Chapter 102: Hand-to-Hand Combat

Chapter 102: Hand-to-Hand Combat 

"Little Zheng, no matter what you do, Grandfather will always support you. Moreover, you do not have to break your bone trying to make money, so grandfather is comforted by this. Grandfather does not have much ability, but I have also made money based on what I can do and would not depend on intimate connections to gather money." Tang Dahai earnestly said.

Even though he was not well educated, he possessed a pure and honest character that was rare and unseen in people of power.

“Grandfather, I understand, our family does not need this little bit of money. The key is that I do not like them as they do many things that go against my beliefs.” Tang Zheng explained.

Tang Dahai nodded his head and said: "Little Zheng, you have your own beliefs which is a good thing, a good thing indeed. Your Grandfather, I, will not mention this again, but people should also possess a benevolent heart. If something is within our abilities to help with, we should do so."

“I understand.”

"I know that many things have happened to you. If it is convenient, you can also confide in your Grandfather? Let Grandfather have a feel of the situation. Grandfather may not be able to give you much advice, but I hope we can share the burden and troubles together."

Tang Zheng felt his heart warm up as he deliberated for a bit before sharing a bit about what happened. Of course, he did not mention anything about his meeting with gangsters and only told of happy encounters such as how he learned a set of martial arts and is able to refine pills.

"So, you were the one who refined the Life Continuing Pill." Tang Dahai said his expression overflowing with pride.

"Right, this pill refining is not too difficult, but the key is that the main ingredient is too hard to find."

"Didn't you give me a pill?" Tang Dahai was not silly and was naturally able to connect his body’s recent change to the pill.

Tang Zheng did not deny it.

“I see, I was just wondering how my body could change so much for the better.”

"I'm sorry Grandfather for hiding the truth from you."

Tang Dahai rubbed his head and said with a smile: "Silly child, who doesn't have a few secrets. Moreover, since these secrets are extremely important; if others were to catch wind of it, you would definitely be placed in danger. It is right for you to be cautious. Moreover, Grandfather wants to thank you, otherwise, how could I possibly live for another ten years and maybe even see you go to college and become successful in life!"

Saying up to here, his face was one of happiness and gratitude.

Tang Dahai did not have many goals in life, but this was his life-long goal. Tang Zheng's happiness was his happiness.

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he set his mind on another matter. In ten years of time, he must definitely find another way to extend his Grandfather's life so that he can continue accompanying him.

As a cultivator, Tang Zheng's lifespan was longer than an ordinary human; he could not bear to see the ten years pass by and see his grandfather leaving him.

Ye Xuanji angrily stomped back into the Ye Clan mansion with Ye Tianlei carefully trailing behind, deeply afraid of further evoking his father's anger.

Ye Xuanji smacked his palm down on the wooden work table, causing visible cracks to extend from his palms as the table fell apart with a ‘kuangdang.'

Feng Siniang walked in just in time to see this situation and was frightened into a jump. This fury was simply too great. She looked towards her husband who bitterly shook his head, signaling Feng Siniang to be careful. Didn't they just go out to seek the Godly Doctor? What happened for the situation to end up like this?

"Arrogant little brat, I will kill him!" Ye Xuanji angrily roared, and a wave of whirlwind roared up from his feet causing the splinters on the ground to raise up as a fierce killing intent formed.

At that moment, the entire house was pressed down upon by a wave of aura that caused people's hearts to tremble.

"Father, please calm your anger. Tang Zheng must have been muddled at the moment. Everything will be okay once he thinks it through." Ye Tianlei hurriedly advised.

"Muddled at the moment? Heng, he was intentionally provoking me! When have I ever been played by a dirty mouth child? I must let him know my strength. The Ye Clan's might is not something people can simply challenge." Ye Xuanji's killing intent soared.

Ye Tianlei swallowed his saliva as he continued to advise: "Father, I will go and talk to him. I believe that when he calms down, he will agree."

"Did you not hear his words? He could use the Life Continuing Pill to save you guys but not me." This was the root of Ye Xuanji's fury. This clearly was a slap to his face as he the head of the Ye Clan; this was simply a failure!

“Just what happened? How did you get Tang Zheng involved.” Feng Siniang asked in confusion.

Ye Tianlei had his hands tied so he could only quietly tell his wife the results. Feng Siniang stared wide eye in foolishness, but she was internally happy: "I knew this handsome little brother was not ordinary, so he was actually that handsome, that bold. As expected, this lady's sights are good, and we definitely must not let this good son-in-law escape."

Ye Tianlei saw his wife's gaze and guessed her thoughts. He could only bitterly smile and say: "First stop thinking about random stuff; we first need to find a method to get pass this dangerous situation. The old Gramps is in dire need of the Life Continuing Pill so we must think of a way to loosen Tang Zheng's tongue."

"Hehe, I definitely have no method. Isn't the old Gramps the clan head? Let him make his own decisions." Feng Siniang said finding joy in another's misfortune. In reality, she did not have any goodwill towards this father-in-law of hers.

Seeing his wife who wanted nothing more than to incite chaos, Ye Tianlei felt a headache coming as he said: "Feng Siniang, hurry up and think of a method. Don't add oil to the fire. Don't you understand the old Gramps temper, if he really did make a move then Tang Zheng would really be in danger."

Feng Siniang pondered and came to the same conclusion, as Ye Xuanji really did have to obtain the Life Continuing Pill. If he were to make a move, then even if Tang Zheng had a mysterious master, he was not by his side so Tang Zheng would not be able to defend himself.

"For this matter, I am not able to participate, it would be better to have Dingdang go."

“Would it be helpful if she did it?”

"Heng, you underestimate our daughter too much. At least she is more useful than you." Feng Siniang's lips curled up in a faint smile as she immediately stepped into the other room and dialed Ye Dingdang's phone number. It just happened to be when class was out, and the two, mother and daughter, conversed for a bit only to hear Ye Dingdang let out a scream: "How could it be?""Heihei, you never expected that, didn't you. The handsome little brother is that godly doctor, moreover, he has the Life Continuing Pill that is a heaven-defying treasure. Your mother's gaze isn't bad right?"

"His has too much guts to actually dare treat the old man like that." Ye Dingdang said in disbelief.

"This is called tyrannical, do you understand? Men must have this domineering attitude, as that is the right spirit and not like those little white faced powerless males who can't even truffle a chicken, even going as far as being blown away by the wind." Feng Siniang praised, "This type of domineering attitude of the handsome little brother is simply too rare, and if I was twenty years younger I might even pursue him."

"Hey, Feng Siniang, aren't you even the least bit embarrassed saying stuff like that." Ye Dingdang was really at a loss of words towards her mother.

"Heihei, we are just speaking hypothetically so what are you worried about. Relax, he is your man, and I will not steal my daughter's man."

"Feng Siniang, can you stop speaking nonsense?"

"Alright, on the more serious note, this is your chance. Do you understand?" Feng Siniang said with a smile on her phone with a serious tone.

Ye Dingdang did not really grasp her meaning and asked: “What chance?”

“Do you want to once and for all get rid of the marriage arrangement between you and Song Yu?”

"He and I originally do not have any marriage agreement, which was all made up by the old Gramps, and I definitely did not agree." Ye Dingdang firmly insisted.

"But you must pass the old Gramps, this obstacle, and only if he loosens up will you really be able to get away."

Ye Dingdang became taciturn as she could not help but admit the truth in Feng Siniang's words. She did indeed use Tang Zheng to create a mess, but if the old Gramps actually steeled his heart on this marriage business, then Ye Dingdang's actions would seem very passive.

"Tell me, how should I do this then?"

“Heihei, good girl, listen to your mother’s word and you will definitely succeed.”

“Stop beating around the bush and just tell me.”

Feng Siniang immediately started instructing while Ye Dingdang nodded her head nonstop and at the end, she happily said: "This will definitely work."

"You must act fast, go to his house right after school is out, do you understand? I will send you the address in a bit. Remember, you must be intelligent about this as this is your chance. Don't be a silly girl, just look at Fang Shishi and how she takes the initiative. Her family is so resistant, yet she steeled her heart and pushed herself on the handsome little brother while your mother is your strong shield standing behind you. If you can't even take down Tang Zheng, then my face would really be completely thrown away by you."

"Alright, alright, stop acting like an old woman, it seems menopause is hitting." Ye Dingdang said with annoyance.

"Just how is your mother going through menopause, your mother is still very young and beautiful as a flower. You silly little girl, you are just jealous of my beauty. Tell me clearly…" Not giving her a chance to finish, Ye Dingdang already hung up the phone.

Tang Zheng did not care or even think about what Ye Xuanji would do next because no matter what, he would not sit still, awaiting death. He was no longer the bookworm he was before.

At this moment, he was focused completely on advancing, putting one foot in front of the next. Lin Hu's lackey Dongzi was leading the way, as after the last time he was disciplined by Tang Zheng he became obedient but right now he actually hurriedly ran towards him, pleading for help, his shirt dyed with blood.

It was said that Lin Hu and Boss Fan were currently duking it out with firepower in a little area of the suburban district. Boss Fan took the initiative to attack while Lin Hu was on the defense, both sides brought around a hundred lackeys and the battle was ferocious.

Boss Fan's strength was initially a bit stronger than Lin Hu's, but the key was that he was now a Third-Grade Refining Body, so he was one rank higher than the other.

So the situation of the battle was not optimistic, and in the end, Lin Hu could only send his quick-witted lackey Dongzi to seek help from Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng and Lin Hu's relationship was not bad, and he also had new and old animosities with Boss Fan; so today would be the day he could collect his debt. He had already learned that Boss Fan had previously gone to the hospital in an attempt at his life. Moreover, he nearly injured Fang Shishi, so today this will all come to an end.

Last time he let him go but little did he know that Boss Fan would not change. Therefore, this time he would definitely not let him go.

"Dongzi, hurry up. If we are just a bit late, then your boss would be in just that bit more danger." Tang Zheng urged.

Dongzi was pouring with sweat as he could only gnash his teeth to catch up to Tang Zheng's footsteps. In the distance, wave after wave of close quarter combat sounds rang out; this was the suburban area with few small trees. People's footsteps were rare around this area, and it was indeed a good area to start a gunfight as the police would not even be notified.

From the distant, Tang Zheng could not see two groups of people engaging in hand-to-hand combat, but it was evident that one side was at a disadvantage and slowly retreating.

"Hurry up and catch up. I will go first." Tang Zheng ran faster and sprinted forth like a rabbit. In an instant, he ran countless meters, leaving Dongzi speechless.

Tang Zheng arrived at the battlefield fast as lightning, both sides were fighting intensely and were completely unaware of his arrival. He wrinkled his eyebrows as this battle was much crueler than he expected….

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