hu's heart." Lin Hu said deeply with a solemn voice.

Tang Zheng splayed his hands and said: "It was nothing. Moreover, you also have a relationship with me so I couldn't possibly just stand by and watch you go to your doom."

Lin Hu felt joy in his heart as it seemed his position in the heart of the other was not bad, so he passionately decided to hit the steel while it was hot: "Young Master Tang, I have a favor I would like to ask."


“You have also seen this business of mine. I wish to pass it onto you.” Lin Hu said calmly without a hint of unwilling.

Even Dong'zi standing at the side could not help but feel his eyelids jump, as he was incomparably shocked.

Tang Zheng gave Lin Hu a weird look as even he did not know just how many businesses Lin Hu has; though he was pretty sure they valued upwards of several tens of millions of dollars. To be able to just give this to Tang Zheng made Tang Zheng have a whole new level of respect towards the other.

In this world, there were many people who clung tightly onto money and power, and there were very few who were willing to give up their benefits.

But Tang Zheng did not make any significant reactions and only lightly said: "I do not have the money to accept your businesses."

"No, I am giving it to Young Master Tang and do not need a cent." Lin Hu decisively said as if he were not even the least bit hurt by it.

Tang Zheng gave Lin Hu a deep gaze as if to reassess him.


"Today, my life is Young Master Tang's; if you did not make a move today then I would surely have been defeated, and all of my businesses would have been stolen away by Boss Fan."


Lin Hu hesitated before saying: "My strength is not enough to continuing supporting all my business and only Young Master Tang has the ability."

"Speak of the specifics." Tang Zheng said with a bit of interest.

"Chang Heng City, aside from Boss Fan and I, there are two other bosses, one is A'fei (Hoodlum), and the other is Fire Phoenix. These two people are not weak, Hoodlum especially, as back in the day he was the head fighter for Master Huang and later came out on his own. It was actually a pretense as he was doing things under Master Huang's command. Moreover, Hoodlum is very good at fighting." *TL: ??=A'fei=Hoodlum, may stick with Hoodlum*

Tang Zheng nodded his head as he did not think that Chang Heng City would have such a complicated situation.

"Who is Master Huang?"

"In reality, speaking of Master Huang, Young Master Tang already crossed paths with him as he is Young Master Huang's father. His real name is Huang Biao, his nickname is Huang Si (Huang four), and he is an unfathomable expert. On the surface, it may seem like there are a lot of powers at play in Chang Heng City, but if Master Huang were to call out, then people would be forced to listen even if they don't want to."

Tang Zheng grew cold as it seems he had karma with the Huang Family, to actually have more dealings with them. But, he did not have any feelings of goodwill towards the Huang Family and based on Boss Fan's words it seems that Huang Ziyang has already tried to assassinate him.

Even though he did not know why the other did not succeed, that was not the important thing. The important thing was that the situation was now you die, I live situation.

In reality, the Medicine King did not bring up that night's battle as in his eyes, getting a clear feel of Tang Zheng's identity held more importance while the rest were just small incidents that were not worthy of being mentioned.

"Oh, speaking up to here that means even you would listen to him?" Tang Zheng asked with great interest.

Lin Hu firmly shook his head: "From today forward I will only listen to Young Master Tang."

Tang Zheng nodded his head as he was occupied with his own thoughts. Whether or not Lin Hu's final plans were, at least he was sincere. Moreover, he initially needed to go against Huang Ziyang and would, therefore, have to go against Huang Biao. With this train of thought, it would be alright for him to promise Lin Hu's favor.

Also, Lin Hu was not a burden and could offer him great support.

Huang Si was an enormous hidden snake and trying to defeat him would not be as simple as charging through the front door. Furthermore, with his cultivation, him trying to go against Huang Si was like trying to strike a stone with an egg.

"Can you tell me a bit about the situation with Hoodlum." Tang Zheng said after some thought.

"Hoodlum works at the behest of the Huang Clan, and he controls the wealthy areas of Chang Heng City. As a person, he acts ruthlessly and decisively, he is also willing to fight when required. Back when he was still working under Huang Si, he made a name for himself on the battlefield and is also extremely loyal to Huang Si. Otherwise, he would never have been selected to be his trusted confidante.  Hoodlum also has a brain for business as all his ventures and business are doing well. He also possesses guts and even dares to mess with drugs as he had the backing of Huang Si. These past few years he has been developing greatly, and if it were not that the territory I control is part of the old district where there are not a lot of profits, he might have long since mad a move on me."

This Hoodlum is not simple as he even dares dabble in drugs. He really does have guts, as drugs dealers are heavily punished by the government if caught. Of course, drug dealing was also an incredibly lucrative business.

Tang Zheng was not really familiar with the dealings of the underworld, but since his dealing with it is unavoidable he may as well get a clear understanding of it sooner rather than later. Hence he asked: "What is the situation of your businesses?"

"My businesses are not that large, and I only have this bar and a few bathhouses. Since I do not have as many resources as Hoodlum, I can only do so much; such as sell alcohol, raise a few ‘ladies’ and then collect protection fees. All this is incomparable to what Hoodlum has."

"Yi, you have not touched the drug or gambling business?"

Lin Hu’s face revealed a hint of gloom as he decisively said: “I hate anything related to drugs as my wife passed away doing drugs.”


"Back then I did pretty well in the underworld, and even though I was not a boss, I still had a bit of money, so I got married. My marriage was pretty happy, but my wife got into drugs and couldn't stop. She later died of drug overdose." Lin Hu said with gnashed teeth. It seemed like even though this event happened a long time ago, it still left a big scar in his heart that brought him pain.

"As a result, after I became the boss I prohibited drugs in my territory. Even though this caused a lot of fighting and conflict, other people soon realized that I was firm in my decision. Now, no one dares bring drugs here. At the same time, this also explains why my profits are vastly behind the others."

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