Chapter 103: The hand raises, the knife descends

Chapter 103: The hand raises, the knife descends 

The ground was sprinkled with fresh blood, arms were lying in the mud along with weeds. The injured were on one side releasing pitiful and gut-wrenching cries.

This was the first time Tang Zheng saw so much blood on a battlefield, but he did not feel the least bit discomforted. Quite the contrary, his blood flow quickened as he felt a restlessness stir within himself.

Adrenaline was secreted, and he felt his mind sharpen, his gaze swept the field as he locked onto his target, it was Lin Hu and Boss Fan.

At this moment, the two were wielding knives, both blades had traces of blood, and injuries were evident on their two bodies, but the injuries Lin Hu received were clearly not small. A limp could be seen, even though he was doing his utmost to defend, he was still on the decline.

Boss Fan, on the other hand, had the upper hand as he fiercely cut down and Lin Hu buckled under the force. Lin Hu intended to evade but Boss Fan gave a laugh, and the trajectory of his blade changed as sparks flashed from the clashing metal and cut towards Lin Hu's back.

Lin Hu tried to slash his knife back in an attempt to block, but it was too late as fresh blurt spurted out. Boss Fan's big blade cut a large gash in Lin Hu's back, and his muscles were visible.

Lin Hu let out a painful cry, but he did not sit there and wait for death as he used the force to push himself forward, evading the others follow up strike.

Seeing this extremely dangerous scene, the lackeys by his side couldn't do

anything to help and could only let out cries of unwillingness and anger. Tang Zheng made his move as his feet flashed. His body shot by group after group of people, but someone tried to stop him by cutting down with a knife.

Tang Zheng did not even bother and casually waved his hand, and a ‘kacha' sound was heard. His opponent's hand was severed, and the knife fell to the ground. Another person saw the scene, and with a swing of his blade he hacked down on the person on the ground.

The two groups were differentiated by the color of the armband they wore, black was for Boss Fan’s man while blue was for Lin Hu’s man. The man who tried to cut Tang Zheng was Boss Fan’s lackey.

In front of him appeared another two lackeys who were engaged in combat. Tang Zheng locked onto the black color armband lackey and sent a flying kick that snapped his leg with another ‘kacha.' Now that he was unable to stand properly he could only fall to the ground while his opponent brought his blade down upon him, causing him to let out a pitiful cry.

Within these several tens of meter distance, Tang Zheng had already caused the end of seven of Boss Fan's lackeys, and several people had already taken notice of this mysterious person who suddenly emerged out of nowhere.

Several people wanted to pursue and cut him but discovered that they couldn't keep up. In the blink of an eye, he was already at the center of the battlefield.

He came just in time to see Lin Hu barely avoiding a cut, his body was decorated with wounds as blood flowed from them.

Even so, Lin Hu was a boss, and could only gnash his teeth and keep fighting. He could not give up, for giving up would signify their loss and if they lose then the ten years of work he had put in would be wasted.

"Lin Hu, you are at the end and yet you still will not surrender? Heihei, you must still be depending on that little brat to come save you. Well, let me tell you that Young Master Huang has already set out to kill him, so you are simply daydreaming." Boss Fan said with raised eyebrows.

On the night he went to visit Huang Ziyang at his villa he left believing that Tang Zheng was definitely dead without a doubt, so he did not even seek confirmation. He then went and gathered his lackeys for an all-out fight with Lin Hu. The two then met at a desolate area where they fought a final battle, where there was only one victor, and the one who walks out will be that person.

This was the law of the streets, whoever has the bigger fist was the boss, and likewise, that person's gains would also be the greatest. Moreover, this kind of battle was the simplest and the easiest way to gain recognition.

Chang Heng City was not run by just Lin Hu and Boss Fan, these two people, as others were staring at them with hunger in their eyes. Boss Fan goals were very clear, as he thought that after defeating Lin Hu in this way and then swallowing up Lin Hu's territory.

This type of method was called showing the hand, where one would send out their best in a death match. The victor will be crowned king while the loser will be the bad guy.

"Boss Fan, stop acting so arrogantly, is brother Tang Zheng dead just because you say he is? Who do you think you are? Huang Ziyang wants to kill him? Heng, in his dreams. Do you not know that Huang Ziyang has already suffered a defeat at his hands?" Lin Hu gnashed his teeth and refuted while bearing the pain.

Boss Fan felt his heart tremble as he did not know about Huang Ziyang suffering a loss at Tang Zheng's hands, but what happened in the past doesn't matter as the important thing now is that Tang Zheng is dead.

"Haha, I see that you won't shed tears without seeing the coffin, then I will just send you on your way to the yellow river to meet him." Boss Fan kicked out and soared into the air, looking quite imposing. He used gravity to fiercely bring down his knife towards Lin Hu.

Lin Hu hurriedly blocked when suddenly he saw Tang Zheng behind Boss Fan and was incomparably hopeful.

Boss Fan clearly had not discovered that there was someone behind him as his eyes were focused on Lin Hu. Boss Fan only saw that Lin Hu seemed to suddenly be possessed as he did not make a single move nor did he make any move to defend.

Boss Fan felt joyful and angrily roared: “Lin Hu, accept your death!”

The knife had not made its way down when suddenly a wave of energy was emitted from behind that sent him flying forward, over Lin Hu's head so that he fell down and ate shit.

"F*ck, who ambushed this daddy." Boss Fan reacted and pushed off the ground with his palm as he landed on his feet, anger showing in his eyes.

"Boss Fan, didn't you say that I am already dead? Take a look at who I am? A ghost perhaps?" Tang Zheng said with killing intent in his voice as he questioned.

Boss Fan was scared to the point that his eyes became circular and he astounded: “How come you aren’t dead?”

"Wanting me to die is not that easy."

Lin Hu was both shocked and happy, as after hearing Boss Fan make his vow, and even spoke about Huang Ziyang, he nearly did believe him when the other said Tang Zheng had died. Now, it was clear that it was all bullshit and that since Tang Zheng has come, he will definitely win.

"Brother Tang, you finally came."

Tang Zheng lightly nodded and said: “Take a rest, I will be his opponent. He actually dared come try to assassinate me so now I have come to collect the debt owed to me.”

"He has such big balls to actually dare to try to kill you." Lin Hu angrily said.

Boss Fan's eyes were wide as he could not think of any methods to dissolve the hatred and he was extremely clear that Tang Zheng would not let him go hence he gathered his courage and loudly roared: "F*ck, Tang Zheng, do you think this daddy is afraid of you? Do you think you are **, is that it? Well, this daddy brought with him several tens of strong brothers, and we will definitely chop you to pieces!"

Boss Fan brought around eighty strong fighters while Lin Hu only brought around sixty. Even through an intense round of fighting, Boss Fan still had around thirty to forty brothers standing, giving him some strength.

But Lin Hu was not some wimp and he loudly declared: "Boss Fan, do you think that my twenty to thirty brothers are just for show?! Brothers, chop for me, chop ‘em all into pieces! Boss Fan's territory is ours!"

Lin Hu's lackeys loudly replied, since their boss has such passion than how could they give up?

Tang Zheng looked at Boss Fan in ridicule and said: "Is this what you meant when you told me you wanted to chop me to pieces? I don't think you have the ability."

Boss Fan unconsciously took a step backward and said: "Tang Zheng, don't get too excited just yet. Young Master Huang is nearby, and with his strength and level, you little brat are dead for sure."

"Then why don't you call him out? If you aren't able to call him out, then I can only face you instead." Tang Zheng coldly said with a smile.

Boss Fan felt his heart go into disarray, Huang Ziyang was not nearby, and it was just a story he made up, but he summoned up his courage and called out: "Is Young Master Huang someone you can meet just because you want to? Be a good child and obediently turn yourself in. Huang Ziyang may still let you have a chance at life."

"Haha, pointless banter, as a boss you are simply too inferior." Tang Zheng reached out with a hand and attacked.

After spending two days recuperating his injuries have mostly healed, so it did not affect his battle prowess in the least.

This time he did not use the Heaven Flying Immortal Technique, as towards Boss Fan there was no need for such exquisite technique. This was due to him learning from last time when he used it in front of Old Man Qin and attracted the other's attention. This event even forced the other to leave Chang Heng City which gave him a new attitude towards this Heaven Flying Immortal Technique of his.

This sword technique was simply too powerful, and it definitely wouldn't be a good thing if other people set their gaze on him because of it. Hence why he temporarily only used the Heaven Gathering Hands.

Anyways, his opponent was already familiar with the Heaven Gathering Hand, and by using it, the sky was covered with his hands, and in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Boss Fan.

Boss Fan lifted his knife in a chop, his technique was not bad and this coupled with his great strength made it formidable.

Tang Zheng did not dodge the attack as he sent his hand forward and caught the other's wrist, preventing the blade from completing its trajectory. His other hand then flew straight towards the other's chest.

Boss Fan was frightened into a jump as he hurriedly retreated and waved his knife in front of his chest in an attempt to block Tang Zheng's hand. The only thing that was seen next was Tang Zheng's hands that flew past the defense of the knife and struck against Boss Fan's chest.

He spat out a mouthful of blood as his chest collapsed and his back bent forward in an attempt to decrease the blow, but Tang Zheng's strength was boundless. Even if Boss Fan did reduce a portion of the blow, it was still not easy to take.

Tang Zheng lightly evaded the mouthful of blood with a single sidestep to avoid it. Boss Fan retaliated by cutting out at him but discovered that his blade only landed on empty air as Tang Zheng's palm once again silently struck his ribs.

This strike struck solidly as Boss Fan was sent flying and fiercely slammed into the ground, the knife in his hand skidding out of his grasp.

Tang Zheng's shadow followed his body as he stood on the high ground and coldly said: "This time you should know the result of offending me."

Boss Fan was scared silly, never did he expect that Tang Zheng's martial arts had reached such a godly realm which was vastly different from the time he was fighting in the death matches. If he were to let those past fighters he faced fight a rematch, then they probably wouldn't stand a few moves.

"Tang Zheng, please let me go, I will never go against you anymore." Boss Fan was afraid as he hurriedly pleaded for his life. To keep on living, admitting defeat is nothing. Boss Fan was originally not hard headed, and if he were, then he wouldn't have walked so closely with Huang Ziyang.

"Let you go? Would you have let me go?" Tang Zheng returned.

Boss Fan was speechless as he had gone as far as to go to the hospital in an attempt to kill him. So how could he possibly let him go?

"I was blinded by hatred. I am not human but a bastard, in the future I would not dare!" Boss Fan slapped his face, and a moment later his cheeks started to swell.

"Tang Zheng, no, Young Master Tang, let me go. I will listen to you from now on. If you tell me to do something I will definitely do it. I will be your obedient dog."

"A dog that is not well trained will simply bite its owner." Tang Zheng bent over and picked up a knife. His hand raised up, and the knife descended.

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