Chapter 101: Refusal

Chapter 101: Refusal 

The Medicine King slowly put the top of the bottle on top of his palm, and with a shake; a round, sparkling, and translucent pill rolled out onto his palm. It gave off a faint fragrance and looked just like it was a jewel.

The Medicine King's eyes shone as it froze on top of the Life Continuing Pill. He swallowed his saliva and agitatedly asked: "So, this… is the Life Continuing Pill."

The others all gathered their eyes, especially Ye Xuanji, as he could already guess the function of the pill based on its name ‘Life Continuing Pill' and he unconsciously tightened his grip on the chair, blue veins popping, which revealed his inner feelings."

Ye Tianlei praised: “This Life Continuing Pill sure is beautiful. What is its use?”

"Since it is called Life Continuing Pill, of course, its use is for extending one's life." The Medicine King said while looking at Tang Zheng as if seeking verification.

Tang Zheng nodded and said: “This Life Continuing Pill can extend one’s life for ten years.”

A few people took in a cold breath, especially the Medicine King, Ye Xuanji and Ye Tianlei, as the three were clear what the indications were.

Others have said that the Medicine King has the ability to ‘revive the dead, flesh and all' but that was just a saying, while this pill is the real deal. After all, it can extend one's life for ten years, so just how precious was it? It simply could not be measured with money.

There were plenty of wealthy people on this planet, if they were given the opportunity to live another ten years; even if they have to bankrupt their family, they would still do so willingly.

No one on this planet does not want to live for longer.

The hearts of the people present were pounding like mad, and Ye Xuanji's fingertips dug into the wooden chair as if he thirsted for this Life Continuing Pill as his life was nearing its end.

If it were for a chance to live, even if he were to make a move to steal it, it would be worth it!

The Medicine King's breathing quickened, upon seeing the pill of legends, even he had a desire welling within himself. He took a deep breath and put the Life Continuing Pill back into the pill bottle that still captured everyone's attention. They all continued to follow the bottle as it was passed back to Tang Zheng's hands who placed it back into his pocket.

What is a priceless treasure to others was merely a small toy to him, as he was not the least bit cautious with it.

This kind of comparison made others feel that Tang Zheng was too mysterious and unable to be seen through. Even Ye Tianlei, who was very familiar with Tang Zheng, could not help but change his impression of him again.

"Dare I ask how this Life Continuing Pill is made?" The Medicine King took a deep breath and asked. He felt that this question was very impudent, as how could the creation method of this Life Continuing Pill be so easily told to others.

Of course, Tang Zheng knew the method, but how could he say? He also wasn't willing to tell others that he was the one who refined it as he clearly understood that ‘harboring a treasure can become a crime.'

Hence he straight up shook his head and said: “I don’t know.”

The Medicine King did his best to suppress his disappointment as he said: "Who gave it to you?"


“Is it your master?” Ye Tianlei asked as he his impression of Tang Zheng’s mysterious master was very profound.

Tang Zheng gave a silent smile as he just nodded and said: “Yes.”

"Godly Doctor, your master is definitely another godly doctor, someone who is out of the world." The Medicine King exclaimed in surprise.

Tian Chanzi gave a laugh, heihei, then said: “This little brat still knows how to speak knowing that my abilities are great.” In his eyes, the seemingly ancient Medicine King was just a child to him.

“Narcissist.” Tang Zheng mocked.

"I would like to pay my respects to the Master, is that alright?" The Medicine King acted like a devotee, acting extremely respectful towards his deity.

How could Tang Zheng just magically pull out a Master, so he shook his head: "no, my Master wanders around, and even I do not know how to find him."

The Medicine King's expression dimmed as he shook his head and sighed: "What a pity, this other-worldly figure, if he were able to give me a pointer or two then my medical skills will definitely improve at a rapid pace."

“Then how many of these Life Continuing Pills do you have?” Ye Xuanji finally could not resist and asked.

Right now, in his eyes, there is only the Life Continuing Pill as it was the key to saving his life.

Tang Zheng looked at him in ridicule and said: “Only this one.”

"Only this one?" Ye Xuanji couldn't contain his disappointment. If there were more, then he would be able to extend his life even more and stabilize the Ye Clan to become the number one family clan.

At any time, Ye Xuanji was always looking out for his family clan’s gains.

The Medicine King looked at Ye Xuanji and hesitantly asked: "Little friend, Old Gramps Ye had an injury due to his training and has dire need of this Life Continuing Pill to pass this obstacle. Would you be willing to give this pill to him? Of course, he will compensate you as you also sold the pill to Nannan for two hundred thousand dollars. I believe the Ye Clan will not go lower than this price.

Ye Xuanji was greatly shocked as a single Life Continuing Pill actually cost only two hundred thousand dollars? Wasn't this price way to low? To actually sell the pill at a loss, but even so, he did not think too much about it as the most important thing right now was to get the Life Continuing Pill on hand. With a wave of his hand, he said boldly: "Two hundred thousand dollars. I'll take it!"

In reality, he could call a higher price but since the other only sold for two hundred thousand, than if he were to give too high a price he feared Tang Zheng might set the price even higher, producing the opposite effect.

Tang Zheng gave a low chuckle and said: “Such a large sum that is two hundred thousand.”

Ye Xuanji was completely confident in himself because two hundred thousand dollars was a sum of money that many people cannot make in their entire lifetime, not to mention a high school student. The temptation is great. Moreover, Tang Zheng's household situation was not good, so the temptation was even greater.

Ye Xuanji was confident for another reason, and that was since Tang Zheng had already sold another pill, it showed he was in dire need of money.

The people present all turned to look at Tang Zheng and weirdly it was Tang Dahai who was not too anxious. It was apparent that the two hundred thousand dollars in his eyes were no different than two dollars.

"Give me the Life Continuing Pill, and I will tell my people to send you the money right now." Ye Xuanji said.

Tang Zheng's lips curved up slightly as he let out a big laugh causing everyone to look at him with a complex expression as they waited for his reply.

“Not selling!” Once his abrupt laughter ended, Tang Zheng said decisively.

"Not selling?" They were all shocked, and Ye Xuanji felt his heartstrings tremble as he hurriedly asked: "How can you not sell?"

"The item is mine. If I say I won't sell, then I won't sell." Tang Zheng said without the least bit of politeness.

Ye Xuanji's expression immediately turned ashen as he took in deep breathes. His confidence was shattered, and Ye Xuanji said between gnashed teeth: "Tell me a price and I will give it to you."

For his life, he would not give a price and instead let Tang Zheng set it. He wanted to see just what kind of sky-high price the other would give.

“Throwing money huh? I like money but why should I sell it to you? This item is priceless so no matter how much money you are willing to give me, someone else will be willing to give more.”

"Then what do you want to do?" Ye Xuanji forcibly suppressed his fury as he was sure that Tang Zheng was intentionally messing with him.

"Nothing, I just don't want to sell it to you. It's just that simple." Tang Zheng did not care the least bit about the identity of the other. Ye Xuanji has always been high and almighty and even stifled him in front of the school, making a move against him without determining what was right from wrong. This pent up energy still hadn't been vented out yet by Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng was not a small minded person as his grandfather has always taught him to be more magnanimous. This person, however, has sat in a position of power for too long looks down upon ordinary citizens such as himself causing him to feel extremely unsatisfied.

You made me feel bad, so I will make you feel bad, that is how simple it is!

This firm and resolute rejection caused others to be shaken up. How could he refuse such a large sum of money? Even the Medicine King was looking at him weirdly as he did not understand how the other was willing to sell to Nannan but not Ye Xuanji.

Ye Tianlei's expression was complicated as he looked at Tang Zheng, guessing in part the others reason; hence he lightly sighed and advised: "Tang Zheng, the old gramps needs this Life Continuing Pill. If you need anything, just tell us, and we will do our best for you."

Tang Zheng maintained his stance and shook his head, saying: "Uncle Ye, if you needed this Life Continuing Pill then I will not take your money and just gift it to you but if he wants it, then no matter how much money, I will not sell."

Ye Tianlei was left speechless.

Ye Xuanji's expression darkened to the extreme as he asked: "Why?"

Tang Zheng glanced at him and said without concealing anything: "You should be clearer than anyone else; how did you treat me previously. Moreover, why should I care about a person who doesn't even care for their own granddaughter's happiness?"

“I am doing it for the benefit of the clan, so what do you understand?”

Tang Zheng gave a big smile: "Just because of the so-called family clan benefits you would sacrifice your own family's happiness? Very good, it seems I have learned a lot. Tell me, if that is the case then what is the point in staying in the family clan? If it were me, I would definitely try to get as far away from the family as possible.

Ye Xuanji’s eyes became red from fury as he was about to fly into a rage.

Yet, Tang Zheng acted as if he were totally unaware and turned to everyone and said: "What, you want to make a move and steal it? Of course, I am not your opponent, so I would have no methods against you if you were to try to do so, but this would only prove that people like you are only fake, hypocritical and sinister."

Tang Zheng's word were true, and that made Ye Xuanji dumbstruck as Tang Zheng's position was one of the higher moral ground, not giving Ye Xuanji anyway to refute.

“Ignorant child! Arrogant!”

"I am arrogant so what? I am not your family so can you even care about me?" Tang Zheng was indeed pretty arrogant, and this caused Ye Tianlei to trip with cold sweat, as from a young age he would never dare speak to his father like that.

“If you don’t want to make a move then please leave on your own accord as I will not be sending you off.” Tang Zheng passed down the orders to ‘expel’ the guest.

Ye Xuanji coldly looked at Tang Zheng, his killing intent clear as he really did have the intentions of killing with the purpose of gaining, but Tang Zheng maintained his smiling countenance without revealing his inner feelings.

“Let’s go!” Suddenly, Ye Xuanji turned his body, brushing his sleeves as he left.

Ye Tianlei let out a long sigh as he nodded his head towards Tang Zhang before following.

The Medicine King gave Tang Zheng a complicated look as he did not know what to say. After brooding for a while, he said: "If you are interested in comparing notes I would be more than happy to comply. Moreover, your body is unique so if you require any aid, then you can find me. Next time if you see your master I wish you could please help me pass on a referral."

Since Tang Zheng was not truly a godly doctor, then the Medicine King had no need to continue the discussion. Moreover, the atmosphere was not suitable for further discussion, but even so, his attitude towards this mysterious master was still unchanging.

Seeing the three leave, Tang Zheng did not feel any regret, except his grandfather's expression, was very complicated. Tang Zheng knew that his grandfather must have a lot of question and he too himself did not know how his grandfather would react to his actions just now.

So far, the person Tang Zheng cared the most for up till now was his grandfather; hence he was also worried about his attitude.

Tang Dahai gave amiable smile as he patted Tang Zheng's shoulder as there were words that must be said.

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